Condolence & Memory Journal

It has been 6 years since you took a giant leap into eternity Leonard. We still remember you often and your salutation "Live long and prosper". You live on not only in our memories but in our televisions, our computers, and in our prized Star Trek movies that we set high in a lofty to enjoy your glad grace over and over.

Posted by Mark Grubb - Salem, VA - Friend   February 26, 2021


Its six years now and you are very much missed, ST is going strong and , you are forever in your hearts, We have a virus that has killed half a million American's and a new President so all in all we are hanging on wish you and your logic were here, much love.

Posted by Alice Crampton - Logan, UT - Friend   February 26, 2021

As a teenager, I remember running home from school (2 miles from home) everyday so I could catch Star Trek. It was in reruns at 4 p.m. Simply put, I was in love with Leonard Nimoy. Always have, always will.
My son grew up with Star Trek; the message was so positive, it was one of a very few shows we allowed him to watch as a child.

Posted by Judy Casey - Milwaukee, WI   January 27, 2021


I can't believe that it has been 5 years since you, Mr. Nimoy have left us. But whether it be 5 years or 5o years you will always be missed by all of your beloved Star Trek fans. The character of Mr. Spock, for me, has always been the true icon & embodiment of all that is Star Trek. So Mr. Nimoy as you look down from heaven know that you live on forever in all the minds & hearts of all the Star Trek fans who will miss you forever until we all meet again one day.

Posted by Donna P - Philadelphia, PA   February 26, 2020

Wow, 5 years have passed and I'm sure a twinkling of an eye for you Leonard. We love you!

Posted by Mark Grubb - Salem, VA - Friend   February 26, 2020


Its been 5 years now and you are very much missed, Star Trek is still strong with a new trek with Jon Luke Picard. and your fans still love you and your Logic, hope you are at peace and will always be in our Hearts.

Posted by Alice Crampton - Logan, UT - Friend   February 26, 2020


My condolences to the Nimoy family, I never knew this existed online if not I would have sent this years ago. Whether it be 4 years or 40 years you will never truly be gone from the minds and hearts of all the fans who love you, Mr. Nimoy. As you look down from heaven, know that we will always love & miss you but also take confort in the fact that , you sir , as Mr. Spock made Star Trek the true icon it still is today and we will forever be able to see you everyday on tv. Mr. Spock until we are all together again

Posted by a true fan from South Philly - Philadelphia, PA   June 09, 2019


The years are going by fast, but you live on in every Star Trek show and DVD's' books all will forever remember Mr Spock, but I remember you in many other movies and shows and have some of them one of my favorites it Bedazzle and the Sun also raises. Miss you and the world lost a great Actor and Friend.

Posted by Alice Crampton - Logan, UT - Acquaintance   February 26, 2019


You brought wonderful memories to so many. Your portrayal of Spock reminded me of the duality we all have. May your children and your children's children be blessed.

Posted by Marion Gustafson - Duluth, MN - Acquaintance   February 26, 2019


You've been gone 3 yrs tomorrow, Star Trek is stronger than ever and Conventions are a sell out.You are dearly missed and I know you are in a peaceful place somewhere in space. We get older without you but you are in our hearts forever,and we will live long and prosper. Your son truly Honors your name.

Posted by Alice Crampton - Logan, UT - Acquaintance   February 26, 2018

Three years tomorrow you left us Leonard, but you have slipped away from the restrictions of time but somewhere in "space" in a different state of existence you live! We love and miss you and we have grown older without you!

Posted by Mark Grubb - Salem, VA - Acquaintance   February 26, 2018


It's been only two years,seem like forever,really miss him.He'd be glad to know that Star Trek is on 3 different channels almost 24/7. Wish his family great peace,there will never be an other " MR SPOCK " and Mr Nimoy was the best actor that I have ever seen,rest in peace we love you now and forever.

Posted by Alice Crampton - Logan, UT - Friend   February 26, 2017

I watched you when i was a a young child, you had me dreaming of being a astronaut you were and always will be my favorite alien. Thank you, "Live long and Prosper"

Posted by Arthur Jones - NY - Friend   February 26, 2017

I have been a big fan of yours as long as I can remember. I have seen you in all the Star Trek programs as well as the movies but also in other rolls and I always felt you put so much into the roll and made whatever it was completely believable. I know the Star Trek series on DVD came at a dark time in my life and it helped me to have some time to get away from the tough things at that time. Not much else did. For that I will always be in your debt. It broke my heart to see your passing.

Posted by James DuPuy - Ashtabula, OH - Friend   November 14, 2016

Leonard you left an important message to many people. For me I continue to campaign and increase the awareness of COPD which I was diagnosed with also in 2013. I hope against hope that the awareness increases quickly and something other than an inhaler is a long lasting answer. Peace my brother!

Posted by Mark Grubb - Salem, VA - Friend   October 14, 2016


Your portrayal of Spock spoke to the outsider in all of us. Blessings to you

Posted by Marion Gustafson - Duluth, MN   August 16, 2016


No, Shatner wasn't the star---you were Mr. Spock because you still and will always shine. I watch you in Star Trek reruns every Saturday night, just as devotedly as I did 50 years ago. Wish you were here.

Posted by Betty Miller - Los Angeles, CA - Acquaintance   June 16, 2016

We still and always shall miss your genius. Long may your beautiful spirit fly.

