Wally Moon

  • Born: April 3, 1930
  • Died: February 9, 2018
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Wally Moon

National League Rookie of the Year in 1954…

BRYAN, Texas (AP) — Former National League Rookie of the Year Wally Moon, who played on three World Series-winning teams with the Los Angeles Dodgers, has died. He was 87. For full coverage and obituary from Legacy.com, click here.

Condolence & Memory Journal

My Grandfather was Theron Moon and told us about our Great Uncle Wally Moon. We have been Dodger fans since. The Moon Shot will be missed.

Posted by A friend   February 24, 2019

One of my boyhood favorites, Mr. Moon will never grow old in my eyes !

Posted by Mike Smith - Seattle, WA   March 03, 2018

Today I was going thru some things and ran across Wally's Baseball Card that I have had for over 50 years. I was told by my brother (who passed last year) that we were related. Not sure if it was cousins or what. I looked up on the internet and discovered that Wally had passed. My deepest sympathy goes out to all of his family and friends. I wished I had reached out to him earlier to find out if we were related while he was still alive. I grew up in the K.C. area and was well aware of his achievements in the Major Leagues. I deeply regret that I never met him. From everything I have read about him it sounds like he was quite a man!!

May he rest in peace.

Larry Woolery

Posted by A friend   February 24, 2018

May the hearer of our prayers grant family friends and fans peace from above
My prayers are with you during this time

Posted by J P - GA   February 23, 2018

My sincere condolences for your loss may the family and friends gain peace from his memories.

Posted by - IN   February 19, 2018

As the days and weeks go by and you return to your daily routine, may the love and support of family and friends continue to comfort you all during this very sad time.

Posted by A friend   February 18, 2018



Posted by Valenda Newell - Indianapolis, IN   February 17, 2018

My deepest sympathy to the family and friends. May you find comfort by means of prayer and throwing your burden on our Heavenly Father, as he cares for us and wants to heal our hearts.

Posted by A friend   February 16, 2018

Dear Zola and family, May you be embraced by God's peace during this sorrowful time. Please know that you and your family are in our prayers. Love, The Busteed's, Rob, Sharon, Jacob, Alysa, Emma, and Lawrence.

Posted by Sharon Busteed - Fayetteville, AR   February 16, 2018

First of all, my deepest sympathies to the Moon family, some of whom I was so fortunate to meet at the 50th wedding anniversary. Very regrettably, I will not be able to make it to the viewing or service, so please excuse me if I seem to go on a bit.

Wally Moon has been a significant part of my life for about 62 of the 70 years I have lived, and will continue to be so. Not only was he a superb major league baseball player; he was a role model for how a player should conduct himself on the field and off. Moreover, the importance he attached to education, being decades ahead of his counterparts at the time for insisting he complete both an undergraduate and graduate education, was exemplary. His focus on education did not escape my Mensa-minded mother, and she became his fan as well, buying me my first baseball glove at age 8, yes, a Wally Moon fielders model featuring a crescent moon and stars, that I used relentlessly the first four years in Khoury League ball (a St. Louis form of little league) until it literally fell apart. I also learned to hit left-handed, unnatural for me, starting with countless hours of wiffle ball with my best friend, Mike.

As with most kids growing up in St. Louis, I was an avid listener to Cardinal games on KMOX radio and was able to attend a handful of games each year. My heart would race every time Wally came to bat. I always knew his batting average as a Cardinal and would recalculate his average after the game, not a bad way to appreciate math at an early age. I would cut out pictures and articles from the Globe Democrat and Post-Dispatch, taping or gluing them into various scrap books. On a few rare occasions, I was able to obtain his autograph. In those fleeting moments, I would freeze trying to say just the right thing to let him know how much I idolized him. Always patient, he treated his fans with respect.

