Condolence & Memory Journal

Thanks Ted, for the autograph and encouragement to a five year old boy on a beachfront pier. 57 years ago, I still remember it. "Keep Reading". Mike

Posted by michael calkins - Houston, TX - Friend   April 11, 2021


Its hard to see this happen. I love you. I hope they have green eggs and ham in heaven.

Posted by Emma Holtsclaw - Monrovia, IN - Acquaintance   October 28, 2020

To Dr. Seus' family: I'm so sorry for your loss, please read 1 Corinthians 15:26.

Posted by D E    September 28, 2017

Posted by ludipian - cincinnati, OH - fellowCREATIVE   January 02, 2016

(duh!)- R f L >

Posted by louis w specker - cincinnati, OH - life fan/artist   December 28, 2015

Thank you for writing books that will live on forever...

Posted by Lauren Terrill - Springfield, MA - Friend from College   March 18, 2014

I Read Your Books When I Was Growing Up And i still Have Them today and they still sale Them Today and Farovitive books were Green Eggs @ Ham And Cat in the Hat

Love Linda kim @ Cindy

Posted by Cindy Duncan    September 30, 2011

i Read Your Books Growing Up and i still Have Them Today My Farovitive Book Was Green Eggs And Ham And Cat In The Hat

Love Linda Kim @ Cindy Duncan

Posted by Cindy Duncan    September 30, 2011

Thank you Ted, for enriching all of us.

Posted by Dave Reamy - Yucca Valley, CA   May 27, 2008

I like your book green eggs and ham because my name is in it. I am eight years old and I am dressing up like sam I am for school tomorrow to celebrate your birthday. I am sorry to hear how you may have died. I wish the doctor could have fixed it. Thank you ! All my smiles tomorrow are because of what you did to make all of your books for kids.
Love Sam thats who I am

Posted by sammi castillo    May 27, 2008

Dr and Mrs Seuss...thanks for the many wonderful memories. As a teacher, I see first hand the joy your books and movies from those books bring to children.

Heaven is a richer place...if there's a library I'm sure it's filled with your books..

Nancy Nelson, Missouri

Posted by Nancy Nelson - Saint Joseph, MO   March 02, 2007

THANK you DR SEUSS FOR THE GREAT Books will always treasure them the enjoyment they brought me as a child

Posted by BETTY SMITH - Carmi, IL   March 01, 2007

dear dr seuss, thanks so much for all of your wonderfully fun& truly magical fantasy journey's they took my all my grandchildren on as they many thousands other children every child needs that to survive.thanks so much

Posted by colleen kowitz - Woodstock, GA   March 01, 2007

Always will remember the Grinch, and second best the Cat in the Hat. Now my grandchildren enjoy them. He left us all a wonderful legacy in his books. He will be sorely missed.
Mary M.

Posted by Mary McKenna - Blue Bell, PA   February 28, 2007

My Favorite Dr. Seuss Book of all, was the one I 1st learned to read called "Go Dog Go" . Through the entire book, and on each page, this female dog tries to get a male dogs approval of her hat. Each time she is discouraged with a "No; I do not like your hat", and each dog bids farewell saying, "Good Bye" "Good Bye", until the last page when the female dog arrives with a hat that explodes with all types of adornments and asks the male dog one more time. "Do you like my hat?" the male dog responds saying, "Yes, I like your hat" each then bid farewell as usual, "Good Bye" , "Good Bye".

Posted by Marisa Alspach - Tampa, FL   February 28, 2007

My absolute favorite is Green Eggs and Ham ,always made me hungry

Posted by Virginia Vlahovic - Arlington, TX   February 28, 2007

It's said that he had no children, in fact he had millions.

Posted by Philip Newsome - Hartford, AL   February 28, 2007

My most treasured memories are of reading Dr. Seuse books with my children and now my step-children. Hopefully in the future some grand-children as well. Thank You for the memories!

Posted by Cherie Thomas-Wood - Chattanooga, TN   February 28, 2007