Alice McCormick

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But I do grieve, grieve still;
a continent, an
ocean and a year
removed from you, I still
find it impossible
to think of you as past,

and I know too well
by now there'll never
be anything like
a persuasive
for your having gone.

What there is instead
is knowing that at least
we had you for a time,
and that we still have
evidence of you, in
your work and in the love

which eternally
informs the work, that
one love which never ends.

-- C.K. Williams
"Elegy for an Artist/ Still"

Posted by: Steven Hart - Highland Park, NJ - Friend   Jul 20, 2011

I have to laugh when I see the picture of Alice wearing reindeer antlers. When I met her in college, she was wearing a pair of bug antennae -- colored balls on long springs. Different headgear, but the same smile and wit.

Posted by: Steven Hart - Highland Park, NJ   Sep 22, 2008