The Ultimate Warrior

  • Born: June 16, 1959
  • Died: April 8, 2014
  • Location: Scottsdale, Arizona


The Ultimate Warrior speaks during the WWE Hall of Fame Induction at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans on Saturday, April 5, 2014.

Former pro wrestler dies at 54

DAN GELSTON, The Associated Press

The Ultimate Warrior put on his signature airbrushed trench coat, shook the white ring ropes, and, for a few fleeting minutes, the wrestler billed as hailing from Parts Unknown was back home in the wrestling ring.

"Speak to me, Warriors!" he bellowed on Monday night's "Raw", back on TV after an 18-year absence.

He soaked up the applause from a New Orleans crowd chanting his name and pulled out a neon mask that replicated the face paint he wore in the ring for every main event battle with Hulk Hogan and Randy "Macho Man" Savage in the 1990s. Warrior cut a promo to show how much he appreciated his return to the WWE.

Less than 24 hours later, Warrior, one of the most colorful stars in pro wrestling history, was dead. He was 54.

"We are all grateful to have had the opportunity to get the closure with him, to work to get him back on that platform," said Paul "Triple H" Levesque, a wrestler and top WWE executive. "Knowing him now, there could have been no better send-off, really, for him, than that. It was everything he would have dreamed off."

After ending his estrangement with the company, Warrior was in the spotlight again earlier this week, making appearances at WrestleMania 30 and on "Monday Night Raw," and he was inducted into the WWE Hall of fame.

His last promo on WWE's flagship show seems almost eerie now with his triumphant return overshadowed by his sudden death.

"No WWE talent becomes a legend on their own," Warrior said. "Every man's heart one day beats its final beat. His lungs breathe their final breath. And if what that man did in his life makes the blood pulse through the body of others, it makes them bleed deeper and something larger than life, then his essence, his spirit, will be immortalized."

The Ultimate Warrior personified the larger-than-life cartoon characters who helped skyrocket the WWE into a mainstream phenomenon in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Warrior dressed in face paint, had tassels dangling from his super-sized biceps and sprinted to the ring when his theme music hit. He'd shake the ropes, grunt and howl, and thump his chest while the crowd went wild for the popular good guy.

In an era when the WWE targeted kids as its primary audience, Warrior was a perfect fit with a spastic entrance, blood-pumping music, flowing locks and always dressed in electric colors from head to boots.

His rambling, incoherent promos both energized and confused fans, and Warrior would often stare down at his hands as he spoke, as if he was summoning magical powers out of his fingertips.

He made his debut with the promotion when it was known as the World Wrestling Federation in 1987 and wrestled on and off for the sports entertainment empire until 1996.

The Ultimate Warrior became the first wrestler to defeat Hogan in a WrestleMania match in 1990 when he used his finishing running splash for the pin. He won the championship in front of 67,678 fans at Toronto's SkyDome in a match billed as "The Ultimate Challenge."

"It's one of the great WrestleMania main events ever," former WWE star Sean "X-Pac" Waltman said Wednesday.

The Ultimate Warrior would defeat Savage the next year at WrestleMania.

Savage, who died in 2011, Hogan and Warrior were all enormous personalities with gaudy costumes and memorable catchphrases. They led the WWE's transformation from a promotion running weekend arena shows and Saturday morning TV into one booking events at the largest stadiums around the world with millions watching every Monday night. More than 5.1 million viewers watched Warrior's final appearance Monday night on "Raw."

The WWE said Warrior, who legally changed his name from James Hellwig to his wrestling moniker, died Tuesday. Scottsdale, Ariz., police spokesman Sgt. Mark Clark said he collapsed while walking with his wife to their car at a hotel and was pronounced dead at a hospital.

There were no signs of foul play, Clark said. The Maricopa County Medical Examiner's Office will conduct an autopsy Thursday, county spokeswoman Cari Gerchick said.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon tweeted: "We are all so sad the Ultimate Warrior has passed away. Our heart is with his wife Dana and his two daughters."

