Condolence & Memory Journal

Condolences to the Family... Humble and Kind Great Man Great Athlete !!!

Posted by Michael Trudo - Fresno, CA - acquaintance   July 18, 2021

I grew up in Conn. idolizing Tom Seaver. you would never "trade' his baseball card, and always tried to mimick his motion when pitching. When the family would drive to NY to visit family, my brother and I would look at the cars on the highway as we drove through Greenwich hoping we would see him. I was 13, mad and scared, and I was one of those who called Shea stadium making arguments on why they should not trade him. I listened to Lindsey Nelson, Bob Murphy and Ralph Kiner on radio the night they did trade him and cried. I met Mr. Seaver in Florida many years later, he was only supposed to sign 1 item, but he saw I had a poster and signed both, spent time with me, and made me feel like I really knew him. He was and will always be my hero, as he was to so many and truly a role model we can all look up to!! may he rest in peace!
Jonathan Grossman.

Posted by jonathan grossman - Hollywood, FL   December 24, 2020

Tom Seaver always was willing to sign autographs outside
Of Shea stadium. Fan friendly and fan supported.
Sorry to lean of his passing.
B S Kaufman New Yorker know living in south carolina

Posted by B S kaufman    December 20, 2020


Posted by Matthew McGuire - Cheshire, CT   October 14, 2020

Growing up in the early 70’s as a teenager, Tom Seaver was my Favorite player and who I tried my best to emulate on the mound when pitching. I loved his full windup and power. He was a classy man as much as he was a great pitcher. My thoughts and prayers are with the Seaver Family and I appreciate you allowing Mr Seaver’s fans to pass on our condolences. RIP Tom, the baseball world has lost the greatest pitcher I ever saw. God Bless

Posted by Ric Etheridge - Temecula, CA - acquaintance   October 06, 2020

When I was a kid, I met Tom Seaver. I asked if he would sign my baseball card, which he did gladly, all smiles. Instead of signing and being on his way, he took time to stand there chatting with me. What I will always remember was his extraordinary kindness and the respect that he showed me, this pesky 10 year old kid and total stranger. It was one of the shining moments of my youth and a lesson in humility that I carry with me to this day.
May God grant Tom Seaver eternal rest, and bless and comfort his family and friends.

Posted by Joshua G. - Acquaintance   October 01, 2020

When you look back.........I just realized, he really was a gift from god. Thank you #41

Posted by JAB - Naples, FL   September 20, 2020

Tom was my hero growing up. He never let me down. He made all us of Mets fans so proud. My condolences to Nancy and the Seaver family. RIP Tom Terrific.

Posted by James M. McGrath    September 17, 2020

I grew up a huge Braves and Hank Aaron fan ( as did Tom ) so I'm still mad at him for beating the Braves in the very first NLCS in 1969! Seriously, one of my favorite players to watch and one that I admired greatly as a person. Prayers for his loved ones, especially his beloved Nancy!

Posted by A friend   September 16, 2020

I have always like baseball but never was able to go and see a live game and maybe meet you and some of the other players. My condolence goes out to your family. Rest in peace Tom.

Posted by Lois Sieg - Clarksburg, WV   September 16, 2020

Tom was my hero, no one did it better. We always remember him as the franchise. Well done Tom. R I P. Tom Terrific

Posted by Kevin Brewer - Friend   September 15, 2020


LA REVEDERE TO A LONG-TIME BASEBALL LEGENDARY PLAYER TO YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!! SON #41 MARK 1:08-1:11 !!!!!!!!!!!! PETER 22:03:22 ........ JOHN 2:02-2:07-2:25-3:14-3:24 ????????? & MATTHEW 26:05-26:75 ........

Posted by EDWARD DAVID CULLEN - ATTLEBORO, MA   September 14, 2020


Posted by PROFESSOR    September 14, 2020

Sincere condolences to the Seaver family, truly a legend of the sport. May all of you find strength and comfort from God to help you in your time of your loss.

Posted by A friend   September 13, 2020

In 1965 I had the pleasure of being a teammate of Tom's at USC. My pro career fell short of the major leagues but my feelings about this great man are of major league stature. We all knew that his talent was amazing, but he was the kind of person that always made us feel important. When the Dedeaux Foundation honored Tom, I was chosen to drive him around for the weekend. A memory I will always cherish. A great talent, whose character overshadowed his ability as a player. To his loving family, you completed his life...we were lucky to share a moment. Fight On!!

Posted by Sheldon Andrens - Yucaipa, CA - friend   September 13, 2020

Rest in peace Tom.

Posted by Dom - friend   September 11, 2020

MY deeply felt sympathies to Nancy and all of Tom's family,including Katie and her family that I knew so well in the 1950's in Fresno. May we all have some pleasure in having known and enjoyed Tom's career and life. He was an exceptional person. Garry Clark

Posted by Garry Clark - Roseville, CA - acquaintance   September 11, 2020

My condolences to the Seaver family, Tom was my childhood hero of baseball, we will miss you Tom, Rest In Peace

Posted by A friend   September 11, 2020


Posted by Mark Zambrotta - North Babylon, NY   September 11, 2020

Tom Seaver was always my favorite Met. I have watched him pitch slot of games at Shea Stadium. He was everyones hero.
God bless Tom Seaver and his family.

Posted by Vincent Tarantini - Sumter, SC - friend   September 11, 2020

Semper Fidelis, Marine.

Posted by JB - Served in Military together   September 10, 2020

To Mrs. Seaver, Sarah and Anne I want to express my deepest sympathy to the Seaver family I was shocked when I heard of Tom's death. Even though I don't follow the Mets anymore, Tom was my favorite Mets pitcher and was devastated when he was traded to the Reds. I've been to many a games when the Mets played at Shea especially when Tom was pitching May he rest in peace

Posted by Susan Crawford - Significant Other   September 10, 2020

A great man. A gentleman. A legend of the mound. He and Nancy, genuine down-to-earth people. I love baseball, and I loved watching him pitch. My deepest sympathies. May God comfort you and give you peace.

- A Fan of the Game and Tom Seaver from Ohio/Montana

Posted by Susan Kordel McClure - Acquaintance   September 09, 2020

A great man. A gentleman. A legend of the mound. He and Nancy, genuine down-to-earth people. I love baseball, and I loved watching him pitch. My deepest sympathies. May God comfort you and give you peace.

