Condolence & Memory Journal


Please add for my dad

Posted by carl coats - son   November 03, 2010

I've been plenty of places in this world for the good of the country, I'm sorry DAD..... I had the chance to drive, but I was scared cause we were drinking....... I owe you my life, but I let your's go because of my cowardice. I MISS YOU YOU SO MUCH. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME......... I WILL SEE YOU SOON!!! I CRY EVERY TIME I THINK OF YOU...DON'T WORRY YOU DESERVE IT.. YOU WERE THE BEST FATHER...................THANK YOU!!!!!

Posted by Carl Coats - N.Littt,e Rock, AR - Son   November 03, 2010

I am going to and already miss my dad very much!! Although I didn't get to spend as much time with him as i wanted to, i still know he loved me and i know he knew i loved him.He was the kind of person that was ALWAYS involved in his childrens school work, we were one of his main priorities and i highly respected him.It seemed that he always had the time to sit down and talk to me if i had something on my mind that i needed to talk about.I knew that i was always welcome at his house and all of his children were, he made that very clear.Well, i knew he loved me and had high expectations for me and wanted the best for me.

Posted by Alexis Coats    October 21, 2007

I will miss John, my cousin. He was a very kind and great person and a true patriot. He was also a favorite of my parents, J.D. and Louise Young. My thoughts are with his family--children, brothers, and Judy.

Posted by Dr. Marilyn Young    October 18, 2007

John was my favorite brother in law. Back in the 1970's his older brother Bob, our son Soren, John and I lived together in Kansas City. He was a great person kind and funny and i loved him like a brother. He was my hero. He had already lived a lifetime by then, serving in Vietnam.
Over the years I have always thought of him with great fondness and i am so sorry that he is gone at such a young age. I will keep the memories in my heart and John's family and friends in my thoughts and prayers


Posted by Susann Rogberg ( formerly Coats)    October 17, 2007

I am going to miss him very much. Normally you only get one father in life, but I had two, and he has been my second father my whole life, even if he was only the biological father of my brother and sister. I love him and will always miss him, and I thank him for everything he's done for me. I am very sorry that this happened and I love all of you.

Posted by Rebekah Koeppe    October 17, 2007