Posted by Marilyn Goff - Pearland, TX - Acquaintance   May 10, 2016

Live long and prosper, Spock.
Your character will be missed.
J, M and R

Posted by J. Rogan - Fairbanks, AK   March 07, 2016

Don't seem like you have been gone a year, I miss you but watch Star Trek so you are always remembered
Never will forget as you left us on my daughter's Wedding Anniversary

Posted by Alice Crampton - Logan, UT - Acquaintance   February 27, 2016

The Universe has a super-bright star in Mr. Nimoy being up there.

Posted by DK Oliver - Los Angeles, CA - Acquaintance   February 26, 2016

Shatner may have been the star of the Star Trek Program but Leonard Nimoy's presence stole the show and made history in television and space programs. Is a most sad loss we all now have with the loss of Leonard Nimoy. He was a character but more a person we will long be amiss with out.

Posted by Gordon Bengtsin - Mechanicsville, VA - Friend   February 26, 2016


I was only 15 when Star Trek came to TV, Mr. Spock was my Favorite and I saw everything that Mr Nimoy did in movies and all the TV shows, he was an actor that did so much for all of us and his talents will be surely missed. I started writing Poetry after I picked up his book "Come Be with Me"1978 and keep on writing poems.
I send my prays to his family and I., am blessed that your father walked this earth and gave so much of himself, God Bless your family and may he live long in the memories of his fans.

Posted by Alice Crampton - Logan, UT - Fan   October 17, 2015


To the family of Leonard Nimoy I am sorry for your loss. His life seems to have been full of life and excitement. I hope to share some words of encouragement. John 5:28,29 which gives us the hope that we will be united with our loved ones in the near future.

Posted by gwen karl - stockton, CA - not related   August 31, 2015


You were a man of all seasons! As Spock you made me think of human emotions in a different way. You were awesome truly will always be remembered. The t. V. Show of IN SEARCH OF I loved , would not be interesting if not for you and your voice. We are all stars but your star burned very bright! Live forever and prosper!

Posted by Carol lane - Indianapolis, IN - Great fan   March 23, 2015


My dad got me to love Star Trek and have watched it since. Love you and God Bless. Say hello to my Dad who passed away Feb. 21st. You will really be missed . Thank you for all the memories. oxoxoxoxoox

Posted by Elizabeth (Wall) McFarlane    March 06, 2015


Rest in Peace Mr. Nimoy (Mr. Spock) Many sincere thanks for endless hours of entertainment through the years. Your talent knew no bounds - awesome is the only word that comes to mind!

Posted by Debbie Poore - Dayton, OH - Fan   March 04, 2015


Journey on in peace

Posted by MJ Justus - Loudoun County, VA - fan   March 03, 2015

You had an interesting and varied life, Mr. Nimoy. I hope your rest is peaceful. My condolences to all who love you and will miss you, and especially to your family. Thank you for all the inspiration and examples you set with your roles in life, on and off screen. Thank you for the memories.

Posted by MJ Justus - Loudoun County, VA - fan   March 03, 2015


RIP..Leonard..(Mr. Spock) Thank you for your awesome talent that us fans, have enjoyed over the years...

Posted by Charlotte Dixon - Lafayette, IN - Fan   March 03, 2015


Live long and prosper as you enter your heavenly life and may you live your new life as you did your earthly life ....with dignity and compassion for your fellow man. Enjoy your reunion with Bones and Scotty and may you all find joy in seeing each other again .May God continue to bless you as you embark on your journey from your earthly vessel to your heavenly body and may He bring peace and comfort to those who you have left behind . Thank you for so many wonderful years of entertainment , your leaving us according to Mr. Spock is totally illogical and is so very painful .

Posted by Laurie Denegar - West Easton, PA - huge fan   March 02, 2015

I have been a Star Trek fan from day one. Spock was always important to me. I learned that I could be different and still be important. Just being who I am made a difference in people's life and still does. Live Long and Prosper in your new life as you did with us.

Posted by Rebecca Stack-Stadthagen - Winter Haven, FL - Fan   March 02, 2015

Thank you. Your talent brought so much pleasure and excitement ot so many.

Posted by Sherrie Lineberry - Myrtle Beach, SC - Fan   March 02, 2015

Star Trek was a huge part of my youth and it's ever-evolving big screen appearances would have meant nothing without you and your character. Shatner may have been the lead character but you made the show. I hope future generations of kids will develop the dream of space travel as much as you did for me. You will live on in the minds of those you impressed in your books and movies. Farewell and say " Hi " to Scotty and Bones for me.

Posted by Doug Mc - Powell River - Inspired Fan   March 01, 2015

Thank you. Because of you I Believe. Safe journey.

Posted by Barbara Woodruff - St. Louis Louis, MO - Fan   March 01, 2015


I can't tell you what your life meant to me. I am a mixed racial kid who was the first black kid in my grade school. So life was very challenging for me at 6 years old. That's when I first saw you as Mr. Spock. Your character felt like a kindred spirit. The one person who knew what is was like to be different, yet similar. I thank God for your life. You are now resting in Gods arms, with all the cares of this world behind you. I take comfort in that knowledge. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and dear close friends.