When he was traded to the Dodgers near the end of 1958, I did the nearly unthinkable for a Cardinal fanI switched loyalties. Wally did not disappoint, leading a Dodger team that finished seventh the year before to a world championship in 1959. After the season, he sent me a signed picture postcard, which I still have today, thanking me for my support. Given the time difference, it was at times more difficult then to follow games on the west coast. When the Cardinals played an April, May or September night game in Los Angeles on a school night, I would sometimes hide my transistor radio under the cover so I could listen to the broadcast on KMOX when I was supposed to be sleeping.

As the years passed, I always kept an eye out for news about Wally, at one point even hearing a rumor shortly after retirement he might run for political office. He variously was a Padres coach, and both minor league owner and manager, while employing his academic credentials as athletic director for John Brown University in Arkansas. One day in the late 70's, I spied the cover of a paper back by the revered Roger Kahn that appeared to have a likeness of Wally on the cover. It was A Season in the Sun and had an entire chapter devoted to the time Kahn spent with Moon family in Siloam Springs. I must have read the chapter four times, only to read it again whenever I come across my copy.

At some point in my career, discretionary income worked its way into my budget. I launched a search for memorabilia from the 50's and 60's with particular focus on Wally. During my earlier destitute days in graduate school, I had sold off almost every card, yearbook and autograph I had collected as a child, letting go of the likes of a 1955 Ted Williams and 1957 Mickey Mantle, but holding back Wally's 1955 and 1956 cards. Through the magic of eBay, I encountered Wally's son who graciously put me in touch with his father in the early to mid-90's, beginning a many-year connection through letters and emails. Knowing the special place Wally had in my life, Wally's kids invited me to Wally and Bettye's 50th wedding anniversary in Bryan, which I attended, on my wife's birthday no less. Despite being in my mid-50's at the time, I felt the same kind of nervousness as that kid who waited outside the stadium to get his autograph before getting on the team bus. When it was my turn to greet him and Bettye, he repeated my name and added my greatest fan. There are no doubt hundreds of greatest fans around the country, but he knew exactly the right thing to say. I was euphoric.

A few years later, he embarked on his autobiography, working in collaboration with his long-time friend, Tim Gregg. Sensing I was something of an amateur Moon historian, Wally and Tim asked if I would like to review the various chapters of the manuscript as they were prepared with particular attention to any facts or events I might have recalled from my years of observation and collection of memorabilia. I relished the opportunity and was honored to have been entrusted with such a blessing. I could not wait for the next chapter to arrive. When it did, everything else outside my work took second place. While there wasn't a whole lot I could add to the thorough job Wally and Tim were doing, I took enormous pleasure out of researching where I might identify a potential nugget here and there fit to be included. Unlike some player autobiographies, this one was extremely well written.

Several years later, Wally and I had something else in common. In 2010, I had cardiac bypass surgery. He sent heartfelt words of encouragement during and after my recovery that I will always remember, as I came through the experience with flying colors. My most recent exchange with him was around Thanksgiving as he was anticipating the getting together of family and friends. The week he passed away, I had in fact been thinking about writing him again, in part to let him know I was still remaining active and had signed up for men's 70 and older softball here in Florida. Knowing my affection for him, my two closest friends both emailed me to see if I had heard. I was stunned. Though irrational, I guess I always expected him to be there, even though the loss of Bettye in 2016 raised a worry. I am comforted by the fact he led a fantastic life, had a great family, a great career and was a testament to goodness. Congratulations on a life well-lived. I will miss him greatly.

Posted by Dan Jaco - Sebring, FL   February 16, 2018

Wally Moon passing;
Our Craighead County Historical Society has lost a great member. Wally was a true gentleman and friend to me and the CCHS he has supported the society for nearly three decades now. Seems like everyone remembers Wally hitting that famous first home run of his. They have a story of where they were then it happened. Wally presented two programs one in the 1990s and the other in July 2012. These were the best attended meeting that our society had since I have been attending. His father Bert Moon (Mayor of Bay) also presented a program about Bay, Arkansas in the 1990s. Wally's father lived next door to my cousin in Bay and I got to know him very well before Bert passed away 1998 at the age on 91.

