Mac Davis

  • Born: January 21, 1942
  • Died: September 29, 2020
  • Location:


Mac Davis

"Baby, Don't Get Hooked on Me" singer-songwriter

Mac Davis was a singer-songwriter who had a No. 1 hit in 1972 with "Baby, Don't Get Hooked on Me" and wrote hit songs for other artists including Elvis Presley's "In the Ghetto." For full obituary and coverage from, click here.

Condolence & Memory Journal

I met Mac Davis quite a few years back working as a private contractor for DWP Relining the waterlines in the Hollywood hills & I was the backhoe operator digging a hole right in front Of Mac Davis from that moment I meant this gentle spoken kind human being I’ll never forget him rest of my life for his kindness & graciousness he showed construction worker for about six weeks of my life working on his street !! He gave me a couple of Signed CDs & took some pictures with me & even had me come over to the house to have a soda !My Deepest condolences go to you his beautiful family !! I’m Deeply sorry for your loss !! Sincerely Dennis Delgado

Posted by Dennis Delgado - Acquaintance   January 12, 2021

He was a hell of a song righter and i will never forget him especially for Elvis . No One will ever forget Mac.
Rest in Peace with Elvis Love Mac.

Posted by Marilyn Gellert - Friend   January 08, 2021

I was taken with his looks and voice from the first time I heard his sultry sexy voice. I bought every album as they came out, was lucky enough to see him in concert at Emens Auditorium at BSU (mom took me, too young to drive). I was thrilled as well to get to see him in "The Will Rogers Follies", in Indy...hubby of 33 years took me. I miss him awful. I can't imagine how your terrible loss must hurt. I put a recent photo of him on my desktop, teary eyed. He will be terribly missed by so many...Mindy Morton, Muncie, Indiana

Posted by Mindy Morton - Muncie, IN - acquaintance   December 06, 2020

In my childhood I'd listen to his songs,and sound of his voice were so soothing as a teenager.
As an adult, I would often turn up his music.. I'm so sorry for
Your loss,I hope you find peace
During these difficult time's.

Posted by Cindy Wilson - CHULA VISTA, CA - acquaintance   November 19, 2020

I was saddened to hear that Mac Davis died and hope he's playing songs in Heaven. He was such a good man, and a great songwriter!
I was inspired as an amateur songwriter by his song "I believe in Music". God bless you and your family! Mr. Davis!!!

Posted by Mary` Downs - Austin, TX - student   November 16, 2020

My heart and prayers are with your family, I have always been such a huge fan, Mac's music will live in my heart forever, he was such an influence that my son was named after "Watching Scotty Grow", the first time I heard it I swore that if I ever had a son he was going to be named Scotty, and he is

Posted by Anna Mueller    November 12, 2020

I have been a fan of Mac since I first saw him on Pop goes the country. I was in his fan club and I have ALL of his albums and 45's. Three scrapbooks and photo album and I saw him in Cheyenne Frontier days 3 nights and at the MGM Grand Hotel 2 times and also Greeley Stampede days. I Loved Mac and he was so talented. I MISS YOU MAC! RIP

Posted by Jo Bonzo - Estes Park, CO   November 10, 2020

Mac was always my crush. Saw him in concert and met him once. Made him a hook rug pillow with his name on it. You put music in my life, still. I’m heartbroken. Condolences to Lise and family.

Posted by Joyce Sidorski - Inwood, NY   November 07, 2020


There are no words that can do justice for how much love and respect I had for Mac. I never had the honor to get to meet him but I did go to as many concerts as I could. He did shake my hand at a concert he had at the Grand Ole Opry. My heart is broken and I just cannot get over his passing. I guess he was the first man that I actually loved after my daddy. I have always liked curly hair! He was an awesome song writer, singer and entertainer! He will forever hold a very dear place in my heart. My sincere condolences to his family.

Posted by Phyllis Skees - Bowling Green, KY   October 30, 2020

So very sorry .I loved his music baby baby one of my favorite songs. RIP

Posted by Marcia Shahvali - Hanson, MA   October 29, 2020

When i was a little girl of11 i wrote to MrMaca love letter. He read it on midnight special Johnny Carson and the Mac Davis show never got a chance to see any of them but it was a fantastic memory

Posted by P Mc - Ube, PA   October 28, 2020

My condolences to the family. May the God of Comfort, continue to comfort the family, during these difficult times.

Posted by A friend   October 28, 2020

Mac Davis will always hold a prominent and precious place in the memories of my youth. There was just something in his genuine demeanor that made him so very lovable. The heart is sad for having lost him in this world, but the heart rejoices that he is home with the Lord. Sincere condolences to this fine and special man’s family.

Posted by Jane Dierenfeldt - Grant City, MO - friend   October 26, 2020

I wrote a Mac Davis Tribute Poem On 10/10/20

Dear Mac,

I graduated high school in 1972, the year you wrote your hit, "Baby, Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me".
You were a talented singer and painter of rhyming words; it was evident for the world to see.

You were a humble, honest, and down to earth man who was loved by many, with a sense of humor that lifted our hearts with joy.
You enjoyed performing, flashing a warm, pleasant smile; you emitted a bright light from a soul of a curly haired, country boy.

I, too, have a love for words and playing Scrabble and Banagrams were two of my favorite games which makes me feel like we're kindred spirits.
For eight years now, writing rhyming poetry, being creative since I was young enjoying the written word to inspire, inform, bring joy and laughter to those who want to hear it.

God blessed you with a beautiful voice and a superlative ability to be a wordsmith with your gift to write flowing, poetic words to showcase and share your singer/songwriter talent.
You were an unforgettable person who made the world a happier place and you're gracing Heaven with your presence and sincere messages that were concise and balanced.

A Die Hard Fan Always - Diane Lupker

Posted by Diane Lupker - Beloit, WI   October 17, 2020


To the Mac Davis family!!! Thank you for sharing this Great man with all of us... I never met him but felt like he was a dear friend. When I was going through tough times... he was ALWAYS there... my son was named after his song.. I want you all to know I can’t imagine your hurt and feeling of loss .. just listen to his voice is calming .. I pray for your peace in all of this!!!!

Posted by Marge Dues - Louisville, KY   October 15, 2020



Posted by GEORGE AND SHERRY ALLEN - HODGENVILLE, KY - spouse   October 15, 2020

I want to thank God and Mr. Mac's family and friends for loaning his music and his humor to us, for sharing him with all of us. He eased loneliness.
Before the virus prevented me from my weekly visits to my Grandma, who had lost her sight, I would play music from YouTube Music for her on a little speaker Bluetoothed to my phone. I set the little speaker on her tray so she could hear better, and made a playlist just for her that was mostly John Denver and Mac Davis. Her favorite was Mac's Watching Scotty Grow.


Posted by Ritagail Burleson - OK   October 15, 2020

Mac Davis..... i have all your albums....(STILL) DO........ you brought so much real life emotions to your songs that i was just a young married mom of 2 totally in awe with everything you did.... I think you came to Fresno Ca for a golf tournment and my husband took me but i don t think i was able to get close to you.....but i tried..... then we went to vegas one year and you put on a show and i was surprised at the language you used that was not the Mac Davis i knew loved and worshipped.... but now i realize we were in Vegas after all and thats how they did shows there:).............. thank you for being so much a part of my young surely impacted my life as to where i could not believe you could ever die since you were larger than life!!!!!!

Posted by cindy HOUK - Hanford, CA - friend   October 14, 2020

A legendary songwriter and artist. May we all continue to find comfort in his music. Praying for comfort and peace for the Davis family from God and memories today, tomorrow, and always. My heartfelt condolences.

Posted by A friend   October 14, 2020


My wife and i first saw Mac Davis at the Allentown fair, opening for the Carpenters. He put on a terrific show
then and every day since. We truly loved all of his songs. He will always have a place in our hearts.
Rest in peace Mac and enlighten all of those in heaven with your music.

