Condolence & Memory Journal

I know it's been a few years since ruby

Posted by Marty Koon    August 18, 2018

Many thanks to the Family of Mrs. Ruby Dee for sharing such an outstanding treasure to our memories...the comfort of God be with you always...God's Day....His Way...Praise Him as he cradles her in his loving arms. Condolences!

Posted by Ria - Fayetteville, GA - a true friend   June 13, 2015

May the peace God gives sustain your family during this difficult time. Lean on one another as the days ahead become too hard to bear alone. Share your memories, they will be a source of joy. Seeing the promises in God's word the bible will help you to gain strength and fortify your hearts, granting you comfort. (2 Thessalonians 2:16,17;

Posted by Cameron    March 05, 2015

The Remembrance of the good done those we have loved is the only consolation when we have lost them.

Posted by Collie Deloach - Los Angeles, CA - Student   December 25, 2014

Ruby I loved your cooking and couldn't get enough if it. This picture was taken of me after I ate some of your famous chit lens and puckered pigs eye socket surprise. I remember you handing me an extra bowl of your plantation nuggets and I couldn't keep them down so I vomited. You snapped this picture just before your Pomeranians ran over and lapped up my vomit. I wish you realized your dream of publishing that cookbook with Paula Dean and her grandmother.

Posted by Patrice Tinerson - Peoria, IL - Food lovers   June 22, 2014

This amazing woman fought for decades to stop the black market weasel skin trade in mexico. Her dedication to saving these musk odered rodents from becoming coats for african royalty was truly amazing. Ruby single handedly rescued and raised over 2100 weasels from death. Bless her heart for givig so much of her time and money to such a useless cause. Miss Dee you made us proud to be freedom fighters for these majestic creatures.

Posted by marion - cangon - weaealologists   June 22, 2014

Ruby you made a lot of money from your company Mammies Switch & Strap. Many a great colored asswhoopins came from it.

Posted by Mammy    June 21, 2014

Ruby your star was a B grade at best but your determination and tenacity brought out a certain redness in your hair. My aunt Laquisha always said that Ruby Dee was the first black woman to expose the renegade sinus community before congress back in 78.

Posted by Keshia - Friend   June 18, 2014


She was small in size but she was very tall in her deeds, God bless Mrs. Ruby Dee, I know Mr. Ossie Davis is waiting to welcome her home

Posted by Diane Bronson - Newark, NJ - Grateful Fan of her's   June 16, 2014

Ruby lived through some hard times of racial strife and discrimination. Her likeness to an orangutan truly helped her land the role of Clyde in Any Which Way But Lose with Clint Eastwood.

Posted by Ruth Gordon - Dighton, MA - Coworkers   June 14, 2014

Ruby modeled for this ad in Pulaski Texas back in 1949. She was a great sport and a great actress.

Posted by G.L. Rockwell - Portland - Former Employee   June 12, 2014