Notable Lawyers Deaths

  • James Turk, 91 (1923 - 2014)

    James Turk

    The Associated PressRADFORD, Va. (AP) — U.S. District Judge James Turk, who struck down a Virginia policy that allowed prisoners to look at Playboy but not read classical works of literature with explicit sexual passages, died Sunday. He was 91.Turk, a state senator for more than a decade, died at his home in Radford, according to De Vilbiss Funeral Home.Turk was appointed to the U.S. District...

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  • Louis Brown, Jr. (2014)

    Louis Brown, Jr.

    The Associated PressDANA POINT, California (AP) — Louis Brown Jr., the father of Nicole Brown Simpson, has died at his Southern California home at the age of 90.Family attorney Natasha Roit says Brown died in Dana Point.Roit says Brown served in World War II as a pilot.Two children preceded him in death, including Nicole Brown Simpson, who was brutally killed in 1994. Her former husband, pro...

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  • Lawrence E. Walsh, 102 (1912 - 2014)

    Lawrence E. Walsh

    PETE YOST, The Associated PressWASHINGTON (AP) — Lawrence E. Walsh, the special prosecutor who spent six years investigating misconduct by President Ronald Reagan administration officials in the Iran-Contra affair, has died. He was 102.He died Wednesday at his home in Oklahoma City following a brief illness, according to his family.In a distinguished legal career, Walsh was a highly successful...

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  • Josefina Napravilova (2014)

    Josefina Napravilova

    The Associated PressPRAGUE (AP) — Josefina Napravilova, a Czech woman who worked tirelessly as a volunteer to locate dozens of children taken by the Nazis from their families during WWII has died.A museum in Lidice, where Napravilova was an honorary citizen, says she died Thursday at age 100 at a nursing home in the southern town of Tabor.In the post-war chaos, Napravilova traveled to Germany,...

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  • Ed Hookstratten (2014)

    Ed Hookstratten

    BETH HARRIS, The Associated PressLOS ANGELES (AP) — Ed Hookstratten, an attorney who represented a galaxy of entertainment and sports stars including Johnny Carson and Vin Scully during a career of more than 50 years, has died at 83.He passed away Wednesday of complications from congestive heart failure at his home in Beverly Hills, his son Jon Hookstratten said Thursday.Hookstratten was a...

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