Jeffrey C. Lamphere

  • Born: December 30, 1964
  • Died: September 12, 2017
  • Location: Connecticut

Tribute & Message From The Family

Jeffrey was born on December 30, 1964 and passed away on Tuesday, September 12, 2017.

Jeffrey was a resident of Connecticut at the time of passing.

In lieu of flowers memorial donations may be made to Hospice of N.E. CT.

Condolence & Memory Journal

Today is Nov 18th, I find myself thinking back 34 years, we were in a hotel in Maryland waiting to get married the next day❤ I can't even begin to tell you how much I miss you, honestly I am an empty shell of who I was when you were here. I have no desire to do/be anything without you. I exist because I have no choice, people think I'm strong but they have no idea that what I am is a fake, I fake a smile, conversation, interest.... All the while inside screaming I WANT MY HUSBAND BACK!! Time heals nothing for me.... I honestly would give up all my tomorrows for one more day with you... To talk, hold hands, laugh... Just be with you. I wanted to say Happy Anniversary to us, 34 years! and still counting, because I will be your wife forever. Counting the days till we are together again, where I belong. I love you beyond words and miss you beyond measure

Posted by Your soulmate - Sterling   November 18, 2018

I'm doing my best to make you proud. I know if you were here you would be. I'm sorry it took so long for me to be the person you knew I could be. I miss you and I feel the pain of your absence everyday.

Posted by Jr - Sterling, CT   November 13, 2018

Jeff, I can't even wrap my brain around the fact you have been gone a year. It has been the longest, hardest, most surreal, heart wrenching, lonely year of my life. I struggle everyday to understand why God would leave me here without you. You, Jeff Lamphere are my heart and soul, my purpose in life. I don't belong here without you I count the days till I can be with you again and finally have peace again, I will never have it here without you. I love you beyond words and miss you beyond measure... More everyday

Posted by Your Soulmate    September 10, 2018

1 year and I still can't believe you are gone. I replay that night over and over in my head. I still can't believe it. You were supposed to get better....that's what you do. Miss seeing you in the you.

Love, Chrissy

Posted by Christine Bourque - Sterling, CT   September 10, 2018

Jeff, I don't even know where to start. Its been almost a year since I've lost you. Time has done nothing to ease this unbearable pain I have felt since you left. I am a an empty shell, going through the motions, a broken, shattered , empty soul without you. You are my other half... I am so tired of being here without you, I don't belong here without you... We are one. Life doesn't give you a choice, so I guess I have to drag myself through each day knowing I'm one day closer to being with you, its where I belong and the only place I feel complete. Please please give me some of your strength to get through. I love you Jeffrey Lamphere Sr. Beyond words and miss you beyond measure We have a bond that can not be broken and a love that is eternal. Counting the days till I'm with you again

Posted by A friend   August 21, 2018

Jeff, a kind and beautiful person I will always remember the wonderful times that we both had with Grandma Such fun we had growing up I will pray that Denise and everyone will be okay So sad that you had to leave Love forever, Cheryl

Posted by A friend   April 13, 2018

7 months today. If doesn't hurt or upset me any less or more then any other day since you went away. Now I have to make due with what I'm left with and that's memories, pictures, videos, your favorite movies, talking about all the little quirky things that made You rest around my neck day in and day out for it keeps you closest to my heart at all times. Nothing feels right trying to get use to a new normal a world without you here is terrible... very taxing and very tiring. Mom said the other day she feels more tired now then she did all those nights we were restless and up panic stricken... thought about that today and it's true. All I have the mental energy to do is work and sleep I don't know where to find happiness. I'm just focused on being content. In doing the right thing in life by you treat people good, work hard, and support family. Honestly I love you more then even I knew. I know it showed to you when you needed me the most. I try to be content with that but it's never enough I just miss you so much...

Posted by Jeffrey Lamphere Jr - Sterling, CT   April 11, 2018

Not feeling it. This last week has sucked. The tears haven't been coming I'm just full of anger, broken faith, hopeless, despair, gloom...completely miserable. Had a couple dreams of you... most of the times they aren't the most pleasant ones and I don't understand why that has to be. Although I'm always happy to see your face. Woke up from the couch the other day and imagined you at the counter getting your pills ready and flushing...smh... This world sucks since you went away and it will never be the same. Can't believe it's been 7 months feels like a blur like an eternity and it feels like yesterday that we were face to face talking to one another. I look forward to the day when I'm with you in death. Love and miss you more everyday.