"Vince said to him a couple of days ago, 'I've always loved you. Sometimes, I didn't like you, but I always loved you,'" Levesque said.

Warrior and McMahon posed for a picture Monday night that Stephanie McMahon tweeted, "Never say never."

Waltman attended the Hall of Fame ceremony and saw Warrior before he went on the stage to make his speech.

"I got a sense he wasn't well," Waltman said. "It was sad to me. He was kind of hunched over. He used to have such great posture. You just had this sense that he wasn't well. But he was in great spirits. He came up to (other wrestlers) and gave them hugs."

The Ultimate Warrior had a falling out with the WWE over various issues, including money, and did not appear on its TV shows after July 8, 1996, until last weekend.

Levesque said he spent 18 months getting to know Warrior and both sides put hard feeling aside to bring him back into the WWE fold. He said Warrior was like a "kid reborn" to headline Saturday night's Hall of Fame class. Warrior had signed a deal to work as a WWE ambassador.

"It was time to move on and get past all of it," Levesque said. "In some ways, when you've been in this business and in the WWE, you're all brothers. Can we get back to being brothers?"

The WWE Network was set to air highlights from the Hall of Fame and WrestleMania 6 on Wednesday night, and a dedicated tribute show will run next week.

Warrior was the only Hall of Famer feted with his own moment on Monday. His final words to the crowd are ones wrestling's fanatics will surely take to heart.

"The spirit of The Ultimate Warrior will run forever," he said.


Associated Press Writer Paul Davenport in Phoenix contributed to this report.

Condolence & Memory Journal


great insperation! i workout as i watch his vids*watch him as i drink my coffee before gym work*his words are the truth to live a better life*thank you warrior*rest in peace jim*

Posted by james marturella - holbrook, NY - student   February 07, 2018

I'm 35 now..But I remember when I was 8 years old and my mother help me dress up as the ultimate warrior for Halloween. When I was a kid they used to tell me the only time I was calm was when I would see the ultimate warrior wrestle on TV... I was absolutely mesmerized . RIP WARRIOR !!!

Posted by Joseph Bonelli - Whitestone, NY - Acquaintance   April 20, 2017

Your my inspiration I got custom wrestling gear made from to match yours I even bought acrylic paint to do the ultimate warrior face paint but any way I could talk all day about your accolades but you were the inspiration in alot of the talent in the locker rooms may you R.I.P Ultimate Warrior your spirit will live forever

Posted by Dakota Snyder - PA - Student   January 15, 2017

Although I have never met you, I have seen you in action via TV. I, myself, have been in the wrestling business for 46+ years, and have seen some wrestlers whom I have known pass. Rest in Peace, Jim!

Posted by Flying Les Edwards - Dayton, OH - co-hart   April 09, 2015


As this 1 year anniversary approaches ...I feel your Presence, power and Awesomeness more than EVER ..

May God Bless you ..and hopefully he has put you in a GREAT spot in heaven ..
Steve Almeida, (R.I)

Posted by Steven Almeida - Bristol, RI - friend   April 07, 2015

Utlimate Warrior I watch you when I kid I always be my number 1 fan like you ultimewarrior you miss very much ultimate warrior you are up heaven with my mom dad you always be awesome nothing will change that cause you are ultimate warrior rest in peace ultimate warrior you always good heart

Posted by Tammy Reynolds - Omaha, NE - friend   May 12, 2014

God bless you warrior, thanks for the inspiration in the warrior character; love and aloha to your wife and children; the entire Arola family says thank you--shake the ropes up in heaven and we will be reunited with you again

Posted by glenn arola - CA - fan   May 10, 2014

Warrior i remember when i was young my dad took me to meet you he took me to your gym i dont know if you were together with dana at the time but man you made me a happy lil kid that day the speech you gave on raw put a smile om my face.thank you jim we will shake the ropes and run with you forever.

