Chris Kraft

  • Born: February 28, 1924
  • Died: July 22, 2019
  • Location: Houston, Texas


Chris Kraft

NASA's visionary first flight director…

Chris Kraft was NASA's visionary first flight director, who guided astronauts as they orbited Earth and landed on the Moon. For full obituary and coverage from, click here.

Condolence & Memory Journal

God is a God of all Comfort and he will Comfort the family's...My heartfelt sympathies to the family's...

Posted by A friend   December 22, 2019

God is a God of all Comfort and he will Comfort the family's...My heartfelt sympathies...

Posted by A friend   December 12, 2019

I am so sorry for your loss. Losing our loved ones is never easy but may the love of people that surrounds you soften your grief. May you continue to throw all your burden on to God because He cares for you.

Posted by A friend   August 24, 2019

Our deepest condolences to the family. What a bright mind Chris had.

We pray that God continues to strengthen and comfort you all during this extremely difficult time.

Posted by A friend   August 17, 2019

I met Mr. Kraft in about 2001 at the Denver Press Club, when he was on a book tour for "Flight: My Life in Mission Control." I have read the book several times over and it's one of my favorites. Although we only spent maybe a hour or so talking, with some minimal correspondence in later years, I considered him to be one of the greatest Americans I'd ever met, or ever will meet. Brilliant and gifted, incredibly cordial, willing to answer all of my questions (how do we survive long-term in zero gravity, for example), willing to share his experiences (which we could not possibly cover all of in our brief time). I am a NASA generation kid and followed all of the missions through Mercury, Gemini and Apollo, and to meet the man who put it all together was a great, great day in my life. My condolences to the family; just remember that you were incredibly blessed to have such a great man in your life. When I hear NASA use the term "Flight," I always think of Christopher Columbus Kraft. Take care.

Posted by Mark Stutz - Littleton, CO - acquaintance   August 07, 2019

Reading his obituary I see that he had many accomplishments. His drive to explore benefited us all. Prayers to his loved ones on his passing. God is near to the brokenhearted.

Posted by A friend   July 31, 2019

Chris Kraft was one of the greatest men in NASA history. He stood by the agency since it's NACA days, helped it through it's darkest hours and nurtured the agency through all of its trials and tribulations. His work in founding mission control, working through Gemini, supporting Apollo 8 and eventually, landing upon the moon was essential to NASA and its history. Throughout all of my life,I have been helped through my darkest hours by casting my thoughts to Kraft's incredible achievements, dedication and service. Though he didn't live forever, his legacy certainly will.

Posted by Charlie Hoare - Brisbane   July 30, 2019

God's eternal blessings on Chris Kraft and those he leaves on the planet for his final ascent . When JFK vowed to land Americans on the moon by the end of the 1960's, it was impossible. There was no rocket to make that trip. There were no spaceships to land on the surface, computers to guide them, not even a spacesuit ! Chris Kraft, the man who invented Mission Control said, "We made it possible. We, the United States made it possible." Thank You, Chris Kraft for proving what the American Spirit can accomplish .

Posted by Rey Criollo    July 30, 2019

To the family and friends take comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

Posted by A friend   July 30, 2019

My condolences to the family. He shared his talent with us and we thank him. May God continue to be with you and know that he is never far off from you.

Posted by A friend   July 28, 2019

The anniversary of the moon landing has brought back so many memories of my formative years during the space program in the 1960s. Of the non-astronauts, Chris Kraft's is the most memorable. Somehow, in spite of the risks involved, a mission with a man with such a wonderful name and confident "in charge" demeanor, had to succeed! Where are guys like Chris Kraft now? In the words of George Jones, "Who's gonna fill their shoes?"

Posted by Alan Wright - Pawleys Island, SC   July 27, 2019


Rest in Peace

Posted by Scott Chamberland - Saint Agatha, ME   July 27, 2019

May the love of friends and family carry you through your grief.

Posted by A friend   July 27, 2019


BELIEVE , IN YOURSELF !!!!! SIR MARK 1:11 .... MATTHEW 14:10 ..... & JOHN 2:02-2:25 ?????

Posted by ASHLEY DUFFY - CHEPACHET, RI   July 26, 2019

I send deepest sympathy to the family for the loss of your dear one. May the God of comfort give comfort to you at this very difficult time.

Posted by Mary Smith - PA   July 26, 2019

We will always always love, cherrish and remember the many times you shared and laughed with each other. may God be with us on our time of grieving

Posted by A friend   July 26, 2019

My sincere condolences to the Kraft family. May memories comfort you and prayers strengthen you as you receive the courage and strength to cope wth the difficult days ahead.

Posted by L. M. - CA   July 26, 2019

Dear Mr. Kraft,

You were one of the giants upon whose shoulders an entire generation of schoolchildren stood. I was one of them.

You, and those who served alongside you, have shown us the path. Now, it is up to us, our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to follow the path and continue your work.


