Condolence & Memory Journal

Ann, thank you for sharing this e-mail but most iatnrpmot thank you for this website. I check it every day to see how you are doing and I am a complete stranger to you. You and your husband have always been special but more so now than ever before. You are on our prayer list at church and also on my own. Not only do I pray for healing for you but also for God's strength that surpasses our own understanding.

Posted by Ana - aS1JJ8u0S, WY - 9dAEFw5448LR   July 05, 2015

hi Jan,We can no doubt move forward with the dsiegn and make improvements, especially with the resources brought by cooperation through Windempowerment, and all of the people who are involved worldwide. Personally I am not so interested in tiny percentage improvements in efficiency to be honest (especially if they make the aerodynamics more complex to produce) compared with simplicity and reliability. The reason I choose to teach people this airfoil section' is that it's practical to reproduce and it works, but I am not closed to other ideas. The tail furling system also has it's shortcomings (especially on turbulent sites) but once again it's simplicity I aim for, and improvements are always possible without sacrificing that principle.Chris is full of great ideas and that's why I follow his work and pass it on here, but he is much more of an engineer (glorifying precision) and not so much interested in doing things simply using basic tools and basic skills. My work is around making wind turbine dsiegn accessible, to all whist keeping a good standard of efficiency (especially in low winds), and above all reliability.Hugh

Posted by Sandra - 8ol7kxNbw, TN - uxmrU4ssPYT   June 14, 2015

get in touch with the better bssnieus bureau they should be able to tell you if there was a company or not and it so where to find it hope it worked good luck tig Was this answer helpful?

Posted by Chaya - 8QOVByZlP, TN - qfCBnNYtkKk   June 14, 2015

Ann: I keep you and your family in my preyars everyday. I have been reading on your site for some time, you are an inspiration to me and i do wish you all the best.I am glad you were able to receive your treatments today and sad that you have a hard time afterwards i do hope that will get better, in our thoughts alwaysThe Fischers

Posted by Gaurav - 1Fy9xrVh4, TX - 2BHrigYLk7b   June 14, 2015

The good professor was cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs...

Posted by C DeWitt    June 01, 2008

Thank you for giving us a means to go outside ourselves, to lose our minds, and explore the meaning of life.

Posted by Adam    May 27, 2008

he was quite far out man for the time.

Posted by teresa maracle    May 27, 2008