Posted by anson - phoenix, AZ - fan   May 06, 2014

My son and I always looked forward to your matches . You were a inspiration to all who watched you ..we will always remember you Ultimate Warrior....

Posted by jerry weis - Omaha, NE - Fan   May 06, 2014

Warrior you were my idle you put a spark into wrestling you were fantastic.Now Warrior R.I.P and my deepest sympathy to your wife and children.

Posted by Arwyn Owen - United Kingdom - Admirer   May 01, 2014


Now you sit with the Warrior King's from the past. We will miss you.... Always Believe!!!

Posted by Jeff Klingenberg - Spencer, IA - Warrior Brother   April 24, 2014

I grew up watching U.W. and cannot believe that he's gone. Too many from that era of wrestling are leaving us way too soon...we will always love and remember you Ultimate Warrior!

Posted by Veronica - San Diego, CA - Fan   April 23, 2014

God Bless Warrior! Thank you for all the insight and lessons of life. You feel my childhood with good memories. And taught me later on the meaning of the Warrior way

Posted by Matthew L Wright - Gaylord, MI - Disciple   April 23, 2014

My beautiful Warrior. I have loved you for 26 year's. I lived in Dallas when you were The Dingo Warrior. You were the love of my life and now I feel so sad and empty. I was and am your biggest fan. You were the most awesome wrestler EVER!!. Your were the most handsome man on this earth. My heart hurts so bad for your beautiful wife and daughters. I think we are all in shock over your passing. I will alway's love you and I will never forget you my sweet Ultimate Warrior. xoxoxoxo

Posted by Cindy Faulkner - Cincinnati, OH - # 1 FAN   April 22, 2014

Warrior: Thanks for being an inspiration to all of us and being real outside the ring unlike most. Teaching Intensity by example and the discipline to win. Warriors will rise in the last days due to the inside training info for the little guys. David C Cook Forest,MS

Posted by David C. Cook - Forest, MS - Friend   April 22, 2014

I wasn't much of a wrestling fan, but you were my favorite wrestler because I was a bodybuilder and my two young boys adored you. The could mimic your run to the ring, your rope-shake, the overhead-press movement. They could even do parts of your interviews. Both are in their twenties now, and we all shed a tear when we heard of your passing. Thanks for memories I'll never let go of...

Posted by Pat Cassidy - MN   April 22, 2014


Warrior you was one in a million from everyone in London

Posted by Tony - London,United Kingdom - friend   April 21, 2014

"Role model,to all bodybuilders "I want to thank THE WARRIOR for being my role model,I was a skinny little kid and when i saw the Warrior I wanted to be just like him!!I did 2 bodybuilding competitions in 1998 and I won 3 trophies , without the Warrior I would have never accomplished my goal of entering my first bodybuilding competitions .He was my hero I wish there were more energetic role models as THE WARRIOR!!I will miss him,but THE WARRIOR will live FOREVER in my Heart!!!

Posted by Jeff Barbarian - Phoenix, AZ - Warrior   April 21, 2014

My Hero. My Friend .......

Posted by Steve Almeida - Bristol, RI - fan   April 21, 2014

Thank you warrior for all your memories . Been fan since day one

Posted by Mark King - Martinez, GA - fan   April 21, 2014


I am praying for the family and pray for their healing to begin. He was such a wonderful man. my prayers are with you all.

Posted by Kaitlin Brewster - Las Cruces, NM   April 20, 2014

The happiest memories I have as a child are that of watching the Ultimate Warrior, An all round entertainer and a legacy that will never be forgotten. Still get goose bumps when I hear his entrance music. RIP my friend.

Posted by Stephen Norbury - Manchester, UK   April 19, 2014

DEAR Warrior family you guys have lived so many great memories with your dad the Ultimate dad Mzay God have his souls THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR SPIRIT WILL LIVE FOREVER

Posted by RICKY NUNEZ - Los Angeles, CA - Fan   April 19, 2014

Leave a condolence or a memory.