- A Fan of the Game and Tom Seaver from Ohio/Montana

Posted by Susan - Acquaintance   September 09, 2020 were to alot of people their hero..and also applies to me...i live in southern calif. and i saw you pitch against the dodgers/angels...i had a chance to meet you in 1969 at candlestick park..and you were great to this 14 year old asked about me(little leagues/pitching)..and i told him when got home to give slider a was a sad day for me/ friends reached out to me knowing that my hero was gone..i cried watching the tributes of you...again my hero like alot peoples is gone...but the memories/emotions/joy will be with me/all for prayers with the seaver family ..God bless you...thank you...

Posted by jim desborough - la habra, CA - friend   September 09, 2020

I went to high school with his daughter Anne and was fortunate enough to meet Tom in person. I remember talking about Jeopardy with him one time and shared a laugh or two, but decades later, I can still remember him being as personable and disarming off the field as he was a competitor on the field. I am also a lifelong Mets fan and always smiled when I saw the retired #41 jersey painted on the outfield fence at Shea Stadium and Citi Field when I attended games. Saddened to hear the news.

Posted by Mark B. - Arlington, VA   September 09, 2020

To the Seaver Family,

Tom was a big part of my growing up in the 70s. Almost every Sunday home game, my Dad took me ( and sometimes my older sister) to see a game. A few times, I was thrilled that Tom was pitching.

Tom was a fantastic pitcher but an even better man ( not that I need to tell you).

My heartfelt condolences. May all the wonderful memories give you peace and comfort.

Posted by Patrick Sullivan - Fairport, NY - acquaintance   September 09, 2020

A joy to watch and a wonderful individual. Rest in Peace and GOD Bless.

Posted by Daniel Daugherty    September 09, 2020

My deepest condolences to the Seaver family. Tom was a Hall of Fame athlete who was a terrific person. At this difficult time, may the God of tender mercies comfort and strengthen you.

Posted by Mary - Neighbor   September 08, 2020

Am from PR and when I start playing little league and as a pitcher,I imitate Tom on everything he did on the mound,just love even at young age the way he went about business in the field.May he Rest In Peace and many blessings and most sincere condolences to his family,I cried too

Posted by Eduardo Vazquez - Acquaintance   September 08, 2020

My condolences to the Seaver family. I grew up in New York as a Mets fan. Mr. Seaver was my hero. I was fortunate enough to meet him twice and he was a gentleman. Thank you for all of the amazin memories.

Posted by John Sanchez - Spring, TX   September 08, 2020


You will be remembered for how you played the game.

Posted by Stephanie Schell - Lakewood, NY   September 08, 2020

The Greatest Met of All Time.

Posted by Braxton M. Boggs - Enid, OK - friend   September 07, 2020

Was one of the greatest MLB players of all time.

Posted by Stephanie D Schell    September 07, 2020

My deepest condolences to the entire Seaver family, may Tom rest in peace

Posted by Bill Kiely - Ft Myers, FL   September 07, 2020

My condolences.

Posted by A friend   September 07, 2020

My deepest condolences to the family. May you find comfort in your treasured memories of Your loved one and May God continue to comfort you in the days, months and years ahead.

Posted by A friend   September 07, 2020

Tom will be missed. He was my idle as a young Mets fan. He was the mets

Posted by Ivan Gerdwagen - Son   September 07, 2020

thankful that I knew you*
by Ruth Esther Gilmore

this morning i watched hope flutter by
on the wings of a monarch butterfly

and per definition it landed on the window sill
of my wounded bleeding heart

a never-ending blast of warmth
spread itself through the curtains

of my soul deleting at will
my pain i had started

to believe i would never lose the pain again
where can i hide to avoid the next silent arrow?

how should i deal with loss? how can
i find happiness without you? i

can only smile and remember our shared past
and be thankful that i knew you

*from the book “braving life in these uncertain times” (Geest-Verlag) by Ruth Esther Gilmore

Posted by Ruth Esther Gilmore    September 07, 2020

He was my boyhood hero when I was a little league pitcher . I also was cadddying for Chairman M.D Grant and overheard him talking on his WW11 type of cell phone discussing his impending trade !My friends didn’t believe me . I proudly display my signed autograph baseball . RIP Mr . Seaver

Posted by Joseph Keegs - Rosedale and Long Beach, NY   September 07, 2020


Posted by Judith Warren    September 07, 2020

What an amazing life and career you had. To Nancy and the Seaver Family. As a child growing up in the 1960's, I would run home from High School to put on the TV so I can catch one of Tom's games. He was a kid inside who loved the game of baseball and yet, he was a grown man doing his job. Tom made this world a better place for you and all of us. Now God has him. May you continue to have the faith that will carry you all through this time. God Bless the Seaver Family and may God Bless Tom.

Posted by Emily McAlister    September 07, 2020

Tom Seaver was always a class act. On and off the field. Heaven has a new pitcher.

Posted by Margaret Valenti - Litchfield, NH   September 07, 2020

Thank you for the exciting, wonderful memories. You are and will always be the heart and soul of the NY Mets. You were my hero. RIP and God Bless the Seaver Family. My prayers with you all.

Posted by Lynn Adlman - Clayton, NC   September 06, 2020


Posted by TOM CUMMINS    September 06, 2020

Un-doubtedly, the late G.T. ("Tom(my) Terrific") Seaver rates along with Baseball's greatest pitchers. With 300+ victories/3,500 strikeouts, by far, he was an icon. He had a couple of stints with Mets, the 1st one was when he led that club from laughable lovers to a pair of World Series appearances, 4 seasons apart (1969/1973). He was also a 3-time N.L. Cy Young Award winner/4 times in his 1 stint with the Mets he won 20 or more games in a season. He shall be sorely missed. May he R.I.P.

Posted by Christopher Hagee - Phoenixville, PA - Significant Other   September 06, 2020

Our deepest condolences to the family. I share a similar name and followed Tom's career, starting in northern NJ. I am 80, and he was my idol during that time

Posted by Ronald Seavers - Amberson, PA - friend   September 06, 2020

I was only 14 years old i lived in queens new york, yes i remember mr tom seaver, i use to watch him play in shea stadium, just like i saw mr joe nameth play for the jets. Those where the good old days, they will never come back. But i guess that is what we live for are great memories that live on forever. Mr Tom Seaver, you are with the lord now in heaven thanks for giving me a great childhood, in the game that i love as well, i will never foreget you, thanks once again for being and inspiration to the sport, may you rest in peace, your fan and friend Evangelos Tsirigotis.

Posted by Evangelos Tsirigotis - Mansfield, TX - friend   September 06, 2020

Tom - I predict that you will be a first ballot, unanimous choice for induction into GOD's Hall of Fame. Not everyone will be blessed with your athletic talent ON THE FIELD but ANYONE can become a great person by following your example OFF THE FIELD.

