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Three members of the Moreland commission who will make a study of New York state laws controlling sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages in the state are sworn on March 1, 1963 at office of New York state governor Nelson Rockefeller, at 22 west 55th street, New York. From left are Caroline E. Simon, secretary of state, administering Oath, Governor Rockefeller, Lawrence E. Walsh. Chairman of the commission; William C. Warren, and Manly Fleischmann. Latter three are the commission members.
Former federal judge and diplomat Lawrence E. Walsh responds to questions at his home, Sunday, Dec. 14, 1986 in Oklahoma City. Walsh told members of the media he has no official word that he's been selected as the independent counsel to probe the Iranian arms sale.
Independent counsel Lawrence E. Walsh, shown arriving at U.S. District court on Wednesday, Nov. 18, 1987 in Washington, tells reporters that he expects to complete his investigation of the Iran-Contra affair in the near future.

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He should have represented Zimmerman no one could waste taxpayer money like he could.
I found this photo of Lawrence and Idi Amin Dada from 1975. The picture was taken at a dinner to honor Ugandans who had IQs over 65. Amin loved Lawrence because he showed Amin how to waste millions of dollars without even trying. Amin was quoted once praising Lawrence for his ability to waste tax money. Amin said, "this man has showed Amin how to waste money and time on useless trials and trinkets. He helped to make Uganda even more useless than ever." Lawrence showed us all how ineffective he truly was at the Iran contra trials. What an embarrassment to have Ronald Reagan who was suffering from Alzheimer's at the time outwit Lawrence. It was like watching a retarded person debate with a person who had frontal lobe damage.