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David Epley Obituary

To the family of PASTOR DAVID EPLEY I first met Pastor David Epley at the MET CHURCH in Philadelphia Pa. I was 5 years old he laid his hands on me then I knew He and I were children of GOD I KNEW HE PASTOR EPLEY WAS AN ANGEL SENT STRAIGHT FROM HEAVEN I FELT IT. I left church when I was 17 went on with what I tjougjt was life but I ALWAYS THOUGHT ABOUT PASTOR EPLEY AND WHERE

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Posted by: Jetherene Morales - Thomasville, PA - One of CHRISTS SAVED SOULS Becau   Jan 21, 2014

Dad I sure do miss you. Miss our calls and conversations. Miss our visits. If you was here I would even go to that Cuban restaurant with you.:) Nothing is the same since you left.

Posted by: Steve Epley - Racine, MO - son   Oct 09, 2013

I was a young adult, living in the Bronx when I prayed the sinners prayer with Pastor Epley by Radio, some time later, I met Pastor David Epley in person at a Church in Brooklyn, NY I believe it was in 1973 He laid hands on me. I saw people shouting, but I don;t recall feeling a big difference, I felt a little numb. I have never forgot Pastor David I have always thought of him through the years His

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Posted by: Elaine C - Bronx, NY - convert   Aug 18, 2013

Dad it's another Father's day and I sure miss you. Miss our calls and conversations. Miss seeing you. Wish we could have spent more time together.

Posted by: Steve Epley - Racine, MO - Dad   Jun 15, 2013

Dad I sure miss you tonite.

Posted by: Steve Epley - Racine, MO - Son   Dec 25, 2012

Dad I surely miss you this time of year being there with you. You are remembered every day by me.

Posted by: Steve Epley - Racine, MO - Dad   Nov 24, 2012

thank god for a pastor like david epley he was the first preacher i heard speak when i came to miami,i came to his church ,with my mother in law i got in the prayer line to be prayed for, and when he touched me i felt the spirit of god go all over my body,this world could use more preachers like david epley he cwas a man of god.

Posted by: priscilla tye - chesapeake, VA - a friend   Nov 20, 2012

Dad I sure wish I could sit down and talk with you. Miss you everyday.

Posted by: Steve Epley - Racine, MO - son   Nov 06, 2012

I first met Pastor David Epley in 1972 in Pittsburgh, PA at Soldier and Sailors Memorial Hall. He was holding a miracle crusade there. I listened to him daily on radio and remember how surprised I was when I seen him in person. For whatever reason I had a mental image of someone who wore glasses, was short and stubby and overweight. However, I vividly remember him as tall, dark and handsome, even to a teenage girl.

During the ministry

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Posted by: Linda - Charlotte, NC   Jun 03, 2012

Melody, michael, and Paula,
We were saddened to see this obituary in a search for some of our friends
that we no longer see.
You will always hold a special place in my daughters heart , 35 now, she was
so young, and you all made such an impression on her.
Our best to you all, our love and prayers always.

We are hoping to return soon, we have been here for the deaths of my brother
and mother. Our work here is finished.

Posted by: Tanya and Hilde (Clency) Brewer - Peoria, IL - friends   Feb 03, 2012