Daisy Coleman

  • Died: August 4, 2020
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Daisy Coleman

Subject of the documentary "Audrie & Daisy"

Daisy Coleman was featured in the 2016 Netflix documentary "Audrie & Daisy," which explored the sexual assault of Daisy and Audrie Potts and the trauma it caused afterwards. Read Full Obituary.

Condolence & Memory Journal


I am so heart broken by both of these beautiful angels and what was taken from them . I was watching there stories last night for the first time and my heart feels so heavy right now . Daisy I never met you but I will never forget you

Posted by Darlitha Williams - Prichard, AL   November 27, 2020

The world was a better place with you in it. I wished you could have known that.

Posted by A friend   November 21, 2020

As a father of two grown daughters and a son, it's hard to fathom your family's torments. I lost my beautiful wife at the age of 49 - she was a beautiful person as I'm sure your husband and Daisy were. May the Lord hold your family in his loving hands. When we leave this earth, so many difficult questions will be answered, I'm sure of that.

Posted by Jim Sciulli - Pittsburgh, PA   November 13, 2020

Daisy I hope you are at peace. Life can be so hard for some people. From a stranger in Ireland who just watched the Netflix documentary and I feel you deserved so much more in your life. I hope your legacy lives on and changes people’s lives. Sleep tight.

Posted by Robbie Moone - Limerick, WI   November 12, 2020

Never met you or knew you but this breaks my heart. RIP beautiful I hope your not in pain anymore

Posted by A friend   October 15, 2020

Please accept my sincere condolences to the Coleman Family for your beloved daughter and friend Daisy, gone too soon. We hope and look to a time when dealing with issues of any kind no longer involves suicide of a person taking their precious lives. May the God of all comfort who is the hearer of prayers be with you in your time of need with his loving kindness and peace as He strengthens you to cope during this difficult time. May family, friends and extended family cherish her memories.

Posted by Darlene - MD   September 18, 2020

I am so so so sorry
Will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers Along with her peers and friends
Daisy is again with her earthly father And the heavens of angels
She will always be with all who love her still - and always will
An amazing spirit
With a tragic journey home
And at peace
Your dear Daisy will never be forgotten

Posted by Mojo Fitz - Atlanta, GA - friend   September 16, 2020

Daisy helped me through quote a bit of my assualts. She was insanely strong for sharing her story and unexpected experience. Every time we talked I knew she would comfort me and be there for me. She was brave and a beautiful person from what I saw in the documentary and speaking to her directly. She was so strong. Knowing she won't respond is hurting me so so much. I know I can send messages but knowing she won't see it or respond hurts. Rest in peace, you are at peace and loved by many. I love you

Posted by Anna Wagner - New Germany, MN - acquaintance   September 14, 2020

Words can’t say what you meant to everybody I’ll miss you with love for you

Posted by Richard Stith - friend   August 30, 2020

I would like to offer my condoleances to the Coleman family. I was introduced to Daisy documentary by one of my daughters and was touched by her story. Being a mother of 3 girls, grandmother of 2 girls, I am concerned about how little respect we have for girls in 2020 still. I am so sorry that Daisy could not stand the pressure anymore and had to solve the problem permanently, so sad, so so so sad.Our prayers are with you all. Rest in peace Daisy.

Posted by Suzanne G. - Laval, QC - significant_other   August 24, 2020

While I cannot relate to what she went through, I am watching the documentary as I type this. I am so very sorry for your loss of sweet Daisy. No mother should watch her child suffer and ultimately bury her. My heart truly breaks and while your heart is shattered, Daisy is free. I wish she saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Fly free baby girl.

Posted by Desarir Henry - Omaha, NE - friend   August 23, 2020

Daisy, Girl you helped me out so much.you helped me find the courage to share mystory with the world. I have been working ona book with all the details of what has happenedto me. I don't know if I will publish it that way I was going to try to ask your advice about that.Daisy I wish I could have known you on a morepersonal level. You have changed more livesthen I believe you will ever know. I wish I couldgive you a hug and tell you how much you havehelped me. I wish I could have helped you in thesame way. Your smile helped me smile and the sound of the laughs that I had a privilegeto hearmade me laugh and smile and feel good for a while.
Daisy I wish you could have given me the semi colontattoo. That little mark with the saying My Story Isn'tOver Yet has been a huge help to remind me that Iam not alone when I have felt really down and out.Your work has been so amazing I mean really you are my age and you have started this huge movement andhelp and education on a topic that was still a bit taboo.You will be missed. God Bless You Daisy!Love, Morgyn Olson

Posted by Morgyn Olson - Friend   August 21, 2020

I am so sorry for your loss... RIP Daisy

Posted by Pilar Villarino - Placentia, CA   August 21, 2020

So Sad For Your Loss, I Will Keep You All In My Prayers I Wish I Was Her Friend. She Is So Beautiful.

