Condolence & Memory Journal

Magnificent man and actor.

Posted by Keri Caye - Anaheim, CA - coworker   November 25, 2021

I met Roscoe Born when he came to New Mexico. He came into the UNM Valencia campus looking for someone to help him edit some music videos. I helped him and we took this picture at the library on campus. I am so sad to find out that he passed. I realized something was wrong when my email wishing him a happy birthday came back today. I am so sad, he was so nice! I never knew who he was until I helped him with his videos. RIP Roscoe and happy heavenly birthday!

Posted by Claudia Lopez - Belen, NM - Friend   November 24, 2021

Rest in peace

Posted by Betty    August 09, 2021

what a man! my heart goes to his family, friends and fans. Forever loved and missed.

Posted by Keri Caye - Santa Clarita, CA   March 09, 2021

In loving memory of a wonderful person. And a great actor i honored roscoe born for his work as actor and i remember him form his role in THE CITY and Days of our lives .what amazing achievement for his roles he played.

Posted by Christine angela - Significant Other   March 08, 2021


Thinking of you Roscoe.

Posted by W LaFleur - Edmonton, AB - acquaintance   February 28, 2021

magnificent man, actor, loved, forever missed, talented, handsome......

Posted by A friend   February 17, 2021

Just found out Roscoe passed away, I was remembering him from his Mitch Laurence days on OLTL and decided to google and see what he’s been up to. To my very very unbelief I read he passed away early last year. He will be missed and I hope he is at peace now and feeling the love in all our hearts for him still❤

Posted by Maureen - Schenectady, NY   February 16, 2021

My condolences to the family and friends of Roscoe Born .
He always seemed like a very special person.
I used to enjoy his acting on “Santa Barbara.”
He will be missed!!!

Posted by W LaFleur - AB - acquaintance   November 24, 2020

so loved, so missed, so talented.

Posted by Keri - Coworker   October 08, 2020

I watched Roscoe in Santa Barbara and never missed an episode. So sad when I heard of his passing. He was the light of my life during some difficult times back in the 90s. May he rest in peace. A true talent. All my love.

Posted by M M - acquaintance   August 30, 2020

You were an incredibly talented actor. I enjoyed your work on Ryan’s hope and one life to live. Rest In Peace my brother.

Posted by Aj - Friend   August 16, 2020


My prayer for you is that you have peace of mind finally joy and happiness in God‘s heavenly kingdom God bless you rest in peace. you were forever be loved and so very missed and never forgotten Roscoe!

Posted by A friend   August 16, 2020


You are so loved and so missed you will never be forgotten rest in peace Roscoe.

Posted by A friend   August 09, 2020


You are so loved and so very missed but I know you’re in a better place without pain and without tears and love ones that have gone before you. May you find peace and Joy and God‘s heavenly Kingdom rest in peace eternally love you always Roscoe!

Posted by A friend   August 08, 2020


You are so loved you are so messed you’ll never be forgotten.

Posted by A friend   August 07, 2020


Just missing you

Posted by A friend   August 06, 2020


Rest in peace I hope you finally soaring and flying free.

Posted by A friend   August 05, 2020


You are so Miss and love

Posted by A friend   August 04, 2020


can’t believe it’s been five months since your past you are so very much loved and missed. I hope you find peace and joy In God‘s heavenly kingdom rest in peace. My serious condolences to your family Lynne Karen and Flint your brother and your daughter may God give them comfort in their time of grief and loss. Your talent is going to be so miss you were a very talented man love your music and everything you contributed to the TV world as well rest in peace And heavenly love in the father’s kingdom forever without end.

Posted by Shiloh - acquaintance   August 03, 2020


Just wanted to say how sad I am to hear of your love ones passing he was a very talented man and will be missed rest in peace Roscoe in gods hands. Love you

Posted by - acquaintance   July 11, 2020

my deepest sympathies to his family. to his sister and niece Mickey, I'm so very sorry for your loss. I enjoyed catching up on Rocky's life the few times you brought Mickey to her pediatricians office. I saw you at Kroger's a while back but I was in a hurry and didn't stop to chat. I wasn't sure you'd remember me since it's been awhile since we chatted. Again, my deepest sympathies.

Posted by Lisa Starr - Oxford, OH   June 21, 2020


Just watching you now on Y&R. You were so talented. It made me think of you on Santa Barbara where I saw you for the first time.Thank you for entertaining us for all these years. I hope you have found comfort and peace now with the Lord. RIP.Your loss was very sad for all. My sincere condolences to your family.