When I learned of his passing I drove to where the Pickett Post used to be on East Washington This is where the American Legion Baseball field was for years and where Wally played some of his best baseball as a youth. I said a little prayer for Wally and his family. He had time for anyone that wanted to meet him and was willing to sign autographs on every request. He even went with me to my grandson Will Silas's house and signed autographs there I will ask Will from time to time how many people can say a major league ball player visited their house?

In his later years he would call me and say Dan I need a taxi driver! I was ready to go!
Wally Moon was also a friend to Arkansas State University and threw out the first pitch at their games on numerous occasions. I know his children over the years must have wanted him not to sign on occasions and I would like to thank them for sharing Wally with us over the years.

RIP Wally we will all miss you. I can see him sliding Home in Heaven now.

Posted by Danny Honnoll - Nettleton, AR   February 15, 2018

Wally was loved and admired by so many people. As famous as he was, he was still a humble and friendly person to all who knew him. Those attributes stand above all the rest and that is why he was so loved. He was an outstanding human being. He will indeed be missed.

Posted by Chaz and Trisha Neely - San Antonio, TX   February 15, 2018

I am so sorry for your loss. Although your hearts are filled with pain and sorrow, our prayer is that you gain comfort and hope from God's promise to reunite us with our love ones on the earth, never having to say goodbye again. For Jesus will make this earth the problem-free paradise that His Father intended it to be. We have gained comfort and strength from this promise, may your family do the same.

Posted by Wells Family - CA   February 15, 2018

Please accept my condolences on the loss of your love one.

Posted by A friend   February 14, 2018

So sorry for your loss. He was a great man. Seen him is this past summer when he was in Jonesboro, AR.
Larry and Brenda Colbert
Bay AR

Posted by Brenda Colbert - Bay, AR   February 14, 2018

I am a distant cousin. My grandfather, Dewitt Parnell and his mother were first cousins on the Vernon side. I still have his baseball card she gave us at a family reunion in Crockett County. TN. I am sorry to hear of his passing.
Sheri Vaughn
RoEllen, TN

Posted by Sheri Vaughn - Dyersburg, TN   February 14, 2018

Condolences goes to the family and friends of Wally Moon. May the God of Tender Mercies be with the family in these times of need.


Posted by A friend   February 14, 2018

Wally was the Hitting Coach for the Orioles, when he came to Geneva, IL to help the Kane County Cougars. Wally was a fly fisherman and took his gear on his travels. The GM of the Cougars knew I was a fisherman also and knew the local area. He asked me to take Wally fishing. He was a soft spoken gentleman of the first order. What a blessing to spend a day with him.

Posted by Dale Seidel - St. Charles, IL   February 14, 2018

Please accept my heartfelt sympathy. May God's loyal love comfort and strengthen you during this time of deep sorrow.

Posted by - GA   February 14, 2018

Grief can be so hard, but our special memories help us cope. Remembering you and your loved one today and always.

Posted by - OH   February 14, 2018


Grateful for your many contributions to the game, Wally, and prayers for your family as you move through these difficult days.

Posted by Pastor Will Healy - Bloomington, MN   February 13, 2018

As a young boy I worked at SHO-ME baseball camp in the early 70,s in BRANSON MO.One of many great men that would come down to coach was wally moon.He was a great mentor and friend He always had time to talk to me about baseball and life. Rest in peace

Posted by DOYAL KUYKENDALL - WHITEHALL, IL   February 13, 2018

Wally was a fine baseball player ,too bad he didn't get more playing time in baseball!God Bless and R.I.P.

Posted by PETER CULLEN - CLIFTON, NJ   February 13, 2018

I attend the Wally Moon camp in Covina, Calif. around 1964. It was one of the great memories of my youth. I briefly talked to him about that time in 2016. That was a thrill. He symbolized the Dodgers during their Coliseum years, perhaps more than anyone else. He was a man of faith. Ken (Whittier, Calif.)

