Lonnie Mack

  • Born: July 18, 1941
  • Died: April 21, 2016
  • Location:


Lonnie Mack (Getty Images / WireImage / Paul Natkin)

Blues artist influenced some of rock's best guitarists...

Lonnie Mack, a blues, rock, and country singer and guitarist, died Thursday of natural causes, according to multiple news sources. He was 74. For full obituary and coverage from Legacy.com, click here.

Condolence & Memory Journal

THANK YOU GUYS!!! I didn't know THIS existed. I'm HOLLY THE DAUGHTER by Gail Bailey. DAD was my best friend period. No one will ever even come close to BEING what HE is to ME. A piece of ME has left FOREVER. I'll never be the same. I love you so much DAD and miss you doesn't even come close to my pain. BUT I WILL SEE YOU on the OTHER SIDE OF THE rivers one day... until WE meet again!!! ........ Love HAL

Posted by Holly McIntosh - Nashville, TN   August 12, 2018

THANK YOU GUYS!!! I didn't know THIS existed. I'm HOLLY THE DAUGHTER by Gail Bailey. DAD was my best friend period. No one will ever even come close to BEING what HE is to ME. A piece of ME has left FOREVER. I'll never be the same. I love you so much DAD and miss you doesn't even come close to my pain. BUT I WILL SEE YOU on the OTHER SIDE OF THE rivers one day... until WE meet again!!! ........ Love HAL

Posted by Holly McIntosh - Nashville, TN   August 12, 2018

Godspeed Lonnie, and thank you for sharing a part of your life with us.

Posted by Harry Simpson - Buckeye, AZ   April 22, 2017

It was 1961 or 62. I want to see Lonnie at Hawaiian Garden. People told me go here this guy I played a little sax. So I went there I never heard anybody play as good as he did he could rock the house or he could sing ballad he had a wonderful voice he never asked my name but if I had a chance to talkto him he was always friendly. He loved his fans and since then I bought his albums 45 or what whatever I could find I got most of everything he did but not all of it I have a nice collection to remember Lonnie rest in peace

Posted by Leonard Lleifling - Cincinnati Westside, OH   February 24, 2017

So sad greai picker, I would go to Hamilton, Ohio Twilite Club and set in on drums , R.I.P
Bobby Bailey

Posted by bobby bailey - farmland, IN   December 13, 2016

So sorry to hear of his transition. This girl fell in love with Lonnie's guitar playing after hearing his very first lick along with SRV. Will never be forgotten. RIP you two.

Posted by Barbara Rose - Houston, TX   December 10, 2016


Posted by Valenda Newell - Indianapolis, IN   November 16, 2016

From "Memphis" and "Wham" to "Too Rock For Country, Too Country For Rock 'N' Roll," I have been a huge LM guitar fan forever. Have all the albums. Loved him as a singer, too. Fabulous voice -- and really knew how to sing. He could "put it in the pocket," as they say. Once bought a book about guitar virtuosos so I could read about Lonnie. When I searched cover to cover and he wasn't in it, I took that book outside and burned it to ashes! Someone on here said he was under appreciated, and, sadly, I think that is a large understatement. But at least those of us who know the best music is not on the radio had the pleasure of being entertained by LM for a whole lifetime. I know I did. RIP.

Posted by Don Tomlinson - Houston, TX   June 23, 2016


Just saw on Alligator Records news u r gone. Another guitar great gone to the guitar shop in the sky. RIP Lonnie.

Posted by Judy Thomas - Pasadena, TX   May 29, 2016

Lonnie, I grew up in Cincinnati, wrapped around a red Kay 597 Speed Demon. Your WHAM OF THE MEMPHIS MAN was the first LP album I ever bought, and I wore it out. Wore out the guitar, too, tryin' to play your stuff. So did every other guitar kid in Cincinnati.

Can't imagine that you're gone, but we also can't imagine why you're not yet immortal. You're going to the Hall Of Fame, Lonnie, you can count on it. And we will only regret that you weren't here to see it.

Rest easy, Big Guy. Ain't no pain, no more.

