Condolence & Memory Journal

You've hit the ball out the park! Increidlbe!

Posted by Aileen - ykFMsJiEKr, DE - jSklLEgWlH   November 16, 2011

So sad to know that we won't be able to hear that wonderful voice anymore.

Posted by Cas - Buffalo, MO   December 29, 2006

He was a great journalist that generated conversations rather than heat.

Posted by sarah testing - West Newton, MA   November 20, 2006

Please accept my condolences at this difficult time. Mr. Bradley was my hero and role model. May God Bless You All.

Posted by Mari Assante - Bradenton, FL   November 11, 2006

He was a great newsman who would always seek the truth.
Condolences to all his loved ones.

Posted by jane martin - Elizaville, NY   November 10, 2006

My love and prayers go out to all who knew and loved Mr. Bradley. I have enjoyed watching him and the 60 minute team for most of my life. I also know something of what he has gone through, as my husband has AML (acute myelogenous leukemia). So sorry he had to leave like that. It is a terrible disease that takes a strong man and turns him into an invalid even if you fight with all you have. I know he is in the arms of God! Good night Mr. Bradley.

Posted by Angela Doyle - Lexington, KY   November 10, 2006

The loss of Ed Bradley will leave a void in more lives than you may think, certainly mine included. Not only was he among the most accomplished and experienced of all journalists (both print and broadcast) in his search for the truth of a story, he also was unsurpassed in his saavy and style, his seamless grit and determination, and his obvious lust for living an original life. Ed will be literally sorely missed for a very long time.

Posted by Matthew Bosley - Lincoln, NE   November 10, 2006

My heartfelt sympathy to Mr. Bradley's family. What a sad loss. I don't remember watching 60 minutes without him and I am 59 years old. I hope he is at peace now.
Susan Spiegel

Posted by Susan Spiegel - Laguna Woods, CA   November 10, 2006

My condolences to Mr. Bradley's family. He was one of a kind. I too remember his interview with Lena Horne. Such an accomplished and classy guy.

Posted by Kay Robert - Bakersfield, CA   November 10, 2006

My fondest memory was the interview of Lena Horne. He will be deeply missed. To his family my prayers are with you.

Posted by Carla Poindexter - Indianapolis, IN   November 10, 2006

I'm shocked! He will be greatly missed. What a great man he was.

Posted by Diane Marr - Redmond, OR   November 09, 2006

Mr. Bradley was a rare breed, a man who didn't care what side of the fence the story came down on, as long as it was the truth! His presence will be missed greatly.

Posted by Larry Brown - Wichita, KS   November 09, 2006

Ed Bradley was a great news correspondent and he will be a missing spirit
for our family on sixty minutes.
Condolences to the family.
Barbara L. Clarke and Family

Posted by Barbara Clarke - Waianae, HI   November 09, 2006