Posted by pastor Stephen knowlin - dothan, AL - fan   April 19, 2014

I am 43 years old,a secure and educated man.I can honestly say that Warrior was the best reason to follow pro wrestling.RIP Mr.Hellwig

Posted by james McClain - chickasha, OK - fan   April 19, 2014

RIP warrior thank you for the entertainment and memories that i will never forget god bless your wife and 2 lovely girls my deepest heartfelt condolences goes out to them

Posted by william weir - edinburgh scotland - fan   April 19, 2014

May you rest in peace my friend it was a pleasure meeting you in New Orleans

Posted by sonya tischer - laurel, MS - fan   April 18, 2014

No words can express how sorry I am for the pain in your hearts. I'm truly sorry for your loss and pray for you Dana and your sweet girls. He was an amazing man to you and your family and wish nothing but love and memories to get you through this stuff time. Hugs & prayers

Posted by Betty Holmes - San Tan Valley, AZ - Fan   April 18, 2014


I remember seeing you as the Dingo Warrior in Youngstown, Ohio years ago - you were fairly new to wrestling then. As time went on, the Ultimate Warrior was born. I will forever cherish the memories of the endless hours of entertainment you gave all of us. Like the Phoenix rising from ashes, nothing ever kept you down. As glad as I was to see you finally get the HOF honor you so much deserved, I have all the respect in the world for you as a person for sticking to your guns and, in the end, for being big enough to not only take the olive branch that was offered but to also shake the hand holding it. What you did in the ring may have been your job but you never stopped there. You never turned a fan away and were beyond generous any time anyone approached you. Your performances were "a cut above" to watch but, when you add in the man behind the mask, it was an honor and a privilege to just know your name and, as a fan, thank you so very much.

Posted by Marti - Farrell, PA - Fan   April 18, 2014

Thoughts n prayers to the family. Met Jim years ago n was a big fan. I' ll miss him. RIP Jim. God bless

Posted by Paul garson - Grande Prairie - Fan. Met Jim once   April 18, 2014

I can't believe you're gone this world will never be the same without you in it. I remember going to see you perform back in 1996 with my girlfriend who is know my wife. The only reason we went was to see you in person you where an amazing performer and now all this years later I started watching wresting again because you came back and now you're gone again. Thank you for everything warrior

Posted by Rafael Meza - Imperial, CA - Fan   April 18, 2014


Dana & Kids you have my deeps Condolence & prayer's, I will never forget his final speech it will live in my heart and mind forever. The Ultimate Warrior was a hard worker and dedicated to the sport of wrestling that he loved. a true role model for all ages. he will be greatly missed and his legacy will live forever RIP Ultimate Warrior.

Posted by joseph fulkerson - Harlan, KY - Fan   April 18, 2014

Love all wrestlers will miss big Tommy,love you brther

Posted by Terrell stacker - milwaukee, WI - na   April 17, 2014


Warrior, I was so in love with you. I looked forward to you running to the ring with excitement. I am just saddened by your passing but my heart goes out to those two little girls that adored you. Your wife looked at you with endless love. My heart goes out to your mother as well. You and your family appeared very happy and it is a shame you had to leave us so young but God needs angels of all ages.

Posted by Dawn Young - Des Moines, IA - old time fan   April 17, 2014

Thank you for giving us the best entertainment ever. I'm very glad you shared yourself with your fans. Your family loaned you to us and very much appreciate it. A man waits 18 years to clear his name, to be assured of his legacy. To have his young daughters walk him out to the Hall of Fame stage ... and then to be gone but will never be forgotten. As you said " The most awesome thing I will ever do is be your father." Your daughter know how proud you were of them.
"Every man's heart one day beats its final beat. His lungs breathe a final breath." Your heart will always be in our hearts. R.I.P. and very sorry for your loss to his wife and daughters.