Posted by Gregg Wilson    May 01, 2016

I was fortunate enough to call Lonnie my friend, visiting his Smithfield, Tenn. log home many times. Talked to him on the phone about 10 days before he passed. Everyone knows Lonnie was one of our greatest guitar players and Blues/Soul/Country/Rock singers of all times but I have to say that my friend was the greatest joke teller I have ever met...he made you laugh so hard your stomach would hurt!!!
About 10 years ago, a bunch of us met at Lonnie's house to celebrate the 4th of July and Lonnie's birthday. George Cummings (from Dr. Hook) was there recovering from a cracked rib. Lonnie was cracking jokes and we were all in tears laughing!
Poor George says to me "Patrick, if I just have a little cough my ribs hurts---but Lonnie's jokes are killing me"!!!
Lonnie, I'll never forget your friendship, generosity, jokes, insights and observations. The many hours that we spent around your kitchen table are precious to me and you will be greatly missed by so many friends and fans.
My sincere condolences to the family.
Patrick Sciarra (from Cincinnati and now living in South Florida)

Posted by A friend   May 01, 2016

Prayers for your family and friends LONNIE you will be missed RIP

Posted by Geri Saville - Carmel, IN   May 01, 2016

Lonnie, may you rest in the arms of the Lord for eternity. My name is Clennis High, a guitarist. I have played all over the world, when we (Archie Bell and the Drells) recorded a little tune called Tighten UP. I have read so much about how rockers, Country and others were influenced by you. Well you also influenced a little Black Boy down here in Houston, TX living in the 5th ward.You played a "sweet" guitar, and from what I have been reading seems you have been a wonderful guy. I did not get to meet you and tell you this in person, but maybe one day we will meet. Until then, may God bless the family of Lonnie Mack.

Clennis High

Posted by Clennis High - Houston, TX   April 29, 2016

I met and knew Lonnie when he was 17 years old, I thought then and still think today he was one of the Best Guitar players in the world. I was once a part of Lonnie's band and a friend until his passing. RIP
Will Miss You Dear Friend, Jack Brickles

Posted by JACK BRICKLES - BROOKSVILLE, FL   April 28, 2016

God bless Lonnie and his family. What a great, humble talented man. He was a big inspiration on my approach to songwriting, singing, performing. I wish I could attend the services but I cannot. My condolences to Susan, family, and friends.

Posted by Larry Grisham - Nashville, TN   April 27, 2016

so long ago when I was married to Ron Giesman (Grayson) I go back to the days when you guys played at the Flamingo club in KY. when you played with Troy Seals, then JoAnn Campbell (singer ) (peppermint Lounge). I traveled with you and Ron for a little while and met your first wife Ruth, which I have lose contact with. I would love to get in contact with her once again, she was a very good person. So sorry for your family in their time of sorrow, sending prayers for all of them. I can only remember only one of your daughters Lonnita. God be with you Lonnie ,rest in the loving arms of Jesus. Heaven has one of the greatest. thinking of you. Alice Moon. Ruth I am on face book . please contact me if possible.

Posted by Alice Moon - Cincinnati, OH   April 27, 2016

Lonnie, you will always be my guitar hero. You helped me with my learning of the guitar back in the sixties in hamilton, Ohio. Will miss you greatly

Posted by Gary Burns - Hamilton, OH   April 27, 2016

Saw Lonny many times in the late `80s in South Bend, Mishawaka,spent nearly 2 hrs talking at Center St.Cafe in Mishawaka leaning against my car having a couple of beers, no ego, just an honest to God regular guy, every time i met him, he always thanked me for my support and dedication to him. You were and still will always be the best! Rest in peace buddy

Posted by James Hammons - Osceola, IN   April 26, 2016

I still play his music, have a CD in the car. Saw him in Cincy - Sundays at the Hotel Alms in the '60s. First Flying V I ever saw. He was a great musician and inspired me and many, many other to pick up the ax. I lived in Ft. Thomas, KY then.