Posted by Amanda Kelley - St. Charles, MO - honorary Granddaughter   March 01, 2015

You have made a never ending impression on so many lives and will never be forgotten. Not only a super talent in your professional life, but a good and decent person. God bless and keep you and uphold your family. Regards to Jimmie, DeForest and Gene.

Posted by Joe F - Tonawanda, NY - Friend   March 01, 2015

You tweeted often of missing your dear friend DeForrest I hope you know how often we will all miss you. I never met you but have known of you all my life. I'll never forget you, and the wonderful gift you gave us all, Spock. Xx RIP

Posted by Sue-Anne Alderdice - Boyne Is, QLD Australia - Honorary Grandchild   March 01, 2015


Dear Leonard, may your light grow and inspire many others. Thank you so much for all you've given us. OM AMI DEWA HRI

Posted by Josep - Barcelona   March 01, 2015

An amazing actor, director and photographer. You inspire me. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

Posted by J. Allen - San Francisco, CA - Fan   March 01, 2015


Comfort and blessings to Leonard's family, friends, and loved ones. He is a remarkable man who has opened a lot of minds about how we must all get along in this expanse universe of ours! May he always be remembered with smiles on our faces!

Posted by Cindy Edenhofer - Terre Haute, IN - adoring fan   March 01, 2015

You will be missed by Dennis and Debbie

Posted by Dennis - Taunton, MA - Friend   March 01, 2015


Mr. Nimoy
You instilled in me a hope for humanity. As Surak brought logic and peace to Vulcan and "became the Father of all they now hold dear" so you have brought through Spock a way of life to possibly bring us peace on this planet. Not that we will ever be Vulcans but maybe through you and Spock humanity might try to be more logical and think before we act and learn to respect each other. I did not have the best of childhoods at times but when things were rough I thought of Spock and how he would handle situations and it took me to a place that was better. I cannot thank you enough for being that character that helped me. There is a new star in the sky tonight shining bright that I will call Vulcan.

Posted by Charles Scarlett - charlotte, NC - fan   March 01, 2015


I have always been a hopeless idealist; friends shake their heads. Now, looking back over the years at Leonard's contributions, I can see the great impact he has had of my values. In Star Trek and Spock, poetry, photography, documentaries and endeavors to many to count, he created an environment of tolerance and acceptance. I only have to hear his voice and I feel more accepted and accepting.

Today, I am so sad at his death, but I also know that he left behind a magnificent garden, of which he spoke in his last twitter. The nurture of that garden still lives and is available to each of us in our own way, as we move forward imbued by his life's gifts. Today, I nurture the values he expressed which are also so dear to me. May Leonard's garden grow and multiply, there is fruit for us all.

Posted by Linda Gayle Ellis - Midland, TX - Public family   March 01, 2015


Thank you for giving of yourself to others in so many ways. The goodness of your Spirit will remain behind
in our hearts. To live long and prosper above as you did here with us is my wish for you. Eva Roach, February 28th, 2015 Tulsa, Oklahoma

Posted by Eva Roach - Tulsa, OK - Fan   March 01, 2015

You are missed dearly Mr. Nimoy. RIP, for you truly are an ambassador of peace. LLAP

Posted by Steven Moore - Aurora, CO - Fan   March 01, 2015

TO THE NIMOY FAMILY: Please accept condolences from a long time fan. Mr. Leonard was an icon in my world.

Posted by Another Fan - Fan   February 28, 2015

God rest your soul Mr. Spock. You have been part of my 51 years on planet earth. See you in the next realm!

Posted by MaryAnn Green - Charlotte, NC - fan   February 28, 2015

Thank you Mr. Nimoy for bringing Mr. Spock to life. Mr. Spock was of great comfort and influence for me as a boy. The intelligence, leadership and nobility of Mr. Spock will always remain with me. Mr. Spock was an outsider among humans, as I was in my youth. But he rose above that to achieve greatness. I have been and always shall be, your friend.

Posted by Dan Griffiths - London, Canada - A fan since childhood   February 28, 2015

Peace be with you. Rip LLAP. Always a fan of yours even after Star Trek!!

Posted by Don Goble - Tuolumne, CA - just grew up watching him.   February 28, 2015


Leonard, I can imagine your curiosity and joy as you entered the final frontier. May you live eternally and prosper! Here's to you, such a gracious and gentle man. We are poorer because of your leaving.

Posted by Suzanne Tamiesie - Mountain View, CA - Devoted Fan   February 28, 2015

Live long and prosper, Mr. Spock. I have been, and always shall be, your friend.

Posted by Necip Fikri Alican - Istanbul - Fan   February 28, 2015


Sir, you will be missed

Posted by Lisa Renner Jackson - FL   February 28, 2015


Mr. Spock, you will be missed by us all on this earth. You taught me to be, along with my Mom, to be respectful and logical of others feelings, no matter how hurtful they can become. Mr. Nimoy, you were a great actor, director, and individual. The Lord has beamed you up to continue your work in Heaven. Rest In Peace, kind sir.

Posted by Mickey Morgans - Richmond, VA - Fan   February 28, 2015

Gracias Leonard. Life in this planet (or space) wont be the same without you
Vive mucho y se Prospero
Live long and prosper

Posted by Raul - Sunrise, FL - Super Fan   February 28, 2015

During the turbulent 60s, you were the shining example of respectful tolerance and peaceful coexistence. It never goes out of style. If only there were more like you. The Universe has lost a piece of its soul.

