Condolence & Memory Journal

Hello Suzie, Your spirit has guedid you to all the right people to encourage you along your path. No worries, you will have time to give back and encourage others that are guedid your way. I can so feel the strength of your soul as it is able to merge with your physical life doing something that you can now be passionate about. This is why I always say ..I have the best job in the world! Nancy

Posted by Manuel - yV4TqEdzoUW, ID - JiQOWN2rAfaE   December 30, 2014

great post. just yesterday, i leernad of a 48 yr old man from my church who passed away in his sleep sunday night from a ruptured aorta. it was totally unexpected. he had run 9 miles over the weekend! now, the lives of his wife and two kids are totally turned upside down. it's definitely a lesson in stopping to appreciate and love those around you!hang in there!

Posted by Luis - jPBqv4ZBwdnf, CO - bYjo3qus   December 30, 2014

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Posted by Tatiana - n8FVCr6JJzn, SD - vjzewlD4lpIm   December 29, 2014

Dick, you were my mentor, my friend and I always lovingly called my adopted Grandfather. Thank you for your firmed ship, your guidance and your never ending support in my career. You shared so much knowledge with the makeup effects community. Your ingenuity, inventive spirit has been an inspiration to so many of us in the industry. I will miss the long talks on the phone, your wonderful stories and experiences.
Your presence will always be felt on a personal and a professional level. You will be missed. The world has lost the greatest makeup artist to walk this earth. I love you my friend. I am certain that you are doing makeup on the grandest of stages now.
See you on the other side...
Toby Sells

Posted by Toby Sells - Atlanta, GA - Friend   August 07, 2014