Condolence & Memory Journal

I watched Jack Van Impe for years as a child then I became a Christian. He will be missed

Posted by T S - NY - acquaintance   December 21, 2021

I still have an old cassette of Dr Jack Van Impe preaching The Signs of the Times
About 1975

Posted by Gail Miller - Friend   December 15, 2021

What an incredible teacher! My son and I have listened to Jack for years. We learned so very much about scripture through his ministry. How wonderful it must be to be in the presence of Jesus, now. We shall see you very soon, Dr. Van Impe!

Posted by Gema Galvin - Statesboro, GA - friend   December 07, 2021



Posted by GERRY SHAVER - pearisburg, VA   December 05, 2021

I loved his teachings, he opened my eyes and heart to Christianity. I will truly miss him and his broadcast. I also admire his widowed wife Rexella. My heart broke when I found about his death. I started listening to his
wife and him share the WORD of GOD when I was a teenager and I still watch them on youtube and I am 64
years of age. MAY HE REST IN PEACE.

Posted by Elsie Nieves - New york, NY - student   November 24, 2021

I am so sad to find out Jack Van Impee is gone my prayers will always be with Rexella and family I miss him dearly

Posted by Sandra Spray - Corsicana, TX - friend   November 24, 2021

My mom watched his show. I've heard of him, but didn't know he'd gone to Heaven. We know he's with Jesus, & one day we'll all be together. One, big happy, blessed family.... :) R.I.P.

Posted by Tina Robertson - Scottsdale, AZ   November 24, 2021

I have listened to Pastor Van Impe since I was a little girl. Im now 67. I can say the impact he left in my life was astounding. He always had the truth of Jesus in his tongue. I would be so eager when I knew he was coming on tv or radio. I could barely wait til the next program. Jack and Rexella, you guys will live in my heart Forever! We will meet in person soon. Becky Crain

Posted by Rebecca Crain    November 23, 2021

Thank you Bro. Van Impe, you will be missed. Mrs. Van Impe I hope you are well. Dear Father bless this dear lady with much comfort.
Love in Jesus Name

Posted by mary woodard - AL, Wilmer, AL - friend   October 21, 2021

I am so sorry for your loss Rexella, but he is where we long to be. In Heaven with Jesus.. My dear husband passed in April of 2020 so I know the loss we feel ... Until we meet again. God Bless you and Thank you for the years of Ministry.
Now you are going forward...much love!! ❤❤✝❤❤.

Posted by Betty Milne - Abbotsford, BC - acquaintance   October 15, 2021

I am surpraised that Dr. Jack is passed away , it is been a long time that i have not seen Jack Van Impe and just exactly now when i open the Jack Van Impe television i wonder why Dr. Jack Van Impe was not there with his wife on TV until Rexella mention that her husband was gone to OUR LORD IN HEAVEN.

REST IN PEACE Dr. Jack Van Impe

FROM. Heide Liza H. Elnes

Posted by A friend   October 11, 2021


Posted by Frank Childers - Ponca City, OK - student   October 01, 2021

Soon Brother we will be together. So have you seen the City of the King? Isn't it glorious. See you in the Air.

Posted by David Maynard - Troy, NY - brother   August 22, 2021

I didn't know that Dr. van Impe passed until now. I will miss him. I always liked what he has to say. He was so on point with the BIBLE. So greatly missed.
Sandra Ghearing

Posted by Sandra Ghearing - Independence, MO   August 22, 2021

In loving memory of a wonderful person. We will love you and miss you always.

Posted by carrie tschann - oregon, OH - acquaintance   July 25, 2021

May Jack be celebrating his eternal life with the Lord Jesus Christ united in a kingdom love and peace. My dear Rexella May our Lord give you the love and grace to embrace the many wonderful years that both Jack and you shared and hold him in your heart with love for eternity .

Posted by Dr.Reverend Angel Austin - Work   June 28, 2021


Posted by GERALD DOSS - VILLA RIDGE, MO - friend   June 28, 2021

I always loved watching Jack Van Impe presents both he and Rexella were a blessing I know this man was very close to God and won allot of souls I was so sad to hear he had passed he will be greatly missed glad his wife is going to take over

Posted by Sandra Spray - Friend   June 04, 2021

Jack Van Impe that's a great man of God preaching the word Lord Jesus Christ he went home to be with the Lord Jesus Christ

Posted by Sammie George jr - Lansing, MI   May 26, 2021

Posted by Sammie George - Lalnsing, MI   May 26, 2021

He had great belief.

Posted by A friend   May 16, 2021

A man of God, who inspired and forewarned the world through the words of God the many events that have come and will come. A "voice in the wilderness" preparing many for the coming of the Lord. " Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from Henceforth: Yea saith the Spirit, they rest from their labors and their works do follow them." Rev. 14:13. We miss you Dr. Jack Van Impe.

Posted by Pastors C & K. Bennett - Toronto, Canada   May 16, 2021

The loss of Dr Jack Van Impe was like the loss of a dear friend after listening to him for so many years.

Posted by Connie Shull    May 11, 2021

A Man's Man. One of Michigan's Finest Son's.

Posted by Mark Swenor - Manticao, UM - acquaintance   May 08, 2021

Bible says absent from the Body= present with the Lord--- so this Long Time Preacher of Christ is with the One He served--the Lord

Posted by augustine johnson - birmingham, AL - friend   May 05, 2021

Posted by jon morris - newport, NC   April 29, 2021

Im very sorry for your loss I've watched your ministry sence i was little on T.B.N. know that he's in heaven we all are blessed knowing his belief in God are true and he was used in a mighty way God Bless ...Mrs.Van Impe you will see your husband again in heaven stay strong love you all

Posted by Paco Martinez    April 27, 2021


Posted by CASS BELL - CAMINO, CA   April 16, 2021

I enjoyed every service that Mr. Jack Van Impe gave on air. I started watching when JVI Ministry started nearly 20 years ago. I am proud to say I loved what he told us as it cemented my belief as a Christian. I also supported JVI Ministries when I could and felt that I was helping them get the word out to all corners of the world as God and Mr. Van Impe wanted. I miss him very much but still get articles to read on the store site. I wish Mrs. Van Impe all the best and feel her sorrow. May we all meet together in Heaven. God Bless!!

Posted by Donald Fountain - Wellesley, ON - grandparent   April 01, 2021

Drs. Jack & Rexella Van Impe have given me so very much hope in this ever-failing world in which we live. I've been a true Bible believing Christian since May 1972. May Our GOD Keep you strong & blessed, precious Rexella.

Posted by Debora G. May - Silver Springs, NV - friend   March 28, 2021

I used to watch the show every Sunday. I just found out about Dr. Jack passing away. Watching the show got me right with the Lord. In loving memory of a wonderful person. We will love you and miss you always.

Posted by A friend   March 01, 2021

He was the reason I became a Christian. It was December in 1974 I just finished listing to a tape recording of his program the coming war with Russia. I bowed my head and prayed and I asked Jesus in my heart and I became a Christian. I had no idea he had gone to be with the Lord. I just found out today I'm so sorry for not having known.

Posted by Glenn Bulow - Hobart, IN - teacher   February 25, 2021

I have deeply admired Jack Van Impe and his beautiful wife Rexella since I first watched their broadcast on TBN over 25 years ago. I have shared their videos with my 13 year old and and am so blessed to have been able to learn from such a treasure of Godly knowledge.
Thank You Jesus for such a blessed teacher.

Posted by Lanora Fisher - Tucson, AZ   February 19, 2021

I found Jack and Rexella's television ministry when my first husband, Jack passed away 29 years ago. They helped me get through my grieving. I have enjoyed watching and listening to Jack and Rexella all these years. I have learned so much. I'm still reading through my Jack Van Impe Prophecy Bible and I am half way through it.

I am happy that Jack is now where he should be, but it is a huge loss to the world as he was definitely one of God's strongest ambassadors. I cannot wait to see him again in heaven. He will definitely have many, many crowns.

I was thrilled to see Rexella on TV hosting the ministry recently again. Rexella, you are truly an Angel. I know your heart is broken because Jack loved and adored you and your marriage was one to be envied. I am so glad that you are continuing the ministry. We need your guidance through these times. God bless and keep you and thank you Jack Van Impe for all you have done for this world.

Posted by Dee Wright - Mission Viejo, CA   February 18, 2021

Reading one of his books now. His knowledge and understanding of the Bible is impressive, and he explains the scriptures in a way people understand it and want to learn more. Thank you for being such a devoted servant to our Lord in winning souls. Go rest high; your work here on earth is done. Thank you, Rexella, for carrying on with the job of spreading the good news and providing hope in a world that is evil. Have always loved the tv broadcast.

Posted by Heather Hartzburg - Vincennes, IN - friend   February 14, 2021

I always loved watching Jack talk so passionately about our Father, our Savior and teaching us all about His Word and the things that were coming in the world according to God's word. His passion & enthuisiam for God, His Son and His word were always so joyful to watch and inspiring! Jack was never afraid to say what he believed no matter who might be offended. His love for God, Jesus, his wife Rexella and all of us is what I will remember. It is good to see you Rexella and it strengthens me to see you continuing on in teaching and encouraging all of us still. I pray God bless you and keep you and watch over and protect you always. Keeping you in love and prayers, Kathleen

Posted by Kathleen - PA - friend   February 13, 2021

I know my mom and dad welcomed you with open arms when you were escorted into our forever home by the holy angels dear brother. They wore your record of The "Coming War of Russia" out playing it for all the new converts we hosted in our home while we were growing up. I watched and listened to your broadcast for over 50 years and look forward to when we can all share in the glorious presence of the Lord together for all eternity.

Posted by Brenda Cahill - Pilot, NC   February 10, 2021

We will miss you, until we see you in the Glory of our Lord...

Posted by A friend   February 09, 2021

You always kept me wanting to believe in Jesus and now I serve him because it's partly due to you my friend. When the new earth is born I will see you then Jack! Praise God for your courage to say what others die for each and every day some where in the world each and every day. Rex we are praying for you and some comfort and all your relatives. God bless you in your time of need.

Posted by clark putman - Winchester, VA   February 09, 2021

I loved watching your weekly broadcast. So sorry dear Rexella. God bless you.

Posted by Sherrie McDougle - TAMPA, FL   February 08, 2021

A brilliant teacher and precious ministry. Learned so much from Dr. Van Impe. Purchased his Revelation Revealed Bible and gave one to my mother. My edition is well loved. This man had chutzpah and inspired millions. I had a secret debate with him over the enemy coming into Israel from the north. Dr. Van Impe would say Russia and I would say Syria. We were and are both right. Saturday evenings I would stay up to hear Jack and Rexella. Had to hear Rexella bid goodnight in such a sweet voice, then I could sleep. Thank you for the education and wonderful family atmosphere. Now he can chat with all the apostles. May God extend your teaching throughout the years to come. Great love and strength to you Rexella. Goodnight.

Posted by Melaine Donley - Saint Edward, NE - teacher   February 08, 2021

Always was very impressed with Jacks memory as he recalled details that revealed a computer like memory ! The feeling of a real truthful man whom wanted the best outcome for every being , was the most impressive aspect of Jack in my opinion. He always left me feeling I had just spent time with a true friend whom I could trust with my life in his hands.

Posted by William Richard Nicholson - Los Banos, UM - friend   January 29, 2021

God is such a blessing to us through your ministry, we continue to pray for your family. Continue prayers sent your way. God will never leave you or forsake you.

Posted by Michaelene Person - Lake Tapps, WA - friend   January 20, 2021

Jack was a walking bible. I watched his show everyweek. He was such a good preacher and prophesied so good. I loved his show. He's in heaven rejoicing with the angels.

Posted by shari Goodchild - Acquaintance   January 16, 2021

I grew up watching dr jack van impe and he was a masterfull teacher of gods word he will truly be missed but we will all be together one day soon God bless you jack you are finally home job well done

Posted by Richard Barnhill - THOMASVILLE, NC - acquaintance   January 11, 2021

Jack a very excellent man of God, Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for him, Rexella and Chuck Olman, I was truly blessed by their ministry!!!!!!!!

Posted by nick oleff - Brother   January 05, 2021

When GOD tells his son, JESUS CHRIST, that it's time for HIS return plus GOD says to us christians, "Come up hither!", with HIS trumpet sounding voice, we will be with GOD, JESUS plus the HOLY SPIRIT for eternity. Amen! To Mrs. Van Impe. Sorry for your loss. Heaven gained a wonderful soul. You will see him again.

Posted by John Hays - Council Bluffs, IA - friend   January 04, 2021

Jack Van Impe was a Tremendous Blessing not just to myself but many, many, many others. The Scripture says: Be ye Steadfast, Unmoveable, Always Abounding in the Work of the Lord. Mr. Van Impe was exactly that. I Pray for his Wife and Family who I’m Sure already know they will see Mr. Van Impe Again. I pray for their “Inner Strength,them Remaining Faithful until the very end, and Blessings for/on each one of them in Abundance in every area of their lives. Wanda

Posted by Wanda Robertson-Chambers - Natick, MA - acquaintance   January 03, 2021

Jack Van Impe was very knowledgeable about God’s Word, and he Blessed so many people including myself. I know he’s with our Lord and Savior, and would not ever come back to this earth for any reason if someone paid him Trillions of Dollars. “You Made It Jack!” God Bless You and Your Wife and family who will surely see You Again.

Posted by Wanda Robertson-Chambers - Acquaintance   January 03, 2021

Thank you for your teachings. Thank you for you and your wife smiles and your heart that’s soars out to each and everyone of us. Your teachings made me understand the Bible and for that I am so grateful. Rexella Stay strong I know it will all be together and will all finally be home. Much love

Posted by Liz - Friend   January 02, 2021

Jack was a good man he's in a much better place today my condolences rexella I understand your pain... I lost my wife on Christmas Eve for years ago

Posted by Michael Myers - Commerce Twp, MI   December 29, 2020

I was truly blessed by his ministry, bought his Bible, & some literature over the years. I grew in the Lord because of his work. Praise God! Lord, hold Rexella by her hand.

Posted by Larry Bunch - Burlington, KY - friend   December 26, 2020

My condolences to the vanimpe family watched jack vanimpe presents many times his loss will be felt all over the world

Posted by Paul Collins - Buena vista, VA - friend   December 19, 2020

Jack was a worrier for God. He knew the word from back to from. I wanted to be like him and know the word like he did, he once said that he had 20,000 verses committed to memory. Just a remarkable testament of how much he loved God and reaching the word. Jack would be missed, I haven’t been on his site in a while and just tonight I decided to pull him up to find out he has passed. I cried because he gave me hope that God is in control no matter what’s going on around you. I tried to watch others but none was as knowledgeable and passionate about God’s word like Jack and I’m really going to missed that. I will miss you Jack and I can’t wait to see you again in heaven. This is a man for sure that I know God has said to him “ well done my good and faithful servant” That was Jack Van Impe

Posted by Arvid Caldwell - Student   December 16, 2020

Jack was a worrier for God. He knew the word from back to from. I wanted to be like him and know the word like he did, he once said that he had 20,000 verses committed to memory. Just a remarkable testament of how much he loved God and reaching the word. Jack would be missed, I haven’t been on his site in a while and just tonight I decided to pull him up to find out he has passed. I cried because he gave me hope that God is in control no matter what’s going on around you. I tried to watch others but none was as knowledgeable and passionate about God’s word like Jack and I’m really going to missed that. I will miss you Jack and I can’t wait to see you again in heaven. This is a man for sure that I know God has said to him “ well done my good and faithful servant” That was Jack Van Impe

Posted by Arvid Caldwell - Student   December 16, 2020

We were shocked to hear of his passing. He was excited about going in the rapture but he left early.
We were saved through him. .
Always enjoyed your jokes Jack !
May you rest in peace ,

John and Cheryl Gillis

Posted by Cheryl Gillis - Gwinn, MI - acquaintance   December 15, 2020

I just heard the news of His going with The Lord which He loved so much. I'm deeply saddened. He was an inspiration to my life and has been missed since he stopped broadcasting. I will dearly miss him. He was faithful in his unwaivering stance for the True Gospel until his final broadcast. I am sure he has heard: "Well done my good and faithful servant" from The Lord Himself. My deepest condolences to Rexella and all his other loved ones. God bless and comfort you all.

Posted by Armando Sanchez - Key Largo, FL - student   December 15, 2020

He will be missed but his with the Father now and one day we will see him again. I enjoyed watching him.but I know in my heart his right there beside the Lord and is so happy.

Posted by Debra Keith - Dickson, TN - friend   December 13, 2020

I just found out Mr. Van Impe passed. I followed him and his wife from a young child. I watched them every week. Saddend by this but I know he is with OUR FATHER! Amen!

Posted by Gail Jones - Raleigh, NC   December 09, 2020

His ministry with support of his lovely wife was inspirational and news worthy relating to prophesy with strong Biblical references. His knowledge of scripture and his ability to connect it to news of our world today made every broadcast valuable. He will be remembered.

Posted by MARY SCHULZ - PLACENTIA, CA   December 08, 2020

He was an amazing minister of God and blessed me greatly as a young christian. So sure he is so dancing on the streets of heaven with his beautiful Lord and savior.

Posted by CHRISTINE - Acquaintance   November 30, 2020

He was an amazing minister of God and blessed me greatly as a young christian. So sure he is so dancing on the streets of heaven with his beautiful Lord and savior.

Posted by CHRISTINE - Acquaintance   November 30, 2020

We love and respect Rexella and Jack.

The Word.

Posted by Dianne and Frank    November 16, 2020

I'm saddened to hear of Jack Van Impe's passing. I enjoyed watching the broadcasts for years. God bless Rexella and family.

Posted by Teresa S - TX - acquaintance   November 15, 2020

May God Bless you and your Family in this time of sorrow

Posted by Nieves Family - MI   November 15, 2020


our Deepest Sympathy.!
Praying for you all.
My meice Kandi always listened to you and hhas a new tape form year's back new yet never opened so will listen to it.

May God wrap his arm's about you and know we are Praying for you a..

God Bless!
Anna Mae Oxford and Ruth Cook

Posted by Anna Mae / Ruth Oxford/ cook - Yakima, WA   November 07, 2020

Learned a lot from you and. Enjoy Heaven now.

