Condolence & Memory Journal

I've watched many many of the baby elephant rescues and marveled at all the hard work and love Daphne put in to caring and later overseeing the care of her precious baby elle's. Now she can watch her baby elephants with her beloved husband David. I always saw that bit of sadness that David wasn't there with her to enjoy the successes achieved with the Sheldrick Trust. God Bless and Keep You Daphne, you certainly have earned your place in heaven. Also, God Bless you Angela and all of your family and may he give you comfort to carry on the important work of caring for those precious baby elephants.

Posted by Jan Palmer - Oregon, WI   August 07, 2018

Dame Daphne,
My hope was that I would be able to meet you in person in the following year but your help was needed in Heaven now.
You and David were protectors for the baby elephants whose mothers were killed and nursed them as parents. When they became adults, they never forgot you and David.
All who have known both of you will never forget you including the elephants as their defenders.
You will be never be forgotten and my deepest sympathy for your loved ones..........RIP

Posted by Sunny Cramer Cummings - Berthoud, CO   June 05, 2018

I would like to express my deepest sympathies for the loss of your loved one, who will be remembered for her contribution to animal conservation. May you find comfort and help in God during this time of sorrow.

Posted by M C    May 10, 2018

God love you!

Posted by Michael Andrews Daniel Schubert - El Dorado Hills, CA   May 02, 2018


Rest in Peace

Posted by Scott Chamberland - Saint Agatha, ME   May 02, 2018

Under God's Kingdom on earth, aging and death will no longer happen, as imperfection and bad conditions will be things of the past. (Isaiah 65:17-25.)

Posted by A friend   April 30, 2018

A pioneering woman who helped to raise awareness of the plight of elephants as well as educate on our responsibility to protect this species - and, indeed the rest of the animal kingdom.

My husband and I were fortunate enough to visit Sheldrick's orphanage in Kenya last year - truly a long term dream come true.

We were able to witness the care and compassion of the elephant handlers first hand. A remarkable place and a fitting legacy for a remarkable women.

Posted by Emma Blake - London   April 30, 2018

With deepest sympathy on loss of your loved one. May it bring comfort you to know that she will return to the days of her youthful vigor as promised at Job 33:25.

Posted by Betty Pioneer - Morton Grove, IL   April 24, 2018


Posted by Valenda Newell - Indianapolis, IN   April 20, 2018

My condolences to the family of Ms. Sheldrick. I became aware of her work with orphaned elephants when I saw the story of her and the baby elephant Aisha some time back. How it moved me! Her feelings for Aisha still moved as strongly thru her heart as they did so many years ago. It was such a beautiful love story that I cried as though I knew both Ms Sheldrick and Aisha myself, and I penned her an email to thank her for sharing their wonderful story with the world.
Even though I never met her she made such an impression on me. I'm sad that she's gone but I know a happy Aisha greeted her on the other side.
Rest In Peace, my friends.

Posted by Lisa Johnson - Lexington, Kentucky, USA   April 20, 2018

Your home with your God, who loves you for being the wonderful caretaker for his creations.
Your a loss to our world, is unspeakable, the love you gave to these precious animals of God has no words.
You opened your heart to so many babies left alone in this world, from the the loss of their parents through such murders...poachers!.. you opened your heart to the hurt and the suffering and healed them to be free within your walls of, my lady were have a lot of work ahead of you to love all God's creations in his beautiful world of eternity... God Bless you and keep you, Thank you for doing what so much of us would have loved to do, you did it for us saving so many of our gentle giants......

Posted by Teri Bussman - Harker Heights, TX - Friend   April 19, 2018

Dame Daphne was one of those special people that touched the hearts of many, and won love and respect the World over for her grounbreaking work.
She will be sorely missed, but her work will continue as she hoped it would. She is stardust. xxx

Posted by Hennie Beavis - Perth, CA   April 18, 2018

I am very sorry for such a sad news, my most sincere condolences to her relatives & friends, this world needs people like her.

