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Sister Geraldine was the fourth grade teacher for my son at Saint Catherine's School in Somerville, Massachusetts. She was strict, but an absolutely wonderful teacher who cared deeply for the well-being of her students. I would often wonder how she was doing as she left teaching shortly after my son's year. I am glad to know that she had such a loving family and lived her life in service to Christ.

Posted by Rose - Acquaintance   February 20, 2021

What would I like to say about my aunt and GodMother Sister
Geraldine? It would take many, many pages to fully extol all her overwhelming generosity of not only spirit but of herself. She has always been a keen listener and advisor to not only me but to every member of my family. Lucky are those adults who had the privelege of being taught by her and the patients that had her as a counselor, not to mention the sick and elderly in her care. Sister Geraldine was a unique individual who was so intelligent and kind. She gave me countless hours of advice on the phone and in person. I credit her for helping me through many difficult situation in my life and was so fortunate to have a professional therapist (free of charge ) to advise me on everything. In addition when I was close to 30 she tested me over a period of several weeks with the conclusion of giving me great confidence in sharing my IQ. This was done as part of her studies and I was her subject. Knowing this has helped in my life. Regarding my spirituality no one on this earth could have given me more insight into my religion that my Godmother Sister Geraldine. Always helping through prayer or on the prayer line for friend and family that needed it. And what powerful prayers they were!
Yes, anyone who had the great fortune to come into contact with her I'm sure will agree they are so much the better for it. I have tried to exemplify her great attributes but I will have to go a long way to even come close to match them.
Yes there is so much to say about the loving, powerful, but gentle woman one of God's truly devoted angels on earth.
Donna DePrisco

Posted by Donna DePrisco - Boston, MA - family   March 06, 2017