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Remarriages often cause wedges between original family members. (Published 7/5/2016)


My father recently died leaving three adult daughters—the youngest from the marriage to my stepmother 30 years ago. From the beginning, my stepmother has driven a wedge between my father and my sister and I. Any contact had to be through her. During his last days, she went so far as to make up stories that we were picking fights with her, and then told us we weren’t allowed to see him because the hospice limited visits to 5 minutes. The planning and preparation of the memorial service has been "none of my business" and was told I’d learn the details when it came out in the paper. Now she’s complaining to others that my sister and I aren’t there for her and her daughter. Any meetings I had with my dad were great—when she wasn't around. Along with dealing with the loss of my dad, I have to deal with not only her direct comments, but also comments from people who criticize me for not being there. Any ideas on how I can get through this?

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