Posted by Ken - Whittier, CA   February 13, 2018

As a very young boy in the 1950's the Moon family were my neighbors in Berkeley Missouri during Wally's Cardinal playing days. I have the found memories of playing on the back porch of the Moons house in the sand box with the Moon girls. I also remember Wally playing catch with the teen boys in the back yards during the off season. We all knew Wally was a big-league ball player but in the neighborhood he and his wife were more like the moms and dads of the day. What a blessing the Moon family was to us in those days. What a great honor it was having the Moon family as neighbors.

Posted by Denis Watson - SAINT CHARLES, MO   February 13, 2018


Growing up in the L.A. area, Wally Moon and Sandy Koufax were my childhood heroes. Every time I opened a packet of baseball cards, I hoped to get Wally's card. Never got one. Thanks for the games.

Posted by Steve Tomczek - Killeen, TX   February 13, 2018

I would like to offer my sincere condolences. Grief can be so hard but our special memories help us cope along with the comfort the Lord can give. With my deepest sympathy.

Posted by Jillian H    February 13, 2018

No doubt that he will be missed by many. May our Heavenly Father give the family comfort and encouragement at this time. My sincere condolences.

Posted by M Davis    February 13, 2018

Please accept my sincere condolences for your loss. As the days and weeks pass, and as you return to life's routine, may you continue to feel comforted by the love and support of family and friends. (1 Thessalonians 4:14)

Posted by B K - Detroit, MI   February 13, 2018

I am a Dodger fan. I remember Wally's decoy/fake against the White Sox in the 1959 World Series. I think it confused Sherm Lollar. What a competitive and intelligent player. He acted like he was going to catch a deeply hit fly ball he had no chance to get. The runner, I think Lollar, hesitated and it led to an out. Dodger Blue forever... Chuck Hall

Posted by A friend   February 13, 2018

My condolences to Wally's family and friends. May our Heavenly Father provide you much comfort.

Posted by - Modesto, CA   February 13, 2018

My husband and I would like to express our sincere condolences. May you find comfort from your Bible at John 6:40.

Posted by Troy and Kim Malpass - Vanceboro, NC   February 13, 2018

Our prayers of comfort and strength are with the family today. The God of tender mercies is there to help us through difficult times.

Posted by V. Wilson    February 13, 2018

Condolences to the Moon family, friends and fans. May fond memories of Wally comfort you.

Posted by Marie    February 13, 2018

My condolences to the family of Mr. Wally Moon. May you all gain strength from the God of all Comfort.

Posted by Kenya    February 13, 2018

My sincere condolences to the family. May you draw comfort from your many fond memories if your loved one.

Posted by A friend   February 13, 2018

One of my Dodger favorites. Brooklyn and then L.A. was my team growing up.

Posted by John A Phillips - Fort Mill, SC   February 13, 2018

Posted by JoAnn Praught - N Andros Bahamas   February 13, 2018

To The Family,
Heartfelt sympathy goes out to the family and friends during this difficult time. It's times like these when the promises of our loving Heavenly Father can bring us comfort and can soften some of the pain we feel in our hearts. May God grant you guidance, strength and peace during your time of sorrow. (1Thessalonians 4:13,14) I extend my deepest thoughts of sympathy in the passing of Mr. Wally Moon.

Terrone Sterling

Posted by Terrone Sterling - NC   February 13, 2018

Reciban mis condolencias por la perdida de su ser querido. Tenia una gran trayectoria en el baseball, son pocos los que tienen el privilegio de ganar tres seres mundiales, y el la tuvo. La muerte es muy triste, por eso Dios nos promete que sera eliminada para siempre. En Revelación 21: 4 nos dice " y la muerte no será mas". Dentro de muy poco esta promesa se cumplirá y podremos estar con nuestros seres queridos para siempre. Espero que estas palabras sean reconfortantes en este difícil momento.

Posted by J N - Puerto Rico   February 13, 2018

Sorry for your loss May God of all tender mercy comfort you in your times of sadness.

Posted by A friend   February 13, 2018

"And as long as the moon remains, for generation after generation."-Psalms 72:5. The memory of your loved one will remain as well.

Posted by A friend   February 13, 2018

My sincere condolences to the family of Wally Moon; may God sustain you at this time of such great loss.

