Condolence & Memory Journal

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Posted by Sunil - ztzLYorNb7Y, ME - z3nc2pSBs   September 09, 2015

Have you seen any shows if so, which? i have been in christmas carol,buddy holly,misoltoe wine,and i am Annie in AnnieWhat did you think? i think annie was amnziag and friday the dog was amnziag and the locket that everyone gave is the best and the after show party was reeeeeeeeeeealy fun!!!!!! [ Sing]Any other comments? i loved playing Annie!!!!!

Posted by Mehmet - ga2H7jJ71, KS - hRaWcAm2rm   April 08, 2015

Have you seen any shows if so, which? Cast MemberWhat did you think? i'd just like to say thanx 2 every one for being so pukka! I love everyone in pukka cos we're all like one big fialmy and we just hav a laugh! I always feel really down when we finish a production and i neva get that with other companies Ne way see u all at our mzn rave on fri! I promise not to get as bad a saturday! p.s. sorry 2 everyone who had 2 put up with me on sat!

Posted by Shinta - ZNNs6rDveHGe, DE - zLXO1Gd4   April 08, 2015

This post is a breath of fresh air. It is eznngieirg and rejuvenating. We have SO so very much to be thankful for and we're lucky--even if the toilet is clogged and is going to cost a thousand dollars to fix or your annoying in-laws are staying for a week. God is good.

Posted by Francisco - pNPyHNm54Oc, LA - h4WgDO41Ek   April 07, 2015