Posted by A friend   November 07, 2020

Me and my family enjoyed his program for many years. His bless him!

Posted by Miriam Irizarry - Moosup, CT   October 25, 2020

My mother is who introduced me to Jack and Roxella. I loved watching their show, long before I became a born-again Christian. Thank you for relating current events to Biblical prophecy. Rest in Peace, Jack, and may God bless you, Roxella - thank you for your service to our Lord.

Posted by Cindy Galbreath - Woodland Park, CO   October 22, 2020

I loved Jack and Rexella Van Impe. Looked forward to seeing them once every week. My heart and prayers are now with Mrs. Van Impe, may God bless her forever.

Posted by Patrick Slevin - Bement, IL - friend   October 19, 2020


Posted by KEN SOBAY - MARINETTE, WI - brother   October 09, 2020

Our condolences to Rexella and family. I learned so much about prophecy, the end times, the rapture and so much more through Jack’s teachings! I am so thankful for God’s servant and for Rexella as well! My husband and I, here in Puerto Rico, have been so edified and for that we are very grateful!

Posted by Marilyn Sepulveda - Orocovis, Puerto Rico   October 01, 2020

My mom Cecilia enjoyed watching his show. I watched it with her and then soon found myself watching it by myself! Great show and I’m sure Our Wonderful Lord is very pleased with Jack ❤☺

Posted by Bernadette - Neighbor   October 01, 2020

So sorry of his passing. He led me to the Lord thur his jack van impe ministry in 1995. He is missed but he's with his Lord

Posted by Pat Green - Forest City, NC - student   September 27, 2020

I loved watching your show and learned a lot through your bible teachings. I was always amazed of how much you memorized. And I loved how you’d gush over your beautiful wife, Rexella , at times grabbing her hand. You truly will be missed. RIP Jack

Posted by Paula Berry - PA - friend   September 25, 2020

We loved you and your knowledge.

Posted by Camille Wilson - Washington Terrace, UT   September 20, 2020

Lord God bring you comfort and strength Van Impe family. Very sorry to hear of this worlds loss. Paradise is yours brother.

Posted by A friend   September 04, 2020

I will say I am thankfully God was able to use him.He knew The Word and even though nobody can perfectly know truth until the rapture happens,Jack Van Impe loved Jesus Christ enough to not back down about world events and why we must have a savior in Christ Jesus.As I learned The Word more,I was able to understand much of what this man said being true.
He understood the Blood Of The Lamb.I am thankfully he was in ministry.I pray he has heard well done good and faithful servant.I have no sadness for him knowing he is happier now than ever.
Peace be with you In Jesus Christ.

Posted by Bruce Medici - W..G., RI - brother   September 01, 2020

Jack has taught me so muck about the Bible. I miss you jack

Posted by Donald carrington - Friend   August 28, 2020

So sorry to hear he past away. I have watched his program for years. I pray Roxella is doing well under the circumstances. My love to you I pray the Lord Jesus hugs you in his arms all the time. We will see you in heaven.

Posted by Janet Puckett - Topeka, KS   August 25, 2020

Now you are with Jesus and Tom Lester from Green Acres! He really admired your preaching!

Posted by A friend   August 23, 2020

Praying for Your comfort Rexella & Family & Staff...when asking our Lord to lead me to good & true prophecy teachers I was led to Jack, Hal Lindsey, Zola Levitt, and then some others later also. Always enjoyed the programs & teaching materials over the many years....May God Bless Always! Love in Messiah Jesus, Bill G.

Posted by bill gozza - clearwater, FL   August 22, 2020

We are saddened to hear of Jack's passing but so happy to know he is finally with our Lord. He was an inspiration to all. Our condolences to Rexella and family.

Posted by Judith and Jerry - Munhall, PA   August 18, 2020

always enjoyed listening to him

Posted by Frances Banks - Fayetteville, NC   August 15, 2020

I'm sorry Roxcella! I just found out today that Jack passed...I was wondering why I haven't seen him on your telecast. Pastor Jack New the Bible inside and out. I Loved listening to your broadcast...♥. I shook both your Hands at Bronners Christmas Wonderland back in 2014 ...I'm so Thankful for that with Thanks to our Lord and Savior ...I'll keep watching in Hope for Our Lord's Return...I Love you and God's Redeeming Hope Lived in Dr Jack Van Impi Presents....♥❤

Posted by Julie Nemeth - West Branch., MI - friend   August 11, 2020

Posted by Grady Morris Youngblood    August 11, 2020

I believe it must have been the early 1960’s when
Jack & Rexella Van Impe came to our church in Detroit. Mich. Springwells Baptist Church. Pastor was Rev. Frank Mills. Jack preached ,played the accordion & Rexella sang I have enjoyed his teaching these many years. What a memory the Lord gave to Jack Van Impe to quote so many Bible verses from memory Rexella made up the perfect team. May the Lord bless & keep you Rexella & love from this old 97 year old lady..

Posted by Doris Fearncombe - Friend   August 09, 2020


I send my deepest condolences to his wife. I have so many tablets filled with biblical information that I learned from him. He truly was the best teacher. I was able to gain a wealth of knowledge. I would often watch and rewind the program to make sure I had written every word correctly. As a result, I was able to get a good understanding. Dr. Jack Van Impe will be missed.

Posted by TAMEKO ROBERSON - Humble, TX - student   August 08, 2020

I was also a ( Jack Van Impe Ministries )Sunday night viewer and (radio fan) I thank Jesus for a wonderful vessel in ( JVI) for broadcasting such informative scripture and promise in Gods word. Rest in peace JVI. You are home now.( My sincerest condolences to Rexella and family.

Posted by Kurtis J.K. - Friend   August 04, 2020

I was saddened for Rexella and the entire Jack Van Impe crew when I heard about Dr. Jack Van Impe’s passing. I know thAt he must be one of the most Happiest and Jubilant people walking on the street of gold right now. I had listened to his broadcast for 20+ years. His intelligence on Bible scripture memory goes unmatched. I would get excited when he would preach about the rapture. I look forward to seeing him in Heaven one day and to tell him how much I appreciated his ministry here on Earth. Jack Van Impe Ministries encouraged, and continues to encourage, millions of people to come to faith in Christ.

Posted by Reggie Wiles - NC - friend   August 02, 2020

May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well lived.

Posted by Kathleen Kashella - Sarver, PA   August 02, 2020

We loved Jack Van Impe! I watched him and Rexalla every Sunday night! He will be greatly missed!

Posted by Linda Pearson - North Tonawanda, NY - friend   August 02, 2020

He was a super preacher that got me watching him and wife's Sundays shows.

Posted by Larry McGrean - Des Moines, IA - friend   July 27, 2020

Thank you for your decades of preaching the word of God without compromise.

Posted by Valerie Hancotte-Galan - Nashville, TN   July 24, 2020

He inspired me in ways he will never know, even as a young boy of 6 years old in Dayton, Ohio. Man could he play the accordion. May we hopefully meet in Heaven. May his crowns be many. Condolences to Rexella.

Posted by Gregory Gilreath - Houston, TX - acquaintance   July 21, 2020

R.I.P. Jack, thank you for your dedication and service all these years.

Posted by bob mccabe - friend   July 13, 2020

jack was and is great.

Posted by everett wilson - ashland, KY - friend   July 12, 2020

I'm so sad to hear this. I'm just hearing about this tonight, all because I'm searching for info Jack talked about in a segment of his show in the 90s. He passed recently, only 3 days after my birthday. He sure did make Revelation a real book to me in a way that few others accept David Breese could. Thank you Jack, my mom and I purchased The Mark of the Beast and I never missed your shows as a new Christian in the 90s. May God watch over Rexella. RIP.

Posted by DaVida Gayden - Phoenix, AZ - friend   July 11, 2020

Loved your stand, you never wavered - good job Jack. See you soon.

Posted by Perry Puppe - Black Diamond, WA - brother   July 02, 2020

Thinking of you in these uncertain times and wish you were here to give us strength and guidance

Posted by Joyce Schneider - Collinsville, IL   June 28, 2020

RIP Rev. Jack Van Impe ✝
I am saddened by your passing that I learned of today. I love your preaching style and I discovered you in mid 1990s and enjoyed listening to you on tv during hard times. Your preaching uplifted me when I needed hope, love, joy, and good things that come from Father ABBA and his Son our Savior Jesus Christ. And we all must remember the Holy Spirit, who is to be Worshiped and Glorified. Plus you were the vessel God through Christ used to bring the good news to a fallen wicked sinful world as shown in
Romans 1 : Chapter 18
Verse 32. This Book of Romans is spot on about the evil world conditions through the ages. The remedy is repentance, forgiveness and forgiving those who attack you, and look up and following God/ABBA through Jesus Christ in LOVE. Thank you for your Preaching and the Holy Bible is the only true word of the living God and testifies about our Lord and Savior Yeshua Jesus Christ. My condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Van Impe for your loss.
Carlsbad Texas -Sanatorium Texas

Posted by Joe DeHoyos - Carlsbad, TX   June 28, 2020

im so sorry for your loss rexella ive been watching you and jack since 1989 i sure will miss jack but i know i will see him again in glory my eyes were opened in 1989 because of your show god bless you in the name of yashua jesus the christ

Posted by ronald northrup - south beloit, IL   June 27, 2020

We, my husband William and I are so sorry to hear about his passing. We've watched him back as far as I can remember. We love you all.

Posted by Gaynell Kirk - Friend   June 26, 2020

Dr. Jack Van Impe there will never be another like him. A true gift from Heaven . Followed Him for over 45 yrs. His Joy Contagious, His Passion consuming , His love unending , His Loyalty never wavering, His compassion compelling, His Boldness for certain, His Faithfulness never questioned His Race finished Strong . Your Study and Memory Of Gods Word was Powerful., Love you supported you. Will see you again one day. Douglas Morrison 574-870-4130

Posted by Douglas Morrison - Delphi, IN   June 23, 2020

Jack Van Impe was a voice of one calling out in the desert, as John the Baptist to me. Jack opened my eyes to the word of God and showed me that to get the facts of what was going on in the world, one needed to branch out and seek. Jack is with Jesus now, and my prayers and sympathy are for Rexella. I know how difficult it is to be without your partner. But one day we shall all be together with Jesus. God bless Rexella and comfort her. Thank you for your ministry all these years. Your reward is in heaven.

Posted by TerriAnn Ferren - Torrance, CA   June 23, 2020

we watched your tv program for years you were always stright on with the bible thank you

Posted by willie grissom - norwood, NC - friend   June 23, 2020


May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.

Posted by TIM HARRIS - WINDSOR, CO - friend   June 19, 2020

just remember, there is no death in god. 1st john. i am sorry for your lost.

Posted by verlie mae baker - richmond, VA - friend   June 16, 2020

I loved to watch the Jack Van Impe program, so sorry!

Posted by Carol Chambers - claremore, OK - friend   June 15, 2020

I never heard that dear Dr. Van Impe had gone to be with his Lord! He was a good and faithful servant of God. God gave him the drive and the mind to memorize and use the Bible to preach repentance to millions of people worldwide. My parents both listened to him preach and loved "the walking Bible." They have gone to Heaven, but I have the Jack Van Impe Ministries New Testament and the book Roger F. Campbell wrote about Dr. Van Impe: "They Call Him the Walking Bible" that I am glad my parents left me for my library.

Posted by Ruth Stiff - Sylvania, OH - friend   June 12, 2020

Enjoyed watching the Van Impes every Sunday- brother Impe with his fervor and spark and sweet beautiful Rexella a couple who worked their entire lives teaching the world about Jesus. Rexella you still have a lot of Jesus love to teach the world and hope that you will continue your tv ministry again. The world needs to hear true news and end time current events like never b4

Posted by Monica - Scottsdale, AZ - friend   June 09, 2020

Thank you for letting me see that we are living in the end times loves you and ur wife

Posted by Darcy Urquhart - Oshawa, ON - friend   June 07, 2020

My husband Gary and I looked forward to Sunday nights to watch Drs. Jack and Rexella, our weekly family tradition we loved. Our Sundays won't be the same without them together. Such apparent love, honor and respect between them, besides the insightful commentary on current and future events in light of God's word.
Dear Dr. Jack Van impe, 'thank you' are insufficient words. Your devotion to God's living word was so evident & impressive. Your spirit & fervor remained strong in the Lord, despite some physical challenges you faced, especially in your latter years.
Dear Dr. Rexella Van Impe, although you celebrate your precious husband's arrival into heaven, I'm sure the loss you feel is great. May God comfort your beautiful heart. ♥

Posted by Susan Penn - MARTINEZ, CA   June 04, 2020

I thank God for his mighty preaching of the truth for all of us.

Posted by Gwen Brumm - Tow, TX - friend   June 04, 2020


May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well lived.

Posted by TJ C-N - Temperance, MI   June 02, 2020

I enjoyed watching your show and thought the Holiday episodes where Chuck would play the trumpet and Rexella would sing where fantastic! Your voice to the world about the second coming of Jesus will be missed, though, we be waiting for his return and appreciate you telling the world the good news. We will miss you Jack!

Posted by Eliza - Johnstown, NY - friend   June 01, 2020

I have watched Jack & his wife for 10 or 12 years. He was full of fire & did not deter from The Word. I will miss him greatly . But knowing he's with Jesus does make it a little easier. God bless Rexella & send her Grace.

Posted by Debby Ford - Johnstown, PA - friend   May 31, 2020

I didn't appreciate GOD, or you're preaching in my youth, but you sure taught me a lot 30 years later, ... thank you, we'll meet in heaven.

Posted by Beth Held - Lake Worth, FL   May 27, 2020

Thank you Jack for many great years watching you teach Gods work fluently! You will be missed! God speed and enjoy being in his presence! You will have many crowns to lay at his feet because you were the ultimate watchman !

Posted by Stephen Hamilton - Dillon   May 26, 2020

Jack, Im going to miss seeing you and Rexella together. Im also going to miss your enthusiasm, your dedication, your obedience to the Word and your gifted biblical wisdom. Youre one of the reasons why I have such an interest in end times prophecy. I know youre in a better place now but I and millions of others wish you were still here. Were gonna miss you brother.

Posted by Mike Callan - Greensboro, NC - friend   May 23, 2020

My wife and I watch the program for years. He will be truly miss. Apostle M. Thomas.

Posted by Matthew Thomas - Fredericksburg, VA   May 23, 2020

Jack started me back on the road to Christ over 25 yrs ago

Posted by ike neal - thorton, TX   May 17, 2020

I was working in Oklahoma on a project for my company. The talk of the morning was always "Did you see Jack last night"?
After a while I asked --who is Jack?
One of the workers told me and invited me to her home to watch it with a group of friends. I went and watched and enjoyed it
Being an Irish Catholic from Boston I was very intrigued . It became an event that I looked forward to.
Well, that was 1993 and when I returned to Boston I found Jack on a Boston station and watched. Since I traveled a lot, I set it up to be taped.
Here it is 2020 and I was still a faithful watcher.
I must have over 500 of his programs and still watch them. I always learn something new.

Jack, I said a prayer for you this morning and I know that you are sitting next to GOD

Posted by Edward Mahoney - El Paso, TX   May 16, 2020

Dr. Jack Van Impe, I followed and support His Ministry for forty years. Man of God. A Man called and commissioned by God give His entire life committed to Jesus Christ . His Wife and Ministry Well Done . Joyful Faithful Servant . You fought a good fight, you kept the Faith, now their is laid up for you . Enjoy Heaven thank you for finishing Strong I love you my brother Douglas Morrison

Posted by Douglas Morrison - Delphi, IN   May 15, 2020

So sorry to hear about Jack Van Impe! But he is rejoicing with the Lord now! I miss him so much on TV! My prayers and hugs to Rexella! God Bless !

Posted by Linda Pearson - North Tonawanda, NY - friend   May 11, 2020


Dr. Jack, my most gracious and beloved brother. I had never braved the chance to tell you while you were her, how much you have been helping, and mean to me... Now, you see.
P.S. I am very sorry and sad that I didnt respond sooner as I do not do news regularly and sometimes drift away (you know what mean) but you always bring me back to him, which is why you will forever be embedded in my heart and especially my salvation. Thanx Big Bro.

Posted by Michael Villani - Saranac Lake, NY - brother   May 08, 2020

I will always be grateful to Jack Van Impe presents and Dr. R. Van Impe.
Your friend and brother in Christ.

Posted by Jim Clontz - Apex, NC - student   May 07, 2020

I am Catholic and always listened to Jack Van Impe when he was on TV. I respected his thoughts and discussions, as he was always understanding of the Catholic beleifs. I will miss his programs.

Posted by Benny Richard - HAYES, LA - friend   May 07, 2020

Amazing gift of displaying God's word. As a fellow displayer, I shall miss him.

Posted by Ed Bodmer - Oak Ridge, TN - brother   May 04, 2020

You taught me so much. You will be sorely missed. Even your corny jokes! Wish you could tell all of us what its like to see the face of God. I would love to hear your description....I hope to get to meet you in Heaven one day

Posted by Robin Bray - San Juan Capistrano, CA - student   May 02, 2020

May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.

Posted by Mary Ware - Springfield, IL   May 02, 2020


Posted by Linda Glessner - Battle Creek, MI   April 30, 2020

I am so sorry for Jacks loss. I watched his program for years and I learned so much from it. May God keep you in His peace Rexella. Prayers for you! Hugs!

Posted by Nancy Higgins - Derby, NY - friend   April 27, 2020

He was one of the Best Preachers. We will meet again on the other side in heaven.

Posted by Rhonda Bennett - Emory, TX   April 23, 2020

Jack, i'm sure you heard Jesus say to you "well done thy good and faithfully servant " you made it Jack see you soon. Kevin

Posted by A friend   April 23, 2020

In loving memory of a wonderful man of God. I first met you in the early 70's when you and your lovely wife would come to Thomas Road BAPTIST Church and preach. What a blessing you both were. Very sad that he is gone but very happy for where he is now. Those of us in Christ will see him again. God bless you Rexella. You are in my prayers.