Posted by Rick Price - Levittown, PA - friend   October 13, 2020


Such an enormous talent; such an enormous loss.
There will never be anyone else like you. Rest in peace, to The Song Painter.
We're really gonna miss ya Mac!

Posted by Anonymous    October 12, 2020

I grew up listening to Mac Davis and watching his TV show. Mac was an extremely humble and talented individual. I was very lucky to see him in concert several times. His humor, story telling, and his singing brought such comeraderie at his concerts!
Mac was such a great talent, and he was so very humble.
No one else could hambone like Mac! His smile was infectious! I always looked forward to his stories at his concerts and on his TV show.
Anytime he appeared on TV, his presence brought such joy and laughter. You're one of those people you just don't forget and we'll never see or hear the likes of again. Rest in peace Mac. We're really gonna miss ya! ❤

Posted by Denise - MI   October 12, 2020


Posted by JUDITH MCKINNON - LAKE GEORGE, NY - significant_other   October 12, 2020

Back in 1974 when Paul Anka came out with You're having my baby, I swear I think Mac Davis sang that song at his concert because I was in the process of marrying my High School Sweetheart with the last name Davis, so that song meant a lot to me and still does. What a talent and a cutey. We will miss you Mac. Keep singing in Heaven!!

Mrs. Connie A. Davis

Posted by Connie Davis    October 11, 2020

Mac Davis it's a Honor to know you are from Lubbock. You make the people proud.Rest in Peace Mac Davis

Posted by Lidia Rodriguez - Friend   October 09, 2020

Thinking of Mac's family at this time. Rest in peace Mac. Thank you for the wonderful music and memories that you gave us!!!

Posted by Cheryl Sexton - Waynesville, IL   October 09, 2020

RIP Mac Davis!! ❤❤
Never forgotten you will be missed!!

Posted by Vicki Romero - Independence, MO   October 08, 2020

I very much enjoyed Mac Davis and his talent for song writing and singing. My Condolences to the family and all his fans, his spirit will be missed.

Posted by Tracee Kennedy - Linden, CA   October 08, 2020

I was so much in love with Mac's words and music. My Texas hubby took me to see him perform twice, Dallas Summer Musical and Will Roger's Follies. Incredible singing, songwriting, stage presents. To his family, wife, Lise; sons, Joel Scott, Cody Lucas, & Noah; and his granddaughter, my sincerest condolences. I have all of his music, and my memories of seeing Mac in concert with my Texas Hubby. I fell in love with his song, "In The Ghetto" when I was 15 growing up in Waco. I followed his whole career, and am grateful we passed through the world at the same time, he as the entertainer and me as the fan. It was perfect to call him The Song Painter. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Such Sadness. Janelle C. Bates

Posted by Joyce Bates - Dallas, TX   October 08, 2020

Mac's daddy put in a automatic laundry in Lubbock. My mom managed it.
I played with he and his sister, she wanted to leave private school and go to school with me. She didn't like it and went back to private school.
I was in the 4th grade and he was in the first grade.

Posted by Joyce Hacker Penny - Friend   October 08, 2020

Such a sad sad time losing a great talent as Mac Davis. He was my absolute favorite all through my elementary school days watching his comedy show back in the 70's, making up dance routines to his songs with my best friends and talking about the show the next day with my 3rd and 4th grade teachers. I was fortunate to see him at Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs, NY back in the day, and so thankful to have lived during his life time. Thank you Mr. Davis for helping the world to "Stop and Smell the Roses". RIP

Posted by Michelle Smullen-Quinn - Mayfield, NY   October 08, 2020


MAC was a great artist, not only was he a great writer and a great song story teller but his wit was as funny as it gets. Rest In Peace MAC, you will be missed

Posted by Harriette Cassick - Newfane, NY   October 07, 2020


Posted by Scott Chamberland - Saint Agatha, ME   October 07, 2020


Godspeed Mac, and thank you for sharing a part of your life with us, and the wonderful film, TV and music memories. Unforgettable.

Posted by Harry Simpson - Buckeye, AZ   October 07, 2020

I loved his song "Baby, don't get hooked on me." I didn't know that he was deceased. I will miss his talent.

Posted by Frank King - Edgewood, MD   October 07, 2020

Prayers for your family during this difficult time.

Posted by S Gingerich - Erie, PA   October 07, 2020

Dear Mr. Davis, I have loved you and your music since I was a child. It is with great sadness I learned of your passing.I know you are safe in Heaven in God's loving care. Thank you for all the wonderful songs you shared with us. Such amazing talent. I say with such a heavy heart , you will be missed and loved forever. God bless you.

Posted by karen geary - Mount Morris, MI - friend   October 07, 2020

I never knew him personally but I loved his music growing up I’m sad he is gone he was a legend like no other rip Mac you will be missed I’m sure you are in heaven singing with the angels

Posted by Debbie Conrad - Mechanicville, NY - acquaintance   October 06, 2020


I am sorry for your loss he’s a great singer and his music will last a life time

Posted by Georgia Velasquez - Denver, CO - friend   October 06, 2020

I am so sorry to hear of MAC Davis passing away.He was a great singer and songwriter.I am a big Elvis fan and I know that he wrote some hit songs for Elvis.May He Rest In Peace.My prayers are with his family at this time.Larry Carriere .I saw Mr.Davis in Memphis for Elvis Week of 2017.

Posted by Larry Carriere - Sugarland, TX - significant_other   October 06, 2020


Posted by - IL   October 06, 2020

From all of us here at Elantra Gate Systems. Mr. Mac Davis was very special to all of us. He will be remembered with much love and warmth. GOD grant you peace and serenity. Our hearts go out to Lise and family.

Posted by Patricia Karich - Fairview, TN - acquaintance   October 06, 2020

This is a poem I wrote. It's not great but it's the thoughts within it that counts.

The Singers Songs

No songs have I to sing today.
For the words are lost with you now gone.
The melodies will linger on though.
Of the times I had when I played your songs.
Happy and sad some of them were,
But the Songs You Sang
Give memory to them all.
So I will Treasure Each and Everyone.
And the Memory of You Mac Davis will Live On.
In the Songs I Play and others do hear.
You'll Be There as We A 'll Sing Along.
By Tammy Lou Solomon
Oct. 4, 2020

Posted by Tammy Lou Solomon - Gillette, WY   October 06, 2020

I send my condolences to his family. He will be greatly missed. May the God of all creation provide you with peace during this difficult time.

Posted by A friend   October 06, 2020

I loved his music. Even though I was young when his song Baby Baby don't get hooked on me. came out it was one of my favorites.. I send my thoughts and prayers to his family, friends and to the country music world..Godspeed Mac, and say hello to my mamma in heaven..

Posted by janet wilson - Longview, WA - friend   October 05, 2020


Your voice will be remembered.

Posted by Stephanie Schell - Lakewood, NY   October 05, 2020


Posted by TOMMY DENNIS - Lubbock, TX - Acquaintance   October 05, 2020

What a talent; what a loss......

Posted by Dixie Barker - Sharonville, OH - friend   October 05, 2020

I've been a Mac Davis fan 45+ years. I pray for his family and fans. May you find great peace and comfort during this very difficult time.

Posted by lisa - WA   October 05, 2020

Remember hearing his song on the radio over the years.

Posted by Stephanie D Schell    October 05, 2020

I was born and raised in Lubbock and all I ever wanted to do was to get out of that city. I have been away for over then years now and every time I hear Texas in my rear view mirror all I want to do is go home. I was fortunate enough to have a teacher give an assignment last may to write about a song that has meaning to me. I wrote about Mac Davis and Texas in my rear view mirror. I understand the feeling of wanting to go home and anytime I have a struggle Mac's music gets put on the turn table and it makes the times a little easier to bare. Thank you for the incredible gift of music and know that you will live on in my heart and in my life.

