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Thomas Stephen Szasz

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Hi, friends,
I wrote this letter to Professor Szasz in May. But, I was too busy to send it.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas Szasz
I was very shocked to see his online obituary.
May he rest in peace!
May God comfort his family!
Irene Hui-Ling Yang
Hungkuang University
Sep. 12, 2012
A letter to Professor Szasz By Irene Hui-Ling Yang in Taiwan (May, 20, 2012)
Dear Professor Szasz,
You are so smart, enthusiastic, and productive.
I am a psychiatric nursing teacher in Taiwan.
I admire your genius, courage and contribution.
I recommend our school's library to purchase

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Posted by: Irene hui-Ling Yang - Taiwan, R.O.C., CA - reader   Sep 13, 2012

Tom Szasz is one of my greatest teachers. I learned so much from his incredible works that helped me to be clearer in my thinking. I was also inspired by his ongoing, relentless continued efforts, and by his ability to keep on regardless of results. He said it was enough to know you are telling the truth and continuing to do so as best you can. I will miss his presence greatly.

Posted by: joh - austin, TX - friend and colleague   Sep 13, 2012

At first Szasz was only a name I heard in my psychology studies; I didn't get why it always seemed slightly scandalous. I found out when I started reading him for myself, which kept me from ever drinking the psychiatric Koolaid and set me on the independent path I'm proud to follow today. Tom's respect for the capabilities of the human mind was unmatched, as was his impatience with sham and hypocrisy. For decades,he was my srongest inspiration; in the

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Posted by: Dr. Judith Schlesinger - Dobbs Ferry, NY   Sep 13, 2012

We thank you for your life's work and that your mind is still with us. Condolences to family and friends from Polish IAAPA Section.

Posted by: Joanna & Andrzej Skulski - Berlin, DE   Sep 13, 2012

Dr. Szasz was one of the great intellectuals and advocates of liberty of his time. He wrote with clarity, precision, humor, and grace. The best way to honor his life is to read his books.

Posted by: Nicolas Martin - Indianapolis, IN   Sep 13, 2012

We lost a gret friend and a philosopher who inspired out thought.

Posted by: Giorgio Antonucci and Piero Colacicchi - Firenze, Italy - friends   Sep 13, 2012

Tom was a giant blessed with a stunningly original intellect and the ability to communicate it.

He was brave, courageous, and unyielding in the defense of individual liberty.

He will be missed terribly, but his books, lectures, and articles stand as a magnificent repository of wisdom and I, for one, am grateful beyond measure.

Rest well Thomas.

Posted by: Bruce Wiseman - Los Angeles, CA - Friend, Colleague   Sep 13, 2012

Suzy I was so sorry to hear about your father. We had just talked about how he was doing at the reunion so it came as a surprise. I remember him so fondly. He was always such a force of nature... full of energy,a quick wit,a wonderful sense of humor, and always a twinkle in his eyes. Your house was always a welcoming place, and the many happy times we spent there hold many cherished memories! I may not have

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Posted by: cheryl feder - penfield, NY - friend   Sep 13, 2012

I am a clinical social who has worked in the local mental health care field now for over 40 years. I attribute the development of my clinical skills and acumen to experiences and teachers at SUNY UMC. Chief among those teachers was your father. It was your father’s distinctive influence that made me think about my thinking. As such, he forever occupies a singular position in my mind and soul, and for me, was divinity appearing in the form of

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Posted by: Joe Masterleo - Syracuse, NY   Sep 13, 2012

Tom was the greatest physician of our time. He didn't discover any new diseases or invent any new treatments. He just understood the doctor -patient relationship and restored dignity and respect to it.

I was proud to correspond with him since 1986 and help put on the debate he had with Dr. Torrey. Tom cited me in the acknowledgments of CRUEL COMPASSION. He was humble about his achievements.

I will miss him, terribly.

David Herman

Posted by: David Herman - Long Island, NY - friend   Sep 13, 2012