Condolence & Memory Journal

Happy be-elated birthday to Craig Klein . He looks great he has a great attidute & disposition. a truly happy person. it's great to see that. I have followed the excitement, movement & progress of the band, You guys truly have mesmerizing, addiction to the music. The excitement I achieve from your band is elevating. please, let me know when you have local gigs so I can come see you play in person, live is always best. Life is good & so is your band. I am Gary Lewis's x-wife & Jerry's x-daughter in law.Gary Lewis loves your band, wishes when he lived in new Orleans again so he could see you play live.The singer has a great voice as well as talent. I am amazed everytime I see your band in action. Live @ Tippitina's was amazing.

Posted by Shridhar - JxWbFAiGehHVhmAupxp, NM - knndDDkqun   June 17, 2012