Posted by Jeffrey Lamphere Jr - Sterling, CT   April 09, 2018

Thank you so much for watching over Toonie today, I don't think I could survive if something happened to her too I'm waiting for it to get eaiser, like people say, but it hasn't. My heart and soul hurt as much as the day you left I am dragging myself through each day knowing that with everyday that passes I'm one day closer to being with you again.... Where I belong Loving and missing you beyond words I hate this world without you

Posted by Your soulmate    April 05, 2018

Here it is... 6months later. The pain, emptiness and loneliness of not having you here has not gotten any better I miss you EVERY SINGLE DAY I really couldn't even tell you how I've made it this long, I feel like I'm dragging myself through each day, and the only thing I look forward to is getting another day done.... Then I know I'm one step closer to being with you again... Where I belong Loving and missing you more than words can express

Posted by Your soulmate    March 14, 2018

For the last two weeks I've dreamed about you almost every night. Been waking up with a tear stained face...time won't ever heal this wound... It will only become a permanent scar in my heart. I miss you more everyday and reflect alot on the last year of your life. I'm sorry your life was so plauged with sickness there's no obvious reason for why things happen the way they do. Why some people never get sick and some people can't get out of the way of it. All I'm capable of doing is pushing through each passing day for life is nothing but a dream and death is a simple reality...look forward to being with you weather in heaven or in death miss you more and more with every passing day. Love you dad.

Posted by Jeffrey Lamphere Jr - Sterling, CT   March 05, 2018


I have been trying to write to you for so long, I hope this one finally goes through. I can't believe that you're gone, it has been rough to say the least. I wanted to say thank you for loving my sister so much that you finally became the man we always knew you were and that you always wanted to be. Thank you for showing all of us what true, unconditional love is and how to truly fight for what you want. You are the strongest man I know, I know you were tired and I also know you did not want to go, I am so deeply sorry that you had to go. Thank you for being an amazing big brother to me, thank you for taking care of me when Paul couldn't. I know that that time was so hard on you too, I could feel your pain for you and for me and for Paul. Thank you for loving him and believing in him when only we did. I hope you know that sorrow Paul and I feel for not having enough time to make up for the lost time. I am so proud to call you my brother, I hope you know that. I know you are watching all of us, please give us the strength to keep going until we are all together again. I would love a dream visit, I miss your face, your hugs and hearing you say I love you Toon. I am doing my best to keep my promise, Paul and I both are and we will always. I love you fluff, thank you, I miss you every day.



Posted by - sister   January 31, 2018

Dec 30th is our birthdays, always knew we were soul mates because we shared that❤ Mine will never be the same without you, we should be celebrating together I will wait to celebrate our birthdays till I'm with you.... Just know I'm thinking of you, like I do every minute of everyday and missing you more and more I love you beyond words.....

Posted by Your soulmate    December 29, 2017

3 months and 1 week.... Getting harder to get through a day without you The depths of my sadness, emptiness, loneliness are unmeasurable. We were one, you gave me strength and purpose. I push through day after day because I know with everyday that passes I'm one day closer to being with you again.. Complete. Loving u beyond words and missing you beyond measure

Posted by Your soulmate    December 19, 2017

I love you and miss you everyday

Posted by Jeffrey Lamphere JR - Sterling, CT   December 18, 2017

Dad...I'm so lost. I've fought pretty hard my whole life to find self worth and what makes me happy...what gives me purpose. I'm so tired of mental illness and I'm tired of wanting to be half the man you are...falling in your footsteps...the truth is you set the bar pretty high. I know all you wanted for me was for me to be ok to find a passion, find a wife, settle down and have a kid or two. I don't know how you did it...given all the odds given everything you went through how you pushed through. Your lucky in the sense that you met your soulmate and had us kids you had a lot to live for you took great pride in everything you had. It kept you alive it pulled you through physical bouts of I'll essential that no man on Earth I know besides you could have pulled through. I miss your face...I miss your jokes, your laughter, your smile, messing with your seat in your car, watching you make money doing the thing you loved...I miss laying my head on your chest and just sobbing being there for you. I'd say "I'm so sorry' and you'd always say "it's not your fault" and I only hope you know how sorry I was for the cards you were dealt physically. I hold guilt because here I am chain smoking cigarettes in a fairly healthy body when you would have given anything to have that. Truth is dad I'm more depressed then I've ever been. My anxiety hits something feirce and buckles me. I'm angry at god I'm really hurt that you had to go. Kids are supposed to out live thier parents and have lives of their own and I get that...but I was content with the life I had and being a part of yours. My life played out exactly how it was supposed to and yours was cut short. I'm running out of steam pops...I need help and I won't know until I try if it will be enough. I feel no purpose here on Earth yet I'm scared of what's on the other side and that keeps me here. However I know that my best friend is there...and that gives me comfort when the panic attacks strike and I feel like I'm dying. Nobody gets me dad...not like you. You may have never understood why I chose to do a lot of things I do but you understood depression and anxiety you understood how miserable life gets and how even in healthy body you knew how exhausted I was mentally. I miss you sooooo much. I can't even think of a future because I'm so devasted and distraught and I'm so sorry we couldn't fix/save you. I'm shattered...the tears are pouring harder then ever...the depression is deeper and the anxiety is suffocating. I'm going to keep fighting because you did and I'll honor you that way but I may never truly make you proud and for that I am so very sorry! And we will talk about it on day that's a promise! The nightmares are brutal but I held your hand in a good dream the other night and I felt the warmth of your hand...I started crying and said dad...your still here. You said "Always will be buddy"... There's no joy left here on Earth without you here. I love you :''''(

Posted by Jeffrey Lamphere JR - Sterling, CT   December 11, 2017

Jeff.... I can't even put into words how empty I feel and how much I miss you. Our family always knew how much you depended on me but I don't think anyone I knew how much I depended on you You were my purpose in life... Being with you... Loving you.... Taking care of you.... I am sooo lost without you. Time heals NOTHING ... The only thing that will heal my shattered heart is when I am with you again..... Loving and missing you every... minute...of everyday

Posted by Your soulmate    December 05, 2017


This flame represents your spirit and the live you brought to this world it will never burn out or fade. It's eternal.