Posted by DK oliver - Los Angeles, CA - Devoted Disciple   February 28, 2015

Of all the powers of the superheros of my childhood, Mr. Spock's seemed the most realistic - the most obtainable. Episode after episode, he demonstrated the power of calm, rational thinking in the face of unthinkable crises. I would never be bullet proof. I'll never fly without wings, but logic - yeah, I can do that.

I am forever indebted to Leonard Nimoy for bringing life to that idea. Thanks and my condolences to the Nimoy family.

Posted by C.L. - Ashland, VA - A fan.   February 28, 2015


Words cannot express the pain I feel. You've been part of my world since I was 11 years of age. Star Trek boldly went where no man has gone before and you, sir, are the epitomy of that statement. I hope you were aware of the lives you've influenced, most especially with your advocacy for peace. Thank you for all you've done and given this world. My most heartfelt sympathy and prayers for your loved ones. God Bless You, and may you rest in peace. Farewell, my friend, and Peace be with you....

Posted by Jean Dailey - Lanexa, VA - devoted fan   February 28, 2015

Leonard Nimoy is the Greatest Actor known as "Mr.Spock"

Posted by Grady - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Fan   February 28, 2015

Posted by Grady - Fort lauderdale, FL - Fan   February 28, 2015

Rest in peace Mr. Nimoy I have been a big fan of your work as Mr.Spock in Star Trek. You will be surely missed. I pray for you and your family and wish you a safe yourney to the heavenly relms. -Live long and prospear- from a Norwegian fan aged 39 :D

Posted by Frank Tværåli Myren - Namsos - Fan   February 28, 2015

Posted by Grady - Fort lauderdale, FL - Fan   February 28, 2015

go peace, your family living with love. the Spock character, will monitor and fill us with hope as always made us, thank you for being part of my childhood and my dreams.

Posted by elder franca - brasil   February 28, 2015

An actor with dignatie and friend to all who love star trak

Posted by abraham martinez - guayanilla - fan   February 28, 2015

I grew up with Star Trek and it was so far ahead of its time much science has actually emulated the attributes of that program. Spoc for sure was a significant personality that really made the show special and more. He will always be remembered for all time, he lives on and prospers.
J Gordon Bengtson

Posted by J Gordon Bengtson - Mechanicsville, VA - fan   February 28, 2015

He was more than an actor, he was an icon. Even at 52yo, I still endeavor to emulate the wisdom that he portrayed with his character, Spock. I can only think he was this awesome in everyday life! - LeRoy Luginbill, Charleston, SC

Posted by LeRoy Luginbill - Charleston, SC - Devoted Fan   February 28, 2015

Thank you for being an advocate, & an example, of peace amongst all on this planet. You greatly influenced my life in a positive way & I wish you joy as you explore "the final frontier."

Posted by jan watts - Ottawa - fan   February 28, 2015


A very sad day indeed. I don't have the words to express my feelings of loss over your passing. You will be missed so much, but you will be viewed every day over and over again for many many years to come vis vhs and dvd. Rest in Peace and peace and love to your family.

Posted by Marilyn Robertson - Edmonds, WA   February 28, 2015

May you boldly go to that final frontier.

Posted by deb - VA - fan   February 28, 2015

A sad odd that Gold's Mechanicsville had already scheduled to show "Star Trek" (the new one) which Leonard Nimoy was in. His lines may have been from a script and Spock's character created by Roddenberry but Mr. Nimoy made him very real. Much of what he spoke in those profound moments rang truer for real life than even for the story he was acting in. "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one." May his family grieve and celebrate in way that honors his life.

Posted by Lori Braxton - Mechanicsville, VA - Fan   February 28, 2015


Trek on Spock, trek on!

Posted by Sharon Wilson - Beaumont, Ca, CA - Fan   February 28, 2015

Goodbye, Mr. Nimoy. You will be missed by all Trekkers everywhere. You truly did "Live long and prosper." I wish your family that you left behind "Peace and long life." Beam him up, Scotty!

Posted by W. Connor Hagen - Richmond, VA   February 28, 2015


RIP Leonard Thank you for touching my life is so many ways. We will miss you. Peace be with your family.

Posted by Jeanene Fisher - Travelers Rest, SC   February 28, 2015


You touch many lives through your work. You will be remember with happy thoughts. You will be missed...

Posted by Roberto Solis - Thousand Oaks, CA - Star Trek Fan   February 28, 2015

The character of Mr. Spock saved my life. I was born into a very angry, violent family. Mr. Spock became my role model and gave me hope that I could grow up and live a productive life that was not consumed by emotion. As a young teen, Star Trek, and most especially Spock, taught me that there was a better way. Eventually, I joined the military, earned a college degree, and after retiring, became a counselor helping kids from dysfunctional families. Thank you, Mr. Nimoy, and all of the Star Trek cast for giving a scared, lonely kid, a better path in life. Rest in Peace, sir.

Posted by Katherine Lynn - Wilmington, NC - Fan   February 28, 2015


Rest in peace, Mr Spock, Live long and Prosper. You will be missed. My thoughts and prayers to your family.