Posted by Marina Ortega - MIAMI, FL - fan   April 16, 2014

Thank you for the memories and making my childhood fun. I was lucky to be at Wembley Stadium for Summerslam 92, I'll always remember your music began to play 80,000 fans started screaming, cheering and going crazy for you as you ran towards the ring on that warm summers night 22 years ago.

Posted by Damien - London - Fan   April 16, 2014

Thank you. Your YouTube channel changed my life. I am a better person for the advice and guidance you gave. I hope your family can find peace. Your Hall of Fame appearance was much deserved and I am so glad you were alive to experience that moment. Your star will always burn brightly Warrior.

Posted by Andrew Carey - Brothers In Iron   April 16, 2014

Warrior's videos of inspiration on youtube helped me turn my life around, he connected with me on a deep level and what he said made a lot of sense to me. I will always remember the advice he gave for free to help others.

Posted by Nick - London - fan   April 16, 2014

I met you at Wrestlemania 29...New Jersey....waited in line for 5 hours...had my face paint, and tassels and was cutting my circulation, but didn't care, cause the Warrior blood pulsed throughout my veins...i hugged you, shook hands and talked with you...your my idol and my life made me who I am today...i truly am your biggest fan and will miss and never forget the day I met you...R.I.P

Posted by Brian Fernandes aka Warrior aka Batman - Mississauga - Superfan   April 16, 2014


Warrior thank you for the joy you brought into the ring every time you ran into the ring. I am happy you got a send off worthy of a true Warrior. I just wish you didn't have to go so soon. Say hello to Ravishing Rick for me, may you and all the WWE heroes rest in peace. Your spirit will live forever. Thank You Warrior

Posted by Ruby King - Detroit, MI - Fan   April 16, 2014


Thank you for all the memories warrior! I will never forget you warrior because you played an important part in my childhood. I looked up to you, you were my hero, and I know you were a hero to so many children who grew up in the 80's/ 90's. You will live on in all of us fans! We miss you so much. Legends never die! Prayers for your family.

Posted by Kenneth Jara - LOS ANGELES, CA - Fan   April 16, 2014

Warrior will live on in us. He provided us with gifts of strength and self-worth. Thank You, Warrior! You will be missed!

Posted by Angela Hopson - Kokomo, IN - Fellow Hoosier and Fan   April 16, 2014

On behalf of our three generations of wrestling fans in our family,we send our thoughts,prayers,and love to you,and your children. The Ultimate warrior,character,father,friend,and husband,will be deeply missed but not forgotten...his legacy shall live on!!!! God Bless you all!!!

Posted by jerry Russell - Strasburg, PA - fan   April 16, 2014


Posted by FERDIE RAMOS - UNION CITY, CA - FAN   April 16, 2014

We will miss you. You are my hero. God Bless You, we love you

Posted by Jose - El Paso, TX - Fan   April 16, 2014

1996 King of the Ring, Milwaukee WI. First ever WWE event I went to, and I was there with my dad. I was 11. You came running to the ring and beat up Jerry Lawler so fast. You were intense and had an awesome energy about you.

Posted by Peter Ziegelbauer - Jackson, WI - Fan   April 16, 2014

To his Wife and Kids,

We had many good times together in Wrestling.

In memory of THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR I would like to leave for him an afterglow of when his life is done of whispering softly down the ways of happy times and laughing times and bright and sunny days. I would like the tears of those who grieve to dry before the sun and happy memories I leave when life is done.

I am glad he got to get what he wanted; The Ring and in The Hall of Fame.

Mary Ann Kardos
90 Falmouth Road
Yardville, NJ 08620

Posted by Mary Ann Kardos - Yardville, NJ - Friend   April 15, 2014


to Ultimate Warriors family, he was a great wrestler, will be remembered forever. You are in our hearts and prayers. Cherie and Jim Stark Spfld,Il

Posted by Cherie Stark - Springfield, IL - fan   April 15, 2014


I will miss you. Thanks for fixing my spine though it felt like you killed me at Too bad couldn't have hung out again and drank coffee. Remembering those good times and WWF ice cream bars.

