Condolence & Memory Journal

He was a good one! He always kept me guessing, kept me thinking.... First day of chemistry class: "Which is heavier: a ton of bricks or a ton of feathers?" And we were off for a fun year, challenged to think outside the box. He inspired a girl to dream big, and managed to do that for one who never really cared much for science! I am the better for having known him.

Posted by Leslie (Mankins) Bradley - Fort Worth, TX   March 08, 2017

I have often wondered why a man that was so intelligent would want to teach a bunch of hick kids in a small Texas town. Then I think to myself "Oh yeah, it's Jesse McDonald. There wasn't anything ordinary about the guy." He pushed me to do more, be more, see more, and learn more about every phase of my life. He roped me into UIL Math and Science, he collared me into photography, and he even inspired me to take a chemistry class and I hated chemistry. He was just that kind of man. He inspired me a curiosity in me for Physics and all things science. If it hadn't been for that I probably wouldn't be the Dean of Allied Health today. Rest in Peace Mr. McDonald, you've earned it!

Posted by Don Martin - Plano, TX   March 08, 2017

My Uncle Jesse Louis will always have a special place in my heart. When my husband and I first moved to Texas, and was attending a family function, we mistook Uncle Jesse for my father when he walked in, because they favored each other. We also shared a common love of education, and I enjoyed hearing stories of how he used the computer, in the early days of computer technology, as incentives for his students. It's obvious from reading the other messages that Uncle Jesse was loved by his students. He will be missed by many. Our deepest sympathy to his remaining family.

Posted by Debbi Montomery - Austin, TX   March 08, 2017

To my brother, We may have lived miles apart, but you were often on my mind. Although it has been a long time since I have traveled, I fondly remember the times I came to visit, and the time you came to New York to visit me and my family. I am saddened by this news, but hope you find peace. My family sends its prayers and condolences to your family.

Posted by Freddie Lubbers - Poughquag, NY   March 08, 2017


Rest in peace Mr. McDonald.

Posted by Candace Murray - Wichita Falls   March 08, 2017

great teacher

Posted by bill price - wichita falls, TX   March 07, 2017

My favorite teacher. It wasn't until I became a teacher myself that I came to appreciate how he handled so many different classes and still found a way to differentiate for his students. He will be remembered fondly.

Posted by Laura Holt - North Richland Hills, TX   March 07, 2017

A Great Teacher

Posted by Clint Lee - Wichita Falls, TX   March 07, 2017