Posted by Dana Berry - Apopka, FL   April 21, 2020

So sorry to hear this .He was a wonderful Preacher

Posted by Linda Schuch - Starr, SC   April 19, 2020

I am saddened to hear of Jack Van Impe passing. I haven't seen him on TV and started search for his broadcast. I watched him for 30 years or more. I will really miss him and Rexella teachings. Jack is up in Heaven none with Jesus. I pray for Rexella in the loss of her husband.

Posted by Michele Mihaly - Pittsburgh, PA   April 14, 2020

Dr. Van Impe will be greatly missed by ouur family and the world we have watched his MINISTRY for many years. Jack is home with the LORD that he LOVED our prayers are with you at this time may THE PEACE OF GOD WHICH PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING BE WITH YOU AND MY GOD BLESS YOU AT YHIS TIME Ted and donna Guminey worthington Pa.well you

Posted by Theodore and Donna Guminey - worthhingtonn, PA - friend   April 13, 2020

Dr. Rev. Jack Van Impe impressed me since I was a young man growing up and I always wanted to be able to preach quoting verses from Scripture like he did. He impressed me not only memorize the verse but the address of where it was found. We will miss his great preaching, fervent belief in the soon coming of Christ. - Paul Martindale

Posted by Paul Martindale - Newark, OH - friend   April 11, 2020

Jack is in glory with Jesus...but I sense the lonliness that you, Rexella, are feeling. I wish I could wrap my arms around you & say I & all those who loved Jack LOVE you, too. God comfort & protect, & give you His peace! Dan & I are praying for you...

Posted by Jenni Selman - Palm Beach Gardens, FL   April 08, 2020

Really going to miss Jack Van Impe and his on fire prophetic ministry. So sorry for your loss Rexella. We have been blessed for many, many years with the both of you ministering to us. God welcomed Jack into His arms and I am sure Jack has many crowns with our father in Heaven. We will miss you and love you both, The Herring's from Florida

Posted by Jennifer & John Herring - Lutz, FL - friend   April 07, 2020

I was shocked and saddened to hear of Jack Van Impes passing. I always looked forward to his teachings. My deepest sympathy to Rexella.

Posted by Donna - NJ   April 05, 2020

I first met Jack when he and Rexella visited the Full Gospel Christian Church of Copiague Long Island. It was back in the 1980's. I remember our Pastor, Ross Davie introducing him as , "The Walking Bible", and I soon learned what he meant by that.
Rexella, please know that Jack will be greatly missed and his work will go on into eternity. Thank you for always being his faithful wife.

Posted by Lawrence Maiale - Greenacres, FL - friend   April 05, 2020

I am so very sorry for your loss. I had wondered where you were as I watched you on Sunday nights. You are in my prayers.

Posted by Carolyn Rickard - Wooster, OH   April 05, 2020

Dearest Rexella
April 5th 2020
We think of you most every day
We wonder how you are doing
We wonder what Jack would have to say on all these hardest days since my birth
Sickness Deaths
not able to have funerals
He would guide us lead us
Show us Scripture from
Gods' living Bible
We love you
We miss you and your
Dearest Jack
Blessings to you and those close to you
Please sing songs you love
Love Lifted Me

Posted by Rhonda Kaye Pyle Tripp Stevens Cope - Alton, IL   April 05, 2020

My sincerest condolences to you Mrs. Van Impe. I've been watching your program since I came to know the Lord back in the 1990's and you have both helped me more than you can know. Melissa McDougal

Posted by Melissa McDougal - Farmington, NH   April 04, 2020

Dear Rexella, and family
My most sincere condolences.
My heart and prayers go out to you

Posted by Debra Marr - Inverness,, FL - acquaintance   April 03, 2020


May you be comforted by the outpouring of love surrounding you.

Posted by Mark and Judy Aulenbacher - Erie, PA   April 02, 2020

Jack Van Impe was an example of a faithful and wise servant. I was amazed by his zeal for our Lord and Saviour. He will forever be in our hearts!

Posted by Diana Hourigan - Panama City Beach, FL   March 31, 2020

Well done brother (In Christ)

Posted by Lerry Anderson - Hesperia, CA - friend   March 29, 2020

Posted by Mary Horne - Auburn Hills, MI   March 26, 2020

Posted by Kimberly Key - Aiken, SC - friend   March 25, 2020

Loved jack and followed his ministry thru the years. He was a gift from our blessed Lord and Savior. We will see him in Heaven most assured.

Posted by charles A Martin Jr - Jacksonville, FL - friend   March 22, 2020

As Paul would say to Timothy, "Preach the Word".
That's what Jack did !
God be with you and comfort you Rexella as only He can.

Posted by Catherine    March 21, 2020

My mother started making donations and watching his broadcasts. She had the whole family watching. I may not know this man but he helped answer so many of my questions Biblically. Simply Astonishing. I thank God for him because he brought so much understanding. He was always able to grab our attention and he is going to be missed. Until we meet again in heaven.

Posted by Gabriella Sierra - Victoria, TX   March 18, 2020

Posted by Cool Papa - Little Falls, MN   March 17, 2020

We watched your program for at least 20 years and were beyond blessed at the teaching and continual future information that we received. I also loved the many tapes i listened to that you put togather during that time. I just learned today of his passing and although very sad i know that he has just relocated to the place he wanted to be. When my mother an avid viewer of your program passed recently i tell people she has relocated and is so much happier now. Again i am sorry for your loss and someday i want to be able to tell Jack personally how much he meant to our family. God bless you always.Jill Dufore ps i did get to go to one of Jacks services when i was in my teens with my aunt when he came to south florida. never forgot it!

Posted by Jill Dufore - HAYESVILLE, NC   March 16, 2020

Dear Rexella, I am sorry for your loss! May Father God comfort you and heal your broken heart. I know that Jack is in heaven , but he is and will be missed. My prayers are with you! Shalom, Geneva Martinez

Posted by Geneva Martinez    March 15, 2020

We watched him on Sunday morning before church. We were truly blessed by his life and ministry. I can only imagine all that he is experiencing right now in heaven. Prayers for rexella and family

Posted by The Domanek    March 15, 2020

Jack gave me the strength and courage to face the suffering here on this earth while I walk through this valley of tears. With this world pandemic I miss his words of comfort and prophecy. He was a gift to this world and he has returned home to be with Jesus. R.I.P.

Posted by DONALD LARAMEE - WINNIPEG, MB - student   March 14, 2020

I was saddened to learn of Jacks passing today. I have been listening to Jack Van Impe for 20 years on and off. I would always turn to his show for hope and direction in a sometimes dark world. I will miss his shows. Thank you Jack Van Impe for all you have done for the kingdom of God. My condolences and prayers for his family.

Posted by April Gomez - Baltimore, MD   March 13, 2020

Dearest Rexella,
Than you Jack and Rexella for your faithfulness, dedication, love of the Lord, and love of Gods children. I will miss your program and ministry. Seeing Jacks love and appreciation of you Rexella, and yours for him was special to behold. Be blessed my sister.
With my love in Jesus,
Michael Rosen

Posted by Michael Rosen - Clearwater, FL - friend   March 11, 2020

He is indeed at home with our precious Lord. My husband & I will miss him terribly!

Posted by Jan & Janice Garretson - Redmond, Washington   March 11, 2020

He has earned many crowns to lay at the Saviors feet! He was faithful & steadfast in God's word. I am so glad he is whole & happy with my precious Lord Jesus Christ.

Posted by Virginia Borowski - Opelika, AL   March 10, 2020

Would have loved to have been able to see you as we were going up in the twinkling of an eye!! God bless you REXELLA.

Posted by Maria Mercado - Portage, IN - friend   March 10, 2020


Mr. Jack Van Impe, I am just finding out of your passing as I was looking for you online, wanting to know your take on this Coronavirus. Little did I know you were gone! Oh my dear brother in Christ please allow me to say THANK YOU for all of what you did during your time here on this earth. You changed my life and taught me so much during times when I could find answers no where else. You would give off those scriptures like nobodys business and I would be there writing them all down. I would then spend the week in scripture seeking and learning of what you had said. I could go on and on, and my God Roxella, only Jesus knows how you must feel. I know you have a blessed hope however! As Jack would say COME QUICK LORD JESUS! Lord I pray I be ready and only half the woman that this man was.

Posted by Michelle Rhodes - Tampa, FL - friend   March 09, 2020

We just found out Brother Van Impe passed. Am so sorry for your loss but he's with our Heavenly Father now. How fortunate he is. My husband and I learned so much from Brother Van Impe and Roxella. Their tv program and mail outs were such a blessing. Our prayers are with the Van Impe family at this time. Sending much love. Your sister in Christ Danna

Posted by Danna Sullivent - Oklahoma City, OK - friend   March 09, 2020

As a sister in Christ, my brother Jack Van Impe was a great inspiration in my walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. I believed like Jack Van Impe that the truths of the bible were for all of us that believed in Jesus Christ as the Only son of God. I am saddened by his passing away and leaving his lovely wife Rexella, but I know that its only a goodbye because I will see him again. Now he is enjoying being with God and praising his Savior. Maranatha Lord

Posted by Nicole Ebert - Okemos, MI - friend   March 06, 2020

He was the prophet who explained the Bible in easy terms for laypeople to under-stand. I am fortunate for finding him onlilne & to learn all that I did from him. Rest in Peace JVI - you have served the Lord well; I hope to meet you in Heaven.

Posted by A friend   March 05, 2020

You were a great inspiration and a knowledgeable teacher. Thank you for following Jesus and being His hands and feet.
Love and miss you.

Posted by Robert Meredith - Los Angeles, CA - friend   March 04, 2020

Jack Van Impe will be missed. I loved his and Raxellas shows every Sunday, before heading to church. I know hes gone to be with the Lord and hes in a better place. I just hope they keep showing his shows for all to know Christ as their savior. You are loved and will be missed Jack Van Impe.

Posted by Diana Carroll - Stockton, CA - teacher   March 01, 2020

I've been a fan of your show since the late 1980s. You taught about religious subjects that the churches ignored. You reported on national and world news events that others ignored too. You will be missed. There will never be another person like you and your devotion to the faith. RIP

Posted by C L - Oceanside, CA - friend   March 01, 2020


Posted by EDWARD HIBBARD - Monroe, LA   February 27, 2020

Jack never knew me, but I, like many others, knew him well--like "family." He was,"the very REAL deal." He was an inspiration and a true Christian role model to me. What a Day in Heaven that must have been when the Angels escorted Jack to meet our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I look forward to one day soon joining him there. I will, like all the rest of my JVI Brothers and Sisters, then get to finally meet him face to face and share eternity there with our Savior.
Keep up the good work can count on my uninterrupted financial ministerial support. God bless and comfort you with the peace that surpasses all understanding. ~Rob Nestor

Posted by Rob Nestor - Buckhannon, WV - family   February 27, 2020

He had his heart concerned with the things of God. He taught the word of the Lord without fear. After I listened to Rev Jack Van Impe in 1991, I was not able to be lukewarm for the Word of the Lord. He got me on fire since then. I am pretty sure that Jack is busy right now with some taskings assigned to him by the Lord for Jesus Second Coming preparation. Thank you JVI. Will always remember and love you. See you soon.

Posted by Miguel Pabon - San Antonio, TX - student   February 27, 2020

My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

Posted by Fred Crocker - Memphis, TN   February 27, 2020

Jack Van Impe changed my life. I had the opportunity to tell him so when I ran into he and Rexella at Jacobsons in Birmingham. I just found out he passed and I am stunned and saddened. God Speed Jack! I know His arms opened up to welcome you Home! So sorry for your grief Rexella truly. You are in my prayers. God Bless you and your family.

Posted by Karen Cameron - BRIGHTON, MI   February 27, 2020

Thanks for giving a life surrender to the Lord and dedicated to reaching lost souls. Sad but also rejoicing for a life that was about serving the Lord. Thank you Jack Van Impe. God Bless you Rexella and staff.

Posted by Clarence Seaman - Buena Vista, VA - friend   February 26, 2020

I am in disbelief, Dr Jack Van Impe should have had many more years of preaching, but the Lord needed him more. I will request the DVD of Jack's home-going celebration and look forward to Awake America! God bless you both.

Posted by Nellie Willis - Oklahoma City, OK   February 26, 2020

I loved Jack and his wife Rexella. He was such a true man of God. I've been fans of theirs for over 20 years. I'm so very sad but I know Jack would be telling us not to be because he is in Heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ! And one day we will be there with him! Amen! God Bless you Rexella. I hope you continue the show.

Melissa Wirt

Posted by Melissa Wirt - Huntington, IN - friend   February 26, 2020


Thank you Jack for caring about me. And all the lessons I learned from you. You helped me. See you soon brother.

Posted by Kimberly Dyehouse - Hamilton, OH - friend   February 26, 2020

My heart is sad and broken for all of us that loved him. Yet, my heart is lifted up with joy at the thought of his home coming with Jesus. Rexella, my deepest sympathy for your loss. Surely, Jesus is coming soon.

Posted by Sherry Monroe - ALTMAR, NY   February 25, 2020

Jack Van Impe is about my age. I am one year older than him. I started listening to him a long time ago. I never missed any of his teachings. I enjoyed listening to him and watched him on tv always. I really miss him but I know he's in heaven and I'll be seeing him soon because that's where I'm going. My condolences to his wife and his whole family. He will truly be missed!

Posted by Martha Franklin - Fresno, CA - student   February 24, 2020

Jack was a big part of my life. Every Sunday night I watched him and Rexella faithfully. He helped to build my faith in many ways. I just wonder Why now? God brought him through many rough times before. Perhaps it is Today! Rexella I pray for you that God will bring you His comfort and love. Just keep busy serving the Lord in your own way and you will be together again before you know it! In Jesus Love, Charlene 519-945-6613 (Windsor)

Posted by Charlenr Newton - Windsor, ON - friend   February 23, 2020

You will be missed. My husband and I watched you for many years when ever I could get the TV station to come in. Much love to you and your family. May you rest in peace.

Posted by Shirley Ham - Des Moines, IA   February 23, 2020

Safe in the Arms of our Lord Jesus . You will be missed.

Posted by Frank Corso - Secaucus, NJ - friend   February 23, 2020

Watched him for years. He was a true follower of Jesus. Still have the Van Impe bible. My condolences to his lovely wife.

Posted by Janis Rubbo - Greenwood   February 22, 2020


watched faithfully for over 15 years , loved his straight from the bible knowledge ...he will be greatly missed ,but our loss is Heaven's gain ...God bless you Rexella ....... Bill

Posted by bill wood - Truro, NS   February 21, 2020

If we could all be like Jack Ben Menke and his wife Rexel and we just pray that you would just be with Rexel be with all his loved ones and we're so proud of him memorizing the whole Bible where we're just wander I just Ponder how he could even remember I was all those verses and everything so I just saw we're just so proud of him my wife and I jack we just give you all praise for the glory of of what he's done for Jesus in Rexel thank you so much love you in the Lord Jesus

Posted by Jack& sandy Klanderud - Stanchfield, MN   February 20, 2020


Love to get his prophesy bible to remember him

Posted by Michael Herring - WICHITA, KS - friend   February 20, 2020

May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well lived.

Posted by A friend   February 19, 2020

I always looked forward to seeing and hearing them share about the love of Jesus and His return to catch away His church .Jack Van Impe will be missed by all who watched him and Recalls. Our prayers are with you and your family at this time. Know he is rejoicing with the Saviour. Our loss is Heavens gain. God bless you and you have a lot of people who love you very much.

Posted by Charline Sheets - Dayton, VA   February 18, 2020

May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.

Posted by Jonathan Holt - Lexington, NC   February 16, 2020

Forgot to sign PhyllisPastor

Posted by A friend   February 16, 2020

I loved watching Jack van Impe and his wife Rexella on Sunday evenings! We will see you again in heaven. You have been a faithful follower proclaiming the gospel. Rexella know that you and your husband are loved. Don't give up proclaiming the gospel. My prayers are with you stay strong!

Posted by A friend   February 16, 2020

I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved husband Rexella. I began watching the two of you sometime in the early 2000's and you were an inspiration and a joy to watch. You will never know how much the two of you gave to humanity, how many people you led to our glorious Savior Jesus.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your wisdom, your knowledge and your joy with the rest of us.
Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord; God bless you both.
With sadness and love, but also rejoicing that Jack is now with His Messiah and Lord!

Posted by Colleen - ID - friend   February 15, 2020

Posted by Edmundo Diaz del Campo - IA   February 15, 2020

Jack and Rexella gave me inspiration and insight into the Holy Bible, and I looked forward to his show every week. I am so very sorry for Rexella and understand what she will be going thru now. I lost my husband in 2017, and it is a lifechanging event.My sincerest condolences to Rexella, and many thanks for sharing her self and her husband all those years. R.I.P. JVI

Posted by Rita Clements - Lady Lake, FL   February 15, 2020

I loved Jack Van Impe and his ministries. I have been watching him for 20 years. I will be praying for Rexella, family and friends. Jack was a true walking bible. He preached the word. He didn't sugar coat what is the whole truth about the end times. He wanted us to see from bible verses, current events, prayer and giving God all the glory. Most preachers dont preach about the end times. Jack would call them out to preach the fire and brimstone as well for us to all overcome the world through our Lord and only savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you Jack Van Impe for remaining true to our savior. I am forever changed and know the truth because of Jesus and Jack Van Impe Ministries! Jack, you're now united with out Lord Jesus in Heaven in a glorified body without any pain or sickness. Soar high Jack and be an angel now to all us overcomer still on earth. I know you will Soar High Jack Van Impe.