Posted by Roy Eastham - Blue Springs, MO - Friend   April 15, 2014


R.I.P. We will always remember you. I was so happy to see you in the hall of fame. Now my kids loved you. God bless your family.

Posted by Carol - Chester, VA - Fan   April 15, 2014

To one of the greatest legends who ever stepped in the ring the ultimate warrior he was a man who gave his heart and soul to all of us and we'll truly miss him god bless you Ultimate Warrior and thank you for all the memories and you'll never be forgotten me and my family send our condolence to his family

Posted by Alan Wilson - kansas City, KS - fan   April 15, 2014


Warrior, we fans are so lucky we got to say Thank You for all you gave us in the square circle. We will never forget all the legendary matches you leave behind. You were definitely one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Thoughts and prayers go out to your entire family especially your wife and children.
Till we meet again in parts unknown.

Posted by David Anthony Benavidez & Family - Imperial, CA - Friend   April 15, 2014

Part of my childhood just died u where my hero was so happy to see u make your comeback to wwe we will never forget u we all love and miss u rip

Posted by john nikolaras - Chicago, IL - fan   April 15, 2014


Warrior, you were a family man, and a man of integrity. You were a person I admired to stand up for what you believed in. I met you at Drake University in DM, Iowa at a speaking engagement you gave in 05'. You delivered a powerful message and even took the time to talk to my wife and I after the event. I was a childhood fan in the 80's and 90's and we would watch you on TV on saturday mornings. Thank you for your encouraging words you gave me to follow my dream of farming when we met you, and you shared you grew up in a farming community as well. Our family has been praying for you and your family. Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord, and let the perpetual light shine apon him, may he rest in peace. God bless you and your wife, and daughters.

Posted by Scott Sibbel - Carroll, IA - Fan   April 15, 2014


I pray that you are in the loving arms of jesus RIP.

Posted by yvonne - New Orleans, LA - fan   April 15, 2014

Warrior you will be missed

Posted by Robert - Phoenix, AZ - fan and friend   April 15, 2014

We love you Warrior!!!!

Posted by matthew - topeka, KS   April 15, 2014

RIP Warrior. you were a great wrestler. We enjoyed watching you are gone too soon. you will never be forgotten.

Posted by Lynn Lee - Kernersville, NC - a great wrestling fan   April 15, 2014

I want to pay my respects to the family and friends of the greatest wrestler the ultimate warrior he brought happiness to my children and husband every week . To see him perform and give his all to the fan. We the fans are lucky to had the chance to see him once again. Thank you he will be missed. Sincerely the Ramirez family

Posted by adrian ramirez - coolidge, AZ - fan   April 15, 2014

RIP Warrior,still can't believe your gone

Posted by Gooner    April 14, 2014

Warrior you will always be my favorite babyface rip warrior rest in peace

Posted by Gregory Ellis - evansville, IN - fan   April 14, 2014


god bless the ultimate warrior and family prayer go out to you. wwe fan philip tartaglia baltimore maryland 4/14/2014

Posted by philip - baltimore, MD - friend   April 14, 2014

Warrior, we, your Warriors will never forget your intensity and how you touched our hearts during your career in wrestling. We will forever be your ultimate maniacs!!!

