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I miss all the crazy talk we had just about anything. I miss you sooo much but I know you are watching over me. Love You

Posted by: Aunt Vern - Aunt   Aug 15, 2010

Ted! what can i say? maan, i remember that one day you made me cry on the bus because i was getting on your nerves so you twisted my arm & then lakera made you apologize the next day. also i remember walking down to the playground & it was either you playing ball @ donte & joseph's house or vice versa. omg, i will never forget you. iloveyou & i miss you!

Posted by: Nikki L - stockbridge, GA   Jul 10, 2010

i have alot of memories of baby ted....i remember one day we were bored out of our minds siting in the house so we went to go mess mith my mom while she was on the phone and started taking pictures of her for blackmail....and one weekend when my best friend janay spent the night me and her kept teaming up on and abusing him with balls cause he was the only boy in the house.

Posted by: Shaquan - cousin   Mar 09, 2010

I've known Iris since we were teenages, but I've only met Ted a couple of times. The last time we were together, he was about thirteen. I was amazed at how obedient he was to his mother. I mean he was like yes mame no mame. He cleaned the kitchen without his mother having to say anything to him. He was quite and very, very mannerly. It was a pleasure seeing him in action and me knowing how crazy my

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Posted by: Selina - brooklyn, NY   Nov 05, 2009

I have so many memories of Baby Ted but this one make me laugh even on this day. I would pick Baby Ted up from school one day I pick him up from school and he had a knot on his forehead I ask what happen to you at school he told me his friend Linwood hit him, I ask why he I don"t know the reson only he knows.

Posted by: Laverne Creek - Largo, MD   Oct 12, 2009

My memory of Ted, when I would call his moms house and he would answer the phone I would say hey Teddy Baby and he would say Maaaa its miss Rosalind, I would ask how did you know it was me and he would say you are the only one who calls me Teddy baby. I love and miss you Teddy baby.

Posted by: Rosalind Passmore    Oct 12, 2009

I remember Ted when he went on a hike with our group. He was very inquisitive about the hike and he enjoyed the hike. Just being able to share that time with him was fantastic. He was a beautiful young man with a wonderful personality.

Posted by: Louise Alexander    Oct 11, 2009

I have so many memories. Gosh where can I start?! Hmmmm....let me see. I remember when Ted was in high school and he called me at work. He said "Ma, we got a situation here and I need you to listen. Don't ask any questions, just listen. I'm in the bathroom and if I get caught on the cell phone, I'll get in trouble"! I cracked up laughing because I normally have to have all the details when talking to

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Posted by: Iris    Oct 09, 2009

Thank you God and Iris for allowing Ted to cross my path at HLCC College Team Ministry. Ted was always a joy to be around at all of the college team trips. Thank you Iris for creating this page in his memory. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16

Posted by: Tamara Henson    Oct 09, 2009

WOW..I really dont know what to say..lol..me and ted spent alot of time together..but one day I will never forget is..DITCHING SCHOOL..lol.sorry MS.IRIS..that was the funniest day but then when I got back to school I had 5 days of ISS..the last week of school.and he forgot to get my OREO MCFLURRY..he still owe me one..lol.but I thank GOD for allowing me to know him on that BF/GF level..I had alot of fun with him..the memories will never fade away..I LUV YOU TEDDY BEAR.SEE YOU WHEN I GET THERE..

Posted by: Mercedez R    Oct 09, 2009