Posted by Autumn Axe - Winslow, IN - friend   February 14, 2020

Time we miss you
And dear Jack more today
We are sure you too
Are missing your dear relationship
Husband partner co worker friend within all of life's moments
You two where many wonder
Titles together in life
More than most
Know you are in our prayers
We pray many dear
Family friends coworkers
Acquaintances with sincere words that they are comforting you through this time
that they are comforting you through this time in your life
Know that you are loved and thought of daily and you were very missed please do a special talk reflect about all the special moments within your awesome journey together showing others to God
Sincerely a dedicated watcher and reader have you both spreading the word and doing your best to show others to God in Christ thank you

Posted by Rhonda Cope Alton Tripp Stevens Michigan - Alton, IL - acquaintance   February 12, 2020

Watched Jack for 12 years, I noticed I havent seen it on TV a few weeks, I just found out today 2/11/20 that he passed away, Im devastated, I really loved him, the way he came across and wasnt afraid to tell the truth, even if it cost him pressure. I will miss him dearly on Sunday mornings.,, He is with the Lord, Rexela, dont be sad, hes in heaven, but I know the human part of life of loneliness will happen, but fend it off, and just smile...
Love Jason Helper

Posted by Jason Helper - Hurricane, WV - student   February 12, 2020

We will miss Dr. Van Impe and his wonderful insight into the word of God. We had great respect for him and are praying for Rexella for the peace and comfort from the Lord in the weeks ahead.

Posted by Norma and Louis Borsheim - Waterford, MI   February 12, 2020

Wonderful man of God walking Bible

Posted by Linda Jordan - Batavia, OH - friend   February 11, 2020

Jack van imp was an inspiration to me. I will never forget his wealth of knowledge and his dedication to the lord

Posted by Dennis Gallant - Largo, FL   February 11, 2020

We would like to send our condolences to Rexella and to Jack Van Impe organization family.We will miss his messages and his knowledge of Gods Holy Book.
R.E. and Sarah McCormick

Posted by A friend   February 11, 2020

It was late spring of 1978 that I went to a Jack Van Impe Crusade at Memorial Hall in Racine Wisconsin, That evening I was led to Christ and have been thankful for Jack's ministry for over 40 years... Welcome Home Jack, I look forward to meeting you again in heaven.

Posted by A friend   February 10, 2020

I had left condolences but do not see them here anymore, so will leave again..
Jack was a man of truth; he fought for Jesus,the way the Truth and the Life. He and Rexella took the gospel and shared it with the lost. Now that he is at rest in his forever home, I can hear the words of Paul. "I fought the good fight; I finished the race." This pertains now to this great man of God who did exactly that. I pray for the Holy spirit to comfort Rexella in her loss and no words can express what she is feeling. One day a glorious reunion will take place. We will all see no more tears and no more sorrow..Thank you Jack for giving us the truth...JESUS...

Posted by Marie DeSousa - London, ON   February 10, 2020

I love Dr. Jack Van Impe! I was a partner in his ministry. I really appreciated his BOLDNESS for Jesus. He wasn't afraid of anyone when debating or defending the Gospel. He never compromised and lived a holy lifestyle. His knowledge of the Bible was incredible. I know he's so happy now that he is among his other brothers and sisters and of course with the King of Kings! I'm so glad I was able to learn so much under his ministry he was truly a blessing to me. I miss him already! Rexella I'm praying for you sweetie and I'm so sorry for your loss. What a soul-winner! Dr. VanImpe touched many lives while he was here on earth and I'm very thankful to God that he touched mine!

Posted by Jackie Udell - Kansas City, MO - friend   February 10, 2020

so sad watched the show almost every Sunday
couldn't figure out why it wasn't on look up
and found out Jack passed will be greatly missed God bless thanks for the word Jack rest
in peace

Posted by scott fahley - mpls., MN   February 10, 2020

So thankful to have heard the word from a man of God who pursued God with all his heart.

Posted by Sharon Schober    February 09, 2020

Dr.Van Impe truly blessed my life he loved Jesus
His savior and friend
Now in his presence
A young man again.
Forever in my heart.. ..he will be until that blessed day when Jesus comes for me. Love to you Rexella.God Bless you.

Posted by Bonnie Downes - Gloversville, NY   February 09, 2020

We all miss your preaching!! Have watched you since I got saved in 1989. Thank you for your service. See you soon. Nancy B

Posted by Nancy Boyd - Fountain Valley, CA   February 09, 2020


You made such an enormous impact on my life and the lives of SO many others. Thank you for bringing the message of hope and truth about Jesus Christ. No one can ever fill your shoes! My prayers and condolences to you Rexella.

Posted by Tony Huie - Rutherfordton, NC   February 08, 2020


You were such a wonderful spirit filled teacher, I really looked forward too watching you every day.
I will miss you and your wonderful wife. May Jesus hold him really close to him and give him the TRUE LOVE, he wanted, Jack and Rexella you were truly blessed. Thank you for all the years we had together, teaching and showing the way too Jesus. Father bless Jack , keep his wife in peace. Mr. Jack, I will see you again...

Posted by Angel & Karen Soto - Orlando, FL - friend   February 08, 2020

See you on the other side my friend

Posted by GARTH MACKENZIE - Calgary, AB - friend   February 08, 2020

We will miss his wonderful message that Jesus is coming soon, and we have to be ready & prepared. Marie

Posted by Marie-Luise Rompf - Abbotsford, BC   February 07, 2020

I watched Jack Van Impe in the 80's and 90's and learned a great deal about God from His messenger. I attended Riverview Church in Ohio in the 70's where Charles Ohman, a man of God, was preaching. One of his sons, Chuck, was the announcer on his program. Oh, those were great days! Jack is having the time of his life now praising God. I never met him but I will one of these days. Rexella, you have always been his inspiration. It was enjoyable watching the two of you. Jack spread the salt as Jesus commanded and now he is with The Most High. Praise the LORD.

Posted by Tim Purser - Allen, TX   February 07, 2020

So sorry for his passing he will be greatly missed. All our love to Re Ella.
Joe and Renee OKelly

Posted by Joe and Renee OKelly - Caro, MI - acquaintance   February 07, 2020


All I can say is I thank God for giving us Jack and Rexella for as long as He did. Jack was and will still always be a Blessing to the world. He sure has taught me a lot about the coming of Christ and what signs to watch for, and what things to watch out for in this day and age. Jack was 100% filled with God's Spirit. I am going to miss Jack, but comforted to know where he is for eternity. I will see him again one day....

Posted by Joshua Pothiers - Toronto, ON   February 07, 2020

Absolutely had such great respect for this man, never compromised the Word of God, and how much he loved his Rexella, God's Word and this country,,

Posted by Terri Leggo - Hazleton, PA - acquaintance   February 06, 2020

My sympathies are with Dr Rexella & family. Knowing that your loved one is with the Lord is a comfort to you & I know that God will help you thru this sad time. He will be very much missed.

Posted by Leanne    February 06, 2020

Dear Rexella I just found out about your husband. I am sending you sympathy and hugs I was so happy to find you both on television again carry on dear lady . Blessings Kathleen

Posted by Kathleen Christensen - Fresno, CA   February 06, 2020


To Dr. Rexella And Family,

I Give My Deepest Condolences To You On The Passing Of One The Greatest Christian Pastors I Have Know On Television And Followed Since The 1980sA Lot Of The Prophecy's Dr. Jack Van Impe Preach And Describes Were True! Love The Books, Tapes Drs. Jack And Rexella Van Impe Wrote! They Were Such Amazing Beautiful Christian Husband And Wife❤I Love How Rexella Present The Word Of GOD Books At The End Of The Program With Her Beautiful Precious VoiceI Know Heaven Has Gained A Honorable Christian Man Dr. Jack Van ImpeI Will Definitely Miss Him On The Christian Network My Thoughts And Prayers Are With Dr. Rexella And The Miniseries In The State Of MichiganUntil Jesus Christ Returns To Earth! Rest In Heavenly Peace, Dr. Jack Van Impe.

Posted by CASSANDRA MARTIN - Fort Washington, MD - acquaintance   February 06, 2020

My condolences to you Rexella, God bless you. God has welcomed Dr Jack Van Impe saying Well done thy good and faithful servant!!!

Posted by Cynthia Jackson - Pharr, TX - friend   February 05, 2020

I miss you jack You were my minister.I will still tythe to your ministry so Rexelle can carry on the excellent work you started.Come bac into our home when you are ready Rexelle . I'm not a good typest or speller please forgive.

Posted by Sarah Reese - Choctaw, OK - friend   February 05, 2020

He was a. Wonderful man of God and a very
interpretive of the bible who is now with Jesus . Amen ! Glory to. God .

Posted by A friend   February 04, 2020

I listened to your program 4 years and as a young Christian you helped me very much to learn many things about the Lord. We will see Jack In Heaven one day soon. We love you Jack and rexella. Cathy and Marvin

Posted by - Missouri   February 04, 2020

Thank you for all your wonderful teaching. I learned so much. My condolences to Rexella.
Marie Nelson

Posted by Marie Nelson - Sunfish lake, MN   February 03, 2020

Posted by Craig and Karen Sandlin's n - Toledo, OH   February 03, 2020

I will miss your studies. I know where you are and i will see you one day. I send my sympathy to you Rexalla as I know how much you will miss him. God bless

Posted by Jo Ann Gambino - Katy, TX - student   February 03, 2020

My sincerest condolences to Rexella. I am praying for you. Although Jack is now present with the Lord, you will miss him dearly. May the Lord Jesus comfort you as only He can. I love you. Blessings...

Posted by Vida Simmonds - Scarborough, ON   February 03, 2020

May God hold you in His arms Rexella during this time of great loss for you. I met you both in Wichita, Kansas around 1972 where you and your husband were holding several meetings. You were both a tremendous blessing to me. I admired you both, not only for your accomplishments in the Spirit realm, but for the kindness and the friendship that you extended to me. I know Jack was well received as he entered the portals of heaven. I'm praying for you Rexella that God will enable through the power of the Holy Spirit to regain your composure and keep marching forward for the Lord. Your Sister in Christ, Elizabeth Diaz del Campo.

Posted by Elizabeth Diaz del Campo - Lakeside, CA   February 03, 2020


I listen heard and tuned in to Jack Van Impe Television Broadcast for many a time, he preached the Holy Ghost truth did not beat around the Bushes with Gods word. I got a true blessing everytime I listen to him preach the word of God, rejoice in Heaven Pastor Jack Van Impe, please pray for me in Heaven, .

Posted by Walter Cook - Moselle, SC - significant_other   February 03, 2020

I send you my condolences to you and your family regarding Jack Van Impe passing .Another one of our giants of GOD has graduated to his postion in Glory with JESUS CHRIST

Posted by Janice Muldrow - Miami Gardens, FL   February 03, 2020


Like many, really torn up by this ,but What a legacy you left behind .You preached the rapture ,and in doing so ,kept us all pure ,and dreaming awaiting the day! Really looked up to this man like a dad, with his weekly tv shows etc. rip ,until we see you soon.

Posted by Tristan Anderson - Altoona, AL   February 03, 2020

Our condolences to you Rexella and your family Jack was a true Godly man who will be missed. He was the most knowledgeable man I know when it came to quoting scripture. So Jack, God has called you home your work on earth is done. Me and my husband loved to watch you and Jack on TV and we will be praying for you and your family. Love , The Dawson's

Posted by Kimber Dawson - Pikeville, NC - friend   February 02, 2020

I enjoyed your show may God bless you and comfort you May the Peace that passes all understand abound arouy your family and ministry

Posted by Dawna - Sardinia, OH   February 02, 2020


Deepest sympathies to you, Rexella, in the loss of your beloved husband Jack. My husband and I just heard the sad news. We truly enjoyed, and learned from, watching JVI Presents. You are both, truly a Blessing to Christians worldwide. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Posted by Richard & Karan - Auburn, NH   February 02, 2020


Dr. Jack Van Impe,
My heart breaks of hearing the new of your passing. At the same time I am in such Joy knowing God took you home. Mrs. Rexella, I pray for you now and every day for strength to move forward. I know you are a strong child in the Lord and pray you will finish the race until the end that your ministry has started and have blessed so many as well as leading souls to the Lord.
I love you, and pray for your strength daily.
Annette Schlener

Posted by Annette SCHLENER - Taylor, MI - family   February 02, 2020

You will be missed, but God has a better plan for all of us - praise the Lord thank you Jesus amen

Posted by Michael Ingrassi - Las Vegas, NV - student   February 02, 2020

I will miss you but know you are in a better place, you kept the faith God bless your family.

Posted by David Brady - Cochran, GA - friend   February 02, 2020

Thank you so much for preaching the gospel, Jack. So glad you now get to be with the Lord.

Posted by Randy Caperton - West Carrollton, OH - friend   February 02, 2020

I always loved to listen to Mr. van Impe give the pure Bible truths. Rexella made me feel hopeful also. I will miss the show so much. May the Lord bless you and keep you Mrs. van Impe.

Posted by Jackie Keen - Dayton, OH - friend   February 02, 2020

I apologize for just now signing The guest book. My wife and I watched the tv show on Sunday mornings and will truly miss the duos unique style of spreading the word. God bless

Posted by Gene Smith - Amma, WV - student   February 02, 2020

I will miss watching you and Rexalla every week. I am glad you were able to fulfill your dream in spreading the word across the world. I guess the Lord felt it was time to give you a rest after all your hard work. Somehow I think you will still be pretty busy making sure you do whatever God allows to help us keep the faith. God Bless You!

Posted by Edna Rich - Marlton, NJ   February 01, 2020

We watch Jack and Rexella every Sunday morning
We dearly miss his words
That assisted our coming week
One step At a time
God smile down Upon us
Our goal
Jack's knowledge whether English Hebrew Arabic was amazing
Rexelka you were in our prayers
We know these are the hardest times within your whole life
May you feel the warmth of God's love through all of the people he sends your way
Through these hardest of days
Reach out to those who you know love you the most love them comfort you as you have comforted them
We have plans
God has infinite understanding
Put your tears in his hands and he will guide you while wiping every tear
We love you

Posted by Rhonda Kaye Pyle Cope (Tripp Stevens) - Alton (family from Detroit M, IL - acquaintance   February 01, 2020

I am so sorry about your loss may God be with you during this hard time just know that God has him with him he was sent to us as a messenger i really enjoyed him i loved the way he quoted the scriptures May God Keep You

Posted by Phyllis Moore - Fayetteville, NC - friend   February 01, 2020

You will be truly missed my Husband and I have been a supporter of Jack for a long time
Our hearts fo out to his family Praise God He is rejoicing in the heavenly places will see u soon

Posted by ROBBIE KATHY WHITE - Creswell, NC - friend   February 01, 2020

I enjoyed his preaching of the gospel, prayers for his family.

Posted by Linda Flahart - Lawton, OK   February 01, 2020

He is missed very much. A shining light in the turbulent world in which we still remain awaiting that call from Jesus to "Come Up Hither". Rexella, we all share your grief with you and of course you are not alone.

Posted by Andrea Smith - Waukegan, IL - acquaintance   February 01, 2020

I was blessed by you, Rexella, and Jack, watching your programs. Now Jack's home and I'm praying for you and your family. Love, William David McClure

Posted by William McClure - Oak Ridge, TN - acquaintance   February 01, 2020

Our family loves you both.
May Jesus comfort you Rexalla.
Praying for you all.

Posted by Lynde Stubbs - Sugarland, TX - friend   February 01, 2020

So sorry. He was truly a man of God. We loved listening to him and his wife.

Posted by Carolyn Batten - Kinston, NC - friend   February 01, 2020

It hurts, to lose someone so awesome, dynamic and wonderful as Jack. I watched and learned from him for many years. I offer my prayers and most sincere condolences to you Rexella, and your family. May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well lived. What great servants of our Lord. We love you.

Posted by Joseph Mundy - Clayton, NC   February 01, 2020

THANK YOU for touching our lives. We miss you and will never forget you, Jack!!!! Prayers for you, PRECIOUS Rexella, and Chuck, what a beautiful trumpet player you are, take heart. We look so forward to being with our Lord and savior Jesus, and seeing Jack one day with all of his CROWNS!!! Our hearts are so full of LOVE for you all. Thank you for all JVI has done, without compromise, to reach people for Christ, We love you. - Mike and Ericka Lincoln , DesMoines IA

Posted by Ericka LINCOLN - DesMoines, IA   February 01, 2020

THANK YOU for touching our lives. We will miss you and never forget you, Jack!!!! Prayers for you, PRECIOUS Rexella, and Chuck, what a beautiful trumpet player you are, take heart. We look so forward to being with our Lord and savior Jesus, and seeing Jack one day with all of his CROWNS!!! Our hearts are so full of LOVE for you all. Thank you for all JVI has done for our Lord to reach people for Christ. We love you. - Mike and Ericka Lincoln

Posted by A friend   February 01, 2020

Thank you! Lord Jesus for Jack and Rexella Van Impe, what warriors!

Posted by Todd Lepisto - Minneapolis, MN   January 31, 2020

Thank God for Jack Van Impe, who preached the truth to millions. He is with our precious Lord now♡ Love to Rexella, who has been such an inspiration and great witness for Christ.

Posted by Darleen Shirey - Mattawam, MI   January 31, 2020

Welcome home brother Jack, say hello to Jesus. To the family my deepest condolences..Rest assure you will see him again

Posted by Rob Bertram - Rensselaer, NY - friend   January 31, 2020

Jack was a warrior on earth for Christ, now Jack is a warrior in Heaven. To his wife I offer my condolences.

Posted by Bradley Nicholls - Windsor, ON - acquaintance   January 31, 2020

So sorry Rexella to hear of Dr. Van Impes passing. He is Now walking and Talking with his Lord and Savior. My Husband and I always look forward to seeing your broadcast, and receiving the Intelligence Briefing. We Love Jacks Love and Devotion to you, and His Lord! We Love he Always spoke Gods word regardless of the opposition he faced! Thank you for all the Years of Service to the King. May God Continue his work through you, and the program. Blessings to you,and May God comfort you, and Give you a peace only he can. We Love you.

Posted by Lisa Stevenson - North Yarmouth, ME - friend   January 31, 2020

Jack Van Impe was a true crusader for Christ and the Jewish people. I have no doubt he is with his King Jesus and one day I will be able to meet him and thank him for the inspirations he gave to me through his books, dvds, and television messages.

Posted by Caron Ludan - Franklin, IN   January 31, 2020

God be with you

Posted by Barb Willis - BELLAIRE, OH   January 30, 2020

I'm so glad that we had a nice preacher like him who preach the true word of God he will be dearly missed and I just pray for God to hold Rexella and comfort her in the mourning of of her husband God bless Lot's of Love Nina Bruns

Posted by Nina Bruns - Montverde, FL   January 30, 2020

We will really miss him! He was an inspiration to my husband and I! He gave us much needed biblical knowledge! We send our condolences to Roxella, family, and fans! Test in peace dear friend! God Bless, we're all going to be together soon! With our Lord and Savior! We will keep you all in our prayers!

