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Fear is the normal and natural emotional reaction to loss. As in: How will I go on without that person? (Published 11/17/2015)


I am a hospice nurse, unable to take any steps towards my own grief process. I've lost two very close brothers in the past of 4 years. My elderly parents are declining, and out of the three siblings left, I'm their caregiver. I have a deep spiritual faith and trust God completely. I cannot determine what I am going through...can't tell if it's depression, grief, fear or anticipatory grief. I am often at the bedside of dying patients and their family members. How am I able to help them, when I'm not able to help myself? I'm so fearful about what my emotional state will become when the first of my parents dies. They are in deep depression now, and I am the one they lean on. I'm able to rise to the occasion, but only until I return home. What do I need to do to get out of this pit?

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