Condolence & Memory Journal

About Grace Bernell? . . . Well! Do you have a few minutes?<br /> As the shock of her death. . .that my life-long friend, school-mate, mischevious bubbly blonde Pindall, St. Joe &amp; Springfield neighbor would die is just too sad. . . . And a life-time of memories begin to flow.<br /> Husband Don and I last saw Bernell when we were in Springfield a Sunday morning and randomly chose to attend &quot;her&quot; Church of Christ; after a few minutes, I whispered to a seat-mate &quot;is that Bernell--see, wearing the fur coat?&quot; <br /> It was! <br /> Of course we enjoyed a brief visit after the service. It was always great being with her; we just picked up where we'd left last time together as friends do. Perry &amp; Nell and Perry, Nell &amp; Bernell were a good family--loved and respected by my family--times together woven into the fabric of Searcy county, AR then later Harrison &amp; Springfield life. <br /> &quot;Snapshots of our times&quot; include Bernell from when we were age 4, playing on the school house porch at Pindall (while Perry mowed the big playground-yard around the pretty red 2 rooms school house built of real logs--Dads took along the not-in-school-yet to the field or to a mowing job in those days!) <br /> . . . high school days of playing basketball, team trips &amp; our young coach &quot;Mr. Horton&quot;; one whole school escapade &amp; the &quot;irresponsibile kids&quot; lecture when our super returned from being away a couple days to find we (and many others) had mostly played basket ball . . . how Bernell and I concocted ways &amp; got up in middle of the night to scare the other girls on camp-outs of our little St. Joe girl scout troop! <br /> 460 miles, living in Indiana, separate me being there on Thursday at Osbourne Cemetery. So, thanks to our St.Joe 1951 class-mate J.G. Cash for calling me this morning when his Springfield brother saw this morning's paper and passed the word, I extend heartfelt condolences to you Doug, Tony and families. I loved Bernell; I miss her too.<br /> <br />

Posted by Irene Davis Benjamin - Newburgh, IN - friend   June 12, 2017