Posted by Laura Vipond - Charlotte, MI   January 30, 2020

Loved to watch Jack and Rexella they brought so much love for christ every week. I will miss Jack so much I will pray for Rexella

Posted by Derek Griffiths - winnipeg, MB - friend   January 30, 2020

Loved Jack Van Impe for 40 yrs, he and Rexella. My heart and prayers go out to Rexella and the families. Jack new Jesus could come anytime, that we are the generation. God called him home to give him his many Crowns. We will see Jack again!

Posted by J Linen - Ocklawaha, FL - friend   January 30, 2020

What an amazing journey he has with The Lord. His mission/purpose he had here has been fulfilled and he was called back home! To those of us that are still here, working through our purpose, we will miss Jack, all the encouragement and teachings he gave to us through the years. What an example of standing and not comprising the truth of our Heavenly Father and has not brought reproach to the kingdom of heaven. Jack has won and conquered in the fight of faith and now is walking in the glory! Blessed beyond anything here on this foreign land! Glory to God, until later brother Jack you will be missed

Posted by Rosalia Ortiz - Bridgeton, NJ   January 30, 2020

I'm sorry for your loss. May God provide your family with comfort and strength at this time.

Posted by A neighbor    January 30, 2020

This was a great man of God... I use to watch him and Rexella every Sunday... Everything he said in the Bible is true.. I enjoyed the end time prophecy...Thank you for making a difference in my life and the life's of others...My heart is sadden and I have cried over the loss of him.. Him and Rexella were like family to me... You will be missed my friend... but you are now in the arms of Jesus ...One day we will see you again and what a glorious day that will be.....My love and prayers are with you Rexella and all who knew him... Rest in peace Jack... I really hope to see you again on TV Rexella and hope you can keep the ministry going if possible until the Lord returns... Which is hopefully soon.. May God strengthen you and keep you Rexella in his care... God's love and blessings to you!!

Posted by Julia Jahnke - Rockford, IL - acquaintance   January 30, 2020

Rest in peace, my condolences and prayers for the family. You're finally home.

Posted by Tracie Gibbie - Gastonia, NC - friend   January 30, 2020


Jack & rexella are irreplaceable, my brother & I grew up watching Jack vanimpe, thank you for being our pastor, you will be so dearly missed. We will see you again soon in heaven. We fly soon, rapture time is almost here, as you have always talked about. What you have always preached will come to pass very very soon, see you in heaven jack, sincerely, Zane mills

Posted by Zane Mills - EAGAR, AZ   January 29, 2020

Prayers for eternal happiness with Almighty Father God and His Son Joshua Jesus Christ of Nazareth True God man Word of God made flesh Alleluia!

Posted by Jay Stel - Manhattan, KS - friend   January 29, 2020

What a man of God.

Posted by Douglas Sather - Rio, WV - friend   January 29, 2020

Thank God for men like Jack, who care about the salvation of others. He will be missed.

Posted by Jeannie Ray - Thornton, CO   January 29, 2020

Resting and at home.

Posted by Ms. C Bazar - RIO Rancho, NM - student   January 29, 2020


God is a good God .His servant went home! Resting in peace. I want to meet Mr.jack in heaven! I wanna meet again my own pastor bishop Lonnie g William's. Holy ghost filled these two RIP

Posted by Damian Jackson - Dallas, TX - student   January 29, 2020

I have watched your tv programs for over 30 years and purchased some of your books. He was a loved man, knowledgeable and funny. I am very sorry for your loss Ms. Roxella. God bless you.

Posted by Grace Rosales - Orlando, FL - friend   January 28, 2020

He taught me so much about our Lord. See you again soon.

Posted by Andrea Firestone - Phoenix, AZ   January 28, 2020

Our sincere condolences to the Van Impe family! Peace and God's love over you. Sincerely, Steven & Karen Jones

Posted by Karen Jones - Morgan City, LA   January 28, 2020

Recorded his programs to watch each week. Enjoyed listening to him and his wife talk of prophecies being fulfilled and what was yet to happen in relationship to events going on in the world. They loved the Lord.

Posted by S Basham - LA   January 28, 2020

I am totally lost, I can't believe this has happened. I loved Jack and his wife for letting the people know about Christ return, I enjoyed his TV program's and tge connection between current event's and tying them together with Bible prophecy. I will truly miss him but praise God he is home where we will soon be with him and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. R.I.P. Jack, I will always have you in my heart. So sorry Rexella for your loss, my condolences. With LOVE❤

Posted by Charles Galford - Maidsville, WV   January 28, 2020

A truly incredible Christian who influenced multitudes for Christ. The Walking Bible was an inspiration to me, and I learned an amazing amount of prophecy from him. My parents were also blessed by his ministry. He will be greatly missed.

Posted by Evie Erwin - Oklahoma City, OK - student   January 28, 2020

Posted by Martha Fargo - Daisytown, PA   January 28, 2020

My heart was so saddened when I read about your passing. You will be missed tremendously. Your ministry and dedication to God's work has helped me to become the Christian I am today. May the works you've done speak for you. I love you and will see you someday in glory!❤ Rexella I love you and thank you for always standind by Jack's side. You are forever in my prayers!❤

Posted by Teresa Shaw - Douglas, GA - friend   January 28, 2020

Please know you are in our prayers
Remember God will catch every tear
And he personally shall wipe your eyes
And hold you tight

Posted by Rhonda Cope - Alton, IL   January 28, 2020

Rexella, You have our deepest sympathy. My wife and I watch your telecast every Sunday on either WUAB(Cleveland) or WLRM (TCT).. Rev. Jack will be missed--God Bless .

Posted by Fred Freed - Marshallville, OH   January 28, 2020

Dr. Van Impe, There Will Never Be Another Like You. Thank You For Giving Me God's Truth About His Word. I've Got Your Books, CD's & VHS Tapes And Will Keep Them Until The End Of My Days.

Posted by Michael Phillips - Houston, TX - student   January 28, 2020

I will miss dr jack rip

Posted by A friend   January 28, 2020

Jack was a great minister and will truly be missed. We will see him again.

Posted by Katie Hervey - Post, TX   January 27, 2020

May Gods peace that passed all understand comfort you and your family Dr. Rexella.
I am of the Catholic faith and watch you every week. I am sorry to hear of your dear husbands passing, although we all know he has now seen the face of God.

Posted by Margaret Brankovich - Diamondtown, PA - friend   January 27, 2020


Dearest Rexella and family ,
Our love,thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.
There are no words to describe how it feels to lose a loved one. Having just lost our precious mom, Carolyn Lee ,the one you met, has been the hardest challenge for our family.Oh how we miss her, but we know she greeted your sweet husband at the gates when he arrived as she loved you both so much. We love you and we cry with you as Jack was a wonderful person and was so great in the Bible and always taught us the right way.He will be truly missed by all.God bless you,
love, ,
Doug and Lynn Mundy and Doug jr.,Paul. and Amanda

Posted by Doug and Lynn Mundy - Mechanicsville, VA - friend   January 27, 2020

Loved Jack and Rexella's beautiful ministry together as I looked forward to see them on tv. He was truly a trooper for the LORD. He never gave up. Who could imagine him coming back to minister after nearly dying, what a man. Jack was truly God's servant right up until he passed away. He will be greatly missed.

Posted by Margaret Stratton - York, SC - friend   January 27, 2020


Another Great Shepherd has entered into Eternity. Jack Van Impe shall be missed but not forgotten.
His zeal for saving souls and educating people on the times we live in has changed millions of lives.
He will be cherished in many hearts and memories for all time.
Prayer's for Rexella for her loving devotion and her great loss of a strong husband who she shared ministry with. May the zHoly Spirit brimg you comfort Rexella.
In the Love of Jesus, Effie Tull

Posted by Effie Tull - Oroville, WA   January 27, 2020

A fine man of God who taught me so much during his weekly television programme. I am at peace knowing where he is. God Bless Rexella and his family

Posted by Libby Gunter - South River, ON - friend   January 27, 2020


Posted by c r - Pittsburgh, PA   January 27, 2020

God bless you Jack Van Impe. You were truely a blessing to many.

Posted by Brigitte Lewis - Woodstock, CT - friend   January 27, 2020

Jack is at Home with our Lord. Praying for you Rexella and your family a real celebration in Heaven with Jesus and Billy. He will be missed I love him. My Brother!

Posted by Kenneth Froberg - Chesapeake, VA - Friend   January 27, 2020

I so enjoyed watching and praying with Jack and his wife Rexella. He will dearly be missed.

Posted by Sharon Hays - Plant City, FL - friend   January 27, 2020

A true man of God will be greatly missed!

Posted by Karen - Raleigh, NC   January 27, 2020

I just found out of the passing of Jack Van Impe. I am very saddened by this news. He will be truly missed, I watched his program every week, and when I did not see his program this Monday on Daystar, I went to google to find out why his program was not on the air, this is when I saw the sad news. This is quite a shock to me.
My heart and condolences goes out to Rexella and the rest of his family.

Posted by Cindy Lavoie - Toronto, ON   January 27, 2020


Posted by m kosh - Ft. myers,, FL   January 27, 2020


Thank you

Posted by A friend   January 27, 2020

Jack was an all...and a spiritual genius

Posted by William kaiser - West Brownsville, PA - friend   January 27, 2020

i have been watching on tv for years turly a blessing parnter with him and rexlla for years he will be missed

Posted by patricia bowen - savannah, GA - friend   January 27, 2020

I remember watching Dr. Van Impe as a young child, and was immediately captured by his presence and teaching of God's word. He was not afraid to teach about the coming of Christ and how to be saved. He never strayed from his mission for nearly 70 years. Now he is celebrating in heaven with those who went before him including Billy Graham and Adrian Rogers. God Bless Rexella and their families.

Posted by Don Walker - Joliet, IL - friend   January 27, 2020

Was so sad to hear of his passing, but he is with the Lord now. Will miss your teachings, but will continue till I see you again.

Posted by Robert Lonn - Montreal, QC - friend   January 27, 2020

May he rest in peace my condolences to his friends and his family is a highly educated in a believer in the Lord, Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington a member from the heart

Posted by David Call - Burlington, VT   January 27, 2020

My heart is very sad for the passing of jack van impe he was used mightly by our great GOD and Savior JESUS CHRIST an AWESOME man of GOD my condolences to his wife and all his family may GODS PEACE AND PRESENCE BE WITH THEM ALWAYS KNOWING HE IS IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD UNTIL THEY ARE REUNITED I WATCHED HIM ALL THE TIME

Posted by KIMBERLEY CALVANESA - Bridgeville, DE   January 27, 2020

I really appreciated Jack's commitment to the Lord and to His Word. God bless Rexella.

Posted by Vondia Caruso - Bakersfield, CA   January 27, 2020

You have suffered so much in the last few years and now you're finally home. Now you can hear, "Well done thou good and faithful servant." I've watched since the 70's. Cant wait till I meet you personally. My heart goes out to Rexally.

Posted by Kevin Kimmel - Pottsville, PA   January 27, 2020

Was sad to hear this bright devoted, righteous man
Will no longer be with us. His teaching, program
with wife Roxella, was so informative, and was always
a reminder we need to stay alert as Christians to Christ's soon return. Will miss him.

Posted by John Esser - South Lyon, MI   January 27, 2020


Jack was a wonderful man of God. I very much looked forward to his weekly program. He will be greatly missed, but we know he is with the Lord now. One day all Christians will be reunited in heaven with those that went before us! What a day that will be! Praise God! May God Bless Rexella and give her comfort. You are in my prayers always.

Posted by Elizabeth Mooney - Cibolo, TX   January 27, 2020

Great man I LOVED TO HEAR quote BIBLE verses front to back! God has a great friend......gordon Lambert

Posted by A friend   January 27, 2020

Jack I will miss your teaching every week. I always watched your program on TV but as I sit here Im thinking the next time I will see you in person. R.I.P my friend

Posted by Don Kviz    January 27, 2020

May God bless your soul! I know that you are with God right now, because you were a good and faithful servant! God bless Rexella! She will really miss you! I am sending prayers and love to your entire family! I am happy that you are in glory now! I watched your program every week for a number of years, and you both taught me so much about the Bible! Thank you for your service! God bless you all!

Posted by Susan Pritt - Kittanning, PA - friend   January 26, 2020

Watched his show allot and, learned allot from him about the end times.

Posted by William Wittenauer - Youngstown, OH - acquaintance   January 26, 2020


Posted by Glenn Dailey - Birmingham, AL   January 26, 2020

Praise god almighty that jack has met the lord and United with so many! What a choir in heaven!!!! Praying for rexella, chuck and the board. Know we back you up! Love in christ, catherine in nc!!

Posted by Catherine Furr - Mocksville, NC - spouse   January 26, 2020

My sympathy to Rexella and family. Jack will be missed he was such and inspiration to others , Im sure the Lord greeted him with well done good and faithful servant. We will see him in glory one day.

Posted by Mary Woliewicz - Sharpsburg, PA   January 26, 2020

I'm going to miss him and Lord give Rexella strength for the days ahead.

Posted by Troy Roach - Wirtz, VA   January 26, 2020


Oh, you will be missed by many. You have been a joy to me and my family for years. What great teachers you and Rexella are. Our hearts are heavy at this loss, but light at knowing you are with our Lord. Prayers and thoughts to your family.

Posted by Cheryl - Aurora, CO - friend   January 26, 2020


May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow. My thoughts and prayers are with you. You both have been a blessing to me and my late husband. Through your television ministry my husband received the Lord.

Posted by Debra - Syracuse, NY - friend   January 26, 2020


Dear Pastor Van Impe,

With a heavy heart I say goodbye but God knows it won't be long until His Children are all together in Heaven, AT HOME. I'll miss you desperately....REXELLA, hold your head high. Dear sister in Christ I'll meet you in the sky

Posted by Patsy Woods - Oak Lawn, IL - Teacher   January 26, 2020

Dear Rexella,
My heart goes out to you with the loss of Jack. I've watched Jack Van Impe Presents for many years and have always enjoyed Jack's enthusiasm for the Lord's return. My prayers are with you and your family.
I'm sure we'll all meet each other in the field of white horses one day soon Lord willing.
My Deepest Sympathy
Anita Brown

Posted by Anita Brown - Indian Trail, NC   January 26, 2020

JACK will be missed very much. We learned so much from HIS broadcasts. SYMPATHYS TO REXELLA.

Posted by Donna Scholl - Maidsville, WV   January 26, 2020

We enjoyed and learned so much from his broadcast. Rexella we send prayers for you. Please carry on,

Posted by Charles RHONDA Conner - Halifax, VA - friend   January 26, 2020


Angel Fundis, Bill, Christine, Shawn, Jesse, Caleb, Matthew, Rachel and baby Sonia, Cheyenne and Anna and baby Sammy. Our whole family have been blessed abundantly by all Jack Van Impe's ministry. His weekly T.V. Messages, his many books, the Jack Van Impi Bible and his personal love and light for Jesus. An AWESOME example of a true soldier of Christ!

Posted by Rev. Angel Ruth Fundis - friend   January 26, 2020

Met you in Pittsburgh,Pa. Some 30 yrs ago. Wishing Gods comfort to Rexella. Looking forward seeing you on the otherside

Posted by William Snyder - Charleroi, PA   January 26, 2020


May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.

Posted by Alishia - SC   January 26, 2020

Miss you Jack Vanimpe you where an Angel for God, thank you.

Posted by Randall Freed - St.petersburg, FL   January 26, 2020

Praying for all! Faith is now sight!

Posted by Michael Williams - Jeffersonville, OH   January 26, 2020

You will be Greatly missed. Thank you for all the years you gave to us all.

Posted by Andrew, Kevin, Troy & Sharon Kantner - MERIDIAN, ID - student   January 26, 2020

I watched jack in the 70s loved listening to him. He is with Jesus now finally home forever. A faithful servant.

Posted by Bill Julian - Brockton, MA - friend   January 26, 2020

Our prayers are with Rexella. We greatly admired Jack Van Impe and his tremendous ministry. He is in glory now.

Posted by Darlene & Tony Morgan - Chula Vista, CA - acquaintance   January 26, 2020

Thank you for inspiring me and keeping me close to the Word!

Posted by Theresa Boller - Niles, MI - friend   January 26, 2020

Watched their shows for many years. They feel like family. Always loved how he could quote scripture and the address.
Jack is praising God❤ Prayers for Rexella.

Posted by Carla - Akron, Ohio   January 26, 2020

Well done, good and faithful servant! Until we meet in glory!

Posted by John Vogelsang - Niles, MI - friend   January 26, 2020

Watched his ministry for nearly 20 years. Jack was a wonderful minister of the word of god. He is now with the lord in his kingdom. God bless you and rexella.

Posted by Mark Fitch - Omaha, NE - friend   January 26, 2020

My family and I are so sorry for the loss of this wonderful brother in the Lord.
I just found out, as I have been looking for the show for two weeks now.
Dear Roxella, we are praying for.
Carry the torch daily, we will see him again in Glory.

Posted by Sherri Smith - Monroe, MI   January 26, 2020

Jack was a great influence in myself and my husband's life. We watched the show and know where he is. Our condolences to Rexella. We will miss him. Jerry and Tammy May. Mountain View Ar.

Posted by Tammy May - Mountain View, AR   January 26, 2020

This man was a true Christian. He loved our lord and savior and did not sugar coat it no matter who you were. He spoke from his heart and I respected him for standing for what he knew the Bible teaches. He is now with his lord and savior!