A Fan

Posted by Mike Patterson - Conroe, TX   September 06, 2020

I remember watching him toward the end of the 1967 season and thinking that he might be the guy who turns us around.

He and the 1969 club gave me one of the best summers of my life. Thank you, Tom.

My you rest in the arms of the Lord.

Posted by Deacon John F. DeBiase - Friend   September 06, 2020

Mr Seaver. My childhood idle who made me a Mets fan for life. Watching that 1969 Miracle Mets season and beyond was an absolute thrill. Oh the championships that may have been had our management not traded future hall of famers and other future stars Seaver, Koosman, Ryan and Matlack would've been tough to beat you pitched against many other HO F pitchers, should've won a couple more Cy Young's than the 3 you brought home, striking out ten in a row, and the last ten at that just unbelievable. One of two pitchers with 3500 Ks, 300 wins and an ERA under three - WOW Thanks for the memories and rest in peace Mr. Seaver. Forever #41.

Posted by Wayne Heideman - Friend   September 06, 2020

Thank you Tom you gave met fans everywhere the joy of winning and we will never forget you.RIP you were truly a miracle and will always be our Tom Terrific .Have many v wonderful childhood
memories thank yooGod blessed us all with you in our lives my heart aches for your family and every met fan everywhere we love you Tom

Posted by Mary Stickle - Friend   September 06, 2020


Godspeed Tom, and thank you for sharing a part of your life with us, and the wonderful, wonderful baseball memories and beyond.

Posted by Harry Simpson - Buckeye, AZ   September 06, 2020

This loss hurts. My mom and I watched Tom on our little black and white tv while I was growing up. We never missed a game when he was pitching. When I think of Tom, I remember my mom and my childhood. I had other sports heroes growing up in The Bronx, but no one ever came close to The Franchise. He was the epitome of class. Rest in peace, Tom. You were one of a kind, the greatest pitcher I ever saw, but an even finer man.

Posted by Bob Lamb - Friend   September 06, 2020

Tom Seaver was a great player and a class person. He brought so many thrills and joys to all sports fans. As a kid, I would score every game that he pitched for the Mets, knowing that he could likely pitch a perfect game or a no-hitter. One of my fondest trips to a game was in 1984 when I drove from DC to Baltimore to see him pitch for the White Sox. As unnatural as it was to see The Franchise is anything other than a Mets uniform, it was great to see a master at work.

Tom’s approach to pitching and professionalism can be summed up by his response when asked his opinion of pitch counts in modern baseball. He said, “If Rube Walker cam to take me out in the 8th inning of a shutout, I would have told him to get the f—k off my mound.” As great a pitcher as he was, his wine is pretty darn good, too!

This is a sad time for the Seaver family and all of us who were lucky enough to see the greatest pitcher who ever played the game. Remember what a great person and player George Thomas Seaver was.

Posted by Andrew Lechter    September 06, 2020

A lifelong New York Met fan, I began the 1967 Campaign as a 14 year old Met fan, a High School Freshman when Tom debuted . His life and the way He carried Himself were most needed by this kid cause people in high school were listening to the Stones, the Dead, and a host of high flying hippies. I needed Tom to learn how to be a young respected Drug Free guy. Everyone was High on something, I got high watching my Mets with ' The Franchise ' who became such a Role Model for us City guys. I've met you Nancy being my courteous self as You watched Your Husband from behind the screen. We, original Met fans since inception in 62' will forever have our many, many stories, thoughts , and recollections till We meet in Heaven. To Nancy and Sarah and Anne with spouses and grandchildren; You have my unconditional love with my truest sense of respect and dignity for Tom's wonderful family. Please think of Me with a kind prayer. Respectfully, Fred Lack. Jersey City, NJ.

Posted by Fred Lack - Jersey City, NJ - friend   September 05, 2020

Being a yankee fan, I was always envious of Tom Terrific. The Mets always had better pitching than the Yankees, and Seaver put an exclamation point on this fact. He is now with the other Baseball greats playing on a field in the heavens. RIP Mr. Seaver.

Posted by Paul Morgana - Significant Other   September 05, 2020

Baseball was always on at my Uncle Clarence’s house. He was fond of the game and of Tom Sever. Condolences to the Sever family.

Posted by A friend   September 05, 2020


great fan of Tom
Seaver . like many saw him pitch, sept, 1974, against the cards. He won that game. Had seen him pitch on tv. Listen to games on the radio when he pitched. Great pitcher. Sounded like a great husband, father, and Grand Father. When I heard he this illness. I thought of my late mother suffering from this.
My Heart goes out to the Seaver Family. Plus I am a veteran as was Tom Seaver. God Bless to all. TOM lONG

Posted by Thomas Long - Milford, MA   September 05, 2020

Growing up in the Bronx I had a very tough childhood in the 1960s and 70s. Despite all my Childhood troubles I can always count on you pitching a good game that day. This is what I had to look forward to during very tough times. Godspeed Tom Seaver I’ll never forget.

Posted by Childhood troubles I can always count on you pitching a good game that day. This is w    September 05, 2020

I saw Tom Seaver pitch many times at Shea Stadium. He was pure magic on the mound. In 1991 I met him at Macy's 34th Street store (in NYC) when he was promoting his cologne line. He shook my hand, and gave me an autographed photo. He noticed that I was very pregnant at the time. He said, "Here's one photo for you and one for the baby.". He was so kind and friendly. I am so very sorry that Tom Seaver has passed. My sincere condolences to Nancy and his entire family.

Posted by Muriel O'Connor - Middletown, NJ - friend   September 05, 2020

Seeing him pitch made baseball a joyful time

Posted by Steve Warren - Hollywood, FL - friend   September 05, 2020

Tom Seaver was a great icon. He was a talented Pitcher with power and control altogether. I always enjoyed watching him pitch on all the Mets games I watched through the years they were on Channel 9 TV in New York. As a person, he had dignity and class. He had discipline and principles and good values. And a great family person. There ought to be many ball players like him. He also gave back a lot to the community that was related to Baseball. An outstanding broadcaster as well for WPIX Channel 11 on Yankees Baseball in 1993 with Phil Rizzuto and Bobby Murcer. He also broadcast for the Mets a couple of years ago. And broadcast with Keith Jackson and Howard Cosell in 1977 witnessing Reggie Jackson's 3 Home runs in one game. Tom and Nancy Seaver were well known celebrity couples. They did commercials together and became co-host of the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in November of 1969. Tom also did TV interviews with on a show called legends with other well known athletes in history, sharing the host spot with Reggie Jackson. I wish I had the opportunity to meet him and his wife in person. May Gods peace be with you Tom. It is not going to be the same without you.