Posted by Encarnacion Vega - Madrid (Spain)   April 18, 2018

Our matriarch has left this world but will be in our, and especially the hearts of the elephants forever.

Posted by Bine Grigel    April 18, 2018

She was a great friend to wildlife. Her legacy will live on.

Posted by Mary Smith - friend   April 17, 2018

To the friends, colleagues, and family of Ms. Sheldrick, I am so sorry for your loss. Ms. Sheldrick appears to have followed her passion. I wish I could follow in her footsteps. I hope her wonderful work with the elephants will continue.
Darcy - Salt Lake City, Utah

Posted by A friend   April 17, 2018

May the God of all comfort be with family and loved ones.

Posted by A friend   April 17, 2018

To the family of Mrs. Daphne Sheldrick, please accept my condolences in your loss. As you strive to look beyond the sorrow you fell, to a time of hope. The effort, hope and time she gave to preserve the life of the elephants reveals the love and care for life Mrs. Daphne had. She wanted to give the elephants the security to grow and reproduce those of their kind. How much more hope does the Creator of all things give to what he has Created. Gen.1 creation

Posted by Teres    April 17, 2018

My thoughts and prayers are with the SHELDRICK FAMILY in their time of grief. May 'God' give you peace and strength during this most difficult time. -Psalm 29:11

Posted by RC. - Chicago, IL   April 17, 2018

While words fail to capture the pain of losing a loved one, we look forward to the time when words will fail to capture the joy of having our heavenly Father return your dear one to you.

Posted by A friend   April 17, 2018

Thank you for defending the truly defenseless--our precious elephants. All animals rely upon the kindness of the humans they encounter; you brought mercy, dignity, and recognition to the elephants' deserved place in our world. Bless you forever.

Posted by Also loves animals    April 17, 2018

May the God of all peace bring comfort to the Sheldrick family and friends at this difficult time.

Posted by CF    April 16, 2018

We as well as all the keepers and elephants past and present grieve at learning of your passing. Your dedication to elephants and other wildlife have left a lasting impression with me and is the reason I return to Kenya over and over and support the Trust. My thoughts are with all your family now including the angels in the green coats and the ellies. Bless you for the work you have done and that will continue on.

Posted by Laurena Hoffmeyer - Lansing, MI   April 16, 2018

May the God of all comfort strengthen the family during this time of deep sorrow. Those who pass on, God keeps in his memory because they are precious in his eyes. My sincerest condolences. Psalms 116:15.

Posted by Terri - IL   April 16, 2018


We've lost a hero! Thank you for your passion and compassion!

Posted by Ellen R - St Augustine, FL   April 16, 2018

There is a very bright star in the sky... goodbye dear Daphne - I will miss you like crazy... Sending much love to Ang, Gill and dear family and friends. Special love to Lina, Edwin and the elephant care team - you are simply the best. xxx

Posted by Carol Petersen - Bowen Island, BC   April 16, 2018

Dear Angela, your family, staff and the elephants. Holding you in our thoughts and prayers following your great sadness, we know too, elephants feel the pain of loss. Was privileged to visit the Orphanage, 25 or so years ago and several times since then including an extra privilege of two evening visits (blankets/baby milk). Such joy meeting your beloved Mother and also you, Angela.
You and your family are her legacy - and Daphne's epitaph - 'But For I'
My copy of 'An African Love Story' is now 'dog-eared' and so loved.

Posted by Barbara and Nick Ingall - Northallerton and Gloucester   April 16, 2018

Grief can be so hard, but our special memories help us cope. Remembering you and your loved one today and always.

Posted by A friend   April 16, 2018


We've lost one of God's most magnificent creations. I've been a follower and contributor to Daphne's work for a number of years now. Of course, my deep love for elephants has been the original draw to Daphne's work but then it was because of Daphne herself. Her energy had such a pure resonance to it. I have to say I've met many people in my time...but extremely few have had the quality of love, caring and depth of character as Daphne had. She will be sorely missed by me. Just thinking of her now being gone in the physical brings instant tears. I so loved her and her work.