Posted by Cindy Russell - Gadsden, AL   January 26, 2020

Prayers for the family that they may rest in the peace of His Holy Spirit.
I have enjoyed, and been blessed by Dr. Jack Van Impe since the 1980's, and have learned very much from his teachings on the Rapture or the Great Catching Away of the believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. Also, his teachings on what is going on in the world now.
I will miss him greatly, and his ministry! He is finally home with our Lord and Saviour Yeshua Jesus, and again, my prayers are with his family for peace and rest in their spirits. ❤

Posted by DeVon Chambers - LaGrange, IN - student   January 26, 2020


I was sorry to here about Jack passing. He was a great teacher on the bible. I wish there was more preacher that would teach on the ends times. But I'm sure he went to heaven shouting and Praising the Lord. Jack Van Impe you will be missed. Love

Posted by Cheryl Rose - Huntington, WV - friend   January 26, 2020

We have lost a giant of a man today. His ability to recall scripture was second to none. Our prayers and condolences reach out to his beloved wife Rexella.

Posted by James Galinski - Hillsdale, NJ - family   January 26, 2020

Oh my goodness. Just found out the news as I was looking for his latest show.
Just heart broken to know I'll never be able to watch his shows again with beautiful wife Rexella.
My name is Cynthia and I have been watching their weekly ministry since before my children were born. their now grown and have their own families.
My grandmother enjoyed their ministry as well. Told me Roxella has a voice of a angel. So true.
Your ministry has helped me so much through the years especially during the hard times. Though tears are flowing, I know Pastor Jack is in heaven with Jesus.
He's really the only pastor I enjoyed listening to because he only preaches God's word, and all of God's word.
This is so unexpected. Never had the pleasure of meeting in person. But oh how they've been a part of my life for years.
Dr. Van Impe was one of the best preachers in the world. He will be missed so much.

May God bless his family and comfort and keep them
Cynthia Waggoner

Posted by CYNTHIA WAGGONER - Humble, TX   January 26, 2020

Posted by Grances Bailey - InmanSc, SC   January 26, 2020

He will be missed, but he is with JESUS CHRIST. Daryl and Peggy Reese.

Posted by Daryl Reese - Whitesburg, GA   January 26, 2020

May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.

Posted by Eleanor Mercer - Northern Ireland - friend   January 26, 2020

He had such an influence on my life from watching him all my years, now 70. I respected him for his speaking the honesty of Gods word.I watched him & Rexella most of my life, and I know is now home. Well done thy good & faithful servant .He loved God & His words and lived them. He will be missed.

Posted by Linda Rocha - Palmetto, FL   January 26, 2020

Hes rejoicing with his Savior Whom he loved & faithfully preach about so many years. My Mother told me about him years ago. Loved him & Rexella & will deeply miss their weekly program together. Deepest Sympathy!

Posted by Irene Nicewicz - North Brunswick, NJ - friend   January 26, 2020

Posted by Teresa Wright - Augusta, GA   January 26, 2020

Thank You Jack for 50 years of Teaching and Keeping me straight- Growing up with you every Sunday was something I always looked forward too. Rest in the arms of the Lord
Your friend/brother in Christ

Posted by Michael Spath - Richmond, VA - friend   January 26, 2020

This Godly gentleman leaves a lasting impression of a man that truly loved and worshiped God, His son, Jesus, and the holy spirit.
I watched his program many years and will miss seeing and hearing him.
I'll be looking forward to being with him and all the saints when we ALL get to heaven !!
A job well done, Mr. Van Impe !
Marilyn Sculthorpe
Port Richey, Florida

Posted by Marilyn Sculthorpe - Port Richey, FL   January 26, 2020

We the Flores family, in New Mexico send our condolences to roxella van Impe and the family of Jack van Impe. Our love goes out to the van Impe's. Our hearts are broken to see such a wonderful man of God leave us. Jack we will always miss you. You are now in such a beautiful place with our Lord. You will be forever in our hearts. We will see you again someday. Love the Flores family.

Posted by Virginia Flores - Lordsburg, NM - significant_other   January 26, 2020

Dear Dr. Rexella and family, I rejoice with you through tears that Dr. Jack has moved to heaven. But I know, having lost my husband of forty years and love of my life recently, that half of you is missing right now. I pray that you take comfort in knowing what a blessing Dr. Van Impe was to so many and how many people are in heaven or going there because of his teaching. He taught with such boldness. My husband and I were two of those blessed and educated by this ministry. Rexella, may you have more joy than sorrow and more hope than grief. Jack is not in your present, but he is in your future, just as my husband is. May God continue to bless you.

Posted by Connie Scheuneman - Hendersonville, NC   January 26, 2020

Jack was the most knowledgable person to ever teach about the Bible. He sure did love The Lord. I can only imagine the rewards God has for him.

Posted by Rodney Stevens    January 26, 2020

I watch with anticipation and joy to hear this man of God. He will truly be missed by us Christians. I believe in my heart he is now home with our lord and savior Jesus.

Posted by George Lewko - Nokesville, VA   January 26, 2020

Strong speaker, will be missed by the world.

Posted by - MN   January 26, 2020

My husband and I were so saddened when we found out that Dr. Jack Van Impe passed away. Our hearts and prayers are with you. He was a man with great passion for the Lord and His Word, he truly was the "Bible Man!" His long life and legacy is to be honored and now he can rest in Jesus until "the end" comes when the Lord returns and sets up HIS kingdom here on earth and we rule and reign with Him! Hallelujah to the King! May the Holy Spirit comfort you and guide you in the coming days and months. Peace to you and your family, Rexella! You are a beautiful Christian woman inside and out and it was obvious to all the LOVE Jack had for you and you for him, and together you served the Lord faithfully. God still has a purpose for you, Rexella, as you continue out your own days here! May He give you wisdom.

Posted by Denise Mitchell - Ellicott City, MD   January 26, 2020

I have listened to and watched him and his wife since the 1970's. He is a great man of God and is now and forever in His presence.

Posted by Barbara Dupree - friend   January 26, 2020

I just found out today- What a shock, yes this man of Gd tried his best to prepare us for the end times- most people do not believe- even in the midst of hatred- Pastor Jack never stopped teaching the Word of God. So sorry to hear this he will be missed here, but oh what a blessing in heaven he is.....
Rev. Dr. Joy Davis, Detroit and now Orlando.

Posted by Rev. Dr. Joy Davis - Orlando, FL   January 26, 2020

May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.

Posted by Mr & Mrs Norm Burt - Gillett, PA - friend   January 26, 2020

Heartfelt condolences & prayers to you, Rexella, & the entire staff at Jack Van Impe ministries.
I have watched your program for years & support the ministry. I will miss seeing him on tv, but I am sure that he is rejoicing with our Savior Jesus Christ. I wasnt aware of his home going until now when I was trying to find the time your program came on today. May God comfort you during this time.

Posted by Myra Cross - Quitman, GA   January 26, 2020

My sincere Condolences to you Dear Dr. Rexella, you are a Beautiful Godly Women. What Rejoicing there was in Heaven when the Angels took Your Beautiful Husband Home to be with the Lord Jesus. God Bless You. Welcome Home my Good And Faithful Servant, All The Glory To Jesus our Lord Christ.

Posted by Kelly Bourque - Ottawa, ON   January 26, 2020

Surround Rexalla and family with Your Love
I learned so much from all of you

Posted by Barbara Chesnut - Binghamton, NY   January 26, 2020

A superb teacher and stout , tell it as it is Christian , there is no doubt of the rewards he will receive from JESUS. Dear Rexella , may the LORD keep you strong at this time while we wait for the rapture.

Posted by Mike & Antonette Eardley - Pennington, GA - friend   January 26, 2020

I began watching "Jack Van Impe Presents," several years ago. I truly believe he lived up to his nickname. He was known as "The Walking Bible," because he had memorized all the scriptures regarding prophecy and end times. I truly loved the show and I began to have great regard for both Jack and Rexella. I learned so much from them both and for that I'll always be grateful.

I know he suffered through a coma for 80 days before coming back but he still looked quite frail. I kinda liked his new mustache and he was still the same old Jack but when he would talk about how Rexella sat at his bedside every day, he would tear up and thank her right there on set where we all could see it. They had a truly amazing love story and you could see it every week on their show.

I will miss you terribly Jack but I know you're with Jesus and that the rest of us are going to be called to "come up hither," very soon and I can just imagine the receiving line of people who were saved by watching your show over the years. That's probably why God called you home so early. Your now reunited with Billy Graham, who you traveled with and so many other Christians who have gone on before you. I know where you are and one day, I look forward to shaking your hand!

Rexella, dear? Jack was a wonderful man who could never be replaced and I will keep you in my prayers daily as you go through this terrible time. I can just feel how much you must miss him so I will keep you close in my thoughts and prayers.

May God grant you peace and rest Jack. All of us who loved you will see you and meet you someday. Thank you for always telling it like it is. I will miss you.

In Christ Jesus,

Jeri Ann Eakin
Vacaville, CA

Posted by JeriAnn Eakin - Vacaville, CA - friend   January 26, 2020

Posted by heinrich meuller - stamford, CT   January 26, 2020

At last you know the truth you, youll very soon be coming back with the Lord, then those who are alive will be caught up together, Rexella, youll be with him in the rapture almost imminently, I read every day the Jack Van Impe prophecy bible, thank you for that brilliantly laid out book, my prayers of comfort for you Rexella. God bless you. Terry

Posted by Terry Saunders - Birmingham England - friend   January 26, 2020

I want to give my heartfelt condolences to the Van impe family. I listened to Jack all the time. I really learned a lot about GOD from his teaching. I am very heartbroken to hear this very sad news.

Posted by Brian Poshadlo - Manistique, MI - student   January 26, 2020

What a blessing Dr. Van Impe has been to many lives over so many years. He will be missed greatly. Rexalla, it is tough to part with someone you love but I know that Jesus is comforting you. I will miss seeing you as well on Daystar and hope you will continue in the ministry. Praying for you.

Posted by Sally Ann McGowan - St. Louis, MO   January 26, 2020

My wife and I loved learning from Jack and his wife over the years. He is at peace with the Lord now. He will be missed.
Rick and Sue Myers
New Brighton, Pa.

Posted by Richard Myers - New righton, PA   January 26, 2020

My heart hurts hearing the news of Mr. Van Impes passing! He and Roxella helped me through very difficult times as a young adult trying to find my way. He is now in the glorious Heavenly final destination that we all long for...Rest In Peace Mr. Van Impe prayers and love to his family ❤

Posted by Ami Smith    January 26, 2020


I was in shock to hear of Dr. Van Impe's home going! I watch his show every week. Have the dvr set to catch it. I have watched him come out from under the terrible troubles he has endured and that has given me so much hope for my troubles. I love him and has wife and appreciate the truth he is willing to speak of, that no one else will speak. I am so sad and will miss him like family. But, Heaven is happy to see him and he is rejoicing seeing Jesus. I can see his bright smile! Thank you pastor Van Impe for all you give to us and will see you soon!
Rexella, we love you and pray for you. Jesus will give you light.

Posted by Julie Sappingfield - Terre Haute, IN - friend   January 25, 2020

Jack Van Impe was a wonderful man who had a passion for serving the Lord and saving the lost. He always spoke from the word of God and never watered it down! Every week my family and I would tune in to watch Jack and his precious wife Rexella. He will be greatly missed! Although we know he is present with the Lord, and no longer in pain, His presence will be missed not only by his T.V family and friends, but also by his wife, and we will pray for her during her time of grief.

Posted by Paul and Adela Mata - San Antonio, TX - friend   January 25, 2020

Jack was a special one of a kind minister of the gospel who never compromised the truth. Lord please raise up such a man for the times we live in to help us navigate the times ahead. May the Lord bring comfort to your family and the audience family.

Posted by Shelly Vaughn - Soddy Daisy, TN   January 25, 2020

See you in Heaven some sweet day brother

Posted by Rebecca Chapman - Mc Calla, AL   January 25, 2020

Dr. Van Impe, thank you, thank you so much for loving Jesus and sharing the truth of the gospel; for teaching, instructing, and praying us into a Hope and a Future. Your program changed my life forever and although my heart is broken hearing of your passing, just today, I am so happy that it's not goodbye, but that one day I'll meet you in person in Heaven. Well done thou good and faithful servant. My Highest Regards to your Blessed Wife, Rexella, and to Chuck, and all your friends and family and those who worked by your side in ministry. God Bless You All.

Posted by Phyllis Posey - Crawfordville, FL - acquaintance   January 25, 2020

What a great loss, I thank the Lord for His life of diligently teaching eschatology. His knowledge and remembrance of the Word of God always inspired and amazed me.. Blessings and Comfort to His precious Wife.

Posted by Patricia Hampton - Saginaw, MI - coworker   January 25, 2020

In loving memory of a wonderful person. We will love you and miss you always.

Posted by JoAnn Perpuly - Dilworth, MN   January 25, 2020

Another Aquarian. All good men were born in February. Loved to follow and listen to him quote. The signs are about complete , Jack. R.I.P.

Posted by Jerry Davis - Killbuck, OH - friend   January 25, 2020

I am saddened by the loss of this Wonderful Man Of God who Truly spoke the Truth of the Word of God as he wanted all to come to the Saving Grace Knowledge of Jesus Christ & have the Assurance of spending Eternity with God & Jesus Christ in Heaven. My dad was Saved in his later years of life through Jack Van Impe' s preaching and that I never thought would happen but Only by the Grace & Mercy of GOD & the Holy Spirit drawing him to Salvation did my Dad enter into Heaven. He watched Jack & Rexella for a number of years & he Loved them. I pray the very best for Rexella as Jack was her world and only God can give her strength to go on. She will be with him again in HEAVEN one day and what a glorious day of rejoicing that will be when They meet again. God Bless Rexella as she carry on without her Beloved husband. He is missed beyond measure by Rexella and all who knew him and loved him. Rest well with the Lord Dear Jack Van Impe. Hope to meet you one day in Heaven.

Posted by Nanci Wheatley - Mint Hill, NC - acquaintance   January 25, 2020

I remember first tuning into the program on a late Sunday night in 1993. He will be missed. Please accept my condolences.

Posted by Robert Collinge - AB   January 25, 2020

Rexella I believe the Lord took Jack before the rapture to spoil him for his faithful service. I expect we will be joining him very soon... Perhaps today!

Posted by Sharon Fisher - Toronto, ON   January 25, 2020

Dear Rexella,
My wife and I have enjoyed your show with Jack very much.
I have watched your show for close to 30 years. I bought many of your videos and learned so much from them.
I know the Lord has told Jack "Well done."
We are praying for you now Rexella. May the Lord comfort you with His loving arms around you.
Love in Christ
Mike & Theresa Arbogast
Hesperia, MI

Posted by Michael & Theresa Arbogast - Hesperia, MI - friend   January 25, 2020

Jack is with the Lord. I learned a lot about Prophecy from him. I will surely miss him

Posted by A friend   January 25, 2020

Posted by Dennis Cosban - Lantana, FL - student   January 25, 2020

My husband and I have been watching Jack Van Impe and Rexella for many years. We just found out about his death. We feel as though we have lost a family member. Please know that we will be praying for you Rexella and hope to see you back on TV soon. We love you dearly!!

Posted by Wanda McNeil - Asheboro, NC - friend   January 25, 2020

Mr. Jack Van Impe was a Beautiful Godly Man, I Believe he Received Many Crowns, From Our Lord Jesus Christ. Well Done My True Faithful Servant. All the Glory to God. Will Miss you Very Much. Hugs to you Dear Beautiful Rexella.

Posted by A friend   January 25, 2020

I am so saddened to hear Jack Vanlmpe is no longer with us. Such a great man of God. I am sure the Angels are rejoicing. I am praying for his wife and family.

Posted by Sharon Georges - Portland, OR   January 25, 2020

I started listening to Jack on the radio at work in the late 1970s. Then I attended a dinner he gave at a hotel in Albany, NY and I received (and I still have today) a Jack Van Impe autographed Bible. Then he announced his ministry was giving a tour to the Holy Land (this was in 1981), and I just had to go. We had a wonderful time with Jack and Rexella, going to Jesus' tomb, to Galilee, to where Lazarus was raised from the dead, to Bethlehem, Masada, to the Dead Sea, and finally, to the baptism in the Jordan River. I will never forget that trip and I am thankful he offered it to us to go. It was wonderful to hear him speak at all these places. He will definitely be missed, and his portion to us, but I have a hope that one day again, in the millennial reign of Christ, I can be with Jack and Rexella in the Holy land, reigning with our Savior. Rexella, may God give you great comfort and direction at this time.

Posted by Mark Traeger - Rosedale, MD   January 25, 2020

Posted by Grady Youngblood    January 25, 2020

so sorry to hear your loss Rexella he will be miss, R.I.P. Jack Van Impe.

Posted by David A Gonsalves Jr - Preston, CT - significant_other   January 25, 2020

Condolences to the Van Impe family. May "the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and God of all comfort" grant you His mercy and comfort...

Posted by A friend   January 25, 2020

Jack Van Impe was a bless man of God and we enjoyed watching his program on our computer to get updates on the in times before Jesus returns. May our Lord Jesus comfort Rexella and bless you in all areas of her life.

Posted by Doris Foote - San Angelo, TX - friend   January 25, 2020

May God Bless you at this time Rexella

Posted by Bruce & Christina Gregoire - Foxboro, MA   January 25, 2020

Jack Van Impe has been an inspiration to me for many years. His interpretation of scripture and world events have been amazing. His heart for people never wavered and showed through his prayers for every individual. He will truly be missed but his legacy of reaching the lost will live on till Christs return. Thank you Jack!

Posted by Dennis Strunk - Yale, MI - friend   January 25, 2020

He will be missed.

Posted by roberta hale - GARWIN, IA   January 25, 2020

Was a real man of God whom I learned so much from him over the years of watching him. I will really miss seeing the program every Sunday ,but our loss is Heavens gain. I send my condolences to Rexalla and their families. I could see the love for her and God on his face always. I hope you , Rexalla carry on his work . God bless you always❤❤❤

Posted by Zetta Bowyer - Fayetteville, WV - friend   January 25, 2020

My condolences to you Rexella and your family. Jack was a great man in my eyes and our Lords. Thank you for all your years of service to the ministry.

Posted by Kay Francis - Lincoln, NE   January 25, 2020

Dear Rexella, We are saddened to hear of your beloved husband Dr. Jack Van Impes "homegoing" to heaven. We will miss him and we pray the Lord Jesus will comfort you with His presence. Love to you sister in Christ, Rollie and Donna Wills from Eau Claire, WI.