Posted by Benjamin Anderton - Davenport, IA   October 05, 2020


Posted by CINDY BERRY - IOLA, WI   October 05, 2020

He was awesome yong and older. Sumed so kind!!

Posted by Susie Paschal - Bowling Green, KY - friend   October 05, 2020

Rip mac I loved your song don get hooked on me I believe in music will be missed

Posted by Yvonne Anderson - Levelled, TX - friend   October 05, 2020

I am so amazed at how many songs that he has written and became hits, I was not aware he worked with Nancy Sinatra who was a favorite of mine. I adored Mac Davis's voice and loved him on different tv shows. So saddened that he has passed. I just loved him as an fantastic entertainer. Rest in peace in Texas. Marge in southern Ohio

Posted by Marge Babcock - Monroe, OH   October 05, 2020

My deepest Condolences to the family and friends AMEN.. I was a Friend of Sherri Davis @ Carroll Thompson jr high.. right before May 11, 1970 Tornado hit Lubbock Tx..

Posted by Gilbert Garcia - Acquaintance   October 05, 2020

Sincerest condolences to Mac Davis family and friends, and thank you for such inspirational songs , God Bless your family in this time of Sorrow.

Posted by michael crismani - Belair, CA - Acquaintance   October 05, 2020

Heartfelt sympathies to the Davis family, so very sorry for loss, may God grant you peace and comfort.

Posted by A friend   October 05, 2020

May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.

Posted by Devon - Fort Lauderdale, FL   October 05, 2020

seen him KC worlds of fun 1973 he was great , he will be missed

Posted by Robert Horn    October 05, 2020


I’m so sad to hear of Mac Davis death! I will be praying for his family. I’ve always loved listening to him sing. Always thought he was good looking too! I grew up in Lubbock but moved to Southern California when I was 24. I’ve always been proud to say, “I’m from Lubbock, Tx - that’s where Mac Davis is from!” When we moved to California, the song, “Lubbock In My Rearview Mirror” was very popular. In fact, as we were leaving Lubbock for California that song played on the radio. RIP Mac Davis, and thanks for all the years of your singing and writing songs.

Posted by Marilyn Smith Mauldin - Huntington Beach, CA - acquaintance   October 05, 2020

we lived inLubbock at the time and my son started taking guitar lessons there. His fist son in public was Lubbock Texas in my rearview mirror.m We thought Mac was great and followed his career.We will miss him

Posted by irene mccoy - Boerne, TX - father   October 04, 2020

very sorry for your loss, I liked watching him on tv and hear him sing, he was wonderful!

Posted by Teresa Harvo    October 04, 2020

So sorry for your loss, our loss. The world lost a great entertainer. He brought joy to many with his songs. Peace be with his family and friends. May his memories and songs keep him ever so close.

Posted by Kimberly Talbert - Allison, PA   October 04, 2020

Our father was a musician and owned a recording studio in Atlanta with Bill Lowery. Mac was one of the many musicians they worked with.

Our Dad loved Mac, and always spoke fondly of him, enjoying Mac's successes.

When Dad died, Mac sent the loveliest flowers and note.

Rest in peace dear Mac, and if U run into him, say hello to Billy Joe Royal.

Posted by Boots Woodall Family - Friend   October 04, 2020

When I met him in the early 70's (after a concert in Lubbock), I saw that he was a very kind, down-to-earth sort of guy. I'd met his Uncle Booger Red and Aunt Byrdie Nell Sims when they were both patients at a Lubbock hospital where I worked. They must have told them about me and that I was DEFINITELY a fan. The next time he was in Lubbock, for a concert, he arranged for me and my husband to come backstage and meet him so he could thank me personally for being so nice to his aunt and uncle. WOW!!! That meant so much to me and it said volumes about the kind of man he was! People like him truly make the world a better place. He will be missed!

Posted by Linda Sneed - Hereford, TX - acquaintance   October 04, 2020

Mac was good-looking man I've loved him my whole life! RIP .we will never forget you. Listen to y your music every chance. I get.loves condolences to his family

Posted by A friend   October 04, 2020


I have been a fan of Mac Davis for years. My husband and I have been listening to a CD of his recently and heard the news of his passing. He was a very gifted songwriter who could come up with rhyming words for a song title immediately after someone in his audience came up with a song title on the Mac Davis Show.
I'm saddened he passed away far too young.

RIP Mac - Love Your Voice and Talent.

Posted by Diane Lupker - Beloit, WI   October 04, 2020

My wife and I fell in love with his singing and honesty. We attended a concert of his and was this close to him. A phenomenal storyteller and song Painter. He always told the truth and made it rhyme. May he rest in Peace. His songs will live on and on. I loved his show and loved him in North Dallas Forty.

Posted by Howard Solomon - FOREST HILLS, NY - acquaintance   October 03, 2020

My Condolences To The Family;
I’m so sorry for your great loss. May the God of all comfort be with you all during this difficult time.

Posted by A friend   October 03, 2020

The concert he put on at the New York State fair in 1976 was THE BEST concert I have ever attended. I still get goosebumps thinking of how he left the crowd with " I believe in music". Tears in my eyes I write this. You are one of my best memories EVER!

Posted by Barbara Schell - Tavares, FL   October 03, 2020

We will miss him.He shared alot of songs with great singers. I grew up on this songs. He was a great song writer & friend to alot of stars. I'm sending. Prayers & many Thanks to his family for sharing him with us. Prayers & condolences to you.

Posted by Earline Walker - fredericksburg, VA - friend   October 03, 2020

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Mac Brown. He will be missed by many.

Posted by Taylor    October 03, 2020

Thoughts and prayers to the Davis family, so very sorry for your loss. The music will live but he will be missed be many. May God be with all of you in your time of sorrow.

Posted by A friend   October 03, 2020

A true hometown hero! Welcome home!

Posted by A friend   October 03, 2020

Some of the best music memories have are listening to Mac's songs , and reliving them when playing them in a band or jam. God Bless his soul.

Posted by Ray Freas - Surf City, NJ - acquaintance   October 03, 2020

In the early seventies, I was fairly recently back from Vietnam, My mom and dad and I went to Mac's performance at the Montana state fair in Great Falls Montana that year. The only concert I ever went to with my folks, and I went to a lot of concerts back then. We got there early and sat as close to the stage as possible, right up front, the best seats. I noticed this kinda weird dude in a big black hat wandering around the stage trying to look like he belonged there checking this and that prior to the show. It turned out to be Mac and he was checking out the audience. We really enjoyed the show. The night before the show we stayed in the only local motel that had a room in the whole city, a suite. It turned out it was reserved for Mac after the show. That had to be nearly 50 years ago. You can't make this stuff up.

Posted by James Horne - East Helena, MT   October 02, 2020


In loving memory of a wonderful person, singer, and songwriter. I listened to your songs and watched your tv shows growing up, which I will never forget. My condolences to the family. God bless.

Posted by Jay Davis - Barboursville, WV   October 02, 2020

RIP Mr. Davis I met on the TV show Rodney I was the special Effects man
I was told not to but I did ask you if you would sign my guitar you did and I have it hanging on my wall signed by you and Garth Brooks 2 down to earth people
Will all due respect thank you and hope your singing in heaven

Posted by James Beauchamp - Spring Hill, FL - coworker   October 02, 2020

May God bless your family in this time of sorrow.

Posted by Kent Sivadge - TX   October 02, 2020

When I was younger Baby I was hooked on him. Being from Lubbock most my life I always enjoyed his music. He will be truly missed. God Bless him. May he rest in external peace. His Family comforted in the Joy he gave.

