Condolence & Memory Journal

A Eulogy For My Dearest Friend

Where did the span and specter of time go
within the hollow springs of yesteryear? I
wait for your return, God will remember you
as he remembers to cover the Dogwood trees in full immaculate bloom, He will draw in the skyline of Kentucky blue, and meadows will resound with gilded matins from lonely
warblers, orioles, and scarce bluebirds, many wreckless basses will vault in their
skillful play and defy the lure, even the
laughing Mockingjay will scold you in return; God will furnish you everything
imaginable, and laughter his greatest gift,
your journey the sublime of envy, your life on earth was short but your legacy eternal, your humbleness shall echo from every mountaintop, and from your ancestry shall come generation after generation of unending love, you were the golden boy, the
one for who would never be swayed from the eternal path of righteousness, yes, Oh yes, I will miss you and your memory will never leave me, until God unites us again, adieu my dearest friend. - Tim Hardesty

Posted by Tim Hardesty - Bardstown, KY   May 13, 2019

I loved Dwayne like a brother, I'm sure he knew this and his wife. Dwayne never had one negative thing to say about anyone, he went out of his way many and I mean many times and asked nothing ever in return. He was an honorable father and husband, he was more than a respectful friend than I ever deserved, his laughter is silent now, there's a hole in my heart as big as Heaven's Gates, he never forsook me when many others often did, he always placed himself below others when he was the higher compassionate one, he asked for no compensation for anything because Dwayne thought it was his duty in life to always help others, why God took my best friend is more misery he flung upon my brow, I can't ever forget our times playing cards, fishing, and talking about life in the most profound way, Dwayne was a very deep person, spiritually and philosophically, he could quote proverbs from any book and Bible, he was a master chess player and marvel at anything he truly pursued, I can't believe God took him off this earth away from his family and friends, hardly fair and very cruel. Rest in peace my dearest brother, until we meet again. - Tim Hardesty

Posted by Tim Hardesty - KY   May 11, 2019