Posted by A friend   January 25, 2020

Our deepest condolences to his wife. We pray that God continues to strengthen and comfort you during this difficult period.

Posted by A friend   January 25, 2020

He had a lot of impact on me when I was a new Christian. He will be missed

Posted by Josep Franks - Wadsworth, OH - acquaintance   January 25, 2020


I first went to see Jack and Rexcella VanImpe in 1978. They were there for a whole week of music and ministry. He did many of his famous messeges. I had only been a christian for 4 months and Jack van impe changed my life. I have followed his ministry for 41 years. You will be greatly missed. Now you can rest in the Lord's presence.

Posted by theresa gublo - Elmira, NY   January 25, 2020

Rexella I'm so saddened by Jack's passing but he also would say to me not to be sad because he's in that beautiful place he preached about. What a smile he must have now. I know you're lost without Jack but he's right there with you in spirit and in heart. We will soon be caught up to meet Him soon. I'm ready to meet Jesus Christ and Jack.

Posted by Karla Groves - Lebanon, MO   January 25, 2020

God bless the family and dear Rexella.....He is in Glory now....well done good and faithful seevant

Posted by Dawn Chastain - Olympia, WA - friend   January 25, 2020

I was deeply saddened and shocked after learning about the recent passing of Dr.Jack Van Impe and am very sorry Rexella, with the loss of your outstanding and very compassionate and loving husband. I live in Calgary,Alberta,Canada and first began Jack Van Impe on television every week in 1991 and have never missed an episode since! It has been very comforting with being able to watch Jack Van Impe every week on television,with him relating current world events to scripture and bible prophecy. The memories of Jack Van Impe will always be a treasure in my memory forever. God Bless You Dr.Jack Van Impe.

Posted by Robert Cousins - Calgary, AB   January 25, 2020

Dearest Rexella & family of Jack VanImpe. I am so sorry to hear of Jack's passing. I first heard him when I was a teenager back in the 70's. I always appreciated your dual messages. At least he won't have to analyze the news anymore and view the atrocities that have and are still going on in the world. He is finally at home w/the Lord. Hallelujah!

Posted by Lois Terino Gray - Cato, NY   January 25, 2020

May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.

Posted by A friend   January 25, 2020

Thanks Dr. Van Impe for all the ministry God gave through you. I have felt blessed by you program for the last 20 years. You will be greatly missed but I know you're with the Lord. My deepest condolences to Rexella and all of your family.

Posted by Shane Langianese - Bradford, PA - student   January 25, 2020

My prayers for strength and comfort from Christ to Rexella during this difficult time. Even though you know that your hubby is in the best place that he could be, he's still missed from your side. Anyone could see how close you two were, the Love Everlasting-Endureth all forever. I had watched your show for over 20 years, told my friends and family about your show and they watched, too. Many times my friends and I would watch your show together while we were on the phone. We not only learned about GOD's Love for us, but the love for one another, by example of you and Jack and your great friend, Chuck. Love you ALL, GOD Bless Always. Sincerely, Sister in Christ.

Posted by Debbie Herring - Lorain, OH   January 25, 2020

Enjoying God's house now. Rest in Peace Jack.

Posted by Susan McCaskill - TX   January 25, 2020


I have been watching your program since the early 1980s. I will truly miss you my brother, but we will greet each other in latter days. Love you and your wife. You are now home, face to face with our savior.

Posted by Daniel Black - Las Vegas, NV   January 25, 2020

May the )Lord comfort his wife during this time.

Posted by A friend   January 25, 2020

Dear Rexella,

Sending my love and praying for you now and in the weeks to come, may our Heavenly Father give you comfort and peace during these days. How I remember the days you and Jack came to Trinity in Jacksonville, Florida. The program has been a vital ministry for so many years. What a blessing with the souls saved through the ministry. God bless you and keep you, Rexella.

Love in Christ,

Helen Pombert
Jacksonville, Florida

Posted by Helen Pombert - Jacksonville, FL - friend   January 25, 2020

I cant believe my favorite Wonderfull Minister of the Bible truths had passed,im deeply sad about his passing.all my prayers are with you Rexella and family..such an awesome man who shared the gospel truth on our future.,and knew the word of god in every scripture he spoke'wow ! I learned alot from his teachings every and may Gods grace give you strength thru this time..I love you both ! my prayers are with you ..a friend through your ministry

Posted by Tina Samra - Shelby township, MI - friend   January 24, 2020


Sorry for loss of your sweet husband. Rexella. Praying for you and your Family.

Posted by Gina Robinson - 1201 Miller Road, SC   January 24, 2020

I watched Jack Van Impe for many years. I loved his knowledge of the Word of God, and his love for Jesus! His excitement for saving souls, and the return of Jesus was contagious! I will miss watching him, but he must be so happy in the presence of Jesus! Jack truly believed what he preached, and now he is with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! I extend my deepest condolences to Rexella and the rest of the family. Although Jack is with Jesus, he is missed here on earth. My father passed away the week before Jack's passing. Although I miss him dearly, I know that I will see him again in heaven. Jack always reminded us that to be absent from the body is to be present with the LORD! I can imagine the biggest smile on Jack's face as he is in the very presence of Jesus! Praying for God's loving arms to be wrapped around the family. May God comfort you and give you His peace.

Posted by Janet Hanna - Cocoa, FL   January 24, 2020

Rexella : so sorry to hear about Jack ! Remember all the good times and how the two of you made the world a better place to live ! Ken Hodge

Posted by A friend   January 24, 2020

Thanks Mr Van Impe, for sharing the truth and the gospel truth to the world. You were a part of our household for years

Posted by Michael and Teresa Sekich - Tucson, AZ   January 24, 2020

Jack... You meant so much to so many people. You preached the true word out of the KJV Bible. I met you many years ago at a church in Hesperia Mi. You were in my live every since. You and Rexella were so true to Jesus Christ and so faithful... you touched so many lives. It is so wonderful to know you are not hurting any more and walking and talking to Our Lord and Savior. Rexella my prayers are with you and praying God will comfort you through the days a head until you say hi to him again in heaven. Love in Christ

Posted by Dorcas Leverence - Muskegon Mi.   January 24, 2020

Rest in the arms of Jesus Pastor Van Impe!
I will miss tuning into your weekly show.
My condolences to Rexella and all of your family and friends!

Posted by Irene Ragan - Murrieta, CA - friend   January 24, 2020

I loved Dr. Van Impe so much and will truly miss him. I started watching the weekly show many years ago with he and Rexella and was blessed each time. I loved at the end of the show when they would catch one anothers hands. God bless Rexella and the ministry, you are in my prayers.

Posted by Patricia Washington - Humble, TX - friend   January 24, 2020

I first went to see you two at the Fort Wayne Memorial coliseum In Indiana back in the middle sixties I have loved you for years. I will miss Jack, what a great pair you two were.

Posted by Harvey Ziegler - Fort Wayne, IN - friend   January 24, 2020


Posted by DALE SELMAN - CUMBERLAND, MD   January 24, 2020


Amy and I pray for you and your family at this time of loss. In our hearts,we will miss him.
Friends in Jesus (Yeshuas) name. Dennis and Amy

Posted by Dennis McDermott    January 24, 2020

Pastor VanImpe is now with his Lord Jesus Christ.

Posted by Elaine Brandt - Lebanon, MO - friend   January 24, 2020

I've watched you for many of years. It was a shock to hear of Jack's passing, we will see you again in heaven some day jack !! Thank you for your knowledge , you will definitely be missed. Jack & rexella, we love you in Jesus name

Posted by Zane Mills - EAGAR, AZ   January 24, 2020



Posted by FELICIA VALENTINE YATES - Fayetteville, NC   January 24, 2020

What a wonderful man of God, along with Rexella their show was great. Rest in Peace sir. You will be missed.

Posted by Linda Thompson - Denver, CO - student   January 24, 2020

So sorry for loss. He was a great teacher on prophecy

Posted by A friend   January 24, 2020

I watched his programmed for many years. You will be missed. You are with the Lord Jesus Christ now....

Posted by John Dorriety - Saint Cloud, FL   January 24, 2020

I extend my deepest condolences to Rexella and family . I will miss watching him. I learned so much and enjoyed his love for the Lord and leading people to Christ.

Posted by Lily S. - CALGARY, AB   January 24, 2020

We are thankful that we had Jack around to teach us the Word of God. It's wonderful to know how happy he must be now! Our condolences to sweet Rexella.

Posted by Eric and Seelye Day - Dewey, AZ   January 24, 2020

We lost a great man, a great preacher, and teacher of the bible. My love and prayers to Rexella and staff, family and friends. God bless and comfort your heart's today and in the days ahead. He will be greatly missed!

Sincere condolences,
Ann Marie Tagen
Everett, Washington

Posted by Ann Tagen - Everett, WA   January 24, 2020

I have watched his tv program for years. He will be missed. Praying for his family

Posted by Darlene Baxter - Rydal, GA   January 24, 2020

I enjoyed watching his program

Posted by Thomas Taunton - Montgomery, AL - friend   January 24, 2020

Dr. Rexella Van Impe --- It has been a privilege and honor to watch and listen to Dr. Jack Van Impe for many years. He led me to the Lord in 1980. His entrance into Heaven is nothing less than Glorious. The best is yet to come. God bless you Dr. Rexella Van Impe. You both are mountainous Christians.

Posted by Bobby Haggerty - Roanoke, VA - friend   January 24, 2020

I always looked forward to coming home from work and watching him and Dr Rexella. He was not timid about calling out what he felt was wrong.
I learned about his ministry from my father who would always watch his program.
Praying for his dear wife .

Posted by Jean Fortune - Elyria, OH   January 24, 2020

I grew up watching this man on Sunday morning a great man of my saver Jesus Christ. Sign ac Miller may God bless the family !

Posted by Ac & Linda Miller - Sweetwater, TN   January 24, 2020

Great man of God! will be miss, God blessed.

Posted by Irving Guzman - Jacksonville, FL - significant_other   January 24, 2020

Jack was a man of God. I will miss him deeply. Thank you Jack for leading me to Christ. God bless you Rexella .

Posted by Patricia Blasko - Somerset, PA   January 24, 2020

Dr. Jack Van Impe 1931 2020

On January 18, 2020, Dr. Jack Van Impe was welcomed into Heaven by His blessed Savior and Lord who he had so faithfully served in ministry for over 70 years.

Posted by Grady Youngblood - Fort Lauderdale, FL   January 24, 2020

I use to love watch Pastor Van Impe and his wife here here in Canada until they changed up the channels and I couldn't get it anymore.

My Condolences to Rexella. He was passionate about serving the Lord and teaching the word. His soul is resting until that trumpet blows and the dead in Christ arises. God bless him and his family.

Posted by Vevine Love - Toronto, ON - sister   January 24, 2020

His ministry was a part of me growing in the Lord as a Christian. He was a walking Bible. He will be missed. Thanks for sharing him with the world. You have my prayers.

Posted by mary jones - Detroit, MI   January 24, 2020

My condolences to Rexella and those who were close to Jack. He looks upon the face of our beloved LORD

Posted by Sara - MI - acquaintance   January 24, 2020


As the days and weeks pass, and as you return to life's routine, may you continue to feel comforted by the love and support of family and friends.

Posted by Lari Garten - Centerville, OH - friend   January 24, 2020

To Mrs. Van Impe psalms 116:15 when i heard of your husband passing. that's what came to mind .be encouraged and know that he that sits on the throne .shares our grief and sorrow and will comfort you .until we see jack again continue the ministry

Posted by Dale Peeples - Delray Beach, FL - friend   January 24, 2020

There will never be another like Jack Van impe. Pray for Rexella.

Posted by Dale Lundy - Waldport, OR - friend   January 24, 2020


What an incredible life and example of a person who lived a life totally sold out to Jesus. I can only imagine the homecoming. Bless you pastor Jack. I loved your teachings and I will see you in heaven.

Posted by Nardus Venter - Pretoria, South Africa   January 24, 2020

We have lost the Greatest General of our Faith, and I feel such a deep loss no words can convey.
Pastor Cherrie DiPonziano
Light of the World Church U.S.

Posted by Pastor Cherrie DiPonziano - Portland, OR - friend   January 24, 2020

Jack was a great person that was a loyal follower of our Lord JESUS. I enjoyed listening to him and Rexella on Sunday mornings. I know that Jack is talking to Jesus now with a large smile on his face. Rexella may your faith help you threw your loss. GODS BLESSING TO YOU. THANK YOU.

Posted by MARY CROME - NEOSHO FALLS, KS - friend   January 24, 2020


So sorry to hear of your husband, Jack Van Impe passing away. He was a great man of God!!
He knew his Bible from cover to cover. He is rejoicing in Heaven since Jan. 18. May God comfort
you and give you strength in the coming days and weeks ahead. I know that you were very close
and you were such a help to his ministry for often he would mention it on the broadcast.
Garry R. Hatfield

Posted by Garry Hatfield - Somerville, NB   January 24, 2020

I am praying for the family. May God comfort you all.

Posted by Zella Burno - Fayetteville, NC   January 24, 2020

Our hearts and prayers go out to Rexella and the family at the news of Dr. Jack passing. Earths loss is most definitely Heavens gain. Rest in Peace until Jesus calls us at the coming Rapture 'Thou good and faithful servant'.

Posted by Diana & Brett Pfender - Evansville, IN   January 24, 2020

Ive thoroughly enjoyed watching you TV show and the many DVDs Ive gotten from your Ministry. I pray that Rexella is comforted by The Sovereign Divine Triune Godhead. Jack & Rexella worked together in their ministry and Im so thankful that Jack based everything on Gods Holy Word.

Posted by Veronica Moore - Lake Stevens, WA - student   January 24, 2020


Posted by Norma Lewis - Milton, ON - teacher   January 24, 2020

In loving memory of a wonderful person. We will love you and miss you always.

Posted by Alva & Carolyn Pendleton - Mansfield, OH - friend   January 24, 2020

May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.

Posted by A friend   January 24, 2020

His dedication to and love of the Lord was very apparent. His commitment to the walk with Christ and the importance of studying scripture and applying it to life today inspired my family to follow God with similar devotion. His presence in this world acted as an anchor, a solid biblical ground, that encouraged our connection to the Gospel. We shall miss his presence with us here greatly. God be praised that he is finally with our saviour.

Posted by Aleida Sanderson-Bagchus - Hamilton, ON - student   January 24, 2020


Late Dr.Jack Van Impe Forever Known Greatest Endtimes Preacher in the world.

Posted by Grady Youngblood - Fort Lauderdale, FL - friend   January 24, 2020

You will be missed. I listened to you for years & always learned something. I'm sure you will hear the words from our Lord, well done thou good and faithful servant.

Posted by Cherri Thatcher - Estill Springs, TN   January 24, 2020

I was very comforted by his show which I started watching about a year ago. I am a lifelong catholic Christian and he was very inclusive and truthful when interpreting the Bible. There was a lot we agreed on, more than most except for Billy Graham who I saw twice. I hope Rexella is surrounded by loving friends and family in her time of grief.

Posted by Mary Redmond - East Syracuse, NY   January 24, 2020

So sorry that the world has lost this man of great faith. My thoughts and prayers are with Dr. Van Impe's family during this difficult time.

Posted by Alvina Rhodes - Rochester Hills, MI   January 24, 2020

Rexella, God will keep you until the day of Glory...God speed Jack Van Impe.

Posted by David    January 24, 2020


We Have Lost A Great Godly Man I Will Miss Watching Him on Sundays but God Called He Answered now He is Home my thoughts and prayers for his wife coworkers and Many friends God Bless u all love to all hugs and kisses

Posted by Kimberly Williams - Chattanooga, TN - friend   January 24, 2020

Our sincere condolences to the family of Jack Van Impe May the God of all comfort provide you all the strength to cope with your loss

Posted by A friend   January 24, 2020

You will be missed, I guess God has you busy getting everything ready for Christ return in the clouds to take his church home, I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Posted by Gwendolyn Ure - Portage, IN   January 24, 2020

he had a point in some of the things that he said,sorry to hear about you loss rexella,I happen to know your brother through the yearick family!

Posted by hal cochran - central, SC - significant_other   January 24, 2020

Farewell to a true Man of God. My Father raised is watching Jack and I loved his every program with the Plan of Salvation was n every one. May you RIP until we meet in Heaven.

Posted by Jackie Davis - Abingdon, VA, VA - friend   January 24, 2020

In loving memory of a wonderful person. We will love you and miss you always. I love watching the broadcast each week. I have grown and learn so much. I love the Prophetic Bible. Praying for Rexella and family, friends.

Posted by Irene Welch - Sylva, NC   January 24, 2020

The Late Dr.jack Van Impe is Greatest Televangelist Leading Billions to Gospel of Jesus Christ ; Dr.jack Van Impe Forever Called "Mr Bible"

Posted by Grady Youngblood - Fort Lauderdale, FL - friend   January 24, 2020

Sorry to hear of your loss Rexella. He will be missed. George & Linda Hodge

Posted by A friend   January 24, 2020

Great Man of God

Posted by Darlene Paris - West Sacramento, CA   January 24, 2020

Posted by Grady Youngblood    January 24, 2020

Posted by Grady Youngblood    January 24, 2020

The Lord is so proud of all the biblical teachings you gave shall have many crowns to lay at Yeshua's feet..I can see your face beeming as you looked upon our Savior's face the day you passed into Heaven...May God give you strength Rexella. Debby

Posted by Debra Young - Mechanicsburg, PA - friend   January 24, 2020

Thank you for all the time you spent feeding us your reward forbeing a good and faithful servant is reserved you will be missed

Posted by A friend   January 24, 2020

I heard Jack the first time at North Side Baptist Church in 1972 what a Great Preacher man of God .He will surely be missed.

Posted by Jerry Cates - Smyrna, TN - friend   January 24, 2020

Mr. Van Impe, lived on the edge but never out of the scope of the Bible. He was edgy in the scene of giving an accurate depiction of coming events from the perspective of the Bible. Always on point. He will be truly missed. Heaven rejoices!

