Kellyn Lillian Plasschaert

  • Born: November 26, 1958
  • Died: April 30, 2009
  • Location: Canyon Country, California

Tribute & Message From The Family

Kellyn was born on November 26, 1958 and passed away on Thursday, April 30, 2009.

Kellyn was a resident of Canyon Country, California.

Condolence & Memory Journal

You are so missed,but the Grass is always greener on the other side,jlasii

Posted by Jimy Overshadow II - Salt lake city, UT - Friend   April 14, 2018


8 Years, Baby Doll...
I will never forget.

Posted by John Bier - Tampa, FL - Significant Other   April 30, 2017


7 years eternity and a moment.
Sending my Love to Heaven on your Anniversary.
In my Heart Forever...

Posted by John Bier - FL - Significant Other   April 30, 2016


Happy Birthday Baby Doll!!
Still here, you are still, and always in my heart.
Love Always,

Posted by John Bier - Boca Raton, FL - Dear friend   November 26, 2015

Went to James Monroe High all the girls were so jealous of Kellyn, she was a classy young lady and sweet as could be. Rest in peace and God bless.

Posted by Darlene Lewis (Crossman) - Stagecoach, NV - Schoolmate   November 13, 2015

Just found out yesterday in regards to Kellyn by Stuart. Kellyn , you crazy
girl what happened?
I have been in Australia for the lst 20 years and OMG. Hope you left in peace.................

Posted by michelle solazzo - los angels everywhere, CA - old friend   July 16, 2015


Always the brightest, Bluest Candle...still can't match your eyes, Baby Doll.
That song "If you can only see", by Tonic, will always be my song to you...
"If you could only see how Blue Her Eyes can be when She says...When She says She Loves Me..."
Miss You Much..."143"...

Posted by John Bier - Boca Raton, FL - Dear Friend   April 30, 2015

Hi Baby Doll....
6 years already. You changed my life forever.
Peace and Love Everlasting.
Love Always,

Posted by John Bier - Boca Raton, FL - Dear Friend   April 29, 2015

It's been years since I've thought about Kellyn but she used to call a client at an answering service I worked at in the 80's. She was always kind and sweet and I thought of her today when feeding the chickens and calling them "Pretty Girls " . I got that phrase from Kellyn, who used to call me Pretty girl when I answered the phone. Thanks Kellyn. Onward and upward.

Posted by Kate - Los Angeles, CA - Phone   November 14, 2014

I grew up, exercising, early AM with your show, at Age: 10 and prior.

I just saw information of your death in 2009.

I wish I could have been able to give you a hug.

51 Years of Age, is too young.

I'm glad there's a few YOUTUBE videos of your show.

Mousercise, You and Me Kid and Winnie The Pooh!!!

I miss you all.

It may be 50+ years until my passing, but I will be there with you.

Thank You,

Posted by Mikele - Chowchilla, CA - TV Viewer   August 31, 2014

You left an impact on me as a viewer of Mousercise. I just became aware of your passing and was saddened to hear that a pillar of my childhood had passed away. Thank you. I hope the positive influence you've had on so many young people is a small comfort to your loved ones.


Posted by Dan B - Albany, NY - fan   June 26, 2014


Hey Baby Doll,
5 Years have passed too quickly.
Happy Anniversary with the Lord. Till we meet again...

Posted by John Bier - Boca Raton, FL - Dear Friend   April 30, 2014

Leave a condolence or a memory.

Posted by Jimy Starshadow II - magna, UT - very close friend   April 29, 2014

So sorry to hear of your passing. Kellyn I loved exercising with you as a little girl. Blessings and love to you and your loved ones.

Posted by karin - IL - fan   March 25, 2014

I grew up watching you. I am so saddened to hear that you have left this world far too soon. You were a part of my morning routine every single day on mousercise! I would pull my little mat out and sit by the tv and wait. I remember wishing that I looked just like you! I was searching on the internet so that I could share mousercise with my 9 year old little girl because she asked me about my most favorite show as a child. I am so saddened. You reinforced healthy eating habits and exercise that I am sure a lot of children benefited from.
Thank you for bringing so much joy into my childhood each and every day as a youngster. I know it's been a few years since you have crossed over into heaven, but I am sure that your family still feels the loss of you each and every day. My heart is sad to hear this. Thank you for being an inspiration, a bright light and I know you're a beautiful angel!