Posted by Brandon - Las Vegas, NV - Long time fan   April 14, 2014


im still in shock my favas kid and still is as a adult he will be missed never forgoten always belive david stoker elkhart in

Posted by david stoker - elkhart, IN - fan   April 14, 2014

We always wished you would come we will miss you more Much love and respect for the man behind the mask RIP WARRIOR

Posted by Carm Gitto - Richmond Hill ont Canada   April 14, 2014

So sad we have truly lost a legend.I grew up watching the ultimate warrior and will always remember you. God bless your family at this sad time

Posted by Elanor Lochore    April 14, 2014


One Warrior, One Spirit, One Soul who changed many of the millions lives with his spirit! To your family, my deepest sympathy and heart goes out to them. I will always keep the spirit of the warrior within my heart! My memory of seeing you wrestle in person will always be one that never dies.
A Tribute to Ultimate Warrior
I remember the day I saw you wrestle in Denver at a live event.
It seems like it was only yesterday, as the memories are still alive and Heaven sent.
Seeing you run into the ring, the shaking of the ropes and the excitement in your eyes;
You lit up the arena and brought happiness and joy into everyone's lives.
Those are the memories that last forever, as they would never die.
Memories that brought joy and happiness to this heart and soul, God will always keep them alive.
I remember seeing the spirit of the Warrior deep within your eyes.
No one could ever forget that moment as the spirit never dies.
It was that night that I felt my heart and soul became free;
It was the spirit of the Warrior that started living inside of me.
I found that I could live my life and fulfill my destiny.
It is the Spirit of the Warrior that constantly lives within the heart of me.
No one knows just how the spirit of Warrior can make a difference in one's life.
The spirit of Warrior helped me overcome my pain and my strife.
I know I do not walk this path alone, as the Warrior lives within my heart.
It is the spirit of the Warrior that will always live deep within me and there will remain forever, never to part.
The Warrior has joined others in God's wrestling hall of fame.
He is now one of God's Angels, bearing a halo that has Warrior's name.
I can see him shaking God's golden ropes upon the golden ring.
Telling all his Warrior Angels, it is time for them to believe in the Spirit of Warrior and it is now time to yell and sing.
He zooms across the sky flying high upon his golden star.
Looking down upon his Warriors giving them courage and strength wherever they are.

Posted by June C. Rose - Nashville, TN - Warrior Fan   April 14, 2014

To the family an friends of Warrior may your next days be filled with peace an grace an knowing that you will see him again one day.God Bless

Posted by carson watkins - omaha, NE - fan   April 14, 2014

Leave a condolence or a memory.

Posted by carson watkins - omaha, NE - fan   April 14, 2014

Rip my friend well miss you

Posted by john jones - thunder bay, VT - fan   April 13, 2014


There will never be another Ultimate Warrior! May God Bless Dana and the girls. I have walked in your shoes. It is not easy, have faith and God will see you through the valley.
Eleanor Filbert

Posted by Eleanor Filbert - Thompson's Station, TN   April 13, 2014

Beyond heart broken for your Warrior daughters, wife, mom & family. I pray God sends Ultimate comfort to them. I felt your emotion during the HoF & Raw speeches & it was obvious that being HOME again where u belonged meant so much to you that it really took its toll on ur heart. TY for your sacrifices to become hero, forever favorite & friend that I never had the honor to meet. r.i.p. brother :(

Posted by John Connolly - Staten Island, NY - ultimate fan   April 13, 2014

Part of my childhood died with you, will always love the ultimate warrior

Posted by robert hall - mpls, MN   April 13, 2014

I can not believe your gone i just seen you on tv monday night raw, I grew up watching you, sting, hulk hogan and jake the snake roberts. You wil always will be miss rip ultimate warrior rip. derek

Posted by derek - hodgenville, KY - fan   April 13, 2014

You changed my life when I was a young man needing a direction and the symbolic face paint has always been my own personal symbol of strength.

I remember one particular interview excerpt... "I look not to the light of the past but dwell instead into the darkness of the future..."

I Will Always Believe and Never Forget.

Posted by Jay Merriman - Charleston, SC - Life Time Fan   April 13, 2014

He did it his way and thats why he was one of the best, ONE WARRIOR NATION

Posted by Randy Kindschy - Nelson, WI - Big fan   April 13, 2014

Ultimate Warrior will live forever I will miss you warrior you will always be my childhood hero.