Posted by Edith Conerly - Houston, TX   January 24, 2020

Thank you JacK and Rexella for your faithfulness in sharing Gods inerrant Word with so many for so long
May God bring much comfort as you his family mourn his loss

Posted by Eleanor Magie - Toronto, ON - friend   January 24, 2020

He will be missed here on earth and soon we will see him again his younger self and share some fellowship together. Our condolences to his wife, truly sorry for the loss of your loved one, thank you for all you've done for the LORDS KINGDOM AS WELL.

Posted by Charles Montoya - Santa Fe, NM - friend   January 24, 2020


He was the living word of truth and manna from heaven that spoke of the hope of the rapture of the people of God. He will be truly miss .

Posted by Darryl Middleton - Louisville, KY - acquaintance   January 24, 2020

I started watching his program in August of 1996. I haven't missed more than six programs during this time. He will be truly missed by many, especially me. The Lord gained a special man that brought many lives to Christ and taught me more in the nearly 24 years I have been watching his program than the rest of my life combined. I have an emptiness in my heart that will miss seeing his program that brought an inner peace to my soul. Rest in peace thy good and faithful servant for your rewards await you.

Posted by JOHN VENABLE - MESA, AZ - friend   January 24, 2020

God Bless to Jack's family. He was a great blessing to me and many others. Praise Be To Our Lord And Savior Christ Jesus. He is missed. May God's Grace give rest to all of Jack's family. Even So Come Lord Jesus.

Posted by James Watts Sr. - SALISBURY, NC   January 24, 2020

Grief can be so hard, but our special memories help us cope. Remembering you and your loved one today and always.My prayers are with Rexella as she is a very big part of Jack's ministry and he will be missed.

Posted by Angelene Stewart - Elyria, OH   January 24, 2020

Dr. Jack Van Impe was filled with the love of the Lord and also demonstrated great integrity and compassion which his viewers cherished. I was one of those viewers. He truly lived what he preached and as a viewer I often listened to his sermons to be educated on the Word of God and get a sense of what he thought was happening in the World relative to Bible prophecy. I enjoyed how his wife Rexella shared the current events and he connected this to Bible prophecy. He knew the Bible back and forth! I was truly saddened to hear of his death and also have compassion for his wife at such a loss. The world has lost a Godly man. I am sure he was greeted in heaven....

Posted by Kelly Bauman    January 24, 2020

Dr. Van Impe has been and will always be welcome in my home TV broadcast. One of my all time favorite mentors for myself and 3 of my closest friends. We often talked of the latest interpretation that was given by Jack and felt we finally understood much of the world news in a whole new light. Forever grateful and celebrating your homecoming. Looking forward to meeting you for the first time face to face in heaven. God Bless you Rexella as you celebrate Jack's homecoming, but your loss of a wonderful man.

Posted by Debra Drake - Kimberly, ID - friend   January 24, 2020

He will be missed very much. I watched him for years. There is no body like him in the world today.

Posted by Rex Powell - Sidney, OH   January 24, 2020

Jack was a light, in a very dark world. I can only imagine the soul winners crowns that God has for him, because he will have many. my prayers are with Sweet Rexella, that the Holy Spirit comforts her, knowing her beloved Jack is with Jesus and is more alive and healthy than he ever was. Bless her Lord.

Posted by Linda Anderson - Attalla, AL   January 24, 2020

Dr. Van Impe inspired me to become a committed student of biblical prophecy. I now have a ministry totally dedicated to sounding the trumpet for the second coming of our Lord. I pray for his family and salute Dr. Jack Van Impe for his uncompromising stand on Gods word.

Posted by Lincoln Scott - Charlotte, NC - teacher   January 24, 2020

"Come and 'take' your reward, 'GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT'!!!" REST WELL, JACK!!!"

Posted by Jim Lighton - Ravenna, OH - friend   January 24, 2020

I had so hoped that we would have him for
many more years, but God runs the show!
Rexella, God will hold him in His arms until you
can again. My heart too, is broken...

Caroline Collins
Asheville, NC

Posted by Caroline Collins - Asheville, NC   January 24, 2020


May God be with you. Rest in Peace , condolences to you and your family.

Posted by Connie Force - Wichita, KS   January 24, 2020


Posted by DON TOWE - BOILING SPRINGS, SC   January 24, 2020

He was an amazing man, with Rexella by his his side they were a team for Christ, driven and decaded.

Posted by Diane Thibaudeau - Sarasota, FL - acquaintance   January 24, 2020

Dr. and Rexella Van Impe were my introduction to Bible prophecy when I was a new follower of Jesus. My sincere sympathy to Rexella at this difficult time. I have always been so impressed with her Godly and gentle spirit. I will miss seeing Dr. Van Impe on their show. But I am so very happy he is with the Lord now.

Posted by Mary May-Rennert - Alexandria, VA   January 24, 2020


Sorry to hear of the loss

Posted by Ann Stokman - Greendale, WI   January 24, 2020

I recorded his show in case I missed one. He was a wonderful minister and I will miss his show. May God bless and keep Rexella and thank you for giving me the true gospel every week.

Posted by Judy Rondy - Mt. Pleasant, MI - friend   January 24, 2020

I enjoyed your show for years,, thanks,, John

Posted by John - friend   January 24, 2020

I have been watching jack for 25 years i always felt the lords presence with his sermons his wife is full of the holy spirit jack is in his mansion great man

Posted by John Allen - Littletom, CO - friend   January 24, 2020

See you in heaven Jack
Loved your ministry. A real general in God's army

Posted by Ben Firestone - Bolingbrook, IL   January 24, 2020

Jack taught me so much about God and his son, Jesus, that became my Savior many years ago and I thank him for his ministry! Now Im Age 70 and began readying his materials, booklets, articles around 23. REST in PEACE my friend with your loving LORD. I will miss you greatly every week on TV here in Williamson, West Virginia.

Posted by Brenda June Robertson-Davis - Williamson, WV - student   January 24, 2020

The work that he has done will speak for him, Revelation 14:13

Posted by (Bishop) Trenton D. Lambright - North Charleston, SC - acquaintance   January 24, 2020

My family and I are so saddened at Jack's passing. What an amazing man and ambassador for the Lord! Bless you, Rexella, our hearts go out to you and we are hugging you from afar.

Posted by Angela Shanklin - Coeur d'Alene, ID   January 24, 2020

Well done faithful servant of God's Word, going to miss those Sunday morning meetings with you and your wife. Eternal rest brother!!!

Posted by Carlos Harding - Stroudsburg, PA - friend   January 23, 2020

I will miss Jack's comments on the weekly broadcasts. His knowledge and memory of the scriptures was simply incredible. I am a PK. My father was a Lutheran minister serving a number of parishes. He got to be 90 years of age.

Posted by Winston Markwart - Rosthern, SK   January 23, 2020

I just now learned Brother Van Impe has gone to be with our Lord. He was a very special man of God. I have always loved watching him and his wife share Prophecy in the news. I feel sad for all of us but happy for him. I cannot imagine what his eyes are beholding right now. And what his ears are hearing right now. Praise God, one day we will see Brother Van Impe again in Glory. Our prayers are with his wife and family.

Posted by Pam Bairnsfather - Shrevepot, LA   January 23, 2020

I was saddened to hear that we lost Jack Van Impe, but I am praising Jesus knowing that he is with his Lord and Savior! I raised my children listening to Jack Van Impe every week. He was an amazing man and we will surely miss him. Prayers to you, dear Rexella. May God comfort you in your loss.

Posted by Michelle K - Syracuse, NY   January 23, 2020

Want to send my condolences to Rexella.My name is Diane (Powel)Libby. I was married to Ed Powell. I lost my husband this past April. It helps so much to know that he knew the Lord and will see him again someday great day.

Posted by Diane Libby (Powell) - Clarkston, MI - friend   January 23, 2020

I became a christian in 2011, already a middle aged adult. Jack Van Impe became one of few precious mentors and I have his prophecy Bible. Rexella and Jack are precious servants. He was not just a rapture teacher. He taught THE FULL AND WHOLE counsel of the Lord in his word! I was his student and am a sister in the Lord. I pray comfort for my precious sister Rexella. I will meet them both in Heaven someday. And yes I believe in the blessed hope. Thank you Lord for the priviledge of having this wonderful christian mentor. For now our loss is heavens gain

Posted by Cristina Payne - Kingman, AZ - student   January 23, 2020

Another great man of God has been called home! How fortunate we have been to witness his preaching's and teachings along with his beautiful wife and helpmate Rexella. Not only were we fortunate but, we that love the Lord Jesus were truly blessed. My Prayers go out to Rexella and the entire Van Impe staff.

Posted by samantha tipton - Coventry Township, OH - friend   January 23, 2020

I watched his program for many years. I was so amazed at how He memorized the bible verses. He is now with his saviour that He loved and talked about so much. What a good and faithful servant he was.

Posted by Shirley - ON   January 23, 2020

You had a profound influence on me and my wife throughout our lives together. We enjoyed watching your show, reading your materials and are still in awe at how many memory verses you could remember. Thank you for finishing the race my brother and your obedience will be greatly rewarded in heaven. You and your wife are a blessing to our family! Will miss you!

Posted by Juan Delafuente - Sacramento, CA - friend   January 23, 2020

Job well done Mr. Van Impe. You will be missed.

Posted by Jerri ERVIN - Houston, TX   January 23, 2020

Posted by Ricky Phillips - Cotopaxi, CO   January 23, 2020

Another General gone home. Well done!

Posted by Ida Johnson - Durham, NC - friend   January 23, 2020

We first heard him in Augusta, Ga in 1975 A wonderful man of God. I know Rexalla will miss him,but she knows he is in Heaven talking with Jesus and shouting Glory hallelujah.

Posted by Judy Golden - TN   January 23, 2020

I often stayed up late to catch his show on various television networks. It was amazing how he was in tune on what was happening in the world and apply it to the biblical contents. He was a walking encyclopedia for the LORD and sharing prophetic words. He will be surely missed. Mrs. Rexella, you are in my thought and prayers. To be absent from the body is to be present with the LORD. Mr. Jack Van Impe is rejoicing with the LORD as we speak. God has already said " Well done. My good and faithful servant." Glory to GOD.

Posted by Victoria Prejean - Lafayette, LA   January 23, 2020


My prayers are with you. He will be missed.

Posted by Janet Duffy - Rochester, WA - friend   January 23, 2020

Im very thankful for Dr. Van Impe and his ministry. I first saw him on tv in the late 80s. God richly bless him in His Presence now! And thankful for sweet Rexella and her lovely spirit. I pray the Lords comfort to her at this time, and may she be surrounded with loving family and friends.

Posted by Carole Olson - Sangerville, ME   January 23, 2020

Dr. Impe was such an inspiration and wise man of God.Watched his program for years will miss his truth and courage to share the end times. God bless him and his wife.

Posted by Melinda Morris - Tyler, TX   January 23, 2020

I am so sorry for your loss Rexella! I know all too well how losing someone that you love feels. I will be praying for Jesus to give you strength and Comfort during this your time of loss

Sincerely Lorral Weaver

Posted by Lorral Weaver - Harrisonburg, VA - friend   January 23, 2020

Well done thou good and faithfull servant. Resting in thy Saviour's arms. My husband and I watched your program weekly till he passed in 2017.

Posted by Patricia Scranton - Groveland, IL - acquaintance   January 23, 2020

Dr. Van Impe, God led me to your show over 30 years ago when I had questions that troubled my heart about the rapture. I learned so much from you. I know that being in the very last of the end times, Father called you home for a much higher purpose. I hope you were welcomed in to His loving arms. Well done, good and faithful servant. You will be greatly missed. Rexalla, prayers are with you.

Posted by Jill Gourand - Goodrich, MI   January 23, 2020

I miss him so much already.....he kept me always looking for the Lord's return....Bless you and your wonderful wife.....With much love......Eleanor Lisenby

Posted by A friend   January 23, 2020

He was a true man of God that I enjoyed watching and learning from him and his wife hope to see you soon love all

Posted by Carlene Smith - Sherman, TX - significant_other   January 23, 2020

What a wonderful husband and wife team love to watch them He is now with all the other GENERALS

Posted by Deborah Bowen - Salt lake city, UT   January 23, 2020

I am saddened your loss and he is home with Lord Jesus Christ. I started watched JVI in October 1992 for 27 years. I believe Jesus is coming our lifetime in this generation. Well done and faithful! I miss you dearly.

Posted by Carlos Dill - Nanton, AB - student   January 23, 2020

I will truly miss you. Jack you helped me understand many things. My heat his with his wife. I'll see you in heaven

Posted by Evelyn Meadows - Florence, KY - friend   January 23, 2020

Grief can be so hard, but our special memories help us cope. Remembering you and your loved one today and always.

Posted by Curtis & Ruth Skaggs - Chillicothe, OH - friend   January 23, 2020

I enjoyed watching Jack Van Impe Presents with Jack and Rexella. They seemed to work so well as a team. I was introduced to their ministry program back in the 70's when I worked for Channel 38 in Chicago. I trust the program will go on, but he will be sorely missed.

Posted by Denise Felton - Tulsa, OK   January 23, 2020

Sad to lose such a large part of my Christian upbringing...Dear Jack you will be missed. Say hello to Dad when you see him again.

Posted by Carol Brockwell - Mobile, AL   January 23, 2020

Guess you aren't going to get the see the rapture after all buddy

Posted by A friend   January 23, 2020

I have watched Mr. & Mrs. Van Impe for over 20 years and love them both. Will miss him dearly. My prayers and condolences to Mrs. Van Impe, family, and friends.

Posted by Robert Selig - Glen Burnie, MD   January 23, 2020

I have been saddened ever since he passed. I am so lost for words.. He preached the end times and said God would be coming soon. God kept him here long enough to tell me and others its time to look up, because the time is at hand.
Well done my good and faithful.. Rest In Peace Jack. I can wait to see you again, but this time in person. Love and miss you with my whole heart Barbara.

Posted by Barbara Walsh - Washington, MI - friend   January 23, 2020

We watched your program for the last several years and enjoyed your insights. Thanks for being a wonderful inspiritional leader of the word! God bless and we will see you in Heaven!

Posted by Frank Armentrout - Winifrede, WV - friend   January 23, 2020

In loving memory of a wonderful person. We will love you and miss you always.

Posted by Samuel D'ippolito - COLUMBIA, SC   January 23, 2020

Thankyou dr van impe.well done faithful servant..heaven is sweeter. Prayers for roxella and family.

Posted by Sheila Sandefur - Merrillville, IN   January 23, 2020

We will miss you. We watch your show every week. See you in the Rapture.

Posted by Vicki Harbin - Lakeland, FL - friend   January 23, 2020

Rest in pease

Posted by William Foster - Bossier, LA - friend   January 23, 2020


Rest in Peace

Posted by Scott Chamberland - Saint Agatha, ME   January 23, 2020


What to write to someone who has been part of your life for so long. Yes, you will be greatly missed, yet we know how blessed you are at this moment! And we also know " in a moment" we shall all be together again! Our thoughts and prayers turn to Rexella and family, bring them peace, comfort and hope until that moment comes. Love in Christ Jesus.

Posted by Ron & Cher Frederick - Warren, MI - friend   January 23, 2020


To the family... so sorry for your loss and he will be greatly missed.

Posted by Gail Evans - Bells, TN   January 23, 2020

I have watched Mr van Impe for many years. I loved him as a brother in Christ. And know he is with him. Never met him but there is day coming when I will. God Bless the family I will truly miss Him.

Posted by A friend   January 23, 2020

I have watched Jack and Rexella for more then 20 years , Am sad of his passing away and my deepest condolence to his wife and family... He is now with our Lord in peace I will miss the preaching of Jack RIP... my brother in Christ...

Posted by Ruben Arriola - El Paso, TX - friend   January 23, 2020

Love his passion for scripture

Posted by Glenn Robichaux - Nitasulga, AL   January 23, 2020

Bro. Jack you were a Blessing to many and a faithful servant of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. You will be missed. I know you are in Heaven, a well and deserved rest waiting for the day we will all be together with the Lord. Our love and prayers to Rexella.♥

Posted by Vanessa & Kenneth Wood - Rocky Mt, VA - friend   January 23, 2020


Blessed are you Jack Van Impe, your are now with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I loved you teachings, they have inspired me to follow the Lord and believed in him so much. I will miss seeing you on T.V.

Posted by Jeffrey Bainer - Washington, PA - friend   January 23, 2020

So enjoyed hearing Jack Van Impe on TV. I know all in Heaven are rejoicing to have him join them. I am looking forward to my turn to join also.

Posted by Betty McDaniel - Wilmington, NC   January 23, 2020

As the days and weeks pass, and as you return to life's routine, may you continue to feel comforted by the love and support of family and friends.

Posted by Dana Palmer - Riverside, CA - friend   January 23, 2020

I'm going to miss you.

Posted by Craig Elshaug - Union, OR   January 23, 2020

Great man of God! You will be greatly missed RIP

Posted by Martha Montez - Rio Rancho, NM   January 23, 2020

In loving memory of a wonderful person. We will love you and miss you always.

Posted by A friend   January 23, 2020

I have enjoyed His broadcast over the years. I have Bought Videos from the ministry . He will be Greatly Missed. Our Thoughts and Prayers are with The Family

Posted by Donna Robinson - Lake Mary, FL   January 23, 2020

Our family listened to Jack Van Impe every Sunday morning before attending our own church services. Thank you for preaching the gospel.
Lenexa KS

Posted by A friend   January 23, 2020

Dear Rexala,
I'm so sorry for the lost of your beloved Jack.
He has reached his Heavenly home to live forever with our Savior.
He will be sadly missed. Especially by you.
God bless you in your time of loss

Posted by Deborah Howard - State College, PA   January 23, 2020


When I lost my husband back in 1986 you helped me get through some very very bad times listening to you & your wife. I even got my daughter to listen to you. You will be missed. God speed!

Posted by Brenda Brawley - OKC, OK   January 23, 2020

Such an inspiration in my life who will truly be missed.

Posted by Ann Hartman - New Kensington, PA   January 23, 2020

Another Of Our KnowledgeableTruthful And God Fearing Man Of God Has Gone On
To His Well Deserved Rest. He Will Surely Be Missed R.I.P.

Posted by Hope Carter - Fort Washington, MD   January 23, 2020