Posted by Rose - Temple, PA - Fan   February 28, 2015


Star Trek would not had been what it is now if not for you. R.I.P. Mr. Spock.

Posted by Arthur Jones - New York, NY - Hugh fan   February 28, 2015


Live Long and Prosper my dear friend

Posted by GokuMoto - friend   February 28, 2015

I never met you Mr. Nimoy, but I feel your loss profoundly. The world is a better place because you were in it and that legacy will live on forever. Live long and prosper. Rest now, because it is logical.

Posted by Jondi Soper - Evansville, IN - twitter granddaughter   February 28, 2015


Watch you on the reruns of Star Trek. Love the show because of you. Thank you for all you have done.

Posted by Lance Smith - New York, NY - Fan   February 28, 2015

When I was a young child and watched my first episode of Star Trek (mid 1970's when I was about 5) my parents told me that my reaction to Spock was one they will never forget in that I made my way to the TV and pointed at Spock and said "blue"

Posted by Todd Anderson - Lawrence, KS - radical fan   February 28, 2015

Rest In Peace Mr. Nimoy

Posted by Kelly Stephens - Hope,BC, Canada - Fan   February 28, 2015

Rip will be missed!!!!!!! Prayers are with your family always!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Kathy Martin - Henrico, VA - Fan   February 28, 2015

I first saw you almost 50 years ago on a September night in 1966 when this exciting new science fiction series made its debut. It was love at first sight. I followed your career from that day and you have given me countless hours of joy. You will be sorely missed. Rest in peace my friend.

Posted by Deb B - Slo, CA - Friend   February 28, 2015

RIP Mr. NImoy you will long be remembered for your role as "Spock" one of my most memorable Star Trek characters.

Posted by Terrance O. Montgomery - Pittsburgh, PA - Long time Star Trek fan   February 28, 2015


You are forever in our hearts. I've loved you as Spock for many years. Watching you and the crew as a young girl made me want to join the Star Fleet. = ) There will never be another who can replace you and the very special memories you given us all. God bless you, R.I.P now and visit those galaxies far far away on your way to heaven Spock. You're name goes down as a true LEGEND. You will forever be dearly loved and missed.

Posted by Sarah White - Pace, FL - Life Long Fan   February 28, 2015

Mr. Nimoy.. You have touched my life as well as many others. You will be truly missed!! Love long and prosper. One to beam up! Condolences Lauree Bell

Posted by Lauree Bell - Colonial Heights, VA - friend   February 28, 2015

I read the news while at the top of a tower overlooking vast horizons before me...I imagined you soaring through that space...Thank you for the lasting joys you have provided through a prosperous life, well lived...

Posted by missouri mule - st louis, MO - an appreciative fan...human   February 28, 2015


You will be truly missed. As a child my father and i would sit down every day after supper and watch Star Trek together. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers in theses up and coming following days.

Posted by Tabitha Wright - Amelia, VA - no   February 28, 2015

A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds. Through us, they live on. You will not be forgotten.

Posted by Robin Haynes - VA   February 28, 2015

You will be missed good Sir,....but you will never be forgotten.

Posted by Jason Saunders - Chesterfield, VA - Fan   February 28, 2015


Rest in peace Mr.Nimoy . You will be greatly missed by so many.❤

Posted by Tammy Ellis - Chesterfield, VA - Fan   February 28, 2015

Leonard Nimoy was my Grandpa's favorite character on Star Trek. My Grandpa and I would watch reruns everyday after dinner as I grew up. I felt that they favored each other, and when my Grandpa passed away in 2012 I knew I had Mr.Nimoy to remind me of my Grandpa. It is a sad day to see Mr. Nimoy passed but I think my Grandpa finally got to meet Mr. Nimoy. Live long and prosper Leonard Nimoy.

Posted by Stephanie Hawkins - Richmond, VA - Fan   February 28, 2015

I love all of Sci-Fi because of you. When I needed a Mentor, you were there, bringing the lessons of the 60's into the 80's, every week at 6pm. You taught me the path of Logic and I will forever be in debt, Live long and prosper,

Posted by David Bestpitch - Richmond, VA   February 28, 2015


You will be missed by your many fans, your friends, and family. I have fond memories of watching Star Trek reruns and have always loved the shows that you guest starred on. Shine bright among the stars in the universe.

Posted by Jennifer Timothy - Chesterfield, VA - Fan   February 28, 2015

Thank you Leoard , for being you and helping make people dreams come true , thank you again.

Posted by Corky Bained - Burbank, CA - met a few times   February 28, 2015

You were such a talented man. You will be greatly missed. I hope your voyage to the New Frontier was an exciting one.

Posted by Bonnie Smith - Highland Springs, VA - Fan   February 28, 2015

Star Trek is absolutely my father's favorite. I have many great memories of staying up late watching Star Trek re-runs with my dad. RIP Mr. Nimoy, thank you.

Posted by Johnie Angell - Chester, VA - Fan   February 28, 2015

No matter whether it was Star Trek or anything else you were in, you're voice always gave me goosebumps. I'm going to miss all you did for your fans. Live long and Prosper

Posted by John Vasquez - Prince George, VA   February 28, 2015

Good by! Leonard Nimoy. I hope you have a safe journey! you will be greatly missed by so many! thank you for so many years of great acting! good by old friend! may your spirit live long an prosper! R.I.P

Posted by daniel - denver, CO - friend   February 28, 2015

You were a part of my youth and beyond. You will be remembered with great fondness. I will enjoy watching the movies you played in forever. You will be sadly missed. Sincerey,

Posted by marianne mikitko - mill hall, PA - fan   February 28, 2015

Live Long & Prosper!!!