Posted by Kristen Nicole - Portsmouth, VA - avid young fan from long ago   July 17, 2013

We went to High School together. Every girl was jealous of you & every guy wanted to be your boyfriend. We were both dating older guys and seemed to have alot in common. You had a huge influence on my life.
I remember your grace, talent, amazing fashion, natural beauty and generocity. I remember how much you loved your brothers. Especially baby Gavin. I was happy to be apart of your life and your famalies for the brief time we had. I prayed and thought of you often.
I believe you are at peace and with Our Lord.
Until We Meet Again.

Posted by Robin Courter - Sepulveda, CA - Close friend for a season   June 17, 2013


4 years, how time passes. Always in my heart, and thoughts, until we meet again, Baby Doll...

Posted by John Bier - Boca Raton, FL - Friend   April 30, 2013

See my Tribute to her;

Posted by Jimy Starshadow II - Magna, UT - One she loved and loved her   April 16, 2013

I am so very sorry to know of this and I hope all is better for her family, I knew her very well,we shared tears togather and she even sent me her medical records,as she had so much trust in me,I wish I could have been there for her as I knew how her life had traveled down after the Mousercise Show,we will miss you

Posted by J Starshadow - Salt Lake City, UT - Very Close friends   April 09, 2013

She was able to find many to help me with the RedBird Pow Wow of 1994;we also worked togather for Jay Nolan,but most of all she shared her private life with me including all of her medical history,I still have them and her voice message to me,even when she had her own issues she was able to cry with me on the phone,she will be so missed,all my love

Posted by Jimy Starshadow II - Salt Lake City, UT - Very close friend   April 09, 2013

Went to James Monroe HS with Kellyn. She was a lovely woman and a wonderful soul. Rest in peace.

Posted by David - Irvine, CA - Classmate   April 01, 2013

Kellyn, I wish we had stayed in contact, so hard to believe you're not here! I will always remember u taking me to Crystal Cathedral, I kept all the pics u gave me and the ones of us! You were avoid friend. I will always remember you

Posted by Marcia Whitmore - Braddord, PA - Friend   October 26, 2012

Just started getting Disney Jr and I was watching some of the shows with my granddaughter-- they mentioned Mousercise and got to thinking about years ago when my oldest use to dance and sing with Kellyn every morning ( he's 32 now). So I decided to look her up and found this site instead. She was much too young and talented to be called home so early and I was saddened to hear of her passing.

Posted by Kathy - cornell, WI - fan   July 16, 2012

I remember as kid i would wake up super early just to watch Kelly on mousercise, and all the fun she made working out to be

Posted by Katherine Laslo - Sooke - Fan   July 11, 2012


Happy 3rd Anniversary, Babydoll...I can't believe how time flys, yet you still seem so near. You are still, as always, in my heart...until we meet again...

Posted by John Bier - Margate, FL - Friend   April 30, 2012


I graduated, monroe high in 1976 i was not popular at all in school, but my best friend growing up was, his name was jack kellyn was known as prettiest girl in school, my friend was in love with her i never even talked to her in school and did not even have any classes at all with her, as a matter of fact when jack would tell me he was friends with her in school, i thought he was lying, well after we graduated we were all about twenty at the time, my friend jack calls me and told me he and kellyn were on there way to my house to go motor cycle riding, i still did not believe he knew her and thought he was just joking, but to my shock they both showed up at my door, that day we went trail riding in the hills above northridge kellyn was very nice and very down to earth i could not believe i was actualy trailriding with her, i realized she was truly a beautifull human being on the inside to and had a lot of respect for her I never saw her again, we all went our own ways in life, sadly jack has passed on to, i never forgot that day, and the impact it had on my self esteem, honestly for me kellyn was truly an angel

Posted by curtis mathews - winnetka, CA - classmate   February 12, 2012


I met Kellyn years ago at State Beach in Pacific Palisades and thought she was a vision. We dated a little bit and had a lot of fun together and I just decided to google her and see what she was up to because though I haven't seen her in over 20 years, I've always had such fond memories of her. I was hoping to find her on facebook or read something about her happy life and successes. Unfortunately, I instead found out about her passing and am now deeply saddened. Rest in peace sweet Kellyn...and thank you for the memories which I will always cherish.