Posted by Grace - Lubbock, TX   October 02, 2020

I'm just a broken-hearted fan. I met him when I was 17 and still in high school in Louisville KY. He was opening a show for Helen Reddy and signing autographs at a local store the afternoon of the show. First celebrity I ever met and I thought he was the greatest. Followed his careet through the years, buying all the albums, going to see him in concert whenever he appeared in Louisville, Indianapolis, Lexington or Cincinnati. A few years ago I learned he was performing around Nashville occasionally, so I started making regular drive to his Nashville and Franklin TN shows whenever I found out about one. Loved everything he did and most of all, loved that he was just a really nice guy. Love and prayers to his wife, sons and the rest of the family. He is going to be hugely missed. God bless.

Posted by Beverly Shontz - LOUISVILLE, KY - acquaintance   October 02, 2020

I love your music, you were so talented, you will be missed. Love I'll Paint You a Song, Every Now and Then, Whoever Finds this I Love You. Your songs helped me through some lonely and tough times. Thank you so much for your talent and music. As well as the ones that made me laugh!!!! May God comfort and be your refuge and strength to you the Davis family and friends!!!!! I was a number 1 fan and hooked on your music from the get go!!!!!

Posted by Mary E Nessler    October 02, 2020

Loved his music and loved him in North Dallas Forty. He had given the Nick Nolte character the nickname of Poot. When my now husband and I were married, I gave him the same nickname just because of Mac. Prayers and hugs to his family during this time.

Posted by Fran Milby - Quinton, VA - friend   October 02, 2020

I have always enjoyed hearing Mac's music & his sense of humor on tv and his films. Loved North Dallas Forty & Possums. He will be missed by millions of fans around the world. Prayers for your family during this difficult time.

Posted by Lance Sanders - Hot Springs Village, AR - friend   October 02, 2020


He was a wonderful entertainer. I will never forget him singing ONE HELL OF A WOMAN to me, when he was on stage. I got to ride after his show, on the elevator with him to his dressing room. Debbie Reynolds was right behind me and she got on with us. Mac introduced me to her. I have never forgotten the special time I got to share with him. I have all his songs, and even a doll of Mac. My heart is broken for his wife and family. I'm praying for them. It's such a great loss for them and the world. Mac, you were one in a million and will never be forgotten. You had my heart. Thank you for making my trips to Vegas extra special. God bless you, I know your with Our Lord and Savior, because you had Christ in your heart. I want your family to have peace knowing that they can be with you again. I want to thank Ray and Patty Bunch for introducing me to you, it was a very special time in my life.

Posted by Elaine Arnold - Taft, CA - acquaintance   October 02, 2020

What a wonderful singer, songwriter, and actor. He will be deeply missed and remember.

Posted by Jeanne - Friend   October 02, 2020


So genuine, so talented and so loved by all his fans. Our entire family were fans of his and know the "King" himself Elvis adored him and his talent. Now there is another to spread lovely songs amongst the throngs of musicians now in heaven. God Bless Mac Davis!

Posted by Lynn Sidelko - PALMYRA, NJ - friend   October 02, 2020

I am so sorry about the loss of Mac. I love that song "Baby dont get hooked on me". The Davis family has my deepest condolences. As the days, weeks and months pass "Baby dont get hooked on me" during this difficult time, may you continue to be surrounded and comforted with the love and support that is needed and by fond memories of him.

Posted by Jenee    October 02, 2020


Mac Davis was one of my favorite music performers and was such a nice guy and wonderful singer and songwriter. I loved his hits as a young girl in my 20's and 30's and always will love to listen to his music and think about fond memories of his performances. My husband I and went to one of his concerts sometime in 1975. RIP to a wonderful man. You will be missed by everyone who listened to your music and the impact you made in the music world.

Posted by Sandy Atkins - Dobson, NC - acquaintance   October 02, 2020


Posted by Matthew McGuire - Cheshire, CT   October 02, 2020

I loved Mac Davis. I am so sorry that he passed. May Jehovah comfort his family during this difficult time!

Posted by Alfreda Valentine - Helena-West Helena, AR   October 02, 2020

Loved his music! Did Mr Davis ever perform in San Antonio, Tx? If he did , when and where. I was told by a friend that Mr Davis performed at the State Chest Hospital In 1972. Is that true?

Posted by Mary LouisePulido    October 02, 2020

So very sorry to hear of Mac’s passing, I loved that song “Baby Don’t get Hooked on Me? May the the Family be comfort by the God of Comfort who will strengthen you with His peace and loving kindness as you cope with the loss in your lives. Mac will be missed and thank you for the legacy he left behind.

Posted by BRY    October 02, 2020

His music is the soundtrack of my life. I loved him when I was 12 years old when I first saw him in concert with my parents. I saved money to buy all his albums. His lyrics became my credo and carried me through many painful times: "I believe in music, I believe in love.... stop and smell the roses along the way." And his profound "Lord let me be someone special, in the eyes of the people who love me..." became my prayer. I have no doubt that his prayer has been answered a million fold. His music gave me hope in hopeless times. Rest in joy, dear man. Thank you so much for the music and the hope.

Posted by Peggy Michael-Rush - Gibbon, NE   October 02, 2020

Thank you MAC DAVIS for saving my life through your music during some very rough times in my teenage years. No one will take your place in the country music world

Posted by Jodi Barth - West Milton, OH - friend   October 02, 2020

I was always in love with Mac and he was still good looking to the end. Baby don't get hooked on me, was my all time favorite song, wish I could have told him that he was so special to me.

Posted by mary watson - palm bay, FL - friend   October 02, 2020

My condolences to the family, friends and the fans of this dear, sweet Song Painter. I have been a fan for 47 years. I "fell in love" with this young, curly haired man when I was a 13 yr old girl. Thanks to my husband I finally got to see him in Dec, 2017 at the Franklin Theatre, Franklin, TN. It was the most magical night for me and one that I will never forget. Of course he sang all of his hits and we all sang along. To my surprise and delight he told story after story, of his career, his sons, and "his beautiful wife Lise". I sure hope the latest song he was working on about where songs come from gets released. It's obvious that God has whispered a lot of songs in Mac's ear. My dear, sweet Mac..
I believe in Music, I believe in Love

Posted by Carolyn Owens - Middlesboro, KY   October 02, 2020

What a great song " Baby don't get hooked on me" was for my generation. So sad to see another legend gone.

Posted by Yvonne    October 02, 2020

You were the world to my mother. Rest in piece Mac Davis!

Posted by Lynn    October 02, 2020

Our sincere condolences to Lise and sons. He will certainly be missed by many.

Posted by Bill and Glenda Stovall - Granbury, TX - friend   October 02, 2020

My deepest sympathy. It's been a pleasure to have known him, and call him my friend. God bless.

Posted by Glen Hing - NEW JOHSONVLE, TN - friend   October 02, 2020

Mac opened for the Carpenters at Blossom Music Center In Ohio. I went home and told my family - If you missed Mac Davis, you missed the entire show. I wasn't the only one who felt that way, the local radio announcer said the same thing. Mac, the world is a sadder place without you!

Posted by Katherine Andreatta - Rifle, CO - friend   October 02, 2020

Mac was a great singer,and I remember him as the QB in North Dallas forty when he comes starred with Nick nolte

Posted by Mark bleds - Student   October 01, 2020

In loving memory of a wonderful person. We will love you and miss you always.

Posted by Susan Hendrix    October 01, 2020

I have been playing his music the last few weeks. My favorite Forever Lovers, shared it on my Facebook Page. There was nothing greater than Mac Davis for us young girls back in the 70's and keeping an older woman now company in her years. His songs brought back so many memories for me. I was heartbroken to read that he had passed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. We loved all his songs, his TV shows, his personality. There was nothing not to like! RIP Mac, sing to those angels.

Posted by Charlotte Greenhagen - Liberty, MO - friend   October 01, 2020

He is the best

Posted by A friend   October 01, 2020

I wish him peace and wish he knew how great a song writer he was!

Posted by Charlotte Wright - Louisville, KY - friend   October 01, 2020


What a tragic loss, I saw him several times in concert loved all his music, he was sweet, kind, and a very talented artist. He will be missed, but his music will live on. RIP Mac. My prayers go out t his family.