Posted by Lauren Gregg - Covington, GA - friend   August 20, 2020

So Very Sad For The Family. Keep You All In Our Prayers.

Posted by Lauren - Significant Other   August 20, 2020

So Very Sad For The Family. Keep You All In Our Prayers.

Posted by Lauren Gregg - Significant Other   August 20, 2020

My heartfelt condolences to you and your family. Daisy was a beautiful, artistic and brave young woman. We watched the documentary and were so disheartened by how she was treated. We send you peace and pray you find joy in her memory always.

Posted by Mary - NJ   August 16, 2020

I'm so sorry to Daisy's friends and family. I just watched "Audrie & Daisy". I was 12 days too late is saying how much I admire and respect Daisy for being a survivor and telling her story. May she R.I.P.

Posted by Stacie Alvarado - Fond du Lac, WI - friend   August 16, 2020

Our hearts aches for the family. This is so sad to hear. We are praying hard for the family for God’s comfort to strengthen them.

Posted by A friend   August 14, 2020

My heart and prayers have been with you and your family since the first tragedy hit and my phone rang of the heart wrenching details not once or twice but now three times. I have known you and your family since the day you were born and probably before that as we lived in the same places and You kids all grew up and went to church together! I love you all and will always look to your family of angels and smile for the strong WARRIOR souls you are and the impact your family has had on so many. Your memory and love for life will always and forever be in my heart. I have no doubt your fathers arms are open wide and holding you and Tristan. Angels of three taken too soon but are finally free! Love you and praying for Logan, Charlie and my friend Mel.

Posted by Marcy Roush - Albany & Maryville, MO - Family Friend   August 13, 2020


Daisy you are missed by so many, sending our deepest condolences to you and yours Melinda

Posted by Cindy B - MO - friend   August 11, 2020


Posted by Alishia - SC   August 11, 2020

Courageous; beautiful; strong; and last but not least inspiring; my heart goes out to the family whom has endured enough pain and suffering. May you find peace in your life. I'll just note myself as an acquaintance since i can relate. I wish i had known her.

Posted by Sandra McMahon - Acquaintance   August 11, 2020

Deepest condolences to the Coleman family. I remember Daisy as a beautiful little girl when she attended First Presbyterian Church in Albany. She was always happy, pretty wispy blonde hair floating around her and a sweet child.

Posted by Gayle Hatheway - Alexandria, VA - acquaintance   August 11, 2020

My sincerest condolences to Daisy's mother and brothers who have experienced terrible loss.

Posted by Liv Monaghan - Acquaintance   August 10, 2020

I’m at a loss for words, because nothing I say, can possibly make the pain of your loss any less for everyone that loved you. Melinda, Charlie and Logan, you’re in my thoughts and prayers, I pray that God will wrap you tightly in his arms.
I’ve known Daisy since she was little, she’s always been a sweet and beautiful soul. I first met her and her family in Albany, and also lived in Maryville several of the years that she and her family did. I stood outside at her rally, with so many people who believed in her, and prayed for justice. Daisy is a hero to many who have lived through assault and not seeing justice.
I will miss you Daisy, your post and chats. I know you’re with your dad and brother, and at peace. But there is still a huge void here on Earth without you.
We must ALL continue to fight for justice for Daisy, and for all victims.
We must not let her death be in vain. Stand up for the innocent, because that’s what Daisy would want, and what she had strived for.
One day I’ll see you again. Play with my grandson for me Daisy, until I’m home in Heaven.
Miss you sweet girl. Fly high.

Posted by Lisa H - IA - friend   August 10, 2020

I'm so sad to hear this loss. God only ones the true amount of imense emotional suffering Daisy endured daily. rest easy beautiful.

