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Message from the Family

Thank you aunt, uncle, brothers, sisters, and friends that have visited Lilly and her two children memorial services. Xin cảm ơn cô, dì, bác, anh chị em, và bạn bè đã viếng thăm dịch vụ lưu niệm cua Lilly Hue Nguyen và hai con.

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Hi Hue/ Lilly, I am shocked and hurt to hear this new . I saw you at Church for long time ago ( maybe 10 years ago). But I remember last time you called me and left the message when you graduated Nursing Program. I returned you call. I remember your voice was full of energy , exciting about the bright future ahead of you because you are RN now. Praying , God bless and be with you and family . You are in Peace with your children now, no one can hurt you anymore..

Posted by: My Nguyen - san diego, CA   Sep 04, 2012

Such a tragedy no words can express mepest sympathies to the family

Posted by: Jessica - Tucso, AZ   Aug 29, 2012

I was one of Lilly's nursing professors during her undergraduate nursing program and became her advisor when she applied to our graduate program. I always enjoyed Lilly and her passion for learning. She was willing to do whatever it took to become a good nurse. We spoke several times over the past year and during the last few weeks of her life. She was such a dedicated nurse and her death is a great loss to all. We spoke just

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Posted by: Beverly Carlson - San Diego, CA - Nursing Professor   Aug 27, 2012

I had the opportunity to work with Lilly for a short time a couple of years ago, but during that time I discovered a sweet, joyful, kind, smart and very funny lady. She always had a smile, no one could've ever guessed the pain she was hiding behind that beautiful smile. She was so proud of being a mother and would always show me the latest pictures of her daughter as this was before she had her son, whom, Im

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Posted by: Nicole - spring valley, CA   Aug 27, 2012

My condolences and prayers to Nguyen family...

Posted by: michellea manila-egmao - chula vista, CA   Aug 25, 2012

I work the night shift, so I often took over care of Lilly's patients. She always wanted to share my Dr. Pepper and whatever snack I was having at the time. I almost got into the practice of getting her a cup ahead of time! She was always so bubbly and funny, I'm smiling now just thinking about it. I remember her pride in her children, always having their pictures taped on the outside of her locker. It was heartbreaking

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Posted by: Deborah Bower-Mays - San Diego, CA - Coworker   Aug 25, 2012

Kim, I took care of Lilly through both her pregnancies. I loved our visits together. She was warm hearted, and always had a smile on her face. I held Richard in my arms just a couple of months ago. She was so proud of her children. She was a wonderful mother and always concerned that she was doing the best to care for them. I will miss her with all my heart. My deepest sympathy to you and your family.

Posted by: Patricia Achilly - San Diego, CA - care provider   Aug 24, 2012

The last day that I had with her at work keeps lingering in my mind and puts me into tears. First thing in the morning before even passing her own patients' meds, being so helpful in her own little ways, she vehemently volunteered to start an IV for one of my patients. I told her, "Thank you Lilly, 'love you!" which she replied with, "'love you too!" I didn't realize those will be her farewell words... It's still very clear

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Posted by: Evelyn - Chula Vista, CA - Coworker   Aug 24, 2012

I met Lilly in nursing school & shared a class w/her during our time @ SDSU. She was an amazing woman determined to make something great of herself. Her wish to touch lives of others and raise her children as a loving mother will remain in our hearts forever, as we remember her... For the great lady she will always be.

RIP Lilly, Lianna, & Richard.

Posted by: Angela Hanson - CA - classmate & friend   Aug 24, 2012

I started work at LARC, SDSU, in 2008, and this is when I met Hue/ Lilly. I didn't know her very well because I only worked part-time at the time at LARC but she was always this very spontaneous, lively and joyful person, even funny because very straightforward.
She came by to LARC at the beginning of this year to say HI to her former colleagues, and she was the same: full of energy.
I know she and her 2 children are in a peaceful place now.

Posted by: Valérie Guitton - San Diego, CA - Former colleague at LARC, SDSU   Aug 23, 2012