Posted by Ann Brate - Cincinnati, OH   October 01, 2020

You made Lubbock very proud. Rest easy, Mac!

Posted by A friend   October 01, 2020

My heartfelt condolences to the Davis family. What a genius of a songwriter he was. I'm just a fan but very sad to hear of his passing. I feel like Heaven is enjoying some great music.

Posted by Lana Hannaman - South Fulton, TN   October 01, 2020

Oh, man..I am so sorry to hear about Mac. I didn't miss a concert of his in the pacific northwest! He will always be in my heart and all of you in my prayers. Much love to all of you.

Posted by Kim K - Tacoma, WA - friend   October 01, 2020

Mac was a very talented entertainer and a true gentleman. May his family and friends be comforted by these loving messages. He will forever be remembered by his many, many admirers. AJ

Posted by A friend   October 01, 2020

In loving memory of a wonderful singer and songwriter. We will love you and miss you always. Your music will live on and will become a classic. Prayers and condolences to the surviving family members.

Posted by Yolanta    October 01, 2020

Warm memories fill my mind of his beautiful music: he was a gifted songwriter. Our prayers and condolences to the surviving family members.

Posted by Yolanta    October 01, 2020

Praying for family!!!!

Posted by Merinda David - Benton, AR   October 01, 2020

Mac Davis will be missed but all our memories remain.
I loved his music and his talent, grew up with hearing and seeing him on TV. as well.
Best wishes to his family

Posted by Jill Richey - West Valley City, UT   October 01, 2020

Truly a musical talent in so many ways. Heartfelt condolences to the Davis family, at this time of your loss, may you find strength and comfort from God to help carry you through your sorrow.

Posted by A friend   October 01, 2020

A true talent, I loved his music. My deepest sympathies to the Davis family, very sorry for your loss.

Posted by A friend   October 01, 2020

May you always have a song for the USA. God bless you and your lived ines.

Posted by A friend   October 01, 2020

Mac, you will be so missed. What a great artist and song writer you were. You will live forever in our hearts through your music. Prayers for your family.
Leslie and Linda Davis
Lubbock, Texas

Posted by Linda Davis - Lubbock, TX   October 01, 2020

He was a real good singer I loved his music I grew up on that he will be messed rest in peace

Posted by A friend   October 01, 2020

I will miss those funny songs and stories. I saw you in Louisville when I was only 24. Praying for your family. Rest in Peace. You and Elvis sing loud for the Father. He must be very pleased

Posted by A friend   October 01, 2020


He was a really good singer and loved his music.
Jennifer Neher from Byron, Minnesota

Posted by jennifer neher - byron, MN   October 01, 2020

Always a favorite of my and a dream boat with a sexy voice. Prayers for his family.

Posted by Richard Halterman - BELLEFONTAINE, OH   October 01, 2020

This man was a great talent, he will be greatly missed.

Posted by Bernadette Mayfield - Grants Pass, OR   October 01, 2020

To a great singer, song writer & actor. Deepest sympathy to the family. & friend will be missed dearly. RIP our star.

Posted by Barb Mashman - Eustis, FL   October 01, 2020


Posted by Alishia - SC   October 01, 2020


Mac was a man of incredible talent, and he had a beautiful heart. His faith and spirit soared on earth, and his presence was a light to many. I am a born and raised Texan from the Hill Country, and to this day I cherish the times spent on set with him. Rest in Peace were dearly loved by all who knew you.

Posted by Vicki Johnson - Talladega, AL   October 01, 2020

To Mac Davis,
You were a very talented entertainer. I liked your songs baby baby don’t hooked on me& wake up and smell the roses., My prayers go out to your family. Lisa Weiner

Posted by Lisa Weiner - Acquaintance   October 01, 2020

RIP Mac Davis. Great singer. I love all your songs. Its hard to believe you are gone. You will be missed. Prayers are with your family.

Posted by Cynthia Brown    October 01, 2020


I live in Lubbock, Tx, I grew up with his songs. He will be missed and he is jamming in Heaven with Merle Haggard and alot of Singers who passed before him. Much Love Mac.

Posted by Pamela Needham - Lubbock, TX - friend   October 01, 2020

I lived next to his aunt in Ralls, TX. He had a concert in Lubbock and came to see his aunt after the concert. I came in from work that night and they invited me over for dessert. ( they usually did this when I came in late). Mac was at the kitchen table eating dessert when I came in. His aunt introduced me. He was genuine, friendly, witty, just a country boy who made it big but never forgot where he came from. Rest in peace.

Posted by A friend   October 01, 2020

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. I grew up listening to this man on the radio and I never missed his TV show. I think I was 11 when I heard "Baby, Don't Get Hooked On Me". He was such a great song writer and singer. He will be missed by so many. Love and prayers Mac.

Posted by Mary Ann Hollman - Pineville, SC - acquaintance   October 01, 2020

RIP sir, I remember you so well from childhood, my mother adored you, thank you for sharing your talent with us.

Posted by Christine Harris - Newmanstown, PA - acquaintance   October 01, 2020

Mac - my first love, talented in so many ways. RIP

Posted by Daphne Parker-Green    October 01, 2020

I LOVE Music and I am an eclectic musical person and Mr. Mac Davis' music was one in my genre of music. May his family be comforted by the precious love, peace of our Holy Father as these days of bereavement come upon them. Our loved ones leave this Earth and are given Eternal Life with God in Heaven; Mr. Davis is an ANGEL singing amongst the HEAVENLY Choir. Rejoice Forever Mr. Davis; you will be missed but faith will bring your music, voice into our hearts forever.....Amen

Posted by Carolyn Murray - Troy, NY   October 01, 2020

His songs were what I regret to as My Life Songs as to them I could Attach Events etc.... He will be Greatly Missed by all of who 's heart and life's he touched.May be rest in Peace.

Posted by Tammy Lou Solomon - Gillette, WY   October 01, 2020

My prayers for all of the family members, including his sister.

Posted by Pamela Ryan - Odessa, TX - friend   October 01, 2020

I saw him in person when he performed at my alma mater, Lubbock Christian.

Posted by Dianne Painter - Georgetown, TX - student   October 01, 2020

We're going through.( Psalms 103:14) So sorry for your loss.

Posted by A friend   October 01, 2020

I'm saddened about this loss to the music industry and the world. I loved Mac Davis. I grew up on his music. My sister owned many of his albums and we and our aunt and uncle and parents went to see him at the Front Row Theater. That was so very fun. I still listen to his music. He will certainly be missed.

Posted by Brenda Williams - Waterford, PA   October 01, 2020


MD: He was Uncle Jake Tyler in episode: "Almost Home" of Webster the series!

Posted by - IA   October 01, 2020

My condolences.

Posted by A friend   October 01, 2020

I loved Mac Davis. May his family be comforted knowing he was loved by millions.

Posted by Marti Patchell - Memphis, TN   October 01, 2020

My thoughts and prayers are with family and friends. I watched the Mac David Show when it was on. Mac will be missed. I love his music. RIP.

Posted by Leslyn Lloyd    October 01, 2020

Rest in Heaven Mac, we are all going to miss you so much. God be with the family and friends

Posted by Connie Force - Wichita, KS   October 01, 2020

A great singer and songwriter. I remember him well from earlier days. My sincere condolences to the Davis family. God Bless

Posted by Steve Ashley - Winston-Salem, NC   October 01, 2020

Loved your music, you we're very talented. R.I.P.

Posted by Betty Brannigan - Green Island, NY   October 01, 2020

Thank you Mac Davis for your beautiful music. RIP

Posted by Toni Formichelli - Holmdel, NJ   October 01, 2020

What a talent that will live forever! I only had the privilege of seeing Mac in concert once in Wichita, Ks. I have every album he made and still play his cds very often, the memories that those songs bring back are precious! There are many many songs that Mac wrote and sang that really touch your heart! All I can say is Mac, you’ll never be forgotten and will always be loved! Thank you for sharing your talent with us! Bless your family and bring peace to their hearts!