Posted by Lizzette Longo - Fort Worth, TX   August 10, 2020

I saw the documentary about Audrie and Daisy and am watching again, I had forgotten she had lost her Dad, now she is with him and I am so sorry for what she and her family went through this happens way too often and she deserved to live her life and help others I am sure the pain was

Posted by A friend   August 10, 2020

Daisy was a beautiful warrior and despite leaving us the way she did, she was still a survivor who fought every day. She was a guiding light for many and I hope she found the peace she needed. Her legacy lives on, no one is going to forget Daisy.
My heart felt and sincere wishes to Catherine Daisy Coleman's mother and brothers as well as others who loved her and continue to love her in this hard time. She's at rest now, I hope you will be comforted by the memories of this wonderful woman and the love she shared with you.

Posted by Christina Tasset-Mills - Springfield, MO - acquaintance   August 10, 2020

May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.

Posted by PUES PATEL - Friend   August 10, 2020


Posted by PUES PATEL - Friend   August 10, 2020

Rest easy Daisy you endured so much pain. Prayers for your family

Posted by T C - acquaintance   August 09, 2020


Daisy, you are an inspiration and a warrior in the hearts of soo many young girls and women alike. You fought for what you believed in and stood tall, with your head held high!
We are all so very proud of you and admire your strength through the storm you braved through!
A SURVIVOR myself, I can relate to your triumphs. I also know that internal pain.
A heavy burden to carry, you grew tired... Now you can rest, beautiful girl!
Rest in the comfort of God's grace and unconditional love.
Dance with the Angels.
Give Audrie my love and a hug, please.
She is a Warrior and an Inspiration as well.
Rest Easy Daisy...
#BreakThe Silence!!!

Posted by Mandy Roush - Wichita, KS - friend   August 09, 2020

Daisy was a very sweet young lady and she is no longer in pain. The Coleman family is in my thoughts and prayers. I love you Melinda, Charlie and Logan.

Posted by Donna Loggins - Conway, AR - friend   August 09, 2020

All of the hearts in my house are heavy. Daisy was an inspiration, so brave and candid and strong, and she touched our hearts and souls even though we were never lucky enough to meet her. I hope she rests in eternal peace and knows that we will keep fighting for all she embodied. She made a difference.

Posted by Julia - Friend   August 08, 2020


My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Daisy. I did not know her...but she was an inspiration to me. Her strength and courage to to tell her story, and advocate for so many of us who are survivors, will not be forgotten.

Posted by Christina V. - WI   August 08, 2020

Posted by Linda Tracy - Cleveland, OH   August 08, 2020

My deepest sympathies to Daisy and her entire family. Our thoughts and prayers r with u always.

Posted by Rachael Wiederholt - Maryville, MO   August 08, 2020

A note of sympathy to the family of Daisy such a beautiful young lady. She tried so hard but couldn't go on no longer grief can be so hard and painful may the God of love and tender mercies comfort and strengthen the family in this very difficult time

Posted by Faye - GA   August 08, 2020

My sincere condolences to the family and friends of Ms. Coleman. May the God of all comfort soothe your hearts during this hard time.

Posted by K Thomas - Augusta, GA   August 08, 2020

The universe lost an angel today. The souls she helped and touched will forever carry on her love, positivity, and spirt. Your story has touched the deepest part of heart. I pray to everything in existence you are at peace.

Posted by Sam Herman - LAFAYETTE, CO   August 07, 2020

sorry for your lose

Posted by tyrone white - decatur, TN - friend   August 07, 2020

I never met Daisy, I only know of her through her story. She sounds like a wonderful person, and I wish I would have had the pleasure of meeting her. My heart goes out to her family and friends, and may she finally be at peace, peace she deserves.

Posted by David Nauman    August 07, 2020

I hope you finally found peace. May the work you’ve done spark discussion and justice for others. Until Valhalla sister ❤

Posted by Hannah - OH - friend   August 07, 2020


Godspeed Daisy. At eternal peace now in a brighter place with better, and happier things to do.

Posted by Harry Simpson - Buckeye, AZ   August 07, 2020

May condolences.

Posted by A friend   August 07, 2020

Daisy Colman was such a beautiful young lady. I am deeply saddened to hear of her death. Her love and concern for those that have been sexually assaulted will be remembered. To her mother,family and victims of sexual assault, please accept my deepest condolences.

Posted by JE Sowell - Teacher   August 07, 2020


May you RIP Daisy. Condoloences to the family and all of her friends and those she touched with her heart and soul.

