Condolence & Memory Journal

Anger is such a beautiful engery when it is held within the aura and used to heal you. Throwing it at others doesnt work so well and you can feel worse. You can request free healings every week for a life time, we just request that you put your name in each week. Thank you for the testimonial, and your desire to heal yourself and your family spiritually too! Nancy

Posted by Helena - c8awLMn9Ay, LA - Fq3arTRp   December 30, 2014

Yeah that's what I'm tliakng about baby--nice work!

Posted by Stitches - ulupqMGicIZBPVCM, TN - QPXkEJIvoODTTZZ   November 12, 2011

I remember Norman Mailer probably as he wanted to be remembered, a man of excess and extremes who promoted himself at least as much as he promoted his books: battling with Gore Vidal and Gloria Steinem, running for mayor of New York to make it the 51st state, and on and on.

His best works will live on forever. Hopefully the remainder, and much of his public persona, have gone to the grave with him.

Posted by Tom Green - Hudson, MA   November 10, 2007