Posted by Janie Estes Wright - Excelsior Springs, MO - friend   October 01, 2020

I loved Mac Davis so much, his smile lit up the world..Rest in peace and thank you for the beautiful music ❤

Posted by Jean M    October 01, 2020


Posted by FELICIA VALENTINE YATES - Neighbor   October 01, 2020


I loved Mac Davis he was a great singer. Loved his songs ❤ prayers for his family.

Posted by maryjane lotts - greenville, VA   October 01, 2020

May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.

Posted by Barbara Wisbey - Friend   October 01, 2020

Couldn't help being hooked on you. A beautiful soul whose music will live on in his sweet memories. Sincere condolences and prayers to Mac's family for grace in Mac's departure. He and Helen Reddy, two special gifted human beings the world is a dimmer place for their leaving. Greatly admired. R I P , Sweet Music Man.

Posted by JJ Barre - New Orleans, LA   October 01, 2020


Posted by PATRICK TUMILTY - Phoenix, AZ - friend   October 01, 2020

Mac Davis was a phenomenal song writer and singer and will be sharing his talents in Heaven. RIP

Posted by Patricia Snuffer - Kearny, NJ   October 01, 2020

MR Davis I loved you and your music since I was about 9 years old. I got to see you in the 1980’s at the Washington State Fair. Puyallup Washington. I love you always . You will be greatly missed . I am a fellow Texan. I will see you in my dreams Lubbock Texas in your Rearview mirror. I would dream of being Midnight Crazy with you . You will always be my Bestest Friend

Posted by Melody Dawn Aspgren - Acquaintance   September 30, 2020

I have listened to Mac Davis since I was a little girl. I love his music and will miss him dearly. My condolences to hs family. My heart is broken.

Posted by Kim Stanfield - Lubbock, TX - friend   September 30, 2020

MR Davis I loved you and your music since I was about 9 years old. I got to see you in the 1980’s at the Washington State Fair. Puyallup Washington. I love you always . You will be greatly missed . I am a fellow Texan. I will see you in my dreams Lubbock Texas in your Rearview mirror. I would dream of being Midnight Crazy with you . You will always be my Bestest Friend

Posted by Melody Dawn Aspgren - Acquaintance   September 30, 2020

What a tragic loss to us all. I saw him in concert in Lake Tahoe. I was truly entertained. The tone on his voice melted my heart and I dreamed about him for years. His music will live on. May he rest in peace.

Posted by Cindy Philby - Anchorage, AK   September 30, 2020

No one ever touched my heart like Mac Davis. I was a young single mother. He was a beautiful soul. I could not imagine not having him in my struggles. I had heart surgery in Nashville at the same hospital.
He is where the lord wants him to be.
We were blessed to have known him.
I pray for his family and thank them and his parents for sharing him with all of us. We will love him forever

Posted by Pam Wallace - Gilbertsville, KY   September 30, 2020

Sad to see this news but celebrate the fact that Mac Davis brought joy to so many people - North Dallas Forty movie for me ranks up there in top 10 and his charisma/ confidence always put a smile on my face... I find myself using his one liners to this day in meetings to this day. You will be missed but certainly not forgotten

Taft Stephenson

Posted by Taft Stephenson - Wilmington, NC - friend   September 30, 2020

Sure is sad, we are losing our best artists of the 70's this year. Bill Withers, Helen Reddy and Mac Davis. I loved the simple country melody of Baby, the lyrics, hmmn well he told us not to get hooked! Haha! Rest in peace Macadoo!

Posted by Margeaux Macadoo - Bologna, IL - acquaintance   September 30, 2020

Thank you for sharing your talent with all of your fans.Your music will live on for future generations to enjoy your talent. Rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers are with your family at this time.

Posted by BRAD SPARKS    September 30, 2020

So sad to hear of his passing. He was a talented artist and could rhyme and compose a jingle faster than anyone. He was so amazing and so cute and down to earth! Prayers to his family. He will be greatly missed!!

Posted by T Renee - Friend   September 30, 2020

An amazing artist with a down to earth personality...he could rhyme and compose a jingle faster than anyone ever impressive! He was such a cutie and well loved. Many prayers to his family.
He will be missed deeply ♥

Posted by T. Renee    September 30, 2020

I remember a brief meeting with him in the summer of 1976 in LA. I was in 31 flavor ice cream with my 4 month old daughter telling someone god that looks like Mac Davis. He came up to me and said he was Mac Davis and played with my daughter's hand for a moment. The we left. It was a memorable moment. I have enjoyed his music through out the years. Rest in peace Mac, you will be missed.

Posted by a rosa - Clearwater, FL - acquaintance   September 30, 2020

Thank you for the memories and putting your heart and soul into every song. You will be missed. Rest In Peace, you deserve it.

Posted by Carol Kaser - Shreve, OH   September 30, 2020

Most beautiful si ger of the Good Old Days and a great writer

Posted by S. Hatchett - IN - friend   September 30, 2020

Enjoyed listening to Mac Davis music in the early 70s during my teenage high school years. Mac had a feel for writing lyrics and beautiful music that are unforgettable and have become classics. Prayers and condolences to the surviving family members.

Posted by Yolanta - NY   September 30, 2020

Thank you Mac Davis for your beautiful music. Your music saved me during my rough teenage years I'm 62 years old and I have
loved you since I was 14 GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS You always live in my heart soul forever

Posted by Jodi Barth - West Milton, OH   September 30, 2020

I loved your songs. You and your talents will be greatly missed. Hope you r still singing in the Heavenly Choir.

Posted by Paula Hubert - Tallahasse, FL   September 30, 2020

Thank you for all the wonderful entertainment you gave us. Your talent speaks for itself.


Posted by Nancy S - Westfield, MA   September 30, 2020


Another wonderful singer who will be missed. Rest in Peace Mac.

Posted by Sheila - L.A., CA   September 30, 2020

You were an amazing talent. Thank you for being such a wonderful performer and such a genuine person. May God bless your famiy with peace. Rest easy and thank you for the memories

Posted by Michael    September 30, 2020

May God’s love make your grief bearable.
It is hard to understand why love ones are taken from us, but find
comfort in know you were a special part of a well- lived life
S. Nena.

Posted by Sister NENA DEMATTEO - Friend   September 30, 2020

Mac, you were the best, When I hear "Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me " it brings back many feelings of love in many ways, Rest Easy Mac, peace to your family.

Posted by Bob Riccio - West Haven, CT - friend   September 30, 2020

God is a God of all Comfort and he will Comfort the family's..My heartfelt condolences to the family's and friends..

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2020

Thank you Mr. Davis. You showed life can be a wonderful adventure.

Posted by Alvin Williams - Louisville, KY - friend   September 30, 2020

Awesome human being and awesome talent

Posted by Lowery Ballew - Atlanta, GA - acquaintance   September 30, 2020

Rest in Peace Mr
I will never forget you
or when I saw you in concert at the Front Row theater in Cleveland. Your music will live on.

Posted by Sue Tegtmeier - Cleveland, OH - friend   September 30, 2020

I grew up with Music, when Music WAS Music . Condolences to his
Family .
A Fan
Sue Willard

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2020

I love listening to Mac Davis songs. He is sure going to be miss. I would not listen to anybody songs but his.

Posted by Rita Toledo - Albany, GA - friend   September 30, 2020


Mac Davis was a great singer and writer of great songs. My condolences and prayers to Mac Davis's family. The Lord Is My Shepherd. Psalm 23.

Posted by Diana Patton - Melbourne, FL   September 30, 2020

I always enjoyed your music . I am 67 years old and will continue to listen to his music as long as I live. Thank you Mac for your talents! Bob Koenecke Burlington Wis..