Posted by Jeffrey Lamphere JR - Sterling, CT   December 05, 2017

Life changes as sure as the seasons do. Nothing is the same without you here. Saying it sucks is the under statement of the year...I miss everything about you. It doesn't get easier and it's not something I will ever get use to. Looking back on old pictures and thinking about you constantly...every minute of everyday. The chain of events that took you away roll through my mind like a movie...a movie that I was so happy to see but the ending was more deafening then a grenade going off 10 feet away. Life goes on but not without serious pain and was always a joke that this was your world and we just lived in it...but it was more true then I knew. It was your world and I was proud to be a part of live in it with you. You taught me so much...about a lot. No time or distance can ever take that away. I miss you so much...words don't amount to anything in comparison to how I really feel right doesn't make me feel any better knowing your in heaven...because I wish nothing more then you to be sitting here with me. I love you so much.

Posted by Jeffrey Lamphere Jr - Sterling, CT - son   December 03, 2017

I love you so much dad...I miss you more and more every minute. Can't wait to be with you again! Soon enough Dadio!

Posted by Jeffrey Lamphere JR - Sterling, CT   November 24, 2017

Our Anniversary passed... 33 years. I can't tell you how much I miss you. Its not getting easier... If anything its harder Thanksgiving is 2morrow, and while I know I have a lot to b thankful for, we are beyond blessed to have the family we do, I'm really having a hard time being thankful. You are my soul and without you my spirit feels like it died. I love you beyond words and miss you more than anyone could imagine Please give me strength and the will to get through another day without you.

Posted by Your soulmate    November 22, 2017

I am so tired.... I wake up everyday thinking I had a nightmare, but quickly realized that this is real I was put on earth to be with you, take care of you, love you. I am beyond lost without you, and long for the day when I'm with you again. Loving and missing you more than anyone knows

Posted by Your soulmate    November 06, 2017

People say it will get easier, but I have to be honest with you, it doesn't. If anything it is harder.... Harder to wake up without you, harder to drive in the car without holding your hand, harder to get through the day, harder to go to bed without your hug and kiss..... Just harder to be without you I would give anything to have you here with me, Until then I will put one foot in front of the other and exist until I can be with you again... Loving and missing you everyday

Posted by Your soulmate    October 29, 2017

I miss you sooo much my heart hurts We will be together again❤

Posted by Your soulmate    October 25, 2017

I can't even put into words how much I love you and miss you. Everyday I wake up feeling so sick then I remember you took half my soul with you on Sept 11th Time is not easing my pain or sadness, I will miss you everyday till the day I die, and when I'm with you again.... I will finally be whole again

Posted by Your soulmate    October 21, 2017

I'm so sorry to hear of Jeff's passing. I remember him from our teens. Those Dusters! My thoughts are with his family.

Posted by Sam McGuire    September 18, 2017

Katie, Denise and family, I didn't know your dad that well but I feel like I did. By all the pictures, posting of your family activities and the big smile on your face when talking about him Katie. You are all in my prays. Hugs Katie

Posted by Linda Charron - Danielson, CT   September 14, 2017

Jeff was an awesome person who's up beat personality made him a joy to be around. He will be greatly missed.Our deepest condolences go to his family and friends. With deepest sympathyEd and Carol DavenportFamily

Posted by A friend   September 13, 2017

Thinking of you and holding you close in prayer.

Posted by Dave and Lisa Caswell Guccione - Canton, NY   September 13, 2017

A gentle spirit, probably the most pleasant person I've ever known,he will be missed. Heartfelt condolences. Godspeed my friend.

Posted by Ross Parker - Central Village, CT   September 13, 2017

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. We met "Big Jeff" a couple of times, such a kind soul. Keep your memories close to your heart, it will help you heal. Thinking of you.

Posted by Dan & Lisa Bolles - Preston, CT   September 13, 2017

Katie and family, I am so sorry for your loss. I loved seeing all the pictures you posted with your dad!!

Posted by Cheryl Brown-Powder - Hampton, VA   September 13, 2017

jeff you were a great and strong man others would of gave up a long time ago but you fought a lifetime fight and you won many times you rest now in peace you will be forever missed

Posted by doreen/dan burdick/lamphere - voluntown, CT   September 12, 2017