Posted by Bill Woody - Vero Beach, FL   April 26, 2016

One of the best guitar players who could play blues, and you know he loved that. Rest in peace Lonnie

Posted by linda reeder - albany, NY   April 25, 2016

C A R L O S G U I T A R L O S 90042

Posted by CARLOS GUITARLOS - LOS ANGELES, CA   April 25, 2016

Posted by sarah myers    April 24, 2016


Posted by HERSCHEL WILSON - DAYTON, OH   April 24, 2016


RIP Lonnie Mack. Prayers for family and close friends. ♡

Posted by Bonnie Eldridge - Cincinnati, OH   April 24, 2016

I saw Lonnie seven times in my life. Not only was he a great guitarist but he was also a great guy. He was always willing to shake my hand and sign whatever memoribilia I took that night, luckily I have all of his albums to listen to. RIP

Posted by Mike Dodds - Carlisle In - Acquaintance   April 24, 2016

Suzanne D'Abadie

Posted by SUZANNE D'Abadie - huffman, TX   April 24, 2016

Lonnie Mack, we will remember your music and your smile. Thank you for the happiness you brought to the world. Enjoy those Oreo cookies while you jam again with Stevie Ray. Rest in peace.

Posted by Michele H - Calgary, AB   April 24, 2016

One of my husband Roger McIntosh's fondest memories as a pre-teen was visiting your house as I believe the moms were cousins from KY. The ladies were so glad to see each other, and Roger got to go down the hall and look in your bedroom full of guitars, such a thrill for him as he was a lifelong guitar player too. Rest in Peace, both you and Roger pickin' and grinnin' in Heaven now.

Posted by Leslie (McIntosh) Gimarese - Olympia, WA   April 24, 2016

My condolences to the MACK family, this is a sad time for the music world. his memory will live on.

Posted by - Houston, TX   April 24, 2016

Thank you, for your inspiration.....and, your kind words, the one time I met you, all those years ago...

Posted by Rudy - TN   April 24, 2016


In God's care, rest in peace.

Posted by Dwayne Bickham,Sr. - Dayton, OH   April 24, 2016

I met Lonnie when I was 11 , my dad played the b3 hammond for him . I was fortunate enough to be in his studio in his home in aurora Indiana. That day he gave me a ball cap that was Stevie ray Vaughan's and pointed out the sweat ring on the bill and told me to always remember that was Stevie's real sweat and then placed it on my head and gave me a wink. That is a day I will always cherish.

Posted by Renee Spitzfaden - lawrenceburg, IN   April 24, 2016

Thanks Lonnie for a great friendship and good vibes pick on my friend.

Posted by Jim Mabe - Smithville, TN   April 24, 2016

In the 1980's, I owned Ray's Tavern in Dillsboro In. Lonnie Mack lived in the Aurora In area, about 7 miles away. Lonnie would often stop in & just start playing music. We became friends & he set up regular gigs, and the joint was packed. This unselfish STAR & I were friends for about 7 yrs until I moved to Ohio. RIP ol friend. you will be missed.

Posted by Jim Short - Versailles, OH   April 24, 2016

Got me through a lot of "Cold Winter Nights"

Posted by Tucker Callan - Mumford, NY   April 23, 2016

Posted by A friend   April 23, 2016

Posted by A friend   April 23, 2016

RIP Cousin. You can join in on the great jam session with Stevie Ray n Prince .

Posted by Lorna Ewing - Cincinnati, OH   April 23, 2016

"Lonnie,My Brother and Beloved friend. I'll never forget all you've passed on to me over the years my brother.
your Personal Friend and fellow musician

"Now he's fishin in Eternity Forever!"

Posted by Denny Hymer    April 23, 2016


My thoughts and prayers are with Lonnie's family, neighbors and close friends. I never met or knew him except through the stories told to me by my sister who was a close friend and neighbor.

Posted by Anita Wagster - Jackson, TN - Friend   April 23, 2016

RIP Lonnie, I did not know you but you are a legend in Butler County, Ohio. I hope you and my Dad are somewhere playing and singing together again like the good old days. Your influence on today's music could never be measured. Rock on in Heaven.

Posted by DeeDee Webb-Bruns - Hamilton, OH   April 23, 2016


Posted by DIANA WHALEY - SMITHVILLE, TN - Family   April 23, 2016

Lonnie Mack was one of the very best guitar players of all time. I was so fortunate to get to know him and spend time with him. He had a heart as big as Texas. I will never ever forget him. He will live on in my heart forever.

Posted by DIANA WHALEY - SMITHVILLE, TN - Family   April 23, 2016

May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.