Posted by Dave Hromanik - West Mifflin, PA   July 26, 2019

Our nature is to be curious, our destiny is to explore the will be remember always Chris. RIP

Posted by Karlton Kemerait - Hixson, TN - acquaintance   July 26, 2019


Posted by Ann Stokman - Greendale, WI   July 26, 2019

Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers with the loss of a fine person. My parents thought the world of you both. God bless to you Betty Ann and family.

Posted by Carol Galli Cohen - Houston, TX - friend   July 25, 2019

Sharing in your sadness. Sending prayers and words of comfort during this difficult time. Please accept my sincere condolences.

Posted by Ms. Sowell    July 25, 2019


Sympathy to the Kraft Family.
God Bless.
Gods speed Chris Kraft, thank you for your wonderful contributions to our space missions.

M. Kosh
Ft. Myers, Fl.

Posted by m kosh - ft. myers, FL   July 24, 2019

I worked for IBM on projects Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. I knew Chris and so many others, such as Bill Tindall, John Mayer, Lyn Dundeith, Tec Roberts, Carl Hus, etc., who have left us, and it makes me sad. There is no doubt that Chris was our leader and set an example for hard intelligent work. I miss him.

Posted by Howard Bedford - Naples, FL   July 24, 2019


Dear Family of Mr Craft, My condolences on the loss of your parent, this great man.
I have memories of going to either kindergarten or elementary school in Hampton with a little girl named Christy Kraft, whom I understood at the time was the daughter of the famous Chris Kraft.
We enjoyed a brief and genuine friendship. Little Folks Kindergarten or John M Willis Elementary school were my haunts back then. Regardless of whether I have the correct Christy Kraft or not, please let me say that I am sympathetic to the loss of your father, as I've recently lost mine as well. I will also add that although, your relative's accomplishments far outreach those of mine, Hampton, Virginia and the surrounding vicinity enjoy the legacy of two outstanding citizens and their contributions to the betterment of our community. Thank you and God bless you.

Posted by Nancy Pile-Griffin - Smithfield, VA   July 24, 2019

From what I read about Chris, he was very modest about his accomplishments. A very respectable quality I hope to imitate. My sincere condolences to Chris family and friends. May you receive the comfort you need, especially from the God of all comfort.

Posted by A friend   July 24, 2019

My heart is sadden for the Kraft family. May the family be comforted forever by the God of mercy and comfort as you cope with your loss. He will be truly missed.

Posted by BRY - CA   July 24, 2019

My Condolences to the Kraft family. Chris is now able to make his journey to the Heights of Heaven. We all as Americans should cherish his endeavors and efforts to make our Country proud.

Posted by James Smith - SAN ANTONIO, TX   July 24, 2019

Condolences to the family and friends of Chris Kraft. His contribution to society will be remembered forever. Chris is in God's memory and at peace.

Posted by A friend   July 24, 2019

Go Hokies! Chris returned to speak at Virginia Tech when I was an undergraduate engineering student. We were extremely proud of him as a Hokie and fellow Virginian. He and Homer Hickam were alumni extraordinaire.

Posted by Robert Woods - Lancaster, VA - student   July 24, 2019

To the family of Chris Kraft our condolence he will be greatly missed please recieve comfort from almighty God

Posted by Ym - TX   July 24, 2019

My condolences to the Kraft family, truly sorry for your loss, may God comfort you as your go through this very difficult time.

Posted by A friend   July 24, 2019

Dr. kraft, thank you for being the visionary and leader for all NASA human space flight operations. And, for being my mentor. May God bless you and your family.

Maurice and Trudy Kennedy.

Posted by Maurice Kennedy - Houston, TX - friend   July 23, 2019

Sincere condolences on your loss. May the God of comfort be with you during this difficult time.

Posted by A friend   July 23, 2019


Godspeed Chris, and thank you for your wonderful work for the space program. Rest in Peace.

Posted by Harry Simpson - Buckeye, AZ   July 23, 2019

Chris, you where a great man to work for, you've changed the world.

Your co-worker

Dorthy Hanvoice

Posted by Dorthy Hanvoice - Houston, TX - coworker   July 23, 2019

He was the personification of this wonderful new era of heroic American adventure.
Our prayers for the family,
with a deep appreciation for Chris.

Posted by Steve Cree - Midland, TX   July 23, 2019

I am so sorry for your loss. Losing our loved ones is never easy but may the love of people that surrounds you soften your grief. May the God of all comfort help you.

Posted by The Clark Family    July 23, 2019

You taught me everything I know about teamwork and focus. I was blessed to have you as a mentor. Your legacy has touched thousands and lives on, bigger than you ever could have imagined.

Posted by David Reed - Carlisle, MA - coworker   July 23, 2019


My sincerest condolences to the Kraft family

Posted by Ginger Gunter - Fall River, MA   July 23, 2019

Truly a loss, may God be with the Kraft family as they go through this very difficult time.

Posted by A friend   July 23, 2019

Mr. Kraft was the greatest pioneer of America's Space Program. He will truly be missed!

Prayers for the family during this difficult time.

Rest in Peace.

Posted by Jacob Hall - Garland, TX   July 23, 2019

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Chris, RIP and may God Bless your soul for eternity. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family, friends and fans. Thank you for your Amazing talents...