Posted by Stephen Coston - Montvale, NJ - significant_other   September 05, 2020

He was the best pitcher ever and my favorite baseball player. He was also such a role model off the field. I'll always remember him, and he'll be greatly missed.

Posted by R H    September 05, 2020

A Big Big fan of his
He is my Mr. Met
Hard thrower
Smart locations
Condolences to his family.
Diehard fan since “ 62 “

Posted by Mike Fitzgerald - Plainfield, CT - friend   September 05, 2020

My heartfelt condolences are extended to the family of Tom Seaver. What an amazing career he had. So sorry for your loss. May the God of comfort soften your grief during this very difficult time.

Posted by L. M. - CA   September 05, 2020

What can you say about Tom? He was the ultimate competitor,player. I was fortunate to have grown up watching him play throughout his career and he never disappointed. RIP Tom,and thank you for many years of service

Posted by Donald Arner    September 05, 2020

Goodbye Tom
You were the greatest!
Thank you

Posted by Jerry Goode - Shelton, CT   September 05, 2020

I remember watching Tom Terrific many times at Shea and TV. He also did many appearances on Kiner’s Korner. What a great pitcher and person. Our prayers go out to Mrs. Seaver and her family. May the good Lord welcome you in paradise. Love the Tanfara family ❤

Posted by Tony Tanfara - Lexington, SC - friend   September 05, 2020

I have followed Tom Seaver on and off the field since 1967. My heart is shattered by his passing. A part of my youth died when I heard the news. I associate Tom Seaver, my beloved father,Sam and going to Shea to watch the greatest Met pitch My sincere and deepest condolences to Nancy, Sarah, Anne and the entire Seaver family.

Posted by Bruce Tabakman - Marlboro, NY - friend   September 05, 2020

Growing up is a New York Mets fan as a kid Tom Seaver was my favorite baseball player of all time still is always will be a man they call the franchise and then they called Tom Terrific you change the atmosphere the team and he changed the lives of many New Yorkers who grown up in the sixties and seventies I'm back in the 80s Tom you're gone but never forgotten always loved in the hearts of New York Mets fans my childhood is gone rest in peace number 41 George Thomas Seaver 1944 to 2020

Posted by John Paul Ruta - Friend   September 05, 2020

Growing up is a New York Mets fan as a kid Tom Seaver was my favorite baseball player of all time still is always will be a man they call the franchise and then they called Tom Terrific you change the atmosphere the team and he changed the lives of many New Yorkers who grown up in the sixties and seventies I'm back in the 80s Tom you're gone but never forgotten always loved in the hearts of New York Mets fans my childhood is gone rest in peace number 41 George Thomas Seaver 1944 to 2020

Posted by John Paul Ruta - Friend   September 05, 2020

I never met Tom in person tough I have been a Mets Fan all my life I am 62 yrs. old I seen many classic games that Seaver pitched as a Kid growing up in Jamaica Queens NY now living in NC I idolized Tom He was my hero as was he to a lot of Mets Fans. Tom Thank You For All The Memories Your Dedication As A Professional Like None Other I Have ever Known You Were The Best !!!! And My Condolences To The Seaver Family May God Bless & Keep You Through This Difficult and Trying Time My Prayers Are With You!!!!!

Posted by Carlton Hunt - Lumberton, NC - friend   September 05, 2020

My condolences to the Seaver family. As a child growing up in Brooklyn I looked up to him as one of the greatest pitchers I've ever seen, even into adulthood. I'm sorry I became a Yankee fan but you know how it is. It would have been great to see him in a Subway Series May he rest in peace for he will truly be missed.

Posted by LOUIS Garcia - HOOVER, AL   September 05, 2020

Rest in paradise, Champ.

Posted by Norma Mondonedo - New York, NY   September 05, 2020

An amazing baseball talent, he will be missed be so many. My deepest condolences to the Seaver family., may God be with all of you at this very difficult time.

Posted by A friend   September 05, 2020

So sorry to hear the passing of Tom Seaver. After the loss of my beloved Orioles in 1969 to Tom's Mets, I became a "closet" Mets fan. It was a horrible year (1969) for Baltimore as the O's lost to Mets, Colts lost to the Jets & Bullets lost to Knicks. (Catch my drift ?) Tom was a class act, a great example for the up and coming Major Leaguer's. God's peace and comfort to the family and fans everywhere.

Posted by Douglas Seipp    September 05, 2020

Seaver Family,
Our sincere condolences to you on the loss of your loved one. May the God of all comfort provide you all the strength to cope with your loss

Posted by TD    September 05, 2020

RIP. The greatest Met ever. Condolences to the family.

Posted by Peter Brezinski - Poughkeepsie, NY   September 05, 2020

You were “The Best”!

Posted by Patrick ODonnell - Honolulu, HI - friend   September 05, 2020

You are simply “The Best”!

Patrick ODonnell

Posted by Patrick ODonnell    September 05, 2020

So very sorry to hear about Tom's passing. A great pitcher and a wonderful man. My condolences to Nancy and family.

Posted by Michael Knox - Frisco, TX - friend   September 05, 2020

What a great pitcher and a wonderful man. My condolences to Nancy and family.

Posted by Michael Knox - Friend   September 05, 2020

Mr. Seaver,
I lived in Cincinnati and was lucky to watch you pitch in person several times. I enjoyed this so much because of your intensity and effort.
It was my honor to watch you.

Posted by Michael Gray    September 04, 2020

He was one of my favorite men when I was 11 years old in 1969. I need not tell you what happened that year! They do not make 'em like him anymore. Grant Tom rest eternal. +KCE

Posted by KEITH EDWARDS - Brooklyn, NY, NY   September 04, 2020


I , STILL GOT TOMMY'S AUTOGRAPH BALL FROM , MY STEP UNCLE ....... WHEN , I WAS 6 YEARS OLD ....... VAYA CON DIOS AMIGOS TO A LONG-TIME BASEBALL PLAYER TO YOU !!!!!!!! BROTHER #41 JOHN 2:02-2:07-2:25-3:14-3:24 ??????????????? MATTHEW 26:05-26:75 ......... MARK 1:08-1:11 !!!!!!!!!!!! & PSALMS 23:01-23:50 ..........

