Condolence & Memory Journal

Aunt Gay Lynn was always interested in what was going on in my life. She had the best singing voice I've ever heard and her piano students were very talented (I met many of them). She let me stay at her house during a particularly hard time in my life and helped me out a lot. I'll never forget that. She is now in heaven with God's angels.

Posted by Jason Schulhauser - Jax, FL - Family   November 04, 2020

Gay Lynn will surely be missed. She was such a caring person and always a pleasure to talk with.

Posted by Karen Platt - Jacksonville, FL - Family   October 29, 2020


Her friendship to my mother was a life long commitment of joy and happiness. She was a beautiful individual that always had the time and patience. I am truly saddened but rejoice that she now resides in her kingdom of peace amongst the Lord and kin.

Posted by Philip Tackett - Jacksonville, FL   October 29, 2020

I have loved Gay Lynn my whole life. She was the Goldie Locks of childhood, her beautiful blonde hair, always crowning her. An Angel even then. Her voice was an even greater gift, far exceeding any expectations anyone could imagine. She was the bravest of mothers always dedicated to her children and their welfare. Never faltering in commitment. A teacher for other children and an inspiration to every adult in her path. God keep her and let her voice be heard throughout the universe

Posted by Janice Tackett - Jax, FL - Family   October 26, 2020


Throughout my entire life, Aunt Gay Lynn always supported and encouraged me to be my best. She's been a concerned listener when I needed to talk and a shoulder to cry on. She was there in the hospital for my mom when I was born, and my mom chose my middle name Lynn, in her honor. She was there for me in a really special way when my mom passed away. Whether it was cute leggings for Christmas or a sweet text on Mother's Day, she always found a way to make special occasions feel special. She was an extremely hard worker and had strong morals. She did everything with love and passion. She always wanted the best for everyone & encouraged those around her to pursue their talents.

A favorite memory I have of my Aunt Gay Lynn is when she randomly offered me some of my mother's clothing, about 18 years after my mother passed. Aunt Gay Lynn had held on to her sister's clothing like precious heirlooms & made sure to pass them on to her nieces, remembering even after so long.

I learned from Aunt Gay Lynn to love my family fiercely. Also, that it's okay to take your time with mourning, because some people need it & some people deserve it.

I love you and miss you Aunt Gay Lynn. The memory of the love you shared will always live on.

Posted by April Wilt - Lady Lake, FL - Family   October 15, 2020