Posted by Andre-Roger Dellevi - Toronto - Fan   February 28, 2015

A long time Star Trek fan, very sad to learn of his death He was great man ! May his family be comforted in his memory and support from fans and friends around the world He will be missed, but never forgotten

Posted by Nan.    February 28, 2015

A highlight of my (late) daughter's life was a trip to a Star-trek convention on her eleventh birthday. She dressed as Mr. Spock. May his memory be a blessing.

Posted by Harriett Ferziger - Mountain View, CA - admirer   February 27, 2015


I am a huge star trek fan...Spock was my favorite..when leonard nimoy made a guest appearance on the new star trek movie...i was brought to greatest hope was to be able to meet him one day...i am greatly saddened by his passing...prayers to his family

Posted by susan cox - goodview, VA - fan   February 27, 2015

I grew up on start trek and Spock and the Crew of the Enterprise. He will be missed by me and many more fans.

Posted by Roxanne Laurel - jonesville, SC - fan   February 27, 2015

i guess you lived long and prospered

Posted by cindy - Anoka, MN - tv   February 27, 2015

thank you for making my life richer for all the years of my life. Katherine austin Farmville va

Posted by katherine austin - Farmville, VA - fan   February 27, 2015

I used to watch him on star trek when I was a little girl and he will be missed by a lot of people that were fans of his character on star trek. RIP Leonard.

Posted by Catherine Wood - West Homestead, PA - Fan   February 27, 2015

So sad for the loss of such a profound and amazing man. Whether he was taking us to the stars or to the depths of our inner selves, he truly took all of us where we had never been before. Mr. Nimoy, may you live long and prosper in the next part of your journey.

Posted by Regina Dellucci - Denham Springs, LA - Long-time fan   February 27, 2015


You will be much missed, but you are part of the universe now. Fly with the stars.

Posted by Patricia Jo Webb - Madison Heights, VA - A fan   February 27, 2015


I cannot help but weep.... and yet, Spock would not. You have tied many of us to our youth, childhood, dreams. Because of you, I wanted to go to the moon. May God carry you gently. You are beloved.

Posted by S ADams - CA   February 27, 2015

Mr. Nimoy,
You will deeply be missed. I loved you as spock. Rest in peace. To the family, you are in my thoughts and prayers at this very sad time.
God Bless,
Loretta Adams.
Powhatan, Va.

Posted by Loretta Adams - Powhatan, VA - Fan   February 27, 2015

Leonard, You brought so much to the Star Trek series, Loved all your shows. You are a gem and I still can't make my fingers do what you did so easily........... May you rest in peace.

Posted by George Reed - Canada - Not related   February 27, 2015

Dear Family; So sorry for your loss." For there exists hope for even a tree. If it gets cut down; it will sprout again" Job14:7

Posted by s frances - dtrstford, CT - friend   February 27, 2015


I will always remember you as Mr Spock, the graceful and calm character , who basically made Star Trek what it was. My childhood days were spent playing Star Trek with my cousins, and you featured in all our make believe plays.Live long and prosper...even in the afterlife.

Posted by Carola Witthoft - Abu Dhabi, UAE   February 27, 2015

rest in peace mr spock. I loved watching him on tv. God decided to Beam him up to heaven. Joanne

Posted by joanne martin - santa rosa, CA - tv fan   February 27, 2015

Thanks for the memories. Each character brought for us, an evening every week to look forward to.
RIP Mr. Spock. Live long and prosper in the final frontier.

Posted by Kathi Noblin - Chester, VA - Fan   February 27, 2015

You were an immensely HUGE inspiration on me as a kid, when I used to sit down and watch your powerful portrayal of Spock on Star Trek in the early mornings. You taught me to think big, to look at all sides of an argument, and when I'd have trouble fitting in with kids my age, you taught me that being different was a very good thing. When I grew a little and started getting some money doing chores and lawn work, I bought and read your memoirs, and learned that the man behind the ears was just as awesome. Poetry, acting, photography.... you were a true man of the arts, and even though I never knew you personally, your works left a deep impact on me. My only regret is that I never went to a con to meet and thank you. You truly lived long, and you prospered in everything you did. Goodnight Mr. Nimoy, may the stars shine brighter now that you've returned to them.

Posted by Adam Ducey - Hopewell, VA - Lifelong fan   February 27, 2015

I love to watch his movies and TV series and he will be greatly missed. Rest in peace Mr Spock!

Posted by Jay Spraker - NEW CASTLE, VA - Star Trek watcher   February 27, 2015

thank you mr nimoy for all your talents in movies tv also what a wonderfull actor from Lubbock texas mr fred splittorff payers to the family and fans who loved him

Posted by fred splittorff - lubbock, TX - fan   February 27, 2015

Spock was a character from my youth, whom always showed grace and patience. For fellow Trekkies, he showed great kindness and insight. I'll miss his wit.