Posted by DEVON CARSON RIENDEAU I - GREENVILLE, RI   September 04, 2020

As a five year old in 1967, my father took me to my first baseball game at Shea Stadium. He wanted to see some rookie named Seaver pitch. Three years later, my family moved three blocks away from yours in Bayside, N.Y. Twenty-two years after that, I covered your press conference on the announcement of your induction into the baseball HOF for a major New York radio station. Thank you so much for a youth filled with incredible personal and baseball memories. My condolences to the Seaver family, the N.Y. Mets family and Tom Seaver fans throughout the world.

Posted by Patrick Howley - Elmhurst, NY - neighbor   September 04, 2020


Dear Seaver Family Rory and I sincerely would luv to express our condolences's on the loss of Tom Seaver./may he rest in peace.our thoughts and prayers are with the Seaver faith/rory

Posted by faith/rory tobin/dockett - Newton Centre, MA - acquaintance   September 04, 2020

My thoughts and prayers are with Nancy and family.

Posted by Elma Dillard - acquaintance   September 04, 2020

Praying for God' s peace for your family. I still have my METS Pennant from Shea stadium, either 1967 or 68. My only major league game.Rest in the Lord's arms.

Posted by Beverly LaCrone - Fernley, NV   September 04, 2020

So sad to hear about Tom's passing.
What a great Fresno high Warrior he was. And Tom Terrific the whole world is proud of you forever!
I graduated in 64 and got to know Tom just a little on our basketball travels. So proud of him.
Our sympathies to the family and God bless Tom.
Angelo and Barbara Stalis

Posted by Angelo Stalis - Fresno, CA - friend   September 04, 2020

rest in peace Buddy, you was a Great man in my book...

Posted by jack reitz - Friend   September 04, 2020

Back in Norwalk, Ct. 1967, a 9 year old boy became a true Met fan because of you, and you were always my hero, even to this day and forever. I was happy when you'd win and so sad when you'd lose. When you got traded I cried and became a short term Reds fan, until you came back to N.Y., rooting for you on other teams too. I was at Yankee Stadium for #300 and what a day it turned out to be, seeing Met fans but mostly Yankee fans, rooting for you so loudly from the 7th inning on, even on Phil Rizzuto Day, score 4-1.
Thank you Tom Seaver for so many memories that you gave me as a kid.
To the Nancy Seaver & family, I send my condolences. Rest in Peace #41

Posted by Jeffrey    September 04, 2020

That was my childhood hero he was a class act best pitcher of all time. Went to the 1969 World Series game for he pitched 10 innings Mets won 2 to 1 was there with my brothers and my dad I was 11 years old God rest his soul he was truly a great man rest easy Mr. Sever❤

Posted by Anthony Riello - Stony Point, NY - significant_other   September 04, 2020

Tom Seaver was the touchstone for how a human being should act. Terrific as a pitcher but even more terrific as a man. May God keep and bless Tom Seaver and his family.

Posted by Richard Bernstein - Rancho Santa Fe, CA   September 04, 2020

To the Seaver family.Deeply saddened for your loss. Please accept my sincere condolences.

Posted by JE. Sowell    September 04, 2020

Tom Seaver has run all of the bases and touched HOME.

My condolences to the Seaver family and to Baseball Fans all over the World.

What a great ballplayer and man.

May he rest in the Hands of the Lord forever.

Posted by John Rosenthal - Devine, TX   September 04, 2020

Tom Seaver was a phenomenal pitcher and always a class act. I grew up a Reds fan in Pennsylvania and had the pleasure of seeing a lot of Mets games on cable (Channel 9) and his many appearances on Kiner's Korner following games. Sad to see him leave the Mets, but was elated to have him join the Reds in 1977 about two weeks before my 12th birthday. As soon as I heard the news, I designed a red tee shirt with "Cincinnati" on the front and "Seaver" and #41 on the back so that I could proudly show my support and enthusiasm for Tom joining the Big Red Machine. (Those were days before replica uniforms were common.) Something got lost in translation from me explaining to my mom what I wanted for my 12th birthday and her relaying it to the tee shirt maker and the shirt came out with "Cincinnati Seaver" on the front and just the number on the back. Odd looking shirt, but it I still wore it proudly and ended up picking up the nickname "Cincinnati Seaver" from my science teacher that fall. I wore that shirt every chance I got.

Tom played longer for the Mets, but had a great years in Cincinnati as well. It was a treasure to grow up watching Tom Seaver play and see him as a regular guy in interviews where he was both funny and interesting. First class guy. All-time great. Great memories. R.I.P. Tom Terrific.

Posted by Mark Rakauskas - North East, PA   September 04, 2020

The Al “Rube” Walker’s family would like to extend our condolences to Tom Seaver’s family . It is with great respect, admiration, and love that we truly honor a great man.

Posted by Debbie, Barbie, and Janet Walker - Lenior, NC - friend   September 04, 2020

Dear Fans of Tom Seaver, #41,

The first time I saw you pitch I was 12, problem was I rooted for the Big Red Machine, in '73, you and Yogi, #8, plus the shortstop gave Pete Rose, #14 and his team a black eye! It showed in the words of Tug McGraw, #45, ' you gotta believe! " Unless you have played, really played, they donot understand in the words of Jim McKay's Wide World of Sports, on ABC, Saturdays' " the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat! " In 1973, World Series vs My Oakland A's, you pitched against the Great Catfish Hunter, #27, twice, Game 3 marred by Mike Andrews, fielding misplay, made more headlines, than you and another future Hall of Famer! Both no decision, but you took the loss in Game 6, started by #9 Mr October, Reginald Martinez Jackson, or plain Reggie! The series lost, traded in '77, then beginning of " buying the best players money could buy! " Got you traded. Cried, OH I remember your tears, I was 16, ballplayers, we understand! you went to Cincinnati Reds, no hitter, success, White Sox, 300 game win, 1985, I taped it on VHS, gave up homerun to Don Baylor, #25, the two of you are together again. Where did you go, to her, your blonde beauty, Mrs Tom Terrific, always by your side, your kids, always by your side, New York City, it is not Shea, it is " the House Ruth Built! " another pitcher. Went back home to the Mets, Red Sox, you wanted nothing more even when a broadcaster with Phil Rizzuto, #10 and Yankee Bobby Murcer, to me #1, that was his original number I saw in 1973! You always and will always be a New York Metropolitan like Mickey Mantle #7, was a Yankee!

Pete Lieggi, #63
Lieggi Enterprises Inc/Lieggi's Ewing Manor Restaurant

Posted by Peter Felix John Lieggi    September 04, 2020

My condolences to the Seaver family, with all the wonderful accolades and tributes being said about Mr. Seaver, isn't this the way we would all want to be thought of when its our time to go to Heaven, we need more Tom Seavers in this world

RIP Mr. Seaver we will miss you

Posted by Chuck G    September 04, 2020

What Tom Seaver did for me is unquestionably remarkable. What Gil Hodges did for Tom Seaver, Tom Seaver did for me.