Posted by barbara nunes - shelton, CT   May 28, 2020

I LOVED Mitch Lawrence ever since I was a child! I use to watch OLTL with my Grandmother everyday! Mitch Lawrence grew on her as well lol...I was soooo...thrilled when he finally returned to OLTL after so many years!!! I couldn't wait to tune into OLTL everday, to see what my "Mitchy" was up to that day! I am so sorry that I never had the chance to met Roscoe Born! As that would have truly been an honor as well as, a childhood dream all wrapped into one!!! I will miss you ALWAYS! Rest Well Mr. Born! You were SO amazing!!! My condolences to Mr. Born's family!

Posted by Niccole Moone - Bear, DE - friend   May 27, 2020

Thank you for entertaining me on One Life To Live. God Bless you.

Posted by A friend   May 26, 2020

To who this is going too. So sorry for such a beautiful loss. He was or if not is one of the most beautiful people. I grew up watching and admiring roscoe at a very young age. Was hopeful to one day meet.

Posted by Julie Krieger - Huntington station, NY - Significant Other   April 26, 2020


Posted by VALENDA NEWELL - INDIANAPOLIS, IN   April 16, 2020

Posted by Denise Roustio - Des Moines, IA   April 06, 2020

My sincere condolences to the Born family. I remember watching Roscoe on One Life to Live.
May God provide and fond memories provide comfort, peace, and endurance to your family today, tomorrow, and always.

Posted by A friend   March 23, 2020

Posted by Gail Bailey - Wappingers Falls, NY   March 22, 2020

May you be in a place where the sunlight ist golden and the temperatures in the 60s, sitting on your metal folding chair with an old guitar in your arms :-)
grateful for every word and song you shared with me...
Miss you my friend...see you at the fountain dancers someday...
My sincere condolences to the family

Posted by P S - DE - friend   March 20, 2020


One of the best and brightest has ow dimmed. I enjoyed watching his talent through the years. RIP dear man and only the fondest memories for your daughter, the rest of your family, friends, and many fans.

Posted by Evuska - DE   March 19, 2020

All would agree that we have lost a very talented actor. May the loved ones of Roscoe Born find peace and comfort in knowing that he is now in God's memory awaiting a time when all grief and sorrow will be no more.

Posted by A friend   March 17, 2020



Posted by Annette M. Fan of "One Life to Live" - Cleveland, OH   March 16, 2020

he was a great actor and I watched him on one life to live and he was Awesome!!! he was always missed

Posted by Traci fearing - Worcesre, MA - acquaintance   March 16, 2020

My deepest condolences to the family. Loved Roscoe on Santa Barbara.

Posted by MGJ    March 14, 2020

Roscoe Born was a great actor. So sad to see so many older actors and actresses who were so talented now gone. Condolences to his family.

Posted by Yvonne - MI   March 13, 2020

Thoughts and prayers to the family and to Alberta

Posted by Roxanne Weiss - Calgary, AB - friend   March 13, 2020

Thoughts and prayers to the Born family, may God be with you to comfort you at this very difficult time of your loss.

Posted by A friend   March 13, 2020

Our sincere condolences to the Born family. May the God of all comfort provide you all the strength to cope with your loss

Posted by A friend   March 13, 2020

You have been such an amazing, person from the time you first appeared on Santa Barbara. You will TRULY be MISSED!!!

Posted by Rhonda Davis - Seagraves, TX   March 12, 2020

Please accept my sincere condolences to the Born Family, May Almighty God in the Heavens comfort your grieving hearts with tenderness and love as you cherish Roscoe's memories forever as he will be missed.

Posted by - CA   March 12, 2020

Grief can be so hard, but our special memories help us cope. Remembering you and your loved one today and always.

Posted by A friend   March 12, 2020

My sincere condolences to your family.

Posted by Julie Cocozziello - Wesley Chapel, FL - acquaintance   March 12, 2020

Roscoe, You will be missed!! Been a fan since Ryans Hope but truly loved you on Santa Barbara! I hope you are at peace. My condolences to your family! May God Bless them! ❤ Thank you for sharing your brilliance with us

Posted by Tracy Davis - Dalton, GA - acquaintance   March 12, 2020

I am very saddened by the loss of this tremendously talented man. I watched him on four soaps-- "Ryan's Hope", "Santa Barbara", "The City" and "Days of our Lives". He was also an excellent musician. May God grant the family comfort. He was loved by so many and will never be forgotten.

