Condolence & Memory Journal

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Posted by Claudio - b4sDeWYBLb, CA - 3UVuTlyp   August 08, 2015

I found this photo of Lawrence and Idi Amin Dada from 1975. The picture was taken at a dinner to honor Ugandans who had IQs over 65. Amin loved Lawrence because he showed Amin how to waste millions of dollars without even trying. Amin was quoted once praising Lawrence for his ability to waste tax money. Amin said, "this man has showed Amin how to waste money and time on useless trials and trinkets. He helped to make Uganda even more useless than ever." Lawrence showed us all how ineffective he truly was at the Iran contra trials. What an embarrassment to have Ronald Reagan who was suffering from Alzheimer's at the time outwit Lawrence. It was like watching a retarded person debate with a person who had frontal lobe damage.

Posted by Ellen Mcmellen - Salamander - Useless govt. employees   June 22, 2014

He should have represented Zimmerman no one could waste taxpayer money like he could.

Posted by David    April 04, 2014

At one whitehouse dinner he looked right in my eyes and said, " I have never heard ladybird sneeze.". I always remembered how spot on he was with that comment.

Posted by Michael Radcliffe - Lisbon, CT - Co-workers   March 27, 2014

I wish to extend my deepest sympathy to Barbara and Janet on the passing of their father. I remember him from his days as Deputy Attorney General.The family lived in our neighborhood and shared many happy memories of that time. No matter how busy he was, Mr. Walsh always had time for his family and his support of Barb's and Janet's activities. Please keep the happy memories of a life well lived.

Posted by Fran Markwith - Port Republic, MD - Friend   March 25, 2014

To Barbie Walsh. I was sorry to hear of the passing of your father. He was always so kind to your friends when we were kids and I always thought of him as such a fine, kind man. Liz Climenko and I are still in touch and were remembering riding and horse show times with you. We haven't forgotten that your father got us tickets to the Madison Square Garden show. Please accept my condolences. Susan Mullen Chayet

Posted by Susan Chayet - Weston, CT - Friend   March 24, 2014

He wasted millions in taxpayer dollars to come up with nothing. What a maroon.

Posted by Minke    March 21, 2014