Posted by Robert Koenecke - Friend   September 30, 2020

I loved his music when he started and still pull his album out and play it now and then. I was lucky enough to see him in person in 1973 I believe at six flags. He was great then and I have been a fan since. Rest In Peace MAC you will be greatly missed. Thanks for all the great talent you shared with me and all the time you brightened my world with your songs.

Posted by Glenda OFarrell - Farmington, MO - acquaintance   September 30, 2020

We are so sorry ! We lived in lubbock at the time of Lubbock in my rear view mirror
My son playedthe guitar and lubbock in my reR view mirror was his first song he sang in public

We loved him
He had a special place in our hearts

Posted by Irene mccoy    September 30, 2020

He was a wonderful songwriter and singer. I saw him in person twice,put on a great show. Condolences to his family

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2020

I was 5 years old singing every word on the radio to, "Baby, don't get hooked on me." Of course I had no ideal what the song meant but it had a good beat to it and Mac was one handsome man. I guess the MOST favorite song of mine that Mac wrote was, "In the Ghetto." Mostly because I grew up in the Ghetto and could relate to the words. I have followed him my entire life. And as my eyes fill up and my heart is breaking into, I want his wife and family to know they are in my thoughts and prayers. Another "GREAT" gone too soon. I love you Mac.

Posted by Hope Clark - Friend   September 30, 2020

We are so sorry to hear of Mac Davis's passing. We lost two great people Helen Reedy and Mac Davis. There music was the best and was sung from the heart with love. My husband and I grew up hearing Mac Davis. Mac is now singing with the angels in heaven and is with Elvis and all the great entertainers who are no longer with us. The Davis family is in our prayers. RIP Mac we love you and miss you.

Posted by Jim and Terri Zezza - Exeter, PA - friend   September 30, 2020

Amazing talent. His magic, not only in his songs, but also singing will live on. He will be missed and I send out my prayers to his family! God speed!

Posted by Karen Mantegna - Round Rock, TX   September 30, 2020

He was a good man and a good singer he will be missed by many .prayers for the family

Posted by Ricky Bethune - Lubbock, TX   September 30, 2020

So sad to hear of Mac Davis' passing. He was an amazing singer/songwriter. Listening to his songs brings back so many great memories . He was a heart thob, with that smile, and those beautiful blue eyes! Sincere voice. Prayers for his loved ones. He is in a good place, and his music lives on as well.

Posted by Rita - NC   September 30, 2020

I loved his music and his tv show. It was always so much fun for someone to give him a couple of words and see how quickly he could come up with a jingle.

Posted by Marsha DeSpain - Glasgow, KY   September 30, 2020

Sending prayers and words of comfort to the family of Mac Davis. May the God of comfort and peace strengthen all of you during this difficult time. Please accept my sincere condolences.

Posted by JE Sowell - Charlotte, NC   September 30, 2020

Mac Davis was a large part of my younger years. I attended many concerts and had the opportunity to meet and speak with him a few times. What a great performer, songwriter and all around good guy. My family was very saddened to hear the news. God Bless you Mac. Heaven has gained another angel.

Posted by Drema Sutphin - Warner Robins, GA - acquaintance   September 30, 2020

This man was a great singer. I'm so sorry about the family's loss of such a great man. Thoughts and prayers to his family. May he R.I.P.

Posted by Gloria Halsey - Newsrk, DE   September 30, 2020

I remember watching him at the state fair his variety show and even in the movies. I was a fan It's hard to watch another great get his wings.... He will be missed ...

Posted by William Hill - White Bear Lake   September 30, 2020

I offer my sincere condolences to the family of Mac Brown. Music is the language of the heart. I loved his songs as they remind me of a time when songs were meaningful. May your fond memories and the comfort from God help you cope during this difficult time. Philippians 4:7

Posted by Chris - Charlotte, NC   September 30, 2020

Mac Davis and Helen Reddy. I was around for the "day the music died" and today is the second day the music died. RIP Mac Know your music lives on.

Posted by Beverly A Williams    September 30, 2020

I loved his music. Condolences to his wife and children

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2020

One of my all time favorites back in the day. Still have all the vinyl!! Mac had a smile that could melt butter!!
R.I.P Mac Davis.

Posted by Cindy Herd    September 30, 2020

I'm very sorry to see that Mac Davis has passed away!! I grew up listening to his rockabilly songs, and loved all of them!! May GOD be with his Family and Friends!! We just do not have people like Mac Davis any more!! GOD-REST-HIS-SOUL!!

Posted by Ronny Bredemeyer    September 30, 2020

He was such a talented individual. I was fortunate enough to meet him. He was charming, witty and a very kind hearted soul. I remember growing up to his songs and have wonderful memories come back when I hear his songs. I send my sincere condolences to his family. I am praying that the God of all comfort provides them with strength and peace of mind during this difficult time. He will be greatly missed.

Posted by Marsha Wolff - Phoenix, AZ   September 30, 2020


It is a loss of talent and kindness from a man who was both.

Posted by Charlie Morris - San Andreas, CA - Friend   September 30, 2020

Mac Davis was such a big and happy part of my growing up years!!!! Loved his talent, his sweet face, his curly hair
and his charming personality. So many of his songs are embedded in my memory. Thanks for all of the good times, Mac. Love, prayers and bright white healing light to his family.

Posted by Kathy Marone - Eatontown, NJ   September 30, 2020

A man with his music that helped me threw some hard times. A man who had a voice like an angel and know he is one. Rest my son for know you can sing from the heavens and people will always remember. Blessed Be.

Posted by Lisa Donohue - Acquaintance   September 30, 2020

I loved your music.

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2020

Mac Davis was my go to musician when I was in a complicated relationship with a girl who would later become my wife, and after that she became my x wife . Thanks for all the smiles , tears , and eventually the growth .
greg williams

Posted by Greg Williams - Acquaintance   September 30, 2020

He will always remain a talented artist and a beautiful spirit. With sympathy to his family and to all who love him.

Posted by A 1970s fan    September 30, 2020

My deepest heartfelt condolences to the family of Mac Davis. What a talent !! I remember all of his songs and I don't remember ever disliking any of them. They were all good whether they were song by him or some other artist. The world has lost not just two great performers this week but two wonderful down to earth human beings. My heart is saddened but I pray that God soften the family's grief during this difficult time.

Posted by L. M. - CA   September 30, 2020

Dear Lise and All Family,
We are saddened to learn that Mac Davis has passed away and we send our condolences to you. He will surely be missed, and never forgotten. He was an amazing songwriter and artist, and his music and legacy will live on.

Mac Davis was a multitalented person and we are thankful he shared his musical talents with us. Thank you, Mr. Davis, for the memories, and for adding joy and happiness to the lives of people worldwide through your music. Your music, with its many varieties, touched hearts and lifted the spirits of people the world over. I especially like the novelty song "It's Hard to Be Humble," and I love the way he joked and laughed throughout the song while singing it. Thank you for the music.

May prayers strengthen you and cherished memories comfort you, and may prayers and God’s loyal love always soothe, comfort, and sustain you. Psalm 23

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2020

So sad to hear Mac Davis has died. Loved his songs!

Posted by Christine    September 30, 2020


Rest in peace, Mac Davis. May your family and friends be comforted by their memories of you.

Posted by BearGirl - CO   September 30, 2020

We will miss him, loved his songs. R.I.P.

Posted by Rita F Brandon    September 30, 2020

A very special gifted artist who holds a special place in my heart. Gone too Soon. His music will always be treasured. Thank you Mac Davis.

Posted by Karen - Houston, TX   September 30, 2020

Mac Davis was one of my favorite country singers and it was a shock to hear of his passing. I wish many blessings to his family and May. God. Bless Mac and May he. Rest. In. Peace ☮. He will be greatly missed. In. Christ. With. Love ❤. Patty. Lagrange. Ky

Posted by Patty Grobmeier - Lagrange, KY   September 30, 2020

My husband and Mac played in a band together here in Atlanta and we double dated with him back in the ‘60s. Our condolences to Lisa and his children.

