Celebrity Deaths in Television

  • Marcia Strassman, 66 (1948 - 2014)

    Marcia Strassman

    The Associated PressLOS ANGELES (AP) — Marcia Strassman, who played Gabe Kaplan's wife, Julie, on the 1970s sitcom "Welcome Back, Kotter," has died. She was 66.Strassman died at her Sherman Oaks, California, home on Friday after battling breast cancer for seven years, her sister, Julie Strassman, said Sunday."They gave her 2 ½ years to live but she lasted much longer," she said. "She was very...

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  • Elizabeth Pena, 55 (1959 - 2014)

    Elizabeth Pena

    DERRIK J. LANG, The Associated Press LOS ANGELES (AP) — Elizabeth Pena, the versatile actress who shifted between dramatic roles in such films as "Lone Star" and comedic parts in TV shows like "Modern Family," has died. She was 55. Pena's manager, Gina Rugolo, said Wednesday the Cuban-American actress died Tuesday in Los Angeles of natural causes after a brief illness. No other details...

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  • Elizabeth Norment, 61 (1952 - 2014)

    Elizabeth Norment

    The Associated Press NEW YORK (AP) — Actress Elizabeth Norment, who portrayed the secretary to Kevin Spacey's hard-driving politico Frank Underwood in the Netflix series "House of Cards," has died. She was 61 years old. Netflix confirmed the death on Wednesday but offered no details. Beau Willimon, the show's co-creator, called Norment a "talented actress, a warm soul and a good friend to...

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  • Jan Hooks, 57 (1957 - 2014)

    Jan Hooks

    The Associated Press, The Associated Press NEW YORK (AP) — Former "Saturday Night Live" cast member Jan Hooks, whose impressions ranged from Nancy Reagan to Sinead O'Connor to Tammy Faye Bakker during a five-year stint on the show, has died. The 57-year-old Hooks died Thursday in New York, according to her agent, Lisa Lieberman. She had no other details. Hooks, a Decatur, Georgia, native...

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  • Skip E. Lowe (2014)

    Skip E. Lowe

    JOHN ROGERS, The Associated Press LOS ANGELES (AP) — When an earnest but sometimes inept talk-show host took to public-access television in 1978 with a celebrity name-dropping show, it seemed incongruous that Skip E. Lowe would somehow outlast every other TV host from Johnny Carson to Jay Leno. For one thing, his show aired on the kind of cable channels that carry school board meetings....

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