Posted by - OH   April 23, 2016

"Lonnie Mack, My favorite guitar player of all time. "You are Rock" I will always cherish the moment we met in Covington Ky and you signed my copy of Wham! My thoughts and prayers go out to your family and friends. God bless! James Miller (Dayton Ky)

Posted by james miller - dayton, KY   April 23, 2016

Lonnie lived and worked among us here in Milford, Pennsylvania during the late 1970s and early 1980s. His friend and producer Ed Labunski (of "This Bud's For You" fame) built a recording studio about a mile from the country tavern/hotel/restaurant my family were running at that time. At one point we arranged with all studio staff and musicians for daily evening meals served family-style. Lonnie, Ed, Tim Drummond, Stan Szelest and others regularly graced that table. What an extraordinary treat to get to know these talent musicians as family, almost, and see them every day. Anthony Splendora.

Posted by A friend   April 23, 2016

Dynamite on a guitar RIP

Posted by Ed Baggett - West Columbia, SC   April 23, 2016

Saw Lonnie play in New Haven , Ct back in the late 80s or early 90s . Let me and my buddy sit on the corner of the stage while he played. . What a show !!! Gonna miss tar Flying V !!

RIP , Lonnie .

Dan a Gannon ,

Hamden ,Ct

Posted by A friend   April 23, 2016

Wham!Another six string down,what a sad for the world of music! As time goes by we're loosing more and more of the original influences that made it all possible for us all. Mr.Lonnie Mack,you will be missed thanks for the tone! The Flying V,with S.R.V.!
Lonnie Mack,R.I.P.!!!

Posted by Tony D'Agostino - Bpt, CT   April 23, 2016

Good music. Sorry for your loss.

Posted by R c. - wis.   April 23, 2016

Loved "Memphis", great guitar player. Rest in peace.

Posted by Ron Meushaw - Milford, DE   April 23, 2016

Mack Family,

We so sorry for your loss.
our condolences to the family and friends. Our prayers are with you. May the God who gives peace be with all of you.--RO.15:33

Posted by A friend   April 23, 2016

May the love of God be with the Mack family as He continue to take care of you.......

Posted by A friend   April 23, 2016

My heart is very sad for the loss of Lonnie Mack. The music world lost a legend. My husband who died a few months ago, was one of Lonnie Mack's biggest fans. He had a Flying V guitar tattooed on his forearm. Thank you for sharing your music with the world, Lonnie.

Posted by A friend   April 23, 2016


Posted by Alice Guckian Queen - Fentress, TX   April 22, 2016


Posted by Melanie Wheaton and family - Fentress, TX   April 22, 2016


Did not know Lonnie but know Jerry Gray who has a special relationship with his daughter. My thoughts and prayers go out to Jerry and his loved ones.

Posted by Cliff Hysell - Nashville, TN   April 22, 2016

Was lucky enough to hear Lonnie Mack play at a festival in Maryland in the 1990s. He was great! Sadly missed.

Posted by Liz Naleszkiewicz - Buffalo, NY   April 22, 2016

My <3 out family the to all goes>

Posted by Ruth Burns - Mooreshill, IN   April 22, 2016

Nice guy, staunch individualist, great musician appreciated among his peers if under-appreciated by the public. I'll think of him up there having a duet with Fiddling Dick, as Joe Splendora looks on.

Posted by Doug Hay - Mill Rift, PA   April 22, 2016

When one possesses a God given talent and shares it with others it is well appreciated and acknowledged as is evidence of Mack's accomplishments. Enjoy your memories of him and trust in the love of God, friends and family to assist you through your grief.

Posted by A friend   April 22, 2016

my name is mike pumphrey and I use to set in with Lonnie regularly at the lonnie Mack teen club in the late 60's in back of the old French 75 in covington ky. Wehad a great time playing music and shoot'n pool.He use to give away records and I Still have the ones he gave me.Lonnie was also the bouncer!Iremember a fight breaking out and Lonnie Hitting them both with his Gibson explorer.I was just a young kid then and I'll never for get how Lonnie would help me out and show me things on guitar.knowing Lonnie Mack was one of the best experiences of my life. thank you Mike Pumphrey

Posted by A friend   April 22, 2016

RIP Lonnie. One of my favorite musicians. Was happy to meet you in Louisville a long time ago.

Posted by Scott Montgomery - Seymour, IN   April 22, 2016

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Dear family and friends, Please accept my sincere condolences for your loss of your beloved Lonnie. May these words from the Bible offer you hope, comfort and peace:John 5:28,29 "Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out." Sincerely, A friend