Condolence & Memory Journal

One of my favorate shows growing up in my early youth was THE AVENGERS .I wanted to be him, what with Diana Rigg as my co-star. Mr. Macnee was truly a class act. He will be missed.

Posted by Adam M. - RENO, NV   April 10, 2020

You brought so much pleasure to people. rest in peace.

Posted by stephen fryer - doncaster   January 15, 2020

My condolences goes out to family and friends, may you cherish those beautiful memories I have of The Avengers and find comfort in the Heavenly Father in this difficult time

Posted by New York    December 23, 2019

Your the best

Posted by Jon Mealor - Skelmersdale - Friend   November 27, 2019

Met him at an airport by accident. Perfect gentleman. Will never forget him.

Posted by Peter Radatti - Philadelphia, PA   November 25, 2019

May 19, 2019
To the family and friends of Patrick Macnee:
Please accept my heart felt condolences. I am very sorry to hear the loss of Patrick Macnee.
May God continue to be with you every day in the time of your sorrow.

Posted by Cheryl Auflick - MYRTLE BEACH, SC   May 19, 2019

Thank you Patrick Macnee for making The Avengers and the 1985 James Bond film A View To A Kill. As John Steed you gave the character class. The Pierre Cardin suits, the Bowler hat, and the umbrella. Plus, working with Diana Rigg who is a classy young lady and a talented actress provided the audience with entertainment the English way and the Americans experienced having a "jolly-good-time"! As the character Sir Godfrey Tibbett playing opposite your English friend Roger Moore it was a complete package and a treat to see you act on the big, silver screen. You will be terribly missed. Your legacy will live on for many years. CHEERS! Patrick Macnee.

Posted by Krystyna Slivinski - Newport, RI - significant_other   January 11, 2018

He was a gifted man when it came to having real "class". To some extent he was the embodiment of class itself, you could just feel it. He may be a once in a lifetime actor with those qualities to actually come along and get a role being who and what he really was? He is greatly missed.

Posted by Michael Lizauckas - Buffalo, NY   December 29, 2017


One of my favorite actors. My first exposure to British television.I will miss him dearly.

Posted by Sue Young - Hagerstown, MD - Friend   October 25, 2017


Steed, your needed.....

Posted by Steve Peel - Australia - Significant Other   October 04, 2017

Patrick McGee was one of my favorite actors. I love the show the Avengers, he loved his black top hat and his umbrella. He was a classy guy. He also played a villain in the TV series "Hart to Hart". He will definitely be missed on the silver screen....

Posted by Dorothy Henson - Houston, TX - Friend   June 26, 2017


Patrick dear it bothers me that I saw you so long ago before your death. That is because when I see your face in the TV series "The Avengers" it makes me so happy that I smile. I will miss your presence but will always get your counseling guidance in your films. Thank You for your help here. I really mean that. Father Anonymous Rev. Karen Lynn Hall (Jesuit)

Posted by Karen Hall - Santa Monica, CA - Friend   November 27, 2016

As an actor he was a diamond, from the first time I ever heard his voice and saw him on screen , he was a presence you simply could not do without.

Posted by Elliott Hernandez - Visalia, CA   November 24, 2016

Patrick was great. Still is. Watching the avengers series 4. I have dreams about him.not in that way. I tend to watch some of the episodes a night. Keep saying come on steed get him. Trying to get his book blind in one ear.

Posted by Siobhan Haslam    August 08, 2016

What an incredible talent!
You'll be missed. RIP

Posted by Roger Prescott - Rathdrum, ID - Fan   January 12, 2016

My respects to Mr. MacNee's family, he will be missed by millions, especially fans, those writing great detective fiction yet to be published as world famous whoddunits. E. A. Buckley

Posted by Eugene - Kent, WA - admirer   January 08, 2016

always been an admirer, always remember meeting you at your house in Kingston Vale in the 60's a true gent. R.I.P.

Posted by bob leggett - castlebar - NO   November 21, 2015

God Bless you Patrick McNee. I embarked on great adventures with the Avengers and never grew tired of the adventure, mystery, fun. "Mrs. Peel, we're needed" Tally Ho!

Posted by M Nowak - Seattle, WA - fan   October 21, 2015


john steed played by patrick mcnee was a better spy than all james bonds rolled in together

Posted by mk hamilton - amarillo, TX - fanatic fan   June 30, 2015

Bowler hat off to Patrick MacNee. We will always remember him as an icon of 1960's.

Posted by Rick Cole - Hayward Hills, CA - Fan   June 28, 2015