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Thank you friend, you are missed.

Posted by: Monroe Lee King Jr. - Lampasas, TX - Friend   Apr 15, 2014

Wow ... What to say? First, the Bonds Family and I thank all of you who loved Terry and helped him through so much. We also thank each and every one of you who have offered your friendship, your help, a kind word or even just a quiet prayer that no one else knew about. Thank you! I am rarely without words, but sit in awe and wonder today at the love Terry was able/willing to give to others. About

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Posted by: Karen Reed - Georgetown, TX   Feb 22, 2012

You were the best catcher i ever threw a baseball to. You could have made it all the way. Your friend, Rex

Posted by: Rex Frasier - Austin, TX - Friend   Feb 20, 2012

My life has truly been touched by Terry--a wonderful friend and an inspiration in so many ways. He always knew how to make me laugh, but he could sure make me cry! Heaven has gained another angel and I am glad he can rest at peace in the Great Meeting in the sky. He will surely be missed by many!

God Bless!
Shannon M.

Posted by: Shannon Mogonye - Elgin, TX - friend   Feb 20, 2012

Terry, I will never be able to thank you enough for all of your love and for teaching me how to love by showing me through your actions. I pray that I will always remember how I felt today at your service; though heartbroken and sad to lose someone who I loved dearly, joyful and happy at the thought of us meeting again one day, because I know where you are! What a beautiful and wonderful moment that must have

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Posted by: Debbie McCormick - Austin - Friend   Feb 20, 2012

My life was blessed because I knew Terry Bonds

Posted by: Brent - Austin, TX - Friend   Feb 19, 2012

Uncle Terry-
I'll never forget the time you visited us whilst on leave from the Marine Corps. I was probably 5 at the time. You danced and sang with Mike and me in the living room to Buryl Ives "Eating Goober Peas." And as I became an adult, you've always been so supportive of me and what I was doing and telling me that you love me. I'll miss you so much!

Posted by: Terri Moore - Addison, TX - niece   Feb 19, 2012

Terry and I were neighbors living on Ramsey in the Rosedale neighborood of Austin, growing up. I was two years older than Terry, but friends never the less.

Baseball, football at Ramsey Park until it got so dark we could not see the ball, was almost an everyday thing for us.

No, I have not seen Terry in years, but the memory of growing up in the 50's and early 60's in Austin with him is vivid in my memory.

May our Lord

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Posted by: Mike McGinnis - Houston, TX - Friend   Feb 19, 2012

I remember the ever ready smile, infectious laugh, the feel of being enveloped in the bear hug every time I saw him, and the genuine caring that accompanied the question, "How are you?" Unlike so many who carelessly toss out that question, Terry truly wanted to know the answer and would thoughtfully listen and then lift my spirit, just with the twinkle in his eye.

I saw him deal with great joys and unimaginable sorrows and remain in awe of

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Posted by: Shannon Marlow du Plessis - Wimberely, TX - Friend and fellow traveler   Feb 19, 2012

R.I.P. Brother

Semper Fi

usmc 1961-1966

Posted by: Sczarnecki    Feb 19, 2012

Great memories that may even predate elementry school at Rosedale. He was never predictable and always fun. Rest in Peace my friend.

Posted by: Ron Bird - San Antonio, TX - friend since the 1st grade   Feb 19, 2012

Getting grabbed up by Terry and hugged when I shook his hand, well, he was like my Dad for our time together. He was instrumental in me and my Dad's healing of our relationship. I will be chairing a meeting today and carrying on the legacy during the funeral. His faith teaches always.

Posted by: Jim Barnes - Austin, TX - past sponsee   Feb 19, 2012

I love and miss my Uncle Terry. He was a force of nature, a good man, and a very special servant of our Lord. I have only happy childhood memories of his laughter and love.

Posted by: Marielee Sample Rasor - Santa fe, NM - Niece   Feb 19, 2012

I met Terry Jan 25 2004. That was the day God blessed me a return to AA . In only Terry Bond fashion, he approached me tossing his Big Book on the table and leaned down asking " Don't ya want one more little nip"? Since then, Terry always demonstrated that sober life was good!! We shared the same sponsor and I would tease him that I was the #1 in the sponsee pecking order, knowing that was not so.

