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Ted was like a big brother to my son and will be deeply missed. My son first met Ted when he started at U.P. Ted was a true friend; always responsive and willing to listen. I met Ted when my son and I were in Portland last summer. Ted recommended a great quirky place to eat. Over lunch I expereinced many of the qualities that other people have described about Ted; he was charasmatic, fun, intelligent, articulate, generous, kind and

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Posted by: Karen Hunter - Boise, ID   Apr 03, 2009

Tribute To Teddy April 1, 2009
Our family has been blessed by our long time friendship with the Karwin's and I am honored to be sharing my reflections on how extraordinary Teddy was and how he will always be considered an important and treasured member of our family.
It seems like only a few years ago that I held him in my arms visiting him as a newborn at Providence Hospital he was gorgeous from the very beginning. With Teddy this

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Posted by: Teri Meyer    Apr 03, 2009

"This parting cannot be for long; for those who love as we do cannot be parted.
We shall always be united in thought, and thought is a great magnet"...
love letters of abelard & heloise

We'll remember you Teddy, we'll remember you...
tom and debs

Posted by: Tom and Deborah Rounds    Apr 02, 2009

Ted was a gem of a young man and Tom and Nancy are 'teriffic' parents!!!!!! If there is something positive to be learned from this tragedy I hope it opens all our eyes to be thankful for what we have, to be kind, understanding and civil to everyone and to simply do the right things at all times.
My love and thoughts to Tom and Nancy in what is an unbelieveable time....I am here for both of you anytime and for anything!!!

Your Good Friend,


Posted by: Tony Polito - Lake Oswego, OR   Apr 01, 2009

Teddy will be so missed. He was my 3rd grandson. He was bright, smart and so
much fun. I have great memories. My heart goes out to Nancy and Tom.

Love you Florence

Posted by: Florenc R    Apr 01, 2009

Ted was only at Willamette for one year but I still feel touched by knowing him and being his neighbor. I wish I had kept more in touch with him after he left Willamette. I hope he knows just how much he is missed and the mark he left upon this world.

Posted by: Suzanne S.    Apr 01, 2009

There are no words that can express the sorrow I feel over your loss of Teddy. (He will forever be Teddy to me!) Reading the tributes tells me that he will live on through all of the family and friends that he has touched with his infectious spirit. I am with you in thought and prayer and would do anything to help you through this time of sorrow.

Posted by: Debbie Hanna    Apr 01, 2009

I knew Ted briefly at Chapman and in the short time I knew him, I had the pleasure of experiencing his kind and genuine energy. I haven't seen him in years, but he's definitely in my thoughts and I wish all of my best to his family.

Posted by: PC - Los Angeles, CA   Mar 31, 2009

My heart goes out to the family over your loss. You will be in my prayers.

Posted by: Meridee Kaiel - Portland, OR   Mar 31, 2009

May the good lord bless and keep your family. May you take strength and comfort in prayer and in the many friends who mourn and grieve with you.

Posted by: Jeff Hanna - Portland, OR   Mar 31, 2009