Posted by Angela Favino - Parma, OH   August 07, 2020

My heartfelt conelence to the family of Daisy Coleman for your loss,may you continue to look to God for strengthen and comfort your hearts and mind during this most difficult times

Posted by Cas    August 07, 2020

My deepest sympathy to the family of Daisy, a beautiful young person, who endured so much. Daisy and her family will remain in my thoughts and prayers in the difficult days and years to come.

Posted by A friend   August 06, 2020


Condolences to your family. May you Rest In Peace. God bless you.

Posted by A friend   August 06, 2020


Posted by A friend   August 06, 2020

God is a God of all Comfort and he will Comfort the family's..My heartfelt condolences to the family's

Posted by A friend   August 06, 2020

You were so strong for so long, I hope now your burdens have lifted and you soul is free.

Posted by Megan D.    August 06, 2020

My heart is broken to hear you took your life. You were so loved my everyone around you and you inspired me to keep living I am so sorry you could not see what the rest of us could see in your beautiful eyes. Rip and my condolences to her family. You have been through so much I hope you can find some peace knowing that no words can ever break her soul now she is embraced in love and kindness forever. I am truly so very sorry

Posted by Linda Dodge - San Jose, CA - acquaintance   August 06, 2020

My condolences to the family of Daisy, i didn't know Daisy personally, but I will continue to pray for Daisy and her family everyday. Daisy you are with God in Heaven, he will take away the hurt that you endured and give you the peace that you deserve.

Posted by Chuck    August 06, 2020

I am so grateful to have met Daisy in person through the World Childhood Foundation ThankYou Gala on Oct 1, 2019. She was the first person I met and spoke to at the event and I would leave making a new friend and then supporting safebae, the organization she helped found.

I will be sure to share your work and legacy when I become a mother. You inspired me a lot.

Heaven calls.

Posted by Kristina Vi - Falls Church, VA - acquaintance   August 06, 2020

May the memories carry you through this very difficult time.My condolences to the family. May God fulfill his promise of binding up the brokenhearted. (Isa 61:1.)

Posted by Janice Deer    August 06, 2020

I didn't know Daisy. I am so very very sorry. Blessings.

Posted by Terry Lanthier - Montreal, QC   August 06, 2020


In loving memory of Daisy.

Posted by Sheila - L.A., CA   August 05, 2020

What a beautiful young woman. My heart aches for your loss. My sympathies to you and your family.

Posted by A friend   August 05, 2020

I am so sorry for your loss! Such a wonderful strong young lady. Strong for putting it out there the things that happened to here! I like my heartfelt prayers to go out to her loving family and friends at this time. May God bless you at this time!!

Posted by John Rippel - WASHINGTON, PA   August 05, 2020

Prayers for this family. So much loss. No words can comfort right now.

Posted by Anonymous    August 05, 2020

May your memory be a blessing.

Posted by A friend   August 05, 2020

Rest in peace,Daisy. You have done much good in the world despite your pain. May God grant your family peace. You will not be forgotten.

Posted by William Keith - Houston, TX - acquaintance   August 05, 2020


My Deepest Sympathies

Posted by Scott Chamberland - Saint Agatha, ME   August 05, 2020

My heart goes out to the Coleman family for the loss of Daisy. There are no words, praying that God be with all of you at such a difficult time.

Posted by A friend   August 05, 2020


Daisy, you were such a beautiful person. You did more in your 23 years than most do in their lifetime. I know that you are safe & happy in your father & little brothers arms. I know that your sweet heart & mind are finally at peace. To Daisy’s family, I wish there were words that I could say that would be of some comfort. Know that you feel Daisy’s embrace in the sunset, you will see her in rainbows and you will watch her dance in butterflies. I grieve with you and will always remember Daisy for her incredible strength and bravery. Fly high, Angel!❤

Posted by Grey Family    August 05, 2020

Rest in Peace Daisy. You fought for so long and impacted so many lives. Fly high sweet girl.

Posted by A friend   August 05, 2020

I am so heartbroken for you and your family by the loss of your brilliant Daisy. I watched her bravery on Netflix and followed her on Insta. She was beautiful, brave, funny and so incredibly talented. I can never imagine your pain but know she has touched so many lives. May she be seated at the right hand of the Father and watching down on you till you meet again.
Renee a fan

Posted by Renee Marty    August 05, 2020


So so sad RIP beautiful lady xxx

Posted by Nicola Avery    August 05, 2020

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