Posted by Sandra Goodstone - Princeton,, NJ   April 16, 2018

By means of God kingdom, he will end death and sorrow and all creation will live in peaceful condition.
Charise Morgan.

Posted by A friend   April 16, 2018

I have supported your work and am in awe of the contribution you have made to the world, Dame Sheldrick. You are sorely missed already.

Posted by Claudia McCulloch - Sherman Oaks, CA   April 16, 2018

My heart broke upon hearing dear Daphne Sheldrick died. I was always amazed that she developed the 'mothers milk' these precious elephant babies are soooo in need of to help them survive without their magnificent mother and caring families. Carry on Angela. With God's speed, you are your mother's legacy. I keep praying the ivory trade will end.
Get those tusks painted pink! May our Lord console your family at this time.

Posted by carol sedlak - hobart, IN   April 15, 2018

I wish to extend my condolences to your family. Please keep in mind those who pass on God keeps in his memory because they are precious in his eyes. Hosea 13:14

Posted by Tc Aikens - Bronx, NY   April 15, 2018

thank you thank you for helping the elephants. We need to fight for their well being. God created the animals for us to take care of not abuse. Thank you again for helping these amazing animals that God has created.

Posted by Amber Chase - Chillicothe, IL   April 15, 2018



Posted by SPANKY - ID   April 15, 2018

A few years ago a TV program featured Daphne and chronicled her many efforts to save elephants. I remember thinking she looked more like royalty and should be living a carefree life in a lush country estate. Looks are deceiving. She proved to be a fighter and a voice for wildlife. I was impressed by her integrity and tenacity.
God bless you Daphne.

Posted by S T - NH   April 15, 2018

A life well lived spent doing the right thing and standing up for what really matters and caring for those who cannot speak for themselves. God bless you for helping these animals and for showing other people how they can make a difference too.

My condolences to Ms Sheldrick's family and friends

Posted by Anne - Salt Lake City, UT   April 15, 2018

Daphne, The Orphaned Animals And I Salute You. The World Needs More Women Like You. Thank You For All You Did For The Animals And Their Habitats. I Am Sure You Will Be Missed.

Posted by Charlie Gregory - Portales, NM   April 15, 2018

Rest in peace Daphne and THANK YOU for caring about elephants and helping to protect them. We need more people like you.

Posted by Rose Peltz - Allentown, PA   April 14, 2018

Dame Sheldrick was a heroine to elephants and mankind alike. I am sure there are elephants throughout Africa trumpeting their sorrow to others and their loss of a kindred spirit. That is what the rest of us should do too.
Condolences to her beloved family and to her loved elephants. Thank you for you care and caring. mbc

Posted by Mary Beth Crowley - Woodbury, MN   April 14, 2018

Sincere condolences to the family for your great loss. May God provide the needed comfort through family and friends during your time of mourning.

Posted by J C - Ohio   April 14, 2018

Such a great lady and such a great loss to habitat and wildlife preservation. You will be missed, Dame Daphne. God speed.

Posted by Mark - Seattle, WA   April 14, 2018


An icon,a friend to wildlife,untiring devotion to animals and family..RIP. You touched my life,too..

Posted by Louise Snyder - Alexandria, VA   April 14, 2018


Posted by Dee Dee - GA   April 14, 2018

Much gratitude to Daphne and her family for showing how to treasure, care for, and support wild life. Her legacy will live on and I will help spread the word.

Posted by jacquelyn - new york, NY   April 14, 2018

Posted by Toni    April 14, 2018

A special person! Condolences to the family.

Posted by A friend   April 14, 2018

I never knew about you, but I am happy that you took the time to help orphaned elephants.
They deserve to live life as well. They also make new jungles spreading seeds where ever they go.