At 12 years old I stood in front of my TV watching the METS and imitating Tom's pitching motion. When the game was over, I still did it. I was in front of my TV when he struck out 19, with 10 in a row and again when he missed out of pitching a perfect game.

I saw how Tom conducted his life, both on and off the field. He was a scholar, a gentleman, a philosopher, a patriot and a sports hero. He was the epitome of what a boy growing up should look up to. That boy was me and I have never forgotten how he influenced my life. I have always felt inspired. My dog's name is "SEAVER-SHEA," and any organized ball I've ever played, I wore number "41."

For me I am saddened by having never met Tom Seaver. He was the singular person I ever really wanted to meet, above presidents, movie stars or even other sports greats. When Tom passed I felt truly heartbroken, though I am surely not alone in that regard.

While we did not know each other, Tom Seaver was always my friend and always will be. For those who did know Tom, your lives were truly enriched. For the family of Tom Seaver, expressions of condolence are not enough. To have known and loved Tom Seaver, I feel that you were greatly blessed.

When the 2020 METS came out for their game versus NY Yankees last night, all wearing dirt on their right knees, I got choked up. A fitting tribute to a wonderful human being!

Posted by Jeff Shom    September 04, 2020

RIP Tom Terrific One of the best in the game. Always a class act from start to finish. God speed.

Posted by Scott Smith - Lake George, NY - student   September 04, 2020

Great family man and pitcher!

Posted by Kenneth Kumerle - Acquaintance   September 04, 2020

Tom Seaver a class act. Rest in peace Tom Terrific.

Posted by Sandra DeMeo - Hackettstown, NJ   September 04, 2020

Thank you for being such a class act as a man and signing with the Cincinnati Reds. May God rest your soul.

Posted by C K Amburgey    September 04, 2020

RIP Mr. Seaver you were the greatest pitcher I've seen im lifetime and I'm a die hard Yankees fan. My condolences to your family ..

Posted by Peter Torres Sr    September 03, 2020

My memory of Tom Seaver; I was in awe to meet Tom at my workplace "Cal Mart" I really didn't think he would give me the time of day , me knowing of his greatness in baseball and how some legends don't like to be bothered by an average person, oh how he set me straight like a in tight fast ball ! He always told myself and others awesome stories of his playing days ! I am shedding tears as I write this ! I will miss this great man !

Posted by Chris Ritz    September 03, 2020

To the Seaver Family,
Please accept my condolences on the passing of Tom. Tom was a perfect gentleman, and very enjoyable to be around. We enjoyed seeing him each year at the wine tasting at Fairfield Prep.
My Best to all of you,
David M Molloy
Troy New York

Posted by David Molloy - Troy, NY - friend   September 03, 2020

My deepest condolences to the family and the NY Mets organization. Tom Seaver was a legendary pitcher and will be remembered and missed. May the God of tender mercies comfort and strengthen you.

Posted by Mary - Neighbor   September 03, 2020

Proud to call you my friend! Still have the bottle of wine, I will open it tonight in your honor! RIP #41 forever in my heart, I miss you already!

Posted by Hank Siliati - Friend   September 03, 2020

My heart goes out to the Seaver family. So many happy moments watching him on the mound, but mostly because of Tom being such a wonderful husband, father and person. What a gentleman.

Posted by A friend   September 03, 2020

I remember going to so many home games as a kid and we especially wanted to be there when Tom pitched,..There is so much I can say about him but I also remember seeing Nancy at most of his games...
God bless her for always being by his side and may God watch over her and their daughters always...Rest in peace Tom...

Posted by Augusta Viggiano - Friend   September 03, 2020

Farewell to one of the greatest pitchers ever.

Posted by DONALD KUMPUNEN - OCEAN SPRINGS, MS - friend   September 03, 2020

Tom Seaver was the greatest and my favorite Met of all time he will be missed but never forgotten R.I.P Tom Terrific the Franchise

Posted by Robert Knapp - Monroe, CT - friend   September 03, 2020

Simply one of the best in my lifetime. R.I.P.

Posted by Ken McGee - Palm Coast, FL - acquaintance   September 03, 2020

I was born in 1963 and grew up with Tom as my idol and hero. I remember as a young boy reading his auto biography and mimicking his pitching form. My best friend was a left hander and he would pretend to be Jerry Koosman while I was Tom. Great Memories! When the Mets traded Tom I was heart broken and could no longer watch their games. I was excited when the Mets were able to get him back only for them to goof up again and not protect him from being picked up by the White Sox. I was lucky enough to watch his 300th victory while sitting next to Daryl Dawkins of the Nets and 76ers. Rest in God's Peace Tom were a Class Act and a fine human being . May God comfort your family at this time.

Posted by Peter Degnan - Warwick, NY   September 03, 2020

Tom Seaver is the reason for the phrase ( must watch tv). We gotta get home Seaver is pitching today. Thank you Tom

Posted by Tom Cafiero - NY   September 03, 2020

Michael and I am so very sorry to hear about the passing of Tom Seaver.
He was a great player. The Mets have lost a great person.
Our deepest condolences to the family

Posted by Michael and Julie d’Almeida-Warrington    September 03, 2020

I was at the 1970 game against San Diego when he set that strikeout record. I was 9 years old. My first Mets game and my father took me. We sat 4 rows behind Joanne Payson. My dad pointed her out to me. I was so bored! I wanted hits and HRs and Tom is here whiffing them all! Haha. I had the whole Mets roster memorized and used to sneak my little transistor radio under my pillow to listen to the games as my bedtime was 8pm and the games would often go later. RIP Tom. You gave me wonderful memories I will cherish forever!

Posted by Richard Sintchak - Friend   September 03, 2020

My condolences to the Seaver family. Tom was all class on & off the field. Got my 1st Big League contract with the Mets in 1968 & Tom was always there to help us rookies.
God Bless
Johnny Glass

Posted by Johnny Glass - Frisco, TX - friend   September 03, 2020


In loving memory of a wonderful person. We will love you and miss you always. you were our hero and our idol. You really were Tom Terrific.

Posted by gail moscola - westbury, NY   September 03, 2020

Tom was my favorite baseball player.I would like to send his family my condolences.May God give you strength carry on.Tom will be sorely missed and I will be prying for you and your family Nancy.I loved to watch Tom pitch the ball.I belive that he was the best pitcher to ever pitch.Rest in peace Tom.

