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Thomas Stephen Szasz

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Margot & Suzy, I remember meeting your father for the first time in 1965 when we moved into the house on Euclid Ave next to your grandmother,Lily. Your father would come visit her and they'd sit in the back yard under the shade of the elms and talk while their papers and magazines lay on the grass and veronica nearby. He'd always nod and greet us (Lisa, Shawn and I) and your grandmother would bring us wonderful treats from her

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Posted by: Michael Lawrence Rayder, Jr. - Falmouth, ME   Sep 13, 2012

Thomas Szasz served, in fine style, as the Prometheus of our time, always assiduously guarding the flame of the mind of man from those who wished to monopolize it or snuff it out entirely. Although we never met, my writing is fettered because of the of the profound sense of loss I feel. Thank you, Tom, for living your life such that it serves as daily inspiration as I live mine. --Blair Sadewitz

Posted by: Blair Sadewitz - New Brunswick, NJ   Sep 12, 2012

My thoughts are with you at this time. Our whole family will remember Dr. Tom(as my kids named him)as the man who walked the neighborhood with his black trench coat,hat and cane. Strolling in heated debate with his dear friend Rhoda and then later alone. Always stopping to chat with us on that very steep hill. Andrew, you had a really special grandpa. He spoke of you often.

Posted by: Linda Morris - Manlius, NY   Sep 12, 2012

Thomas Szasz was a courageous dissident in a field where dissidence is anathema, an impeccably logical thinker, and in his personal life a modest friend. No one can step into his shoes. In addition to his family, he will be missed by his many fans, who span three generations.

Posted by: Mira de Vries - Amsterdam - friend   Sep 12, 2012

Suzy, Margo and family, my thought and prayers are with you. I always felt that it was a privilege and an interesting experience to assist Tom in his directing of his healthcare. I truly appreciated and loved the man. My sincerest sympathies

Posted by: Paul Kronenberg - Syracuse, NY   Sep 12, 2012

Many years ago, I had the privilege of caring for Tom's mother, and with that came the privilege of getting to know Tom. Often we met for lunch, sometimes at the Upstate cafeteria, sometimes at Crouse. Often others joined us. The level of discourse made lunch worthwhile. We both retired and went on to other things. I have missed him as I am sure you will. He is the kind of person one wished could go on forever.

Posted by: Kendrick A. Sears, M.D. - Syracuse, NY   Sep 12, 2012

Goodbue to the brilliant man who brought some sanity to the crazy world of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology. In today's world, where we face the increasing power of giant pharmaceutical companies to make clinical decisions in their interest, rather than that of the person suffering, Dr. Ssasz's central thesis remains as relevant and as potent an intellectual force as it ever has been. Your courage to challenge the orthodoxy of those around him remains forever as a cautionary tale to the hubris of a smug profession and as a testament to the human spirit.

Posted by: Philip V Hull - Oakland, CA - Student   Sep 12, 2012

To all his family Thank you for being so dear to your father, grandfather and brother. Words like hero, humanitarian, champion, courageous, trailblazer, and, yes, witty and charming too, are synonymous with the Thomas Szasz we love. I first met him 32 years ago when he spoke out against a lethal treatment when no other medical professional would. I’m sure it shamed others into doing what was right. Thousands of lives were subsequently saved. He gave us great knowledge, wisdom

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Posted by: Jan Eastgate - Los Angeles, CA   Sep 12, 2012

Dear Suzy and Family, May tender memories soften your grief. May you find peace knowing that someday we'll learn the reasons why... Sincerest Sympathy Love always, Harold and Kay Palmer

Posted by: Harold L. Palmer, Sr & Family - St.Louis, MO   Sep 12, 2012

Tom's lyrical voice relating tales of his past will forever be in my memory, though I'll painfully miss his presence, as will my whole family.

Posted by: Dusty Billings-Lilien - Syracuse, NY - friend/Isobel Chessar's in-law   Sep 12, 2012