Posted by Lauren Fields - No. Chesterfield, VA - Fan   February 27, 2015

Rest in peace Leonard. Mr. Spock was my favorite on Star Trek. Wished I could have met you in person.

Posted by Jo-Ann Ho - Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, Wes - Fan   February 27, 2015

Thank you for all your wonderful work. You were so important to so many of us.

Posted by T. Ross Aitken - Richmond, VA - fan   February 27, 2015


He will never know how much he was loved, by so many who are now in mourning for a wonderful, wonderful man. The Universe has taken him to its heart. God bless you Leonard.

Posted by Margaret Peddar - Ipswich, UK - Long-term fan   February 27, 2015


Loved him.....he will be missed.

Posted by Beverly - Versailles, KY   February 27, 2015


Mr. Nimoy, you will be missed by your fans. Thank you for your portrial of Mr. Spock, God beamed up another angel. Live Long and Prosper. Vicky, Pekin, IL

Posted by Vicky Gouliard-McDaniel - Pekin, IL - Fan   February 27, 2015


Mr. Spock was my first crush, I'm so sad.

Posted by Michelle    February 27, 2015

While it is logical that eventually you would sunder this earthly pale and go to live among the stars, it still pains the human side of those you offered your talents to. You go to join Bones and Scotty, and take your place as another star to light our world at night. Live long and to beam up...A life long fan

Posted by Chris Hauser - VA - Fan   February 27, 2015


another one of my heros has now passed into the great beyond,God's speed ya green blooded Human/Vulcan

Posted by Greg Wright - Fredericksburg, VA - Fan   February 27, 2015

He lived long and prospered.

Posted by Adrian - VA   February 27, 2015

RIP Thanks for all the awesome acting you did you we're truly an amazing person and will be greatly missed From a great fan in Windsor va.

Posted by Starr Gravink - Windsor, VA - big time FAN   February 27, 2015


So sad today. There will be no Genesis wave that will bring him back. We loved you when you were here, and you'll always be Mr Spock to us. RIP.

Gloria Harper
Richmond, Virginia

Posted by Gloria Harper    February 27, 2015

May he Rest in Peace.May God watch over his wife and family during this time of great loss.

Posted by Vanessa Kelly - Phoenix, AZ - Fan   February 27, 2015

So shocked to hear of the passing of Leonard Nimoy. Mr. Spock was always my favorite character on Star Trek. My dad and I used to sit up nights watching the show....just the two of us. It is one of my favorite memories of my dad. He used to tell me to find a logical man since Vulcans did not live on Earth. You were one of the will be missed. RIP Leonard have earned it.

Posted by Chelle Cortez - King William, VA - Fan   February 27, 2015

A wonderful man, a talented actor and photographer, a great family man and a true humanitarian. He was my uncle's cousin from Boston. RIP Leonard. We'll miss you! Now you're with my uncle Herbie and Maxie the barber!

Ross Ellis,
New York, NY

Posted by Ross Ellis - New York, NY - He was my uncle Herbie's cousin   February 27, 2015


The landing party in the great beyond...has just recruited an amazing man. I will miss heart has broken a little today knowing he is no longer making our world a better place by his presence, his poetry and his art. I first "met" him as a little girl mesmerized by Mr. Spock on Star Trek. It was the only grown up show I was allowed to watch in the 70's and it spoke volumes to me. On top of that, Mr. Spock made my dad make more sense to me...the strong, silent, logical male...with a touch of wit to keep you on your toes. (I now will miss them both). God bless those Mr. Nimoy leaves behind...all the more lonely without his voice and his charm. For the rest of us...LLAP

Posted by Susan Uy - Raleigh, NC - life long fan   February 27, 2015

He has gone to meet McCoy and Scottie in the great beyond. He will be missed my so many of his fans from the original series, the original movies, Next Generation and the new movies. Not only was he a great actor he was also a great Director. We shall all LLAP because of him. As Kirk Said "Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most... human." Thanks for all the Memories Mr Spock may you rest in peace.

Posted by Marcia - Winnipeg - Fan   February 27, 2015


Rest in peace sir. You were an amazing actor and you will be missed very much. .Prayers are with your family.

Posted by Jimmy Doss - Mechanicsville, VA - Aunt used to live next door   February 27, 2015


Such a huge part of my I will miss you. Thank you for being my sons' Honorary Grandpa too. Godspeed.

Posted by Patricia Scott - Tucson, AZ - Fan   February 27, 2015

Rest In Peace. You will be missed dearly.<3>

Posted by Jen - Smithtown, NY - Fan   February 27, 2015


I was truly saddened to hear of your passing, you were apart of my life for every episode I watch of Star Trek. You will be remembered for your wonderful voice in other things you did. RIP Mr. Spock.
Brenda Werner Fan Mechanicsville VA,Feb 27 2015

Posted by Brenda Werner - Mechanicsville, VA - Fan   February 27, 2015

I watched the original Star Trek when I was all of 8 months old. So it could be said that I was a fan all my life. Live long prosper...peace and long life.

Posted by Cheryl Lynn Jones - North Chesterfield, VA - Fan   February 27, 2015

May his light be beamed perpetually through the Milky Way.

Posted by Nicolas Olivier - New York, NY - Neighbor   February 27, 2015

He found the final frontier.