Posted by Carey Woody - Marion, NC - acquaintance   September 03, 2020

Thank you for the memories. That may not say enough, but says it all. Rest In Peace, Mr. Seaver. Mets fans and all of baseball love you.

Posted by Kathleen Keenan - Suffern, NY   September 03, 2020

A piece of me just died when i saw tom had passed away. Ihad just gotten out of army in 69 and tom and mets were my heros. I thought of him as a god and wished i had met him what a complete baseball player. God bless you and familt tom

Posted by Richard Lapoint - Friend   September 03, 2020

Even after 50 years my hand still stings from when we played catch. I dropped the ball but you never did, you will be missed Tom.

Posted by A friend   September 03, 2020

Nancy, Sarah, and Anne,
My deepest condolences to all of you for your loss. I was heartbroken this morning when I heard the news and instantly thought of you.
My first memory of Tom was when I was about 5 or 6 years old and we were all together at Mama's house in LA. Tom had brought a model airplane that he had built and painted (yellow). I was fascinated by it and began playing with it when Tom left it on a table, of coarse I inadvertently broke it. I remember being terrified by what my cousin would do to me when he found out. I remember trying to figure out how to fix the airplane by jamming the broken pieces back together. Just then Tom walked in and saw me with his broken plane. I started crying, fearing the worst, and I'll never forget how kind Tom was to me. He said to not worry about it and assured me that it was an easy fix. I calmed down and stopped crying at about the same time Uncle Charlie walked by and said, " Tom, leave the poor kid alone!". Tom just smiled at me. From that day on, my cousin Tom was my hero.
May God grant you the peace you deserve,
Cousin Brett

Posted by Brett Bayless - Family   September 03, 2020

I am sorry for your loss!!

Posted by Dan Rickaby - Millersburg, MI - friend   September 03, 2020

Rest In Peace Tom. Nobody compares to the greatness ,passion , and leadership you engraved into hearts of Mets fans.
You were and always will be my favorite Met!

Posted by Kathy Grant - Bridgeport, CT   September 03, 2020

Tom was my hero growing up. When the Mets came into existence, he was like a shining star. I wanted to be him! Thanks for all the good memories

Posted by bill polisson    September 03, 2020


May God give you strength to carry on.
Tom will be sorely missed. My heart is broken. Rest In Peace dear Tom

Posted by Annmarie Sheline - Hilliard, OH   September 03, 2020

Dear Nancy,Sarah and Anne, Mary,Lindsay and I offer our condolences on the passing of dear Tom. I say passing because that is what we believe . Like ST. Paul,Tom fought the good fight,finished the race,and kept the faith and now a Crown awaits him.I have fond memories of my doubles squash matches and a celebratory Heinekin after.A good friend Doug Casey asked me for a baseball from Tom for a child in serious shape in a hospital. Tom never hesitated, not only a ball,but an autographed glove !
May he Rest In Peace.

Bill Shea

Posted by William B. Shea - Friend   September 03, 2020


Posted by John fronczkiewicz - edwardsville, PA   September 03, 2020

A work colleague said I looked like him which was great since I thought so too. A classy guy then and now, he will be missed. Rest in peace.

Posted by Carl Monroe - Navarre, FL - coworker   September 03, 2020

My all time hero growing up. I was a huge fan of Tom Seaver. I was lucky enough to see him pitch many games. I was also happy that I had the chance to meet him. He was so gracious and thoughtful. We spoke for about 10 minutes about life and baseball. I am also blessed to have an autograph ball by my man. RIP #41

Posted by Patricia Miller - FARMINGDALE, NY - friend   September 03, 2020

I'm heart broken that my all time idol has passed away. There will never be another Tom Weaver, he was the best.
Rest in peace. You're all time loving fan.

Posted by Ann Regateiro - Brick, NJ   September 03, 2020

I grew up by my father's side
Loving all sports. I was the son he never had who could talk with his make friends reciting
All the stats of the talented athletes we admired and then
Some. I loved Tom! Knew everything about him. I saw him pitch several times, and was in awe of him. I still know his stats. Condolences to Nancy and his 2 daughters. To his family and dear friend Nolan Ryan, and everyone that loved this dear man.
Tom, never met you, wish I had the opportunity. I sat in the bleachers watching you trying to figure out how I could get near you to let you know this
"young lady" loved baseball!
I still do! It baffles me when talking to the opposite sex and baseball is disgusted, they look at me like I'm an alien. Those days still exist. I'll talk baseball with anyone, everyone. Hi to my broadcaster buddy, Vin Scully. Yes, even with you.
RIP Mr. Tom Seaver.
God called you home.
Take the rest you deserve,
God knows you best.
You are now as you once were.
You will be missed, you were
always loved.

A big baseball fan and forever
admirer of your great talents.

Posted by A friend   September 03, 2020

Tom Seaver was a part of my childhood, one of the many amazing Mets. Thoughts and prayers to his wife Nancy and his family.

Posted by A friend   September 03, 2020

I am so sorry to hear of Mr. Seaver's death. My Dad loved to watch him. My heart goes out to his family! May Jehovah comfort their broken hearts!

Posted by Alfreda Valentine - Helena-West Helena, AR   September 03, 2020

Please accept my sincere condolences to the to the Seaver Family, May the God of Comfort take care of your grieving hearts with His peace and tenderness as He carries you through each day with His arm of strength to cope with the precious loss in your lives. Thank you for Tom’s contribution to the Baseball League.

Posted by BRY    September 03, 2020

I was a huge Mets fan in 1969 as a 10-year old, going to many games with my father @ Shea Stadium.. I met him in Morristown, NJ when he did an autograph signing. He was a great baseball pitcher and nice person. Sorry to hear this about Tom! Condolences to his family.