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Posted by: Jack England - Austin, TX - AA Friend   Feb 18, 2012

Dear Sweet Terry,

As I sit here today thinking about you and the special life you lived...I miss you. You are a part of my story and will always be remembered with love, admiration, respect and smiles and maybe even a tear.

Thank you for reaching out to so many people and for touching each life with love, hugs and a kiss. You are loved.

Posted by: Kimberly Hanks-Weaver - Dripping Springs, TX - friend   Feb 18, 2012

I am not sure when I first met Terry Bonds but the occasion centered around shoeing some horses at his place in Hutto, Texas. I would see him on occasion at places that had him build horse barns and pens and now and then at cafes where the locals hung out in the mornings in Round Rock.I had bought a house next to the Masonic Hall in Round Rock and was in the driveway one day and Terry pulled

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Posted by: Chuck Young - Quemado,, NM - Friend   Feb 18, 2012

As I told you last week my friend, you are loved by a host of friends all who's life you touched in untold ways but touched deeply.
Thanks for being my friend.
I pray you feel the arms of our Loving God, holding you tightly and loving so sweetly as you pass from our world. I love you, Terry, thanks for being in my life. Denice

Posted by: Denice Clay - AUSTIN, TX - friend   Feb 18, 2012

How in the world do we put into words what Terry meant to us. Wild, crazy,hilarious, wonderful, loving, deeply spiritual, caring at depth, forgiving beyond measure, always trying to understand, rather than being understood, always comforting others, rather than wanting to be comforted, loving, and hoping that he was loved. He forgave, rather than waiting to be forgiven.

There are people who come into our lives that we really love. Then there are those who come into our lives and sit

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Posted by: Craig and Margie Keith - Wimberley, TX - close friend   Feb 18, 2012

Terry will be sorely missed!

Posted by: Melissa Jones Boudreaux - Pflugerville, TX - Friend   Feb 18, 2012

"Good night, sweet prince, good night. May flights of angels attend thee to thy rest."

Posted by: David Smith - Austin, TX - Friend   Feb 18, 2012

he always had us laughing and smiling.. we loved him here he was a good man and he will be missed very much by everyone that got 2 know him..

Posted by: monica    Feb 18, 2012

I met Terry 42 years ago and there never was a better friend. We worked, hunted, went to lodge, AA, and played hard together for all those years and I will miss him very much. He was a friend, brother, and mentor
most of my adult life and I love him for it. He touched everyones heart he ever met and will be missed by lots of folks. The one thing I know is that the party really got started in heaven on Wednesday and it will never be the same. We miss you Buddy. A.E.

Posted by: A.E. Stabeno - Spicewood, TX - Friend   Feb 18, 2012

I really enjoyed waiting on Terry at Springhill catfish restraunt in Pflugerville. We never knew what he was going to do or say next. He made me laugh every time I would see him. I will never forget him calling me and the girls " Gorgeous little Sh@!S" ( his friends will know that word) Terry... U will truely be missed my friend.

Posted by: Tina Payne - leander, TX - friend   Feb 18, 2012

Terry, Thanks for being the man every other man needs when they are at their lowest ! Only the good Lord knows where I would be today if it was not for your sobriety and guidance ! See you on the other side, via con dios Amigo !!

Posted by: Ray Shannon - Georgetown, TX - friend/ and Terry is my sponsor   Feb 18, 2012

We lost a good one with the passing of Terry. He was the friendliest, most jovial friend I have ever had. I often quote something he once said to me. "It's getting better every day." I don't know that I ever really believed it, but I'll never forget it. I will miss you, my friend.

Posted by: Tom Jones - Pflugerville, TX - Friend   Feb 18, 2012

Terry, you were always a loving stable person in the lives of so many. Although you went through many difficult times that would have broken many men, you faced them with tremendous grace.

You are very loved.

Posted by: Carole L - Austin, TX - Friend   Feb 17, 2012

I will always cherish the moments I was able to be with Terry. He brought a bright light, smile and laughter to my heart! No matter what kind of day I was having when I would walk in a room Terry's voice and that laugh would without fail put a smile and ray of sunshine on some of my darkest days! You couldn't help being around Terry and not feeling optimistic about the future. He has and will continued to be missed in the many lives he touched!