Posted by katherin tippett - Watertown, TN - fan   February 27, 2015

Leonard you are now on the express tractor beam to heaven. You are now way beyond the stars. I loved all your TV episodes and movies

Posted by thomas knapp - malverne, NY - fan   February 27, 2015

I'm very saddened but grateful to have been a big fan of Leonard Nimoy's. Another light has gone out, but his will burn bright in all of us that knew him...

Posted by Bruce Kanin - North Merrick, NY - Fan   February 27, 2015

Truly a sad day! Condolences to his family and co-actors! There will never be a better Mr. Spock!

Posted by Jennifer - Burbank, CA   February 27, 2015

God Rest You in Peace. My husband and I have been your fans before you became Spock.

Posted by Rose Jones - Chesterfield, VA - Fan   February 27, 2015


I truly wonder if he or his family know just how much of a part of so many lives he was for multiple generations. Bless you on your final voyage of discovery. Prayers for those left behind who loved and cared for him.

Posted by Stacy Durfee - Virginia Beach, VA - fan   February 27, 2015


God Bless,rest in peace..

Posted by Eve - Virginia, VA - fan   February 27, 2015

So sorry to hear about Mr. Nimoy. I watched star trek all the time even in reruns nightly on family tv. He definitely lived long and prosered. RIP Spock.

Posted by kim Stone - perris, CA - fan   February 27, 2015

I knew it would happen eventually but I am saddened by the passing of Leonard Nimoy. I suspected when I heard he was in the hospital just recently that it would be for the last time. He 'lived long and prospered'. R.I.P., Mr. Spock.

Posted by Stephanie Hecker - Eugene, OR - Fan   February 27, 2015

you were all that Star Trek was!! you were and always will be my favorite! you will be sooo horribly misssed and were loved my millions!!!

Posted by Becky - springer, OK - fan   February 27, 2015

I grew up watching Star Trek and absolutely loved his character. May he be resting peacefully in the arms of angels

Posted by Maria Ingram - Chesterfield, VA - Not at all just a huge fan   February 27, 2015

This is Heart Breaking. Never really been terribly big on Star Trek, However I can Respect it. Leonard Nimoy has Influenced my life. without him Star Trek would not be a Strong Presence in the genre. Im not big on celebrities. so the one's that go that I actually care about always sadden me. You did what you said good sir. you Lived Long and you Prospered. there will never be another Mr. Spock. May peace be with you in your travels in the stars

Posted by Randy Byrd - Richmond, VA - Fan   February 27, 2015


May you rest in peace...I am so shocked and saddened by your passing.

Posted by AMIE ROSENTHAL - BOWIE, MD   February 27, 2015


Thank you for being part of our nightly family tv time when I was a kid. What a gift of expanding our boundaries of thought and imagination you gave us. "Live long and prosper" Mr. Spock. Rest in peace Leonard Nimoy.

Posted by Amanda - IN - Fan   February 27, 2015


You will be missed. Sending prayers to the family

Posted by Melisa J Shockley - VA - Fan   February 27, 2015


Rest in peace. Watching you was always a pleasure and a treat. May your friends and family have peace in this sad time for them.

Posted by Heather Willhite - Akron, OH - fan   February 27, 2015

RIP You brought joy to millions and intrigued countless more and as time passes your memory surely shall not.

Posted by N. Bowkley - Cocoa, FL - Just a young fan   February 27, 2015

Thank you for the many hours of enjoyment you gave me as a fan. You are loved and will be missed.

Posted by Skip Simpson - Abingdon, VA - Fan   February 27, 2015

I love his Star Trek shows with him and all the actors and actresses.I surely missed him.RIP Leonard.

Posted by John Lafferty - POST FALLS, ID   February 27, 2015

I remember when I was little my parents would watch star trek every night. Haven't watched it in quite a few years... but you have always remained my favorite character. You will be missed.

Posted by danielle - VA - fan   February 27, 2015

Oh Mr. Nemoy, May you rest in eternal peace and "live long and prosper".

Posted by taylor tyler - richmond,, VA - big fan   February 27, 2015

Thank you for making us wonder about there great out here . Mark from uk

Posted by Mark leylAnd - conwy - tv   February 27, 2015


A multi-talented artist. Best known for his Star Trek role, but much more to this man. RIP, Mr. Nimoy.

Posted by Susie - Mechanicsville, VA - fan   February 27, 2015

You will be greatly missed Mr. Spock!

Posted by Angel Channell - Chester, VA - Fan   February 27, 2015


You were an honored guest in my home so many times. My prayers and thoughts go with you and your family and friends. Until the day we're all together again....

Posted by Susan Conner - Raphine, VA - long time fan   February 27, 2015

RIP Leonard your Katra belongs to us all

Posted by Roger Miller - Richmond, VA - Fan   February 27, 2015

You will be greatly missed...Thank you for your screen genius!

Posted by Pat Walther - Powhatan, VA - not   February 27, 2015


Posted by christine henry - Mechanicsville, VA - FAN   February 27, 2015


Posted by Big Fan - Richmond, VA - fan   February 27, 2015


Posted by Big Fan - Richmond, VA - fan   February 27, 2015

Barb A. from Virginia- have watched you for over 30 years, you will be missed so much.

Posted by Barb Anderson - Henrico, VA - fan   February 27, 2015