Celebrity Deaths in Politics

  • Margaretta "Happy" Rockefeller, 88 (1926 - 2015)

    Margaretta "Happy" Rockefeller

    By FRANK ELTMAN, The Associated Press Margaretta "Happy" Rockefeller, the widow of former U.S. Vice President and New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller and one of the first women to speak publicly about her breast cancer in the 1970s, has died. She was 88. Happy Rockefeller, who earned her nickname as a child because of her pleasant personality, died peacefully in her sleep Tuesday at her home...

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  • Kenan Evran, 96 (1918 - 2015)

    Kenan Evran

    The Associated Press ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Officials say Kenan Evren, the leader of Turkey's 1980 military coup and former president who died aged 97, will be given a state funeral but no government official will attend. The coup was initially welcomed for ending years of street fighting by rival militias but the former general — who died Saturday — is now mostly despised for the...

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  • Jim Wright, 92 (1922 - 2015)

    Jim Wright

    By DOUGLASS K. DANIEL and DAVID WARREN, The Associated Press DALLAS (AP) — As a member of what he called "the people's house" for more than a generation, Texas Democrat Jim Wright was known for his rich oratorical skills in the U.S. House. He never relied on them more than the day in 1989 when he told those who had elected him speaker that he was prepared to resign after being accused of...

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  • Dan Walker (2015)

    Dan Walker

    By JOHN O'CONNOR and SOPHIA TAREEN, The Associated PressSPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Dan Walker, a combative populist who became Illinois governor after condemning Chicago's reaction to Democratic National Convention demonstrations as "a police riot" and later went to prison for bank fraud, died Wednesday. He was 92.The self-styled reformer died at his home in Chula Vista, California, according to...

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  • Pierre Claude Nolin (2015)

    Pierre Claude Nolin

    The Associated PressOntario (AP) — The Speaker of Canada's Senate, Pierre Claude Nolin, has died after a five-year battle with a rare form of cancer.A spokeswoman for the Senate said Friday that Nolin died Thursday evening. He was 64.Nolin was appointed to the Senate in 1993 by former Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.He became Speaker last November, the unanimous choice of...

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