Condolence & Memory Journal


I became a part of Alan's family when he was only six years old. It was when I married his older brother David. It's hard to believe that I had a brother-law who was only six years old and became an uncle at the age of eight. I have so many fond memories of Alan, how he would play with his two nephews and his own little brother Chris. Yes, the house was filled with loud noise, boys running around, laughing and of course the occasion fighting. As Alan got older, movies were his passion. He never missed being one of the first people in line to see a new movie.
Alan was the most kindness, patient person I knew. After 44 years of knowing him I never saw him get upset or angry with anyone. He always made a point of stopping and asking how you were when he saw you. He would make you laugh (most of the time making jokes about his little brother Chris). The last words I said to Alan was that although he was my brother-in-law, I always thought of him as one of my sons.
Our family has lost someone very special in our lives. Although Alan is no longer with us, the memories will last forever in our hearts. You are now with your mother, father, sister Cheryl and grandmother who have missed you and welcomed you back in their arms. I love you Alan, Rest in peace

Posted by Mona Brunette - Chula Vista, CA - Family   October 11, 2020

Alan was the love of my life and the sweetest, kindest, funniest person I knew. The 13 years I spent with him were the best of my life. I was hoping to spend the rest of my life with him, but I am grateful for the time we shared and all of the amazing trips we were able to take. We traveled throughout the Southwestern United States, Canada, and 10 European countries; rode the gondolas in Venice, Italy; saw the windmills in Amsterdam; and cruised the Rhine River in Germany. Some of his favorite places were Bodega Bay, CA, where Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds was filmed (one of our favorites); Switzerland, where we took a train through the Swiss Alps to the Matterhorn; and Bavaria, Germany, where we explored the Neuschwanstein Castle (AKA the Disney Castle). He also enjoyed France where we went to the top of the Eiffel Tower, wandered through the Palace of Versailles, and visited Paris, Disneyland. From seeing Andrea Bocelli and John Williams in concert at the Hollywood Bowl, to off-roading in the desert and mountains, even when we would just see three movies a week, at least I can take comfort knowing he lived life to the fullest. Alan, I will cherish our memories forever. No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him. 1 Corinthians 2:9

Posted by Natasha Keller - San Diego, CA - Significant Other   September 28, 2020

Alan was and is a great friend to myself and my girls. I will always remember the talks we had. And his great fullness to everyone he has touched and loved. Spending time with him will always be my favorite memories. Without him I would have been a different person I am today. Love you always Jenny.

Posted by Jenny Deloya - San Diego, CA - Family Friend   September 27, 2020

Dear Family, May God comfort you with the peace that surpasses all understanding . May Alan rest in the peace only God can give...Love to all, Aunt Judy & Uncle Dale

Posted by Judy Boyd - Denver, CO - Family   September 27, 2020


I wanted to be just like Alan when I was a kid. The last time I saw him was at our Grandmother's funeral. He went out of his way to come and quietly check in with me. I appreciated his gesture more than he will ever know. I'm so sorry he had to leave so soon. I remember how much he loved movies...Now he gets to watch anything he wants from that big theater in the sky. Rest in comfort cousin.

Posted by Francesca O'Brien - CO - Family   September 27, 2020

Alan will always be in our hearts, prayers and memories. Alan was not only an awesome uncle but a great uncle to my children, Amelia and Aidan. Alan was a very fun uncle and we have shared so many great memories together. He has always been there for the family and was always just a phone call away. If for any reason he didn't answer it was because he was at the movies or at work. Alan loved the movies and I believe he has seen almost every film ever made. When I saw him in the hospital he had a basketball game on the TV, I asked him why don't you put on a movie? Alan replied "I've seen them all". Alan was always there to help, very supportive, very caring, and always full of happiness and love. When I last saw Alan our last words to each other were "I love you" and on my way out of the room he said "drive safe"! I will always remember his smile and all the good times we had. I know that he is no longer in pain and is with the rest of the family in Heaven. We love you so much Uncle Alan and will always be thinking of you. We will see each other again (like at the end of the movie "Back to the Future") TO BE CONTINUED...!

Love Jr and family.

Posted by David Brunette Jr. - Chula Vista, CA - Family   September 27, 2020

I never met Alan but I know he was a good person by the stories his great friend Natasha told me about him. My condolences to Alan's family and especially Natasha who loved him and helped him in many ways.

Posted by Patty LoGiudice - Poland, OH - Acquaintance   September 26, 2020

Alan (PALS). Loved life to the fullest even at the end he was still living the best life. He went above and beyond for his family and friends. He will be remembered by all of his amazing adventures with his Lost Boys. Mark and Dave Raszowski, Christopher Brunette. Sending love to the clouds and when we are reunited once again we will celebrate with pots and pans banging them just as we did on new year's. And then we will have pizza!!!

Posted by Christopher Brunette - Chula Vista, CA - Brother   September 26, 2020

Alan was a great brother but also my best friend. My father at times too. He was always there for me in times of sadness and greatness. Even when I found out that I was going to be a father I knew he was going to be The Godfather to my daughter Rachael. And know he's her guardian angel watching her and all of us from heaven. Love you always your baby brother Chris and your god daughter Rachael

Posted by Christopher Brunette - Chula Vista, CA - Family   September 25, 2020


Alan your always forever in my heart and you will be truly missed.
The conversation Alan and I had in the hospital was very touching, I will remember that forever, it will always stay in my Heart!

Alan was a Great brother as well as a friend. If you knew Alan his main love and passion were movies, Alan knew everything about the movies, he was better than all the critics in Hollywood. He knew how to write stories, as well as produce short home-made films, Alan was a natural, he was very talented.
Alan liked everyone, he made friends very easy and was well like by many. Alan loved working in the customer service industry.
As I sat and talked with Alan on his last day, Alan was strong and he was very positive, always putting everyone else's concerns before himself, more concerned about how I was doing, that's Alan.
Alan will always be with us as we continue in life.
My brothers and I will continue to relive the conversations about Alan and all the joking we have did as we grew up, I know in my heart that Alan will be right there saying, I remember that with his smirky smile.
The sadness of losing Alan has brought pain, hurt and many tears, this one day will slowly disappear, only to be replaced with all the wonderful memories that he brought to us, the memories we share, the laughter and of course the happy tears.
I know Alan is now at peace and pain free, I don't truly know what heaven is like other than what I have learned in church, I do believe it's a beautiful place for all of God's children.
Until we see each other again Alan, I love you very much, always and your forever in my Heart.
I Love You!!

Posted by David Brunette Brunette - Chula Vista, CA - Brother   September 25, 2020