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John James, founder of The Grief Recovery Institute

John W. James

Founder of The Grief Recovery Institute®
Co-Author of The Grief Recovery
Handbook & When Children Grieve

Webinar LogoSeptember 12th, 2013

Death of a Child — Unfulfilled Hopes, Dreams and Expectations

In this fifth installment of the Tributes.com Grief Recovery Webinar Series, Russell Friedman, the co-creator of The Grief Recovery Method, explores the emotions surrounding the death of a child and helps the listener begin to uncover the path to recovery. It is also helpful for anyone who has friends or relatives who have experienced the death of a child of any age.

While a still-birth or death at any point after a child is born is obviously devastating for parents, siblings, and other family and friends, miscarriage is a grief event that society often doesn't acknowledge. This webinar addresses miscarriage and also delves into the heartbreak of infertility and the inability to create the family you have dreamed of. The webinar covers the specific topics below as well as questions that were submitted by participants prior to the live event:

  • Our relationships with our children begin at conception, and sometimes long before
  • Grief is normal and natural but we don’t always know what to do with our broken hearts
  • The importance of completing the unique relationship before trying again
  • Dealing with the well-intentioned but unhelpful things that people say

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