Posted by: Brian Roe - Austin, TX - Friend   Feb 17, 2012

Terry my dear sweet friend, I have attempted with several post on Facebook to express what you have meant to me over the years. They all seems to fall short. I will always remember the time we worked on the State Convention together and seeing you and Charles at State Conention all over Texas. It didn't matter where we crossed paths, meetings, River Bend Church, assorted AA functions..among others. The thing that was a constant with you was the way

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Posted by: Tim Shockley - Austin, TX - Friend   Feb 17, 2012




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Posted by: LEMOINE PITMAN, SR. - Fulton., TX - long time friend   Feb 17, 2012

He made me feel loved as he'd hold my face, kiss me on the mouth and say "are you being good to you?" so I didn't mind him being in my personal space. He did the same with everyone, male or female. He was genuine, and genuinely cared about all of us.

Posted by: Lucinda Corley - Austin, TX - fellow on the same path   Feb 17, 2012

How do words even begin to truly express how your unconditional love touched not only my life, but so many others. I can hear you say, as you hold my face and look directly at me, "Be good to you." And I see you across the room, big smile and joyful laugh. There is a less light here now without you and you are greatly missed. But I am forever grateful for sharing your life and love with us and

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Posted by: Alicia Glover - Austin, TX - Friend   Feb 17, 2012

Terry was an amazing man... The type of person that always made you feel like YOU were the most important one in the whole room, even when it was filled with people he knew & loved!!

And of course there was his laugh... Unmistakeable, joyful & sincere... I think it is what I will miss the most... That & his amazing hugs :-)

Posted by: Kimberly - TX - Friend   Feb 17, 2012

Met Terry at northland!!
He always gave out big Hugs!!
Always smiling.
Always asked how I was!!
We,ll miss you Terry!!
All the Best

Posted by: Carlos Fernandez Jr. - Austin, TX - Friend from "Northland"   Feb 17, 2012

Terry Bonds,

My words cannot express enough what this GREAT man has given to my LIFE.

Terry Ford Bonds was a FATHER figure, my FRIEND and most of all, my first SPONSOR.

Terry showed me Love from the first day we meet on March 11 2006 by showing me a path to LIVING that I still follow today. He showed me GOD'S love and love until I was able to love myself by opening up his heart, home, Big Book and most

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Posted by: KENNETH C SCHULTZ - AUSTIN, TX - SPONSOR   Feb 17, 2012

Thanks Terry for sharing your life with us and being "the other Cowboy" in my life! You brightened up our world when you came to Cowboy Christmas and for sharing your story with us in Bastrop a few years back. Rudy & I will miss you, but your Spirit will live on in the Legacy you left in our hearts and all of us that loved you so very much. In remembering Terry, couldn't help but smile about the fun

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Posted by: Janice & Rudy Woods - Bastrop, TX - Friend   Feb 17, 2012

Terry: Thank you for being a part of my life. You gave me so much love during a very difficult time in my life. You never judged me. You always met me with a smile and kind words. You loved me when I didn't love myself. I will miss you, Dear Friend. Thank you for leaving your "bootprints" on my heart.

Posted by: Kerri - Katy, TX - Friend   Feb 17, 2012

Terry, we walked a lot of paths since high school. I am glad ours kept crossing all these years. Our visit times were always fun and emotional too. Silly stuff - some at the Blood Bank and most recently Springhill, others too. I am grateful we shared those times. I will treasure that Marine Corp cap you gave me. I know how hard the last couple of years were, and now you have real peace and I am glad for

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Posted by: Dalton "Dolly" Mogonye - Pflugerville, TX - friend   Feb 17, 2012

In the short time I knew you Terry, I saw a wonderful, caring and loving man that only wanted one thing, Karen! Your devotion to each other was an inspiration and I'm so happy that I got to know both of you. Life is eternal, love is immortal, death is only a horizon, and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight. I wish you a peaceful journey back to your loved ones, Mr. Bonds.

Posted by: Michele Mehalic - Cedar Park, TX - nurse   Feb 17, 2012

Terry, what a great man you were. Thank you so much for the countless amount of laughs, cries and memories created! Until we meet again, may you rest in eternal peace! Love, Jennifer C.

Posted by: Jennifer Collier - Austin, TX - Former daughter-in-law   Feb 17, 2012

Thank you, my friend, for all of your help and guidance.

Posted by: Wayne Walker - Friend   Feb 16, 2012