Condolence & Memory Journal


I have precious memories with her on my boat, like the time we went sailing and she fell out of the boat but never, ever dropped her beer. Wishing you wind in your sails and calm seas in your journey. See you again some day.

Posted by Ray St. Pierre - Edgartown, MA - laundry man and living friend   September 23, 2014


My thoughts and prayers are with you, my pet. I always love you, my pet.

Posted by Neil Chop - in mu own aprtment, MA - friend   August 21, 2014


A beautiful life has come to end,
Love respected whatever you went,
Always so thoughtful, loving and kind,
What a beautiful memory you left behind.

Posted by Ed Carter - in my apartment, Chester, NH - admirer   August 21, 2014


Your love is still alive in us
We see it ever knew,
Our mornings filled with happiness
By memories of you.

Posted by Karen Nescot - Lititz, PA   August 21, 2014


Our live will go without you
But things are not the same,
It's hard to hide the heartache
When someone speaks your name.

Posted by Janet Walls - 67 aSHFORD Drive, PA - sister   August 21, 2014

Your love is still alive in us,
We see it ever new,
Our mornings feel with happiness,
By memories of you.

Posted by John Panneton - in my own house, VA - friend   August 21, 2014

What an incredible woman. Loved the movies. Lived APPLAUSE. I opened the door for Miss Bacall in Chicago. An honor. They're all gone now. So sad. I'll miss her a lot!

Posted by Donald Emery - Bluffton, SC - fan   August 19, 2014


Just whistle. Bogie and Bacall what a team to whistle for. A wonderful time it was, a bit before mine but late night movies caught me up.

Posted by Elaine moore - Los Angeles, CA - Late night movies..   August 18, 2014


I will miss 'Betty' terribly--one of the last grande dames of the Golden Age of Hollywood. "You do know how to whistle, don't you, Steve?" The rest is Hollywood history at its finest. Rest In Peace, my dear.

Posted by Richard Mills - NYC, NY - Longtime Fan   August 18, 2014

I was sad to learn of your passing, you will be missed very much. There are not many people that were as talented as you and had such a big heart, now you are with your love of your life and in your death, be at peace.

Posted by Martha Ann Hatch - Crystal, MN - a very big fan   August 18, 2014

Praying for her family and She was a great Actress. I Loved her movies that she started it.

Posted by Joy Callahan - Palmetto, GA - fan   August 17, 2014


Needless to say, Lauren Bacall was one of the great beauties of film. I loved all her movies, especially the ones she did with her beloved Bogey. But, my favorite is 'The Fan'. It wasn't the best movie ever made and it didn't do the book justice since the ending was changed, but, Ms. Bacall shined like the star she was and will always be. She wasn't a singer, but when she sings 'Hearts and Diamonds', my heart just bursts with joy. Bless her heart and may she rest in peace with her beloved Bogey.

Posted by Donna DeMaio - New Haven, CT - A grateful fan   August 17, 2014

Ms. Bacall, as I was rushing with my shopping cart in a New York City gourmet shop, I almost hit your shopping cart. Imagine how pleasantly startled I was when I came to a screeching halt, looked up and saw you. As I apologized and stepped back to make room for you, you almost annoyingly extended your arm and said, "No, go ahead", as if to say, "Since you're in such a hurry". However, there was a look of curious amusement in your eyes. As I left the small market you half smilingly locked eyes with me and I, thrilled, smiled back.
I didn't dare approach you. I respected you too much for that. Thank you for "To Have And Have Not'' and for being at the market at the same time as I. God Bless and God Speed on your journey to Bogie and to the Angels. Albina

Posted by Albina Vurro - Manhattan, NY - A great fan and admirer   August 14, 2014


How you must love being back in Bogey's arms. Thanks for sharing your amazing acting gifts with all of us.

Posted by Suzanne Tamiesie - Mountain View, CA - Admirer   August 14, 2014


My prayers go out to Betty's family and friends .My thanks go out to Betty for the many years of wonderful entertainment that she has provided us with in film and on stage . Hollywood has lost a legend and Bogie has been reunited with the love of his life . RIP Betty , you will be definitely missed on this plane of existence .

Posted by Laurie Denegar - West Easton, PA - fan   August 14, 2014

My heart go out to the family of the beautiful Lauren Bacall, she will be missed, thank u Lauren for your on-screen talent,you touched me in a special way, luv and peace gorgeous.

Posted by Joe Rivers - Miami, Gardens, FL - a big classic movie fan   August 14, 2014

What a wonderful lady of the stage & screen. Will be missed. Kim

Posted by Kim Libera - Middletown, CT - fan   August 13, 2014