Posted by Robin L.    September 03, 2020

I want to pay tribute and honor my hero Tom Seaver and to let people know how important this man was to me and the life lessons I learned from him for the past 58 years. I was 21 years old in 1983 when the Mets traded him to the Reds and I cried like a baby. I turned 58 a couple of weeks ago and when I heard the news of his passing and I don’t think people realize yet of how much the game and our country will have suffered. I call on all baseball people in our country Little League of America high schools college to use his example to teach our young people of had to succeed and don’t forget and shut the history books on him because he can still do amazing things for our use even though he doesn’t walk among us anymore. Because of lessons his life and career and the respect for the game taught me I have been able to pass them down to my two sons Michael now 34 and my 18 year old Andrew Josephi who is entering his first year of college baseball. His work ethic athletic ability and intelligence were a cornerstone of my effort to teach my sons that baseball is a thinking mans game and sons realized that education goes hand in hand with athletic ability. His book “The Art of Pitching “ should be required reading for all young ball players by the time they reach 12 years old. I don’t use any of the Instagram or twitters tweeters or Facebook or other social media so I don’t have any way to put it out on the web but I think there’s a lot of fans and former teammates and coaches who would appreciate some thing from some old anonymous West Virginia hillbilly father of two ball players who became fan of baseball because I started out and still am Tom Seaver’s biggest fan. Oh and by the way our boys play Baseball in West Virginia for the love of the game because of men like Tom Seaver. They call me ‘ The Bat Whisperer’ around here and I still teach ball players how to hit regardless of age or lack of experience and I still teach hitting for free to any player with the desire to work and use their mind and they all receive the assignment to read about how Tom Seaver’s history and tell them if they follow his road map of success they will achieve some success to go along with their joy and love of baseball. Thank you Tom Seaver from all baseball people here in West Virginia.

Posted by Michael Sydenstricker - Charleston, WV - student   September 03, 2020

One of the greatest of all-time. We talked about him all the time in elementary school. Tom Terrific, the name says it all. You made baseball a sport little guys like me (at the time) believe in heroes. So sorry for yours and our loss.....

Posted by Gregg    September 03, 2020

My thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends. I watched him when he played baseball. He will be missed.

Posted by Leslyn Lloyd    September 03, 2020

In loving memory of a wonderful person. We will love you and miss you always.

Posted by WALTER THOMAS - frederick, MD   September 03, 2020

Tom Weaver personified the title: Class Act. Always a complete professional and a person of character. I remember working as a Military Police Lieutenant one night in the winter of 1976 at Ft. Monmouth, NJ. I had responded to a call from the hospital emergency room and was conversing with the head duty nurse, a Mrs Joe Deere. During this conversation I learned that she was the spouse of the current Mets trainor. Well, I had to ask her if it was possible for her husband to acquire an autographed ball from Mr. Seaver. He did, I still have it, signed personally to me. Thanks for the cherished memories Mr. Seaver. To Nancy and the entire family, my deepest condolences and my eternal respect for Tom.

Posted by Philip Barnette - Parrish, FL - acquaintance   September 03, 2020

Be in piece Tom ! You’re a legend! I’m a lifelong NY Mets fan and was 9 years old when you carried the Mets to a World Series championship amongst MANY MORE MEMORIES IN THE YEARS TO FOLLOW ! You were MY and all my buddies HERO ! My entire bedroom was laced with posters and photos of you which I STILL HAVE and cherish to this day at age 59 ! I thank you Tom for all the wonderful memories as does the entire baseball world !!! May god bless you and you’re beloved wife Nancy and daughters and family ! You will be missed GREATLY!! And Tom , I know the lord will want you to show him how to throw that legendary curve or slider , unfortunately even HE won’t throw it as GREAT as you did ! God bless you Tom and you’re family ! YOURE IN PEACE NOW ! WE WILL MISS YOU ❤

Posted by Patrick Ryan - Woodbridge, NJ   September 03, 2020

I got to see Mr. Seaver pitch against the Astros in 1977. Despite the Reds losing, he treated us to a solid homer down the left field line. He contributed greatly to the magic of our national pastime in an era when it was still a game and not the political machine it has since become. To all who mourn his passing, tears are a language our God understands...............Matthew 11:28 - 30...............Romans 10:9 - 13.

Posted by Jim Martin - Friend   September 03, 2020

My sincere condolences for the family and friends of Tom Seaver so sorry for your loss may God strengthen and comfort you during this most difficult time

Posted by Cas    September 03, 2020

My condolences to the family of Tom Seaver, I am very sorry for your loss. He was an excellent ball player. may the God of comfort be with all of you as you mourn.

Posted by - MD   September 03, 2020

I’m a die hard Cub fan but Tom Terrific & the Miracle Mets deserved everything in 1969. Saw this banner in Jacksonville a year ago at a Jumbo Shrimp game.

Posted by Julie B    September 03, 2020

He was my favorite baseball player and a great pitcher and a good example. He will be missed in the baseball world
Jim Landreau

Posted by James Doyle Landreau - Acquaintance   September 03, 2020

My condolences and prayers.

Posted by A friend   September 03, 2020

May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow. Thanks for effort, hard work, determination in the game of baseball and for our beloved New York Mets. - Moey Family

Posted by J Moey - Astoria, NY   September 03, 2020

You were a super pitcher, a great father, a gentle husband and good classmate at Fresno High School in '62. The sound of your voice in those hallowed halls may be silenced, but your memory will live on. Go Warriors.

Posted by Steve Strickland - Meridain, ID - classmate   September 03, 2020

In the past outside Shea stadium, he would always sign
Autographs, sorry to hear of his passing.

Posted by BS Kaufman    September 02, 2020

Tom was a man I looked up to as a child and tried to emulate as an adult. A role model of strength and courage. In sports and in life. And I would imagine even in death. You will always be in my heart and mind. You don't forget someone that easy that you loved for 50 yrs. There goes my hero. I love you Tom. You certainly were Terrific.

Posted by Joe Petruccio - Manalapan, NJ - friend   September 02, 2020

What I loved about Tom Seaver was his personality. Truly a nice man. I've been a baseball fan for fifty years. I've never seen a more consistent strike thrower. Condolences to the Seaver family,and Met fans everywhere.

Posted by Tim Kelly - Hudson Falls, NY   September 02, 2020

Tom,we thank God for such a great man and competitor as you. In one week 2 of the most important people in my personal life and you, one of my greatest heroes, have left us.

Posted by Clayton Templar - Elmira, NY   September 02, 2020

The only I could say thanks Tom for all of the memories especially 1969 it was really great you were the best you maybe gone but you will never be forgotten. Tom you wore number 41 but you will always be number 1 to us the NEW YORK Mets fans

Posted by Maryann D. Gonzalez - Brooklyn, NY   September 02, 2020

I may be a Giants fan, but the news of Tom's passing brought tears to my eyes. Rest in peace, Tom. You were terrific, amazin', and one of the best there ever was or will be. It was a privilege to watch you pitch.

Posted by - San Francisco Bay Area, CA   September 02, 2020

What a gentleman, a sport hero, role model- a class act!

Posted by Stacy Harris    September 02, 2020

My sincerest thoughts and prayers to the Seaver family

Posted by Ginger Gunter - Fall River, MA   September 02, 2020