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Rest in Peace Val

Posted by Beth Swider Williscroft - Bradley Beach, NJ   August 10, 2017


Posted by Kit (Parr) Kobran - Ashburn, VA   August 10, 2017

I was back in NJ assisting my 91 year old mother, Dorothy Parr after a recent fall when she read Valerie's obit in the paper today.

I met Valerie when we were at Churchill Middle School together. I was a shy, pudgy girl who was easy prey for bullies and Val took me in hand and taught me how to navigate the complexities of middle school society.

She stood up for me when I could not do so myself and always made me feel valued.

Val invited me to her home often where I met her excellent parents, grandmother and sister. We swam in her pool and in the summer of 1971, my parents invited her to stay with us for a week at the NJ shore. Val and I wanted to see the sun rise over the ocean so for several days we would get up before dawn, walk a block to the beach and huddle on the sand until the sun came up. Unfortunately, the sky was overcast each day we tried so we never got to see our sunrise.

Val and I took our different paths as we grew but we spoke on the phone once or twice and I came to visit her at her home shortly after I married Alan. He and I made our life in VA where we raised our girls who are now out on their own. Shannon in NYC and Mel in LA.

Valerie was my favorite childhood friend. We lost touch over the years but I never forgot her fierce friendship. Rest in Peace, Val.

Posted by Kit (Parr) Kobran - Ashburn, NJ   August 09, 2017