Posted by Phillip Prescott - Atlanta, GA - friend   September 30, 2020

Mac Davis,
Was one of the greatest singer and songwriters , he could take one sentence and make a song out of it , his songs got me thru some tought times in my life in late 70's and thru the 80s he will be greatly miss , his songs will always touch me RIP

Posted by Robert Jones - ENGLEWOOD, CO   September 30, 2020


My sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Mac Davis. Your music and talent will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace.

Posted by Lois Carney - North Attleboro, MA   September 30, 2020

Mac is my all time favorite singer. I saw him in concert every chance I got. I am one of his biggest fans. I am gonna miss him. I own every record he released. Sympathies to his family.

Posted by Jeanne Mosteller - Boiling Springs, SC   September 30, 2020

Such beautiful music will surely be missed. To his grieving family may our Heavenly Father be with you to comfort and sustain you in this very painful and difficult time

Posted by Kay - GA   September 30, 2020

I wish to extend my deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Mac Davis. May God comfort you and give you peace during this time of sorrow.

Posted by SE - neighbor   September 30, 2020

Dear Mac,
So sorry you had to go through all those medical procedures, discomfort and pain.
Now you are as you.once were, in Heaven and with the Lord.
Praise Jesus.
Enjoyed your singing. Watched your TV show. You were great, still are.
RIP Mr.Mac. Take a good Visit with Kenny,
johnny, Merle and Patsy. The thunder I hear will be glorious
music to my ears.
A long time country fan.

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2020


Posted by Linda Tracy - Cleveland, OH   September 30, 2020


Posted by Lori Broomhall - Spokane, WA - friend   September 30, 2020

In loving memory of a wonderful person. We will love you and miss you always.

Posted by Lori Broomhall - Friend   September 30, 2020

"Baby Don't Get Hooked on Me". I remember this song dearly from when I was 13 year old. Great song. Will miss you Mac.

Posted by John - NOVI, MI - friend   September 30, 2020

"If you add all the love in the world, take away all the hate and the pain, they'll still be some love left over, and that's what gives us hope." All the Love In The World, 1974.

I was only 6 years old when my eldest brother brought your music into our house, and it's been forever in my heart. "Poor Man's Gold" will always be my favorite song, but your cover of "Biff, the Friendly Purple Bear" by Dick Feller still brings tears to my eyes, having raised a daughter whose teddy bear still sits beside her bed, well-worn, well loved and full of memories of a happy childhood for both of us. My deepest condolences to your family, friends and fellow fans. Thank you Mac, for the wonderful memories and for sharing your incredible talent.

Posted by Donna - Brick, NJ   September 30, 2020

Rest in peace Mac Davis, you are loved by many in this world. you are one of my favorites I grew up listening to your music. and loved your songs and know you acted in movies too . Prayers to your family friends and fans just as I am a big fan . You're gonna be greatly missed. Never will you be forgotten. You're with our Lord Jesus and with all the other greats. We shall all cya up in Heaven sometime when that day comes. May God Bless all that your apart of and that's all of us . You're a genuine , and wonderful person . I hold dearly to my heart all of your great songs , for that's what's gonna help me with getting through everything here in life. Takecare my friend. Sorry for your loss family friends fans.

Posted by Lori Broomhall - Friend   September 30, 2020

May he rest in peace. I loved his shows and have all of his albums.
I was fortunate to see him live in concert and lost my heart to him that day. Blessings to his family.

Posted by Doris Rhodes    September 30, 2020

Loved Mac's singing and songwriting, and his delightful personality. But what really stands out in my mind was his brilliant performance in the movie "North Dallas Forty," as The Bull's fun-loving QB Seth Maxwell.

You've brought a lot of smiles, laughs, and appreciation for your remarkable artistic talents, Mac. Thank you!

Posted by - CA   September 30, 2020

My deepest condolences to his family. We lost a great legend! RIP!

Posted by Toni Heydrich - Tampa, FL - acquaintance   September 30, 2020


Posted by STEVE YOUNG - BALTIMORE, MD   September 30, 2020

One of the Best singer / song-writer known. His personality was so personal. My heart breaks, Our prayers are with the family.

Posted by Lenny Mattox - midvale, ID   September 30, 2020

RIP Mac, really enjoyed your songs

Posted by Rusty W    September 30, 2020

Our condolences to Mac's family. May God comfort each of you as only He can. Thank you for sharing him with the world. His was some of the best music of my teen years - and those blue eyes made us absolutely swoon over him. He is gone much too soon.

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2020

A wonderful entertainer and song writer. We loved your music. Sincere condolences to your family. Rest in Peace, Sir.

Posted by Linda Hughes - Mesquite, TX   September 30, 2020

Love you and your music. Rest In Peace.

Posted by Shirley Counce - Killen, AL   September 30, 2020

We met Mac and his wife in Driftwood, Tx when my husband gave him back a guitar that Mac had given him when my husband was in rehab in Dallas from a spinal cord injury

Posted by Janet - Driftwood, TX   September 30, 2020

Mac Davis was my 1st big crush and his concert was the 1st on I attended as an 8th grader in North Dakota. He was beyond talented! I am deeply saddened to hear of his passing, he was one of a kind and he will be missed always and forever. My condolences to his family.

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2020

Mac was a friend and the most inspiring person aiming me towards eventually becoming a music publisher and producer. We would get together every year he played the Ohio State Fair in the 1970s. So glad you took the time to share your thoughts. I loved the life stories about Lubbuck, Atlanta and The Zots, and of course your amazing songwriting. I'll never forget the time Mac asked me after his first of two shows, if the set list could have been better, and I replied, "you didn't play Naughty Girl". He told Peter Morse to tell the band that the next set would include Naughty Girl. We popped the Foster Lager in the trailer, and had a toast. So many fond memories with Mac and his band members. I will never forget his kindness. Rest in Peace my friend.

Posted by Michael Steinbrook - Jupiter, FL - friend   September 30, 2020

good man, great music

Posted by Diana - Friend   September 30, 2020

Mac Davis will be sadly missed what a wonderful singer he was God Bless his Family

Posted by Darren L Delso-Opfer - Friend   September 30, 2020

Someone so special can never be forgotten.
a great singer and songwriter .

Posted by Marcus - Acquaintance   September 30, 2020

a Great singer and songwriter
May the good memories see you through the difficult times

Posted by Marcus - Friend   September 30, 2020

What a loss. So sorry to hear of it. Mac Davis will be greatly missed. I was a junior in high school when I started following Mr Davis although I never had the chance to meet him I really enjoyed his music. See ya on the other side some day. R. I P.

Posted by John Shy - Glouster, OH - friend   September 30, 2020


Posted by INDIA HART    September 30, 2020

Loved his music. It always had a great message and spoke to me and countless others. Rip Mac!

Posted by Dewayne Crumley - Tuscumbia, AL - friend   September 30, 2020

He will be missed. Praying for his family.

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2020

Mac was such a talent! I know the music industry will miss him terribly. I loved his songs. My condolences to his family and friends.

Posted by Cheryl L. Ramsey    September 30, 2020

I loved his music. He will be greatly missed in the music industry having written such grest songs for other artists. Rest in Peace, Mac.

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2020

Shared conversation in the craft service trailer We posed for a picture ( I was wearing my beat up cowboy hat) after it was taken you said "lets do one more" You grabbed my hat put it on and the second picture was taken. I really cherish it !! Being with you was a thrill and a pleasure !!! Thanks is not enough but it is all I have. Wild Bill Laczko (Camera Truck Driver "BEER FOR MY HORSES")

Posted by william laczko - Acme, PA - friend   September 30, 2020

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