Posted by A friend   February 12, 2018

Legendary Cardinal and Dodger, and a true gentleman. Rest in Peace, Mr. Moon.

Posted by A friend   February 12, 2018

I'm so sorry for your loss. May the God of all comfort be near you during this sad occasion. Psalms145:18,19

Posted by L W - Atlanta, GA   February 12, 2018

May the God of tender mercy grant the family peace and comfort during this time of sorrow.

Posted by King family - NC   February 12, 2018

Wally was my favorite player when I was a kid growing up in Southern California. My Little League team went to the Los Angeles Coliseum to watch the Dodgers play. I liked Wally a lot because he was a left fielder like me. And I dug those bushy eyebrows he had. Rest in Peace Wally. You may be gone, but you ain't forgotten.

Posted by Roger Martin - Pasadena, CA   February 12, 2018

Coach Moon was our baseball coach at JBU and he asked me to be the team trainer. We work side by side and he taught me many things. He was also a professor and he helped me develop a lot of skills that I put into use as a Middle School Principal. He was a man's man and he had a lot of grace and confidence. I will always be indebted to him. I feel blessed that our paths crossed so many years ago. Probably Heaven is now getting to see some "Moon Shots".

Posted by Chuck Golladay - Louisburg, KS   February 12, 2018

Zola, you and your family are in my prayers.

Posted by Sharon Farr - York, PA   February 12, 2018


Godspeed Wally, and thank you for sharing a part of your life with us.

Posted by Harry Simpson - Buckeye, AZ   February 12, 2018

Mr. Moon was such a nice gentleman. I feel very honored to have been able to spend some time with him here in Jonesboro, AR the last few years, at the card shows he appeared at for us. He was so kind to all the fans, and he will be greatly missed. We will keep the family in our thoughts and prayers.

Posted by A friend   February 12, 2018

Deepest condolences to the family. Mr. Moon will be missed greatly. May you find comfort in God's word. Thoughts and prayers.

Posted by A friend   February 12, 2018

Thank you for all thrills you gave us fans. You will always be remembered. RIP

Posted by Bob    February 12, 2018

To the family of Wally Moon; so sorry to hear of the loss of your loved one. May the God of tender mercies comfort your heart during this most difficult time.

Posted by JMS - MD   February 12, 2018


Posted by A friend   February 12, 2018

May your strong faith in our Lord and savior Jesus Christ ransom sacrifice bring your sad hearts some comfort during this very difficult time for your family and friends.

John 3:16, 17:3

Stockbridge Ga

Posted by A friend   February 12, 2018

I had the honor of knowing Mr. Moon when he owned the San Antonio Dodgers.

Mr. Moon was a real gentleman, and a marvelous ambassador of the game of baseball.

My prayers are with his family.

James Hill

Posted by James Hill - San Antonio, TX   February 12, 2018

A fine ballplayer in his youth, Wally was an even finer gentleman in his many years spent off the field. Countless were his fans today who were sonsand even grandsonsof the fans who followed him in his athletic heyday. At card and autograph shows, his lines were always the longest because his character and integrity transcended the generations. In that regard, he was unique among his sporting peers.

A gentleman, indeed, and a father figure to so many men, including me. He was also a gentle man, a loving husband and father, and a gift from God to those of us who knew him.

And just as he showed up unexpectedly to his first big-league training camp, earning a starting job on his way to winning Rookie of the Year honors, Wally has now been taken unexpectedly to claim his place in Heaven.

He expressed concern as to whether his beloved game would be found in the hereafter.

My hope and prayer is that there is baseball in Heaven, for there is no finer heavenly spirit than that of Wallace Wade Moon...and God would do well to put him in his starting lineup.

Posted by Tim and Nancy Gregg - College Station, TX   February 12, 2018

Baseball one of my favorite sports. Thank you for your contribution.
May your family be comforted by fond memories. Also be comforted by the invitation given to us by our Heavenly Father at Psalms 55:22,
Throw your burdens on him.

From the State of MO

Posted by A friend   February 12, 2018

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