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xoxo with love, to you sweet girl. For ever an always, our Angel

Posted by: Kari Hein - Omaha, NE   Jun 06, 2018

I think aout you all tge time. I dont speak of you as much as i used to or as much as i wish i coukd and for that i am sorry! I miss you so much and it hurts just as much now if not more then when you first left. Nithings the same & now where even close to normal. I always ask the kids what they think life would be like if you were stil here they

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Posted by: Sabrina Miller    Oct 20, 2013


I met you at a time where I had plans set in motion for my own life. Last Spring, I was set for leaving the Midwest to start my own life anew in a new location when I met you and we clicked instantly. I envied you for your talent at meeting new people and your empathy. You admired me for my intelligence and I remember you thinking that I was a bit of an old soul. That someone my

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Posted by: Nicholas Jones - Phoenix, AZ - Friend   Jun 05, 2012

I love you honey. Life isn't the same any more. I don't feel any life in me. Sure I have the rest of the family whom I love dearly, but this pain I feel is so intense it feels like its killing me. I miss you baby, and I love you so much.

Posted by: Mom    Feb 14, 2012

Hi sweetheart...I love you and miss you so very much There isn't a moment you're not in my thoughts. It seems so empty without you. Thanksgiving was pretty tough. Not only was it 5 months since you've been gone, but you always made thanksgiving what it was meant to be. I will always be thankful that God allowed me the joy of having you for the short time I did. You were amazing. I love you baby. You would have

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Posted by: Mom    Nov 29, 2011

My sweetest little girl, I miss you so much! Now its been three months and three days since you've been gone. Honey, I still can't believe it. I expect to meet you and go thrift shopping. I wait for you to call and say hi mama I love you, how about pie Wednesday. Yeah I would drive 140 miles round trip to spend that time with you. You always made me laugh and so happy.Now the happiness is gone...I don't

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Posted by: Mom - Scribner, NE   Sep 28, 2011

Hi beautiful. I love you. Today makes two months since you left us. God I miss you. To say that is such an understatement! My heart aches so much...the pain gets worse every day. Today is my birthday and yes I cried a lot. You were suppose to call me with your "hi mama happy birthday, I love you." You were suppose to come into work and see me carrying a balloon and smiling your beautiful smile...but you didn't. It

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Posted by: Mom    Aug 25, 2011

Today I think of you. Through myself and others your spirit lives on! Amazing person you are! I want to share with you all the things I have learned because you helped me open my heart and allow healing! I actually discovered the last time I saw you was November 2010. From that day we ran into each other at Panera I had every intention of stopping by to see you. November 2010. How could time have passed so quickly?

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Posted by: kim - omaha, NE - friend   Aug 18, 2011

I met Angel just a few months ago at Core Community Church. I was instantly drawn to her .......such a beautiful spirit. We difinitely made a connection..... in our love for Jesus.... and just two woman recognizing something special in each other! I am broken hearted today when I found out this news......after trying to find her so I could invite her to my home community potluck tonite. This I know......she is attending a better feast a beautiful place

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Posted by: Carol Cole - Omaha, NE - Church Friend   Jul 27, 2011

My dearest Angel...its been two weeks since you left us, and it feels as if I just found out. I miss you so much. I wish you were here. I wish I could change the way things are. I wish I could change the way things were for you. I love you sweetheart...always

Posted by: Mom - Council Bluffs   Jul 09, 2011