Posted by Grant Cramer - Los Angeles, CA - friend   January 06, 2012

I attended junior high with Kellyn. She was Beautiful!!! I was interested in magic and she practised as my assistant for a bit. I remember visiting her house the day her day bought his new Jag sports car. He was so enthused. They had a lovely home, a dance studio in the backyard. Later on, towards the end of high school, she had blossomed into the true Southern California beauty. I haven't seen her for years but knowing that she's gone leaves an emptiness in my heart.

Posted by Scott Sachs - San Francisco, CA - Friend   August 01, 2011


I was also one of the many kids who would get up every morning to watch Mousercise on the Disney Channel (I even had/still have the Mousercise VHS tape lol). I really loved that show and Kellyn was one of the many reasons why. She just seemed to be having fun with each exercise she and the kids did with mickey and crew on the show and her energy was infectious. To hear that she passed away makes me feel sad but I hope that she's at peace and bringing that fun and infectious energy that I remember seeing on the show all the way up to heaven.

Posted by Betsy Tabor - None   June 24, 2011

I took care of Kellyn, AJ & Kevin (Nick) back in 1967 when their parents had a gig in Europe. I totally enjoyed my stay with them. I lost track of them when I married and moved away but got in touch with them when I saw where their dad, Alex obit was on the web. I got to talk with Kellyn not long before she died. We had such a good conversation and I had hopes of going to see her that summer but got word from the family that she had died. My heart was and is still broken by not getting to sit down with her and her brothers again. Lord willing, one day I will get to see the rest of the family but I do enjoy staying in touch with them on the web.
I love you all and will always be here for you.
With Love,
Miss Shirley

Posted by Miss Shirley - Salem, OR - Nanny/Family Friend   May 25, 2011


Happy 2nd anniversary in Heaven, Baby Doll...I think about you often, and will always hold you close to my heart. Until we meet again, Love Always, John

Posted by John Bier - Boyfriend   April 30, 2011

Both my boys watch Kellyn's mousersize show faithfully every morning at 6:30. I enjoy her energy and friendliness. Lots of good memories...

Posted by Bo - Portland, OR - Viewer   November 28, 2010


Happy Birthday, Babydoll!!

You have inspired so many, myself included...I miss you so much...

Til we meet again,


Posted by John Bier - Boyfriend   November 27, 2010

I was Ellyn's housemate in North Hollywood from 2000-2002, and got to know Kellyn from the times she would visit her mom.

Ellyn passed away in 2007, and a mutual friend informed me of Kellyn.

My condolences to the family, Nick, Gavin and their wives and children.


Posted by Frank Matuk - Kirkland, WA - Friend of Kellyn, Ellyn & family   July 19, 2010

I am so sadden by the news of Kellyn's passing. We shared some wonderful crazy times together at Monroe. She always made anyone feel special. We spent lots of time dancing and singing in studio behind her home, she was a great teacher like her father.
When I had a reception for a group I belonged to she offered to preform a dance that she created! She was wonderful, so full of life and gracful, like watching an angel. Everyone loved it !

This is how I will remember her, rest in peace Kellyn have fun dancing on the clouds.....


Posted by Jill Kellogg Weightman - Morgan Hill, CA - High School Friend   June 09, 2010


Happy 1st Anniversary Baby Doll--I hope you are happy, your heart light and at peace with our Lord...Things have been tough here this last year, but I will always remember my "catalyst"--Just the thought of your presence will remind me "It is what it is", but "good things will come"...I am still waiting to "smell your voice" again...but until then, Thank You for all you have inspired me to be...
Your "face" always,

Posted by John Bier - Boyfriend   April 29, 2010

I wish you peace. I know you are somewhere with music and dancing. Thank you for all the smiles and beautiful memories you gave me. Every moment that I spent watching you was pure joy. I loved dancing and working out with you. I actually would stay up all night to exercise with you then I would go to sleep because I knew I could never wake up early enough. You were someone I looked up to and still do. You will always be remembered and missed. Rest in Peace beautiful friend.

