Condolence & Memory Journal

Growing up in the Roy family was truly an adventure for me. During the early years (50's and early 60's) the entire family would get together just about every Sunday at Memere and Pepere Roy's house in Amesbury. We're talking several aunts and uncles along with 20+ grandchildren! As the years past and lives moved on I saw less and less of them but mentally those wonderful times were stored away in that special place in my memory. By the mid 60's I was off to college, and eventually was inducted into the Army due to a status classification error. When I got out in 1971 I tried going back to college but it was not the same. What I had seen during my tour of duty had re-arranged the entire thought process of my direction in life. With help from my Dad, I approached Uncle Leo in June 1972 about taking me on with he and Joe D. to frame houses in the Southern N.H. area. From June 72-Oct 73 I was gainfully employed. To say the least, working with Leo and Joe was a real trip and a great learning experience for me! I truly enjoyed reporting for work every day. Both he and Joe taught me the skills of framing a house. Leo was always there with the answers to my questions. He was a wonderful teacher and very patient with me since I had LOTS of questions.

During the winter/January of 73 the snow piled up in the Southern N.H. area which put a halt to the work so he gave me the month off with pay so I could head South to warmer weather. I returned at end of the month and we started up working again.

In October 73 I made a decision to go to a computer tech school in Burlington, Mass. During that time I would occasionally head back to Haverhill for the weekend. A few times I called Leo to see if he could use me on the Saturday. If it wasn't raining or snowing on that particular day I had a job... I recall an incident during that time when he directed me to a location in Plaistow, NH where I met him for work. Well as it turns out he had to go to another location so he told me what needed to be done at this location, which was constructing a wall of the house from scratch, which was quite involved. At that moment I realized that Leo had 100% confidence in my ability to complete the task on my own. In hindsight that one incident, which I never forgot, gave me the self-confidence to excel in my job in the very complex world of the computer service industry.

In closing, Leo was much more than just my uncle. Sure, he taught me the technique of framing a house but more important, instilled a positive work ethic and a level of confidence that has guided me successfully as I have passed through life's twists and turns.

Rest In Peace Uncle Leo...

Your Loving Nephew,


Posted by Norman/Skip Roy - Bakersfield, CA - family   August 23, 2017

Just heard the news that you left to be with Martha. Leo you were one of a kind. The Patriots are winning tonight against the Texans. Thank you for the memories, your work ethic, humor, and being there. When you got on the job site you would be getting out of the truck before it came to a full stop, I miss you.

Posted by Mike Symmonds - Epping, NH   August 19, 2017

My thoughts and prayers are with the family. I had the pleasure of meeting Leo at the Brentwood Country Animal Hospital where he would do odd jobs for us. I truly enjoyed my talks with this sweet man and he will surely be missed ❤

Posted by Jessica Chasney - Epping, NH   August 15, 2017

Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Roy family during this difficult time of loss of their father, father-in-law, grandfather & great grandfather...we feel blessed to have crossed paths with Leo decades ago, he will be missed but in our hearts always...Rest in peace.

Posted by Kay & Tink Beckman - Leesburg, FL   August 13, 2017