Posted by A friend   March 12, 2020

My wife and I use to watch one life to live, and we hated "Mitch Laurence " aka "Mitch the messenger" when you hate a TV character that much it means the actor is doing an excellent job. It is with great sadness that I read he died today.

Posted by A friend   March 11, 2020

I am sorry regarding the loss of your loved one. I remember him on " The young and the restless". May the God of Comfort, continue to comfort the family.

Posted by A friend   March 11, 2020

My condolences to the family of Roscoe Born.

Posted by - TX   March 11, 2020

To the family and friends of Mr. Born. I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. May God comfort you during this difficult time. Please accept my sincere condolences.

Posted by JE Sowell - Charlotte, NC   March 11, 2020

My deepest condolences to the Born family, so very sorry for your loss. May you find the comfort and strength that you need from God to help you as you go through this very difficult time.

Posted by A friend   March 11, 2020

My condolences to his friends and family he was a great actor and a community leader Burlington photography artworks Global digital Museum may he rest in peace

Posted by David Call - Burlington, VT   March 11, 2020

So sorry to here of Rocky's death.

Posted by Sherry Small - Carbondale, KS - family   March 10, 2020

I met Roscoe Feb. 1998 at my friends bar in San Marcos, Tx. He was good guy, we went to breakfast and i asked him about his career etc. I'm glad i got to hang out with him. So sorry to the family. :-(

Posted by Mary Herman - Doniphan, MO - acquaintance   March 10, 2020

Lynn, Karen and Flint - So saddened to hear the news about Rocky. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Kerri

Posted by Kerri McGahey - Topeka, KS - family   March 10, 2020

Sad to learn of the loss to the Born family and friends. As you come together at this difficult time may God comfort each one of you.

Posted by A friend   March 10, 2020

My condolences.

Posted by A friend   March 10, 2020

My condolences for the loss of your father. he was a good actor. May the God of comfort be with all of you as you mourn.

Posted by Karen    March 10, 2020

Thoughts and prayers to the Born family, may God be with you at this most difficult time, so very sorry for your loss.

Posted by A friend   March 10, 2020

Loved Roscoe on YnR.

Posted by Ann Stokman - Greendale, WI   March 10, 2020

He will forever be "Joe Novak" from Ryan's Hope and "Mitch Lawrence" from One Life to Live. I thought he was the coolest guy ever. He had a smile that would light up a stadium!!

Posted by Janie Wilkey - CO   March 10, 2020

May the love of friends and family carry you through your grief.

Posted by A friend   March 09, 2020

Roscoe was more than just a great actor, at least for me. He had a way of connecting with my soul. When his character of Robert Barr felt pain, I felt it too. I loved him on Santa Barbara. When he married Roberta Weiss, I was so excited. I want to thank their daughter, Alberta, for releasing a public statement about his death. Please keep advocating for people who, like your Dad (and me) live with mental illness. It is a stigma that must be erased. Much love to Roscoe's friends and other family members as well. I met Roscoe in 1990 and am so grateful for the hug he gave.

Posted by Carrie Newman - Decorah, IA - acquaintance   March 09, 2020


Godspeed Roscoe, and thank you for sharing a part of your life with us. And the memories....

Posted by Harry Simpson - Buckeye, AZ   March 09, 2020

Such a talented actor my deepest condolences to the family may our Grand Creator and Heavenly Father comfort and strengthen you in this difficult time

Posted by - FL   March 09, 2020


Rest with God.

Posted by Stephanie Schell - Lakewood, NY   March 09, 2020

Remember him from several soap operas over the years.

Posted by Stephanie Schell - Lakewood, NY   March 09, 2020

My deepest condolences to his family. May you RIP

Posted by Pat Douglas - North Wales, PA   March 09, 2020

I am so sorry about the loss of Roscoe. What a huge loss to the industry. The family has my deepest condolences. I pray that you will be surrounded continuously with love and support. And, as you go through this difficult time, may Almighty God give you everlasting comfort (2 Thess. 2:16).

Posted by Jenee    March 09, 2020

Our deepest condolences to the family. We pray that God continues to strengthen and comfort you all during this extremely difficult time.

Posted by A friend   March 09, 2020