Posted by Ani Gumuryan - North Hollywood, CA - Fan   April 16, 2010


I wish for her to be in a beautiful and peaceful place full of music and dancing. I remember Kellyn as if it was not 20 years ago when I would stay up all night watching cartoons then wait till she was on so I could exercise and go to sleep. Every time I watched her it made me happy. I wanted to look just like her. When you're a child you never know how little things like Kellyn change your life and make things a little better. I wish her and her family peace. This saddened me yet I know she touched a lot of young children and people in her short lifetime in a very positive way.

Posted by Ani Gumuryan - Fan   April 16, 2010


I am so sorry...I was both honored and blessed to be Kellyns' boyfriend in the late '90s...We lost touch, and with Easter approaching, I wanted to find her and catch up with each others' lives...I am still stunned by the knowledge of her passing, and want to find out how such a vibrant, shining soul left us so early...
My condolences to her remaining family, and if anyone has knowledge of her last days, PLEASE contact me.
And to Kellyn...I will ALWAYS Love and miss you, Baby Doll--You saved my soul, and made me feel worthy--my heartfelt thanks will never be enough, but I will catch up with you someday...
God Bless,

Posted by John Bier - Close Friend   April 04, 2010

I am extremely saddened by this news and I hope that you will accept my deepest sympathies. I am a former employee of the Walt Disney Co., and clearly recall getting up early when I was growing up to watch Mousercise with Kellyn. In a world that's so connected through social networking sites, I came on the internet this evening to see if Kellyn was available on any of them and I was excited to see what she was doing with her life. To find this, heartbreaking. I am very very sorry to ALL of her family and friends.

Posted by Kurt Bergeron - West Newbury, MA - Fan   March 31, 2010


All respects to Kellyn's family.
I did not know her personally, but I did share a part of my childhood with her. It may seem silly, but she was my hero. I counted on being able to see her sweet face and hear her lovely voice every morning on Disney. My parents divorced when I was 4, and life was always in chaos. My time learning from Kellyn were bright points for me. I learned to take care of my self & gained a great appreciation for healthy living based on her example. I have always appreciated Kellyn's impact. I was so saddened to find that she had passed. My heart goes out to you all.

Posted by K Romm - Tri-Cities, WA - fan   January 19, 2010


I met Kellyn when she was a shoe model for 9 West and instantly
fell in LOVE with her. She was so cool to be around, when she walk into the room the place would light-up. I would wake-up early just to hear Kellyn's voice, and that would get me going for the day. I was
so sad when I read the news. She touch the heart of so many people
with her positive attitude, beauty and kindness. I wish I could say to her that she was a quality person and is loved by many.

A friend and a fan forever

Angelo LaBarbera

Posted by ANGELO LABARBERA - SANTA MONICA, CA - FREIND   December 14, 2009

I too knew Kellyn from Monroe high school. We met working together at Mandels shoe store in Panorama City in 1976. She had such a bright spirit and full of life. I had a huge crush on her, but I think every guy with a pulse did too. I was really sad to hear of her passing. I will always remember her with great fondness.

Posted by Mark Naccarelli - Anthem, AZ   November 28, 2009


just wanted to say sorry for your loss hope she is at peace w jesus now

Posted by mike    November 24, 2009


I went to school with Kellyn at Providence High in Burbank. We were in our sophmore year together. She also lived in the house in the street behind me in Northridge at that time. My mother use to give her rides home from school. Please let me know how this young woman died. What a sad loss.

Posted by Deborah - CA   November 09, 2009


Kellyn and I went to Monroe High School together. Her, myself and Pam Wikoff used to be close friends. We used to go to her house to get dance lessons. I remember her as being glamourous and outrageous and so unique even at such a young age. She was full of life and dreams. She definitely was someone who stood out. She was a character and sweet and kind. I don't even need to mention how beautiful she was that is a given. I remember seeing her on TV on Mousercize when my kids were young. I didn't get the opportunity to see her at the 20th reunion. I would have liked too. I don't know what took her at such a young age, but, she always looked like an angel which is how I will remember her, so with the angels she must be. My sympathies to her family on their loss.

Posted by michele weitz lynn - Ventura County, CA   November 04, 2009