Posted by Mrs. E. Soren - Kearns, UT   April 14, 2018

Posted by Max The Rhino    April 14, 2018

To the family, I am sorry to hear the news a about your loss.
May God who "binds up the broken hearted" and comforted all who mourns" sustain your family during this challenging time. Isaiah 61:1,2

Posted by A friend   April 14, 2018

So sad to lose one of our greatest hero's,

Posted by Karen Hibbard - Burlington, VT   April 14, 2018

What gives us the drive to persevere and follow our dreams? Daphne Sheldrick did this! Her love of all Elephant's, was larger than the world. She will be missed by many, large and small, four legged and two,human and animal. Rest with the Elephant's that loved you so!

Posted by Darlene Zank-Shook - Brookfield, CT   April 14, 2018

To the family and friends of Daphne, to lose such a beautiful human being must be an unbearable pain. Very few people are able to touch the hearts of so many as Daphne did. Her passion for the earth and its wondrous wildlife reminds me very much of the future promise found in Isaiah 11:6-9, where God tell us that one day soon mankind and animal-life will co-exist in complete harmony. She will enjoy that coming life so very much when she is brought back to life. My prayers and thoughts of peace and comfort go out to the family.

Posted by A friend   April 14, 2018

My deepest condolences to the family at this very difficult time

Posted by A friend   April 14, 2018

It can be so hard to face the first year without your loved one, but the love of family and friends can carry you through.

Posted by A friend   April 14, 2018

The elephants of Africa have lost a great friend and protector - thank you for all you have done and the legacy you have left behind. RIP

Posted by Robert Elliott - Pietermaritzburg. South Afri - Friend   April 14, 2018

Thank you for your amazing gift to the baby elephants and the world!

Posted by Jenifer Wilson - Bellingham, WA   April 13, 2018

Truly a modern-day Saint Francis of Assisi who communicated with nature and saw animals as our brothers and sisters; one family under heaven. Daphne was a 'pathfinder', a true visionary who believed that it is possible to build a better world. A lover of our planet, who felt a responsibility for creation, and wished to give true meaning to the lives of all creation. Like all visionaries she had a deep dissatisfaction with what is and a clear grasp of what could be. It begins with indignation over the status quo, and it grows into the earnest quest for an alternative. Hence her compassion for victims whom without her intervention would die. Indignation and compassion form a powerful combination. They are indispensable to vision, and therefore to leadership. Creation has lost its modern-day Saint Francis of Assisi. Kenya has lost her 'Elephant Queen.' The orphaned baby elephants have lost their most faithful Matriarch. The good news is that Daphne's daughter Angela, her family and team are more than capable of continuing Daphne's vision. Angela has for the last seventeen years taken over the leadership from Daphne. Angela, we send our deepest sympathy to you all.
Doug & Chris Alton

Posted by Chris Alton - Australia - Friend   April 13, 2018

I had a dream for years to visit the orphanage and it was fulfilled on March 29, 2018 and again on March 30 as I adopted an orphan. I am very sad to hear of Daphne's passing, such meaningful work she and all of you have done and trust that you will continue to do. Recently a friend said I don't want to live in this world if there aren't any more elephants;. What a great lady and she will be missed.

Posted by Gail Novlan - Calgary, AB   April 13, 2018

Thank you for your very important work in your raising of baby elephants. There should be many more just like you. Rest in Peace, Daphne Sheldrick.

Posted by Kathryn Irby - Gulfport, MS   April 13, 2018

What an amazing woman and a loss to the world. May those mourning find comfort in kind words, fond memories and peace of knowing God is with those crushed in spirit.

Posted by A friend   April 13, 2018

My condolences to the family. May the God of comfort grant you strength during this difficult time.

Posted by A friend   April 13, 2018


Posted by KELLEY - OH   April 13, 2018

To the entire Sheldrick family - if only love could have saved Dame Daphne, she would have lived forever. The hearts of all of us, humans and ellies, are broken and we are all in mourning. Angela, thank you for letting me be a part of your life and for always giving me time to spend with you amazing mum, she and you are my heroes, my friends. Love you. Amy Hoffner

Posted by Amy Hoffner - Denver, CO   April 13, 2018