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John James, founder of The Grief Recovery Institute

John W. James

Founder of The Grief Recovery Institute®
Co-Author of The Grief Recovery
Handbook & When Children Grieve

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Russell Friedman, Executive Director of The Grief Recovery Institute

Russell Friedman

Executive Director
Co-Author of The Grief Recovery
Handbook & When Children Grieve

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Two Year Tragiversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015 marks the second “tragiversary” of the Boston Marathon Bombings which killed three innocent people and injured 254 others.

We don’t like to use the word anniversary when remembering horrific events like this because anniversary generally has a positive meaning, and there’s absolutely nothing positive that can be taken from this event.

As horrific as that day was in the impact on those who were directly affected, the rest of us were reminded what easy targets we can be when we’re out in public, especially where many people are gathered.

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Ask John & Russell – The absence of important people in our lives is difficult at the best of times, but at difficult times, we miss them exponentially. (Published 4/14/2015)


It has been 16 years since my Dad died and 15 months later, my Mom died. People keep saying that "It gets easier in time". No it doesn't! I go through life, but the pain and sadness are always in my heart. I want to know, when does it get easier? I’m going through a lot of difficulties now and I really want and need my parents, just to talk to, to give me advice on what to do. I miss them both so much. I just want the pain to stop. Help?

Russell Friedman Replies:

Dear Debi,

Thanks for your note and questions.

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If you or someone important to you wants help with grief: Look for a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist℠ in your community. The Grief Recovery Institute ® trains and mentors Certified Grief Recovery Specialists℠ throughout the United States & Canada.

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