Posted by Bradley - Richmond, VA - fan   April 12, 2014

Our thoughts and prayers are with Dana And the children of the great ultimate warrior

Posted by roy hanning - grand rapids, MI - Fan   April 12, 2014


Words cannot describe my feelings. I've been in shock all week. I went and bought the Ultimate Collection DVD and broke down on several matches! Thank you Warrior!! I'll see you in heaven!

Darrell "HD" Ramsey

Posted by Darrell Ramsey - Erwin, TN - Friend,Fan   April 12, 2014

Sorry for the loss of your husband and father and to the wwe for the loss of a great wrestler the ultimate warrior.

Posted by Becky Davis - kirksville, MO - fan   April 12, 2014

Bless you warrior. I watched you as I grew up. It was so exciting. I will miss you

Posted by donald montgomery - las vegas, NV - fan   April 12, 2014


Warrior, thank you for the memories... you will live forever in my heart. I miss you.

Posted by - Rhode Island, RI - Friend   April 12, 2014

Thanks for the memories. I'll always remember you and Savage at Wrestlemania VII. Always Believe!!!

Posted by Joshua Wargo - Washington, DC - Fan   April 12, 2014


Warrior you were the best hope you RIP in paradise!! love you Warrior..

Posted by Eren - Randolph, AL - #1 fan   April 11, 2014


RIP Warrior! You will be missed. Totally one of the best.

Posted by mary bravo - randolph, AL - fan   April 11, 2014

RIP Ultimate Warrior you are now with past Warriors of WWE wrestlers. Your gone but never forgotten, the legacy you brought to the ring.

Posted by Neil Colllins - Merrick, NY -   April 11, 2014

Now you join your warriors in that big 'ring' in the sky; Rest In Peace!

Posted by 'Flying' Les Edwards - Dayton, OH - professional wrestling   April 11, 2014

I'm very saddened. You were a big part of my life. Will miss you very much. R.I.P. my friend.

Posted by Scott Johnson - Sperry, IA - #1 fan   April 10, 2014


R.I.P. WARRIOR .Admired that you spoke your mind and as far as I am concerned were the greatest entertainer there was.Sad you are gone, but you are now in the ULTIMATE hall of fame. My prayers go out to your family,especially your beatiful girls whom you so loved.

Posted by Gena, biggest fan - aston pa/, PA - ultimate fan   April 10, 2014

R.I.P Warrior, you was a great person. Going up about 30 miles from where he grew up in Indiana people always talked about how nice do a person he was.

Posted by Bill Jones - Clinton, IN - Online   April 10, 2014


Posted by valerie - los angeles, CA - fan   April 09, 2014


One of the best. R.I.P.

Posted by Donna AbuSaft - Swarthmore, PA - Fan   April 09, 2014


you were one bad ******* you will be missed RIP

Posted by tom torrez - danville, IL - big fan   April 09, 2014

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The Ultimate Warrior speaks during the WWE Hall of Fame Induction at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans on Saturday, April 5, 2014.
Warrior talks about his career as the Ultimate Warrior on Sunday, Aug. 18, 2013 in Los Angeles.
In this April 5, 2014 file photo provided by the WWE, James Hellwig, aka The Ultimate Warrior, is escorted by his daughters to the stage during the WWE Hall of Fame Induction at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans. The WWE said Hellwig, one of pro wrestling's biggest stars in the late 1980s, died Tuesday, April 8, 2014. He was 54.

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"Role model,to all bodybuilders "I want to thank THE WARRIOR for being my role model,I was a skinny little kid and when i saw the Warrior I wanted to be just like him!!I did 2 bodybuilding competitions in 1998 and I won 3 trophies , without the Warrior I would have never accomplished my goal of entering my first bodybuilding competitions .He was my hero I wish there were more energetic role models as THE WARRIOR!!